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True Blood Episode 2

The Sun

Lilith & Bill discussing the future set in motion
Season 6, Episode 2 starts with Jason being introduced to his Fairy Godfather (snickered at this term) Niall. Who explains how he is a king within their family tribe of fae, which makes Sookie a fairy princess. I felt bad for Jason, he seems to want to be a part and involved within the family, but keeps getting pushed back by Niall, who explains to Jason that the Fae gene skipped him. Nevertheless, "Grandpa" wants to make sure they are ready for the looming destruction of Warlow, who is out for Sookie. The show just wouldn't be the same if Sookie wasn't in some sort of danger or trouble.

Episode 1 left off with Bill and the three naked, bloodied vampresses entering into him. This episode we see that they brought him to Lilith. When Bill asks where they are, she replied "we are no where". What comes of this unconscious meeting, Lilith explains to him that people will regard him as a god and how there has risen a tyrant that have set her legacy in motion. We also learn that Bill can now see the future (and consume a human's blood while in this vegetative state). Leaving Jessica to clean up and pray from her fear of the world in chaos around her.

Swooping Cranes vs. The Hunter

Eric confronts the Governor in disguise
Meanwhile, back at Fangtasia, Pam is left to deal with the result of the Governor's war on Vampire owned establishments. From the last episode when Pam and Tara were confronted by the Governor's guard, exclaiming the terms of the new policies against Vampires - Tara was shot. We discover that the humans now have special weapons that have been designed to war against vampires. The bullet inside Tara is a silver cased UV lit bullet, baking her from the inside out. When Eric and Nora arrive, the Viking King takes quick action to get the bullet out of Tara so that she can heal. A silent rage hovers over Eric as he contemplates this war the Governor is proclaiming.
Setting out to get answers, his perfect timing puts the Governor's 5:30 in Eric's path. I love when Alexander (who plays Eric) portrays a human, he is so talented. This face-to-face confrontation with the Governor shows us that this war is inevitable. We also learn that humans now have special contacts that help guard them against glamouring. While Eric is taken into custody, they are no match for the warring king, as he takes flight to escape encampment.  

Fae Royalty In The House!

Mystery Man - Ben

Arlene calls Sookie to remind her that she is still a waitress at Merlotte's and that she is scheduled to work. On her way in (she has to walk, having no vehicle) she comes across a new mystery man - Ben. Whom, like Sookie, is part Fae and they can read and communicate through their minds. Ben explains that he was attacked by a vampire. However, this is questionable to me - since he is part Fae, if a hungry vampire attacked him they would have surely tried to drain him unbeknownst of what he is. There were no vampire remains on the ground where Sookie found Ben in pain and badly hurt. She even asked how he escaped the vampire that attacked him - which, if I remember correctly, he didn't even remember. Sookie, being the naive good person that she is, takes him back to her house to patch him up, where he passes out. When he comes to, they interact shortly and they set out for a 'safe place' for Ben, the 'fairy club'. However, Sookie leaves him on the trail explaining to him that she isn't in the right place to start any form of relationship - but, you can definitely tell there was attraction and sparks between the two of them.
When Sookie returns home, she is reuinited with Jason who introduces her to their Fairy Grandfather/Godfather Niall. He quickly explains how Warlow is there in their realm and tells of how the vampire Warlow has killed most of their family, including Niall's and Sookie and Jason's parent's. But, Niall divulges the family secret that Sookie carries - since she is part Fae, she has the families special power of a 'light ball' which is more powerful than the sun. Niall goes on to explain that this power will create a supernova that will destroy any vampire it comes in contact with. However, since Sookie is only part Fae, it is a one-time-shot, which afterwards she will loose her Fae abilities (something Sookie has always wanted, not to be different).

Supernatural's Are Out

Nicole tries to persuade Sam to work with her
Meanwhile at Merlotte's, Sam arrives and tries to remain in the shroud of normalcy. However, this is very short-lived as Nicole and her gang enter the bar. They are activists from LA who are there in town to help shifters 'come out' in order to help aide vampires and the supernatural beings being attacked by the political circus, with the ringmaster as Governor. 
No matter how hard Nicole urges Sam to help them, he refuses. He doesn't want to get involved especially with Emma in his protection. His life has already been turned upside down, he doesn't have the time or patience for anything else it seems. Thankfully he has help with Emma, as Lafayette watches Emma. They play dress-up and he proclaims how she has a special spirit about re (foreshadowing possibly?).
Just when Sam might have swatted away one pest, another arrives in the form of Alcide and the wolf pact who have come for Emma. Proclaiming that they would be better to raise Emma. Unfortunately, a fight breaks out and Emma's Grandmother (Martha) grabs her as Alcide leaves Sam unconscious and his wolf bitch's wake leaves Lafayette unconscious on the ground too.
Is it a good thing or not so good thing that Nicole and her friends from LA were watching from the woods and seemed to have taped everything?
Emma & Lafayette playing dress-up
True Blood Official Site HBO

The Weeks Ahead...

Tomb Raider Reborn

Intensely Wicked Fun!

This has been the best game I have played since Castlevania: Lord of Shadows. I love the interactive games where you have to solve puzzles while fighting off enemies. Tomb Raider Reborn introduces us to Lara Croft before she is the iconic, legendary, Tomb Raider that we love. This is where it all begins - and what a place to start! Not only is the gameplay intense, the story adds to the complete package of the game. This really demonstrates how much of a fighter and survivor Lara is. My only negative comment would be the cruel misogynistic undertones that left my gut reeling after a death. Some (o.k. all) of her death scenes are brutal. I would not suggest this for children (at all). But, if you are a fan of Lara Croft, and the Tomb Raider games, this is definitely a must!
The game starts off with the 'crew' on a cargo ship, heading for Yamatai, Japan and the mysterious Dragon's Triangle. Her friend on this journey is Sam, who informs Lara about the legendary Sun Queen and how she is possibly a decedent (huge foreshadowing there). Story Plot on Wiki 
"The game is set on Yamatai, an island in the Dragon's Triangle off the coast of Japan. The island—and the kingdom that once existed there—is shrouded in mystery, given its reputation for fearsome storms and shipwrecks that litter its coastline. Yamatai was once ruled by a queen named Himiko, known by her honorific title of "Sun Queen", who according to legend was blessed with shamanistic powersthat enabled her to control the weather. Very little is known about Yamatai's history in the time since Himiko's death, other than that the island's infamy was established shortly thereafter. In exploring the island, the player may find evidence that—among others—Portuguese traders, United States Marines and a Japanese military project were all stranded on Yamatai at various points throughout history."
Their expedition takes them straight into the Dragon's Triangle and it costs them their ship. Castaways on an island, Lara is separated and is taken. When she comes-to she is bound and hanging upside down in a cavern that is decorated in blood, flesh, and other unfortunate victims. Once you escape your confines, you have to make your way out of the cavern system. Lara starts off with nothing except her two hands. I believe her first adage is a torch, which does come in very handy for burning piles of junk to gain rummage points, this will aide you in your weapon upgrades.

Relentless Woman of Perseverance

"At the start of the game, the island is populated exclusively by the Solarii Brotherhood, a violent cult of criminals, mercenaries and shipwreck survivors. The Solarii Brotherhood has established its own society based on the worship of Himiko, complete with a social structure and laws, with their exact purpose and intentions being explored over the course of the story."

The next weapon acquired is a bow. Other weapons that Lara will collect during the course of the game is a shotgun, assault rifle, and a pickax. The pick will help you climb as well - as I am afraid of heights, some of the scenes sent my senses reeling. But, as an excellent climber, Lara has no qualms about heights. Her survival instincts are tested, and tested again, and again. Just when you think that this poor girl couldn't possible go through anymore, she is blown-up, dropped from dramatic heights, has to fight through enemy infested sections. She is her own army kicking the Solari's ass. These warriors are no match for a relentless, woman of perseverance.
The game does an amazing job of showing the metamorphosis of how Lara starts off as a young lady and then how she is hardened and becomes this fierce woman. It is amazingly human, taking the time to go through the emotions of the actions she has to go through in order to survive. Much like her first kill in the game and how this impacts her.
Lara is not only fighting for her own life, but for those of the crew. She feels responsible for their fate on this island since she was the leader in the expedition. While she is unable to save them all, some give their lives so that she can go on. The one driving force is her almost maternal instinct to save her friend Sam, who is taken captive by the Solari. But, the primitive Solari cult is no match for the Storm Guard.
Through the mysteries of the island, Lara learns more of the history and rituals of Yamatai and the Sun Queen. The Storm Guard are the Sun Queens protectors. Just as Lara has to fight her way through swarms of Solari warriors, she now has to face an ancient guard in order to save her friend from the perils of the Sun Queen sacrificial ritual.

One Smart Cookie

The part of the gameplay that I love would be the puzzles and exploration aspects within the game. Lara has to use her intellect along with the information she has gathered from the island to dive further into Yamatai's realm of the Sun Queen legacy. She has to (as mentioned) climb, figure out complex puzzles, and find unique treasure on the island that helps her along her quest. Sometimes, when you are stuck in a puzzle chamber, take a deep breath, and look around the tomb. Explore what you have to work with and how it could be used in order to solve the puzzle. There are quite a few tricky tombs that had me scratching my head in confusion.
If you do get really stuck and can't seem to figure out what to do (this happened to me a couple times - like in the electricity tomb) - my weapon of choice was YouTube where there are many video walk through and tutorials that can help you successfully conquer and to continue.  Currently, I have completed 96% of the game, there are additional games within different sites. Such as burning flags along the way for unbeliever, or shooting certain lamps and lights for illuminations. 

Reborn of Blood and Vengeance

Once you have faced the Storm Guard and saved your friends from the fate of the Storm Queen, you can now go back through the different sites to continue to collect treasure maps, antiques, and different documentation. Watch out though, there could be storm guards lurking. A definite, when Lara is running around, if she suddenly ducks down then you know there could be trouble around the corner. But, they are no match for the Warrior Tomb Raider, Lara Croft. I wanted more after the game was over, and I sincerely hope that the creators are already hard at work in the next installment.
Tomb Raider Official Site 

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True Blood Season 6 Premiere

Who Are You, Really?

Stephen Moyer
Here we go! Season 6 premiered last night on HBO of the insane series True Blood (2008). If the first episode is "setting the tone", as Director and Actor Stephen Moyer stated of the premiere episode, then we know the rest of the season is going to be one heck of a ride! So, buckle up for the continuation of the Sookie Stackhouse Saga.

Epic Fail

Arliss Howard
Let me get my negative comments out of the way so that I can focus on all the wicked positive perspectives that I would like to share. First, I don't know about you, but I didn't prefer the religious aspect the series took last year. Proclaiming the Vampire Bible and the importance of Lilith. Attempting to read between the lines of Bill Compton's character development, I really hope that they (the writers) are going the Jesus route. The word that triggered this thought was how they kept referring to his resurrection. IF the writers did go this route - tisk - tisk - I would expect something original and creative from the talent, not derivative of the Bible or the stories within it. 

Attention-Attention: Calling All Red-blooded Males

I could have done without the menage et trois between Alcide and his pack bitches. I would bet money every male's eyes were popping out of their skulls and felt that this was definitely added for their benefit; and it could be added since it is HBO - after all, what's wrong with a little (very slight) porn to get those juices pumping. I guess they had to reward, the men that were watching, since the scene where Alcide shifts back into his human self left the women's eyes popping... yikes!! 

Onward and Upward

I remember that Eric had the ability of flight in the books, I couldn't remember if Bill did. Now that he is like the Superman version of Bill Compton, Vampire, he acquired the ability of flight. We see this in the beginning of the episode, once the crew has escaped The Authorities headquarters, they almost leave Bill in their wake. This new creature emerges, as we get to see his nakedness through the blood and fire of destruction, before he 'jets' off. Leaving the rest of the assemblage to scatter. 

Sacrificial Summoning

What breaks the monotony of the groups cluster... rants; Jessica is summoned by her maker - Bill Compton. When Eric tries to step in her way to keep her from going to Bill, she bleeds. We are not quite sure if Bill is in control of his new found powers, or if this torturous summons was intentional. However, once they regather with Bill, he extends his appologies and explains his desire for peace. 

Comic Relief

Congratulations Andy! You are the new daddy of four, very special babies! Seeing his struggle with the humanizing realization of being a parent (let alone to quadruplets) with Arlene takes a real emotion and cultivates it to promote their character buildings. In True Blood style, they take that real emotion and reality and mix it with fantasy, the finished product is that Andy is a new father of four half-fae quadruplets. When Andy wakes up to their accelerated growth, I actually laughed out loud. I think this will be a fun development and I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Leveraging Lunacy

With this episode we say goodbye to Luna. I really liked this character, not only because I liked her with Sam, but because she was beautiful and had a fierceness to her. In the midst of the chaotic season premiere, Luna's passing seems to take a less dramatic finish. She's left and as her dying plea, Sam takes Luna's daughter into his protection. I think I have always secretively routed for Sam. He's the last of the decent and good men, that is all too rare. His go-to shift of a dog, demonstrates how he is a loyal and loving being. In the beginning, in his love for Sookie, he felt that desire to protect and watch over her. Now, through the love for Luna, he will protect her daughter. 

Eric & Sookie witnessing the "resurrection" of Bill

My Favorite Scenes

In this episode there are two scenes that I really enjoyed and could watched again (and probably will!). The first, of course, if the scene with Eric and Sookie. I am an absolute git when it comes to their relationship. I love their chemistry in the books, and it is absolutely fantastic to see this play out on the small screen. Anna and Alexander do a great job of showing us the intensity between the two, Sookie and Eric. Yeah - it could be her Fae blood that draws him to her. But, it is more romantic to think that this hardened Vampire has a soft spot. How he really does genuinely love her.

Another scene that I loved was the interaction of Lafayette, Sam, and Luna's daughter. I can't help but feel Sam's excruciating turmoil at what had happened. Shifter's are "out" now, protecting not only himself but Luna's daughter just became more challenging (let alone that she is technically part of a pack). Yet again, the humanizing banter between Lafayette and Sam is realistic (protecting our young) and mixing it with fantasy, Lafayette has powers of his own, while Sam and now his ward are shifters. I loved when the young wolf said how she was hungry, Lafayette jumped into action.

What To Look Forward To

The insane preview at the end of the episode expressed the intensity ahead of us. The wait between episodes is torterous on it's own! I am inticipating Warlow (played by the legendary Rutger Hauer). My friend said that she was freaked out when he picked up Jason on the side of the road, because she remembered him from The Hitcher (1986). 
One thing is for sure - the Human/Vampire war is going to be like
the Civil War, lines will be drawn and brother will fight against brother. Or, in this case brother (Jason) will fight against sister (Sookie). I hope not! I love them and I hope that they can reconnect. My heart actually ached for Jason when he was professing to Sookie hat she was choosing 'them' over her own blood (him).

Episode 2 "The Sun" Preview

Discover For Yourself

Dig Deeper - True Blood on
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The Battle Rages On - Anticipating True Blood Premiere

The premiere of season 6 of HBO's series True Blood (2008) is right around the corner. This is a series that I have watched since the very beginning and have read all of the Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series. As a fan of both the books and cable program, this is a highly anticipated season premier. Especially where season 5 left off, as Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) has seemed to have now taken over the supreme role of Lilith, whom we believe he destroyed. Lilith was portrayed as this pure supreme vamparic being. Now that Bill has her supreme entity blood coursing through is veins, we can only speculate at what this will represent for the upcoming season.
With the Authority in shambles and the True Blood factories attacked, the tagline "War is Coming" is apparent. The hierarchy of the vampire community will be interesting to watch. Will the Authority remain in charge and start an clean-up mission. Or will Bill become the supreme leader, much like his previous role of a Vampire King (instead of just being the King of Louisiana, he would be the ruler of all.
Adding to this already amazing assemble is the legendary Rutger Hauer (Ladyhawke, 1985). He will represent another supreme being in the series, Sookie's Grandfather Niail Brigant (according to a leader of the Fae. According to Wiki, Hauer's character is Macklyn Warlow, whom has rights to the first born female within the Stackhouse family with Fae abilities - Sookie.
"The piece de resistance, the jewel in True Blood's sordid, gory season six crown: Rutger Hauer, who will be playing Macklyn, a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason" (Den of Geek, 2013).
Looking through and watching the trailer, I believe this season will semi-mirror All Together Dead in the Southern Vampire Mysteries by the acclaimed author Charlaine Harris. However, the show has some attributes from the book series, but has the elements all it's own to stand apart from the written works.  A synopsis of the first three episodes is reported to be on the HBO site, if you want to get a head-start. True Blood on HBO

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Diverging Dramas

Aberration Blog Hop: Finding The Most Aberrant Characters

By definition aberrant means the departing of an accepted standard, or the diverging from the normal type (Google search, 2013). Author, Lisa Regan, in celebration of the release of her second novel, Aberration, is hosting the blog hop, which runs through June 6th and 7th. In Aberration, FBI profiler, Kassidy Bishop is on the hunt for a serial killer who is an aberration - a freak - even among serial killers. In lieu of Regan's new novel, the Aberration Bog Hop is to highlight characters that, like the serial killer her main protagonist is searching for, might be labeled as 'different'.

Top 5 Aberrant Character - Small Screen Edition 

5.) The Walking Dead (2010) - The Governor (David Morrissey). Where do I even begin with this psychotic character? The Governor definitely lives in his own psychosis and the dangerous part is that he portrays himself with normalcy, yet when he draws you in, you glimpse the chaos that resides within. The Walking Dead on
4.) Game of Thrones (2011) - Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey). The Lannisters are a clan of interesting and mostly aberrant individuals. Cersei and her brother Jaime, qualify as aberrant because they do not follow social standards, in the means that they have children togetherGame of Thrones on
3.) Dexter (2006) - Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall). Dexter is a serial killer living by a strict code that was set by his police officer foster father; far from any normalcy. Dexter on
2.) Homeland (2011) - Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes). Carrie struggles with her CIA position and Schizophrenia, a disorder of the mind. Homeland on 
1.) True Blood (2008) - Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin). Sookie was labeled a 'freak' at a very young age, due to her telepathy abilities. True Blood on

As a writer, almost like a 'bonus' character I would like to introduce you to Xylo. Xylo is an aberrant character within my first book, Going off Dreams (K.E.Nowinsky). She was not always different, but because of her choices in life, she has been transformed into a woodland dryad that is cursed with her indiscretions. To read more about the Woodland Dryad General, Xylo - read Going off Dreams.

Movies in Review: Dark Skies

My boyfriend and I settled in this evening and rented Dark Skies (2013). Keri Russell portrays mom, Lacy Barrett, her husband Daniel (Josh Hamilton), and their two young sons are the focal point of the movie. They seem very much like an average suburban home located anywhere in the US, until certain things, questionable things, start happening to their family members. Honestly, we lost a little interest in the beginning of the movie. But, toward the end of the movie things pick up and we found that it was both suspenseful and intense. The ending leaves it open for a continuing story though.
The youngest son, Sam (Kadan Rockett) is the first to "make contact" with what he refers to as "the sandman". Most likely, it is because his visitor(s) seem to always come at night. While oldest son, Jesse (Dakota Goyo) battles adolescence and acceptance with his peers. Things start to intensify when the children show signs that they have been victims of some form of physical attack or abuse. This lead the parents (Russell and Hamilton) to seek help to protect their family - or else Family Services could intervene and tear apart their family. To further protect their family, they seek counsel from a 'professional', Edwin Pollard (J.K. Simmons). He informs them that what they are dealing with are beings not of our world. He refers to them as "the grey's". Devastated by the information they now possess, they leap into action to fight against their intruders, whom also possess the threat of tearing apart their family. The intense psychological battle does end in a shocking way, even the ending of the movie leaves you feeling gobsmacked.
Dark Skies on

Insidious 2 Trailer

When I originally watched Insidious (2010), I had come across it accidentally. It was a pleasant surprise! As a fan of thrilling horrors, this first installment keeps the viewer thinking while delivering plenty of intense and frightful moments. Plus, the end leaves you wondering toward the possibilities... it leaves you hanging. Hence, Insidious Chapter 2, set to be released into theaters Friday the 13th, September, 2013.
It looks like Insidious 2 picks up right where the original leaves off. From the trailer we know that the Lambert family is moving in with Josh Lambert's (Patrick Wilson) mother (Barbara Hershey). It doesn't disappoint, leaving the hair raising-unknown unleashed. The trailer also suggests that there is a family secret that will be revealed, that could coordinate with father and son's abilities.
I wasn't sure about it when I heard they were making a sequel to the original. However, if it holds true to the integrity of the first film then I should have nothing to fear when it comes to Insidious 2. From the writer and director Melbourne Australian geniuses of Saw (James Wan & Leigh Whennell, 2004) and Paranormal Activity (Oren Peli, 2007). I am highly anticipating this sequel and hoping it does not disapoint.
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Watch the Trailer - Synopsis: The famed horror team of director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell reunite with the original cast of Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lin Shaye, Barbara Hershey and Ty Simpkins in Isideious: Chapter 2, a terrifying sequel to the acclaimed horror film, which follow the haunted Lambert family as they seek to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world (Apple, Inc., 2013).