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True Blood Episode 5

F___ the Pain Away

The History of Warlow

This episode goes further into Warlow, where he came from, and his history with Lilith. What we learned was that Warlow wants Sookie to procreate and continue their lineage. Warlow was turned by Lilith and told him he will save the vampire kind. Warlow did massacre Niall's village, but it was his village too. We get to see Niall as a young child, briefly, but it ties the relationships together. Bill can command Warlow, since he drank Lilith's blood and working through him. We see that Warlow sent Lilith to the true death (he was only opening her shade to let the morning light shine in for her) lol. I think the most important thing we learn here is that Warlow's contract with Sookie's family is because he wants to continue their blood, by impregnating Sookie. But, I think he wants to protect and care for her, she is what he has been waiting for.

The Fate of Fae

In an attempt to go back to the beginning to find answers, Sookie enlists the talents of Lafayette, who can communicate with the deceased. What Sookie learns is painful, her father tried to dispose of her when she was a child. Since Warlow went to her parents, telling them of his contract for her, they were scared and didn't want their child to experience this. So, her father loaded her in the trunk of the car and drove off. While they are conjuring the Stackhouse spirits, Sookie's dad enters Lafayette and it all goes down hill from there. The closing scene of the episode is Lafayette (possessed by Sookie's dad) trying to drown her.

A Maker and His Progeny

Eric sacrificing himself had me on the edge. Having so many of the characters we love in this encampment is freaking me out, especially since Bill had that vision of all of them burning. Pam, Jessica, Tara, and Eric are now all in this horrid place. One of my favorite lines and scens is when Pam is in the psychological eval and she says "Wait - is this therapy?" She is one of my favorite characters. I was afriad that this would happen. Because Eric turned Willa, now the Governor is getting enjoyment of pinning Eric against Pam. You could see the surprise on Eric's face when the Governor tells Eric that Willa was turned into the camp too. When Eric proclaims to give him something to kill, you know he's picturing killing the Governor himself. I knew Pam would be standing there, before it was revealed. This was the outcome that I was afraid of. Knowing that one of the characters die, I am going to be highly upset if it's Pam. Will Eric do what he has to do to save the them all?

Next Episode Sneak Peek

Movies In Review? Jack the Giant Slayer

What do you get when you add great actors with the great idea of a blockbuster hit, but fall short? Yeah, that in a nutshell is Jack the Giant Slayer (2013). With the all-star cast of Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, and the voice talents of Bill Nighy. I was anticipating this movie, I love the fairytale/action movies. My opinion, is that the writing wasn't polished enough, maybe?

Jack and the King of the giants

What Comes Up, Must Come Down 

I watched this with my boyfriend, and he even mentioned that the movie wasn't what was expected. It took too long to get to it. I did like how the beginning correlated the princesses and Jack's fondness of the folklore and how they both enjoyed hearing it from their parents, and then as they were older their thirst for an adventure.

Predictable, Yet Watchable

Jack, Princess Isabelle, Roderick, and Elmont
Even when Jack and the princess meet for the first time, you know Jack is going to come to her aide, since she has the restless spirit that feels compelled to continuously explore outside the castle walls. The long told tale of the privileged that long for more, to be set free from their bonds of servitude. Of course, Jack being a commoner is cast aside. However, they meet again and things take a turn toward the adventurous! This is when the story becomes semi-watchable again. If you know the tale of Jack and the beanstalk, then you know about the magical beans and how the beanstalk is the entrance and exit to the land of the giants. Now, add a smidgen of The Lord of the Rings; to put a twist in the story, there was welded a crown (ring) that can rule over the giants (to rule them all).
One of the best lines in the whole movie
Enter the bad guy, Tucci's character Roderick, is tired of being the servant to the king and wants more. A side-plot, Roderick had the crown and beans in his possession, then the beans are taken, and come into the hands of Jack. Once the beanstalk is evident, Roderick knows he has to be among the first to adventure upward, with the crown in tow, he has his ulterior motives.
I'm not saying that this 2013 rendition of the fairytale shouldn't be rented or watched, I think it is definitely worth it. It's just not what I expected. The visual effects are amazing, and quite honestly, many of the giant scenes were nauseating. They should have concentrated a little'bit more on the writing though. A lot of the plots were too predictable. I did like Ewan McGregor's character Elmot, I didn't know in the beginning if he was a good guy or not (he is) and I really liked his character - he has one of the best lines in the whole movie! What I don't understand is how this could possibly be a sequel. Well, I know it could be, but should it be? The twist at the very end was enjoyable. How the crown was wielded and where it is today. How they leave it open, was a young boy looking very much like Tucci's character Roderick, admiring the crown, taking notes, and then the camera focuses on the same bag that the now deceased Roderick had the crown in. All I'm saying is that if they try to continue this, I pray for better writing.
Actually - I would be highly upset if this gets a sequel and Prince of Persia doesn't get a sequel.

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GWR: Bloggers Wanted

Bloggers Wanted: Sponsored Giveaway with Stacey Rourke

Stacey Rourke is back with another novella in the Gryphon series.

The call of the sea.

The promise of adventure.

For Rowan Wade, the need to return to his swashbuckling ways is enough to betray the only woman he’s cared for in over three hundred years.

With vengeance in his heart, he’s determined to exact his revenge on those that mutinied against his father. 

The arrival of an unlikely ally challenges Rowan’s plans. Her goal isn’t to stop him, but to lead him on a journey of self-discovery to unravel the mysteries of the twisted path that led him to the Dark Army.

Will it be enough to make the pirate shift course? Or will he be lost forever in a rum-induced haze? Hoist ye colors and prepare to set sail with the Gryphon Series’ favorite pirate!

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GWR: Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law Excerpt

"Train Station"

"Every action seemed to take place in the slow motion of a very
bad dream, but actually within an hour, she had caught a taxi, made
phone calls, been to one of Darek’s banks – where she had had a set-to
with the manager and prevailed – had summoned another taxi, and
been stuck in traffic, and jerked out some of her hair, and now was
being set down in front of the central train station. She thrust a large
bill at the driver, a much too large bill, and left him without a backward
glance as he stared after her.
She rushed into the building, scanning the departures board for
possible trains. Behind her the large open space of the hall echoed
with noise and bustle, but she noticed
none of it. An express was leaving in fifteen minutes. It would take her
most of the way – if she didn’t make that one she would have to make
a series of changes on slow local trains; it would be tomorrow before
she arrived. Tomorrow might be too late. Even now they might be
loading Darek on a plane – in which case it was already too late. No!
she wanted to shriek. She had to reach him first; she had to catch that
train. Fifteen minutes, only
fifteen minutes! She tried to calm herself: fifteen minutes – it would be
enough to buy a ticket. But there was a line in front of the wicket.
Cordelia rushed towards it, but before she reached it, just as she was
coming up to it, a party of young people, with large backpacks,
sauntered slowly over, and without a glance at her, joined its tail
ahead of her. Her waiting period had just grown longer by five persons.
She bit her lip. The line moved forward six
inches. She shuffled forward too. Four minutes passed. Then two more.
She was still six persons from the wicket. 
Hurry, she thought, hurry, please. But the ticket seller was in no
hurry: she slowly counted out money, talked to her colleagues who
were sipping tea, slowly answered
questions about reservations and connections. The travelers, once
arrived at the front of the line, seemed to be in no hurry either.
Cordelia’s stomach twisted. Three minutes left. She would ask the
people to let her through, she couldn’t bear it; she couldn’t miss the
train. There were only the young people ahead of her.
“Please,” she said, to one. “Would you let me through ahead of
you? It’s terribly important.”
Half the party moved instantly aside, with polite murmurs and
gestures that she was to go ahead, certainly, no problem. One young
woman, however, decided to stand on her rights: “Why? Why should
we move aside for you? It’s important to us too that we not miss our
“But Ania, we have half an hour,” said someone.“But it’s the principle of thing,” she insisted, “if it’s so important,
why didn’t she come earlier? Why does she have to take our place? It’s
“Yes,” said Cordelia, “I agree with you. You’re entirely right. I’m
so sorry, so extremely sorry. I can’t tell you how sorry and how deeply
conscious I am of the impropriety of my conduct. I assure you I will
make every attempt to improve in the future. I am most humbly
grateful to you.”
The young people gaped.
She was at the counter, she was handing over her money and
getting a ticket, wheeling about and scurrying for the stairs to the
underground platforms. The stairs
were long and she went down too fast; if she slipped, if she made one
misstep, she knew, she would be badly hurt – she had no way to reach
for the handrail, with the crutch in her good hand. She couldn’t even
slow down, once she was started, it was sort of like a headlong fall –”

About The Author
Michelle Granas was born in Alaska; but currently divides her time between Oregon and Poland. She has degrees in philosophy and comparative literature, but now works s a translator. Over the past dozen years she has translated for many of Poland's major politicians and writers, including short pieces for the Nobel Prize winner Lech Walesa and Nobel Prize nominee Ryszard Kapuscinski.

About The Book

In Warsaw, a shy and high-minded polio victim lives a life of seclusion caring for her odd family until a chance encounter plunges her into the intrigues of dirty politics; Zaremba, a wealthy businessman, is about to be arrested on trumped-up charges and only she can save him. Swept along by events, Cordelia finds her feelings increasingly involved with a stranger for whom she is both rescuer and victim. When Zaremba disappears, Cordelia must overcome surveillance, corruption, the media, and mounting humiliations and difficulties to learn the truth.
Although set in Poland, this is a story that could happen anywhere, as young democracies struggle against the temptations of covert operations and older democracies sometimes lead them astray.


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GWR: Bloggers Wanted

Bloggers Wanted: Zaremba Book Blast - July 10

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In Warsaw, a shy and high-minded polio victim lives a life of seclusion caring for her odd family until a chance encounter plunges her into the intrigues of dirty politics; Zaremba, a wealthy businessman, is about to be arrested on trumped-up charges and only she can save him. Swept along by events, Cordelia finds her feelings increasingly involved with a stranger for whom she is both rescuer and victim. When Zaremba disappears, Cordelia must overcome surveillance, corruption, the media, and mounting humiliations and difficulties to learn the truth. 

Although set in Poland, this is a story that could happen anywhere, as young democracies struggle against the temptations of covert operations and older democracies sometimes lead them astray.

A GWR Publicity promotional event paid for by the author.

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GWR Book Blast Giveaway With Author Stacey Rourke

Author Stacey Rourke 

Stacey lives in Michigan, the Wolverine or Great Lake state, with her husband and two beautiful daughters.  Mrs. Rourke knows just how much her daughters are nothing short of a blessing from Heaven.  She took a break from working on her young adult, fantasy Gryphon Series to share her story of infertility with the world. 


To learn more about her or her other available titles please visit
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"I'm Not Crazy, I'm on Lupron: A Journey Through Infertility"

Rourke has openly and honestly written about the perils of infertility. She gives the lowdown on all the strange, embarrassing, and heartbreaking aspects of the struggles and choices that one is faced with. Stacey guides us through an unforgettable path, if you know of someone faced with this challenge, I would recommend this book for them to read. It will help them to better understand the process of hormone injections, basal body temperatures, and the invasive procedures (that leave no room for modesty). 
From the beginning of the process, when the 'natural way' fails to work, and you start compiling the tips on "effective positions" from well-meaning grandparents and other's that are only trying to help, you learn that these 'tips' are all added to the so called 'fun' process of creating life. To the happily ever after ending with a kid on each hip. Walk this rocky path to motherhood with author Stacey Rourke as she openly and honestly shares every good, bad, and awkward step of her three-year long journey. Using humor to break through the perils, she provides the lowdown on the process and hope for all those suffering with infertility.

Other Tid'bits & Information

Book Blast Giveaway: June 30th, 2013
Twitter Party: Wednesday, July 3rd, 11:00 am EST #Infertility

Resources For Those Suffering With Infertility:

Bonus Material: "Morsels of Hope" Success Stories from Infertility Survivors

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True Blood Episode 4

At Last

Sookie & Jason Stackhouse with mysterious Ben
Warlow is revealed and is Lilith's progeny. As Jason lay near death, Sookie gone to call for help, Ben reveals his secret - he's vampire. The first cross-species of the kind, part faerie and vampire. Jason is miraculously healed with Ben's blood. He quickly exits the scene with Niall and leaves Sookie and Jason within the Stackhouse home. Sookie finds the missing link, a droplet of blood on the floor and upon further investigation can put two-and-two together.

The Viking King's Demand

Willa Burrell & Eric Northman
Something that wasn't as shocking to me was that Eric turned Willa, the Governor's daughter. The Viking King claims that she is meant for more. He also said that he had only take one other progeny (which we know is Pam). I think in this war, strategies are crucial, Eric having millennial of warring experience, I think this was his "Check Mate" move against the Governor.
Unfortunately, after Willa turns Eric "as your maker" commands her to return home to her father. Who we learn has been involved with Sarah Newland (and she's about to tell him something important, when they are interrupted - my guess, she's preggers.) The Governor weakens and proclaims that Willa, even though she is now vampire, is still his daughter. But, her 'vamp baby' tendencies get the better of her, a recent boo-boo on her daddy's hand sends her into a feeding frenzy. In panic, Sarah shoots Willa.

Daughter's of Fae

"You smell like honey"
Bill and Jessica take Sherrif Andy's four, now grown, daughters. Because they are Fae, Bill deceives them and captures their blood. This gives him the ability to take it to his prisoner, the scientist that can sythezise their blood. Ironically, Bill is desperate to find a way to use the Fae blood in order to walk during the day. Meanwhile, Ben is a Fae that was turned vampire and is what Bill wants. 
Jessica is tasked with keeping the unamed faerie daughters in the house. She is paniced when the four of them start to demand their release from Bill's house. But, they don't make it out. When Bill arrives, the daughters are spread-out on the living room floor, bloodied. Jessica is frantic, proclaiming that she was scared for Bill and worried that they could be dead. Will Bill make the decision to turn the four faerie girls?

Faerie King Sent To The Dark Side

Will the Faerie King survive?
Niall and Jason go to confront Ben about possibly being a vampire. However, Ben is a couple steps ahead of them and Niall is blasted. Ben glamours Jason, to try to ease his pain. We can see this villainous character have some empathy. Meanwhile, he is telling Jason that his Faerie Grandfather Niall is going to die.
Once Jason leaves, Ben drives Niall back to the same bridge where Sookie & Jason's parents were massacred by Warlow. Ben feeds his blood to Niall and then sends him to the dark place that Warlow/Ben had survived for years prior. Ben even tells Niall that if he could survive, surely a Faerie King can survive, and then Niall is thrown through the portal.

Sookie Cooking 101

Sookie preparing to go to battle...
When inviting a possible vampire over, it is always smart to include a silver additive to weaken their defenses. Could Warlow/Ben smell the silver in the food? If he did, he ate it anyway; maybe not to give away his secret to Sookie, either way. Sookie made herself clear, telling Ben how she is tired of being lied to (especially from vampires). Ben really smears on the charm and to weaken the male side offense, Sookie hits where she'll have the most control. The cliffhanger is Sookie addressing Ben as Warlow and telling him to get off of her - or die.

Most Upsetting News

Will Pam survive the camp?
Pam is taken!! After arguing with Tara and they part their ways, Pam is shot with the torturous bullets that burn and fry vampires from the inside out. Her pain was nearly intolerable for me to watch. I really love Pam in the Sookie Stackhouse books written by Charlaine Harris. And I think Kristin Bauer Van Straten who plays Pam has done a fabulous job. I really don't want to think about what's to come for Pam at the camp. So sad. But, on a positive thought, it would totally kick-ass if Pam shredded the encampment. Unfortunately and ironically, Eric turned the Governor's daughter and now she's been shot (presumably dead) now the Governor has Eric's daughter, this will hurt. Yikes!!

What's To Come

Visit the official True Blood HBO series site - Quench Your Thirst

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True Blood Episode 3

You're No Good

Three episodes in and things are still heating up! The most shocking, to me, was when Bill visited Sookie. I think this episode also is foreshadowing the intricate relationship between Sookie and Bill and how it will involve both Lilith and Warlow. You get a very small sound bite toward the end of the preview for next week, someone mentioning that Warlow is the only one that could kill Lilith (paraphrasing of course).

So, Bill proclaims to Sookie that he is playing by a different set of rules now. His purpose in visiting her is that he needs to synthesize her blood. He had sent Jessica to fetch the organic engineer that helped to create True Blood. Sookie wants nothing to do with him or his plan. Repellent of each other, Bill states to Sookie that she is dead to him now **SHOCKER** I actually, physically gasped when I heard him utter those words - yikes.
Season 1 "What are you?"
I think a valid point to remember, especially since Jessica (and Bill himself) might consider him to be a god, he did burst into flames when he tried to endure the sun. My opinion says that he's being manipulated by Lilith and we'll learn soon how the prophecy will interact with Warlow's presence there as well. As much as I hate the 'god' spin on Bills character, I'll admit I like this tie-in of Warlow killing Lilith (about time someone does).

Jason, the forever fighting hero
Something that kept teasing my brain during this episode was how Jason seemed to go limp whenever the threat of Warlow was present. Also, Nora (Eric's sister is searching for Warlow). These are little snippets that if you blink or get distracted for just a wee'bit you could miss them. But, if you are like me then you are trying to figure out what is going to happen in the weeks ahead (and is driving you crazy). 
Jason might not have the 'Fae Gene' but he is obviously affected. Sookie can tell there is something going on with him. I think the writers are using our minds like little balls of rolled up twine, and they are the kittens, playing and torturing us as we anticipate the next episode. I believe twice in this episode when their Fairy Grandfather claims Warlow to be present, Jason collapses.

Amelia Rose Blaire plays the
Governor's daughter Willa
The episode opens with Eric glamouring the Governor's daughter, Willa. Not that he had needed to do so, she seems pretty willing to divulge information and to help their cause. One thing is for sure - she wants the Viking King! In the Inside The Episode, the director explains how their scene (Willa and Eric) in the coffin was erotic. Did I think so - No! Being a fan of Eric and Sookie (I fell in love with their relationship in the books) naturally I don't want Eric to waver too far away from her. However, my hopes are that he's just using Willa in this war that the Governor has waged against the paranormal beings. Eric hasn't lived this long to not fight when he is pushed into a corner. The one thing that I would love to see, would be Eric's battle cry - yow'sa!
For some reason, my True Blood senses were leading me to think that either Willa wants to be turned, or somewhere someone is considering turning her. How wicked would that be for the Governor, as much as he loves his daughter, he now has to fight the very thing he loves most in this world.

Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

I thought of this song when Niall quoted to Sookie the line from Hamlet. There seem to be a lot of heavy hitters there in Louisiana. The king and princess of the Fae, Lillith and her progeny who is being compared as a god, Warlow on the war path, Eric the viking king, and Alcide the leader of the pack. Which, by the way is out of control. If Alcide wants to regain control he will have to punish those pack members that did not follow his direct orders to stand down when the peaceful pro paranormal beings arrived at their encampment. I don't know what has gotten into Alcide, but he needs a kick in the bum. For sure, Martha was definitely right making that alpha bitch bow to him, she needs to be put in her place. She's too dominant and she'll only keep getting the pack in trouble if she can't control her urges and temper.
The only good thing to come from that scene was it provided the necessary distraction that Sam needed to rescue Emma from their clutches. While they were escaping Sam see's Nichole who is injured and fleeing from the werewolves camp. We are left with Sam and Emma on her trail as be proclaims that they need to help her.

Politics Clash Sides
Speaking of out of control, it was interesting to see the vampiric Steve Newland captured and in the camp. This is the place Willa was telling Eric about, how it has been experimenting on vampires in every aspect. Something that was not expected, Steve's wife shows up to get her digs in. We also learn that she is in politic's now and I have a feeling it won't be the last we see of Sarah Newland (who had an affair with Jason, if we remember).
Sheriff Andy is struggling raising four fae daughters (why he hasn't gone to Sookie yet, I don't know). But, unfortunately - Bill crossed paths with Andy and now has the scent of his daughters for his master plan of creating the synthetic form of partial fae blood so that vampires can walk during the day. In this episode his daughter are now young girls, and we can see from next weeks episode that they are young ladies (sneaking out and presumably into the grasp of the desperate, hungry vampires - not a good combination).