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When I had first heard that Disney was working on Maleficent I was thrilled, yet a little skeptic. Growing up Sleeping Beauty (1959) was one of my favorite Disney Animated movies. I could sing you all of the songs and (when I was younger) could probably recite the movie word for word (or just nearly). Either way, Maleficent is a quintessential Villainess. From the time you first met her on-screen you knew she was wicked and terrifying. So my skepticism was in the form of who they would cast as the iconic characters. I've never been a huge Angelina Jolie fan, neither for Elle Fanning. However, after watching this movie I might just change my mind on a few things.


This rendition of the Sleeping Beauty tale takes us through a different perspective as Aurora herself is the narrator and tells us the tale. Just like the title, the movie is all about Maleficent; she's more than just a villain - if you want to call her that anymore either. This rendition Maleficent is a rare fairy who lives in an enchanted kingdom. If my memory serves me correctly, their side of the kingdom is referred to as the 'Moores'. The other side of the kingdom is ruled by a greedy King who desires to acquire the rest of the kingdom for his own. Not on Maleficent's watch! She swoops down and calls upon her enchanted friends and they are fierce and drive those pesky humans away.

Maleficent introducing herself to the King's army...

Before all that nonsense however, when Maleficent is much younger, she meets Stefan. They're both orphans and seem to have an instant connection. But, Stefan gets greedy and spends less and less time with Maleficent. She only grows stronger though and hence, is able to lead the greedy King away along with his army. This leaves the King scornful, he calls for her head and instructs a room full of men (who are ready to take his throne once he has perished) whomever brings him the head of Maleficent would gain his throne and his daughter. Stefan, realizing he has an advantage, goes to see his old friend Maleficent. He couldn't kill her, and didn't get her head; rather, he cut off her wings. 

A young Maleficent meeting the thieving Stefan for the first time...

His actions corrupt sending Maleficent into darkness where she seeks her revenge. She enlists the help of a crow, who she saves his life and can easily use her magic to turn him into a human - to easily converse - and also into whatever form that best suites her needs (although he doesn't prefer dogs). I think this was a nice mirror of the Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and her pet crow that flew around keeping watch on things. In Maleficent she manipulated the Crow to replace her wings; she could no longer fly, so she needed the aerial perspective.  Diaval (the crow) kept an eye on Stefan, who was now King, and kept reporting back to Maleficent, as she grew darker into descent, she claimed a throne of her own within her realm as well. Then, when Diaval reported the birth of Stefan's daughter... she sees the prospect of a perfect revenge.

"I need you to be my wings" Maleficent to Diaval

This scene was really important for me, while the beginning was explaining more about Maleficent and a deeper story, this scene was important because from here is where Sleeping Beauty really is that iconic scene in my head. Jolie delivered such a realization that it gave me goose bumps up and down my arms while I was watching it! This was the definitive moment - could Angelina deliver? YES! It wasn't exactly like the movie, but they took parts and then added their own - and created some awesome scenes. The smile, the maniacal laugh, down to the sentence "Listen, all of you..." these things made me smile from ear to ear knowing that this was a rendition of a beloved Disney classic.

"I too would like to bestow a gift..." Yikes!

What I didn't quite expect was what happened afterward. The plot stayed pretty close, the three fairies take Aurora to a secluded part of the forest to raise her until her 16th birthday. In Sleeping Beauty they renamed Aurora, Briar Rose and the three fairies were Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Maleficent's three fairies are more like bickering adolescents and the scary part is that they are charged with raising a princess. Maleficent sees this and under the radar take the reins. When baby Aurora is hungry, she feeds her. As a toddler, when a very young Aurora runs off of a high cliff, she saves her. Over the years Maleficent takes care of her and when she tries to revoke her enchantment or curse, it can't be stopped.

Flittle, Knotgrass and Thistletwit

This is definitely a different take on a classic tale. We do get to see Prince Phillip and Aurora meet for the first time, however it's nothing like how they met in Sleeping Beauty. Aurora isn't singing in the forest with her woodland animal friends pretending to be a prince. In Maleficent she's practicing what she is going to say to her 'Aunties' (the fairies) because she wants to stay with Maleficent (who she calls her fairy godmother - a hilarious scene)... when low and behold, a handsome prince just happens upon her in the secluded forest. He is looking for King Stefan's castle and he's lost. She points the way and they agree that he'll stop by again. In Sleeping Beauty Prince Phillip has a much larger role as Aurora's 'loves first kiss' savior. In Maleficent there is a totally different spin - that I love. I wasn't sure I liked it at first, but after Jolie's scene I was completely convinced. 

What's meant to be - will be...

My boyfriend went a long with me and usually he ends up falling asleep during most movies. He stayed awake through out the entire film and even truly enjoyed it himself. There are so many different aspects within this one movie that there is definitely something that everyone can enjoy. Overall, I would say spend the money (for us it was $22 for two adults) and go check out this wickedly good movie! 

One of my favorite images with Angelina as Maleficent
and her daughter as a young Aurora...

While I thoroughly enjoyed Angelina Jolie's portrayal of Maleficent - she did do an amazing job. I had my doubts with Elle Fanning. While I understand her character was given the gift of always being happy, I thought her portrayal was minimum. I know there are Elle Fanning fans out there and I'm sure she's lovely. However, Aurora to me is still within the classic Sleeping Beauty. She didn't capture her elegance, her beauty or her charm (to me, my opinion). I'm still not a fan is all I'm saying. She didn't ruin the movie - I still think it's a great movie. I'm just saying for the things that I didn't particularly care for, she was one of them. I adored the scenes with Jolie's character interacting with all the different aged Aurora's (the toddler was her own daughter). There is a lot of endearments through out the movie; how she refers to Aurora as "Beastie", I love the new rendition of Maleficent. A definitely must see.


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The Maya Rudolph Show

Variety Show Makes Fierce Comeback

Ever since I heard about Maya Rudolph headlining a new Variety Show, it's been on my high priority list. After watching tonight I wasn't disappointed. It was the perfect mix of The Carol Burnett Show (1967-1978) and SNL (1975-current). Of course I thought it would have some feel of SNL, the shows executive producer is Lorne Michaels. Maya Rudolph was on SNL for years and some of her fellow alumni were on her show (Fred Armisen, Andy Samberg, Chris Parnell). Much like The Carol Burnett Show, she has great co-hosts that enhance the show. It begins with a kick-ass dance & song number intro! She sings about being a mother of four. I love this for so many reasons. She's not stick thin, Maya's a real woman and has real woman curves and I loved watching her on the stage! She looks amazing after having four children.

First Act

One of her guests was Kristen Bell and riding off the fame from Disney's Frozen (2013). Maya explained how her kids love Frozen and they've watched it a crazy amount of time (which most parents can relate to - heck, even people without kids love the movie and have watched it repeatedly). So, they come up with a great idea to write the sequel to Frozen right then and there. Kristen (who portrays one of the main protagonists) sings about the weather and how crazy the winter was this year. Maya followed up with adding a new character that had another special ability (who she would also portray) who could thaw the frozen landscape. The farce continued with Sean Hayes playing on piano and portraying the character Kristoff. Not my favorite part of the show, but it was still comical. I just thought that it was kind of cheesy to put Frozen in there.

Second Act

Kristen Bell and Andy Samberg were paired as a couple going to meet Kristen's parents for the first time. She warns him about her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Garmin, the GPS Parents. I loved this act, it was original and hilarious. It took all the frustrations with using a GPS and combined the awkward moment of not only meeting the parents but announcing an engagement. Also in this act, another guest Craig Robinson lent his vocals for an interesting song. It's set in like a 50's style beach day, Craig is a hot roasted nut seller and he sings about his nuts... and then Kristen pipes in about her clams... They're fighting over which is better and then Maya suggests adding them together and includes even "tossing the salad"... and just when you sit there thinking "can they really do that?" Sean enters their turf selling chocolate covered camel toes... just in case you didn't get the other suggestives! I think I was in a little shock during the song but afterwards cracked up laughing. Nearly inappropriate, but hilarious!

Third Act

Maya sings about herself. All the songs are great and they have great voices (not like The Voice that was on before it. I only caught the last guy that performed. It was probably because I love Adele and he was singing Set Fire to the Rain, and I felt like he didn't do it justice... everyone else loved it though... whatever). Sean came out wheeling a huge red M on stage and singing about how great Maya is, followed by Fred rolling out a huge red A, then Andy brings out an I. She's quick to correct him that she knows how to spell her name. Luckily though (LOL) there is an "Y" in the audience (along with a Z that proclaims letters after "O" are GhettO). After the act they span directly to a couple sitting on a prop-balcony. It's Maya and Fred dressed as a rich couple with their butler behind them. This was a hilarious skit that I actually laughed out loud (as did Sean). After that the next skit was in the style of the old Pyramid Game, where there are two people in a team and two teams. The first team was Sean and Fred, and the second team was Andy and Maya as a Russian Starlet; Chris Parnell was the game show host. This was a funny skit too.

Fourth Act

This took me off guard, which I loved. It opened with Sean and Fred proclaiming how late they were as they tried to find their seats in the audience. I think this was a great way to get the audience involved. They were climbing all over the place trying to find their seats. Once they found them they announced their musical guest Janelle Monae. She did a great job performing Electric Lady and she dedicated it to Maya. I never really listened to her music before, but I might check it out now. The song sounded great, something I could add to my play list for sure. After the performance it cuts to Andy on a Doctor's Office bed getting checked over. I called this skit Copycat Doctor because it made fun of the doctor's that just copy everything you say and sometimes try to race to finish what you are saying. I love skits that it takes the truth in the frustrations of life and then lets us laugh at them.

Fifth Act (I think)

Maya and Chris (Parnell) are sitting on stools, no background sets or anything, and Maya announces how Chris just had a baby. He informs us that he wrote a lullaby for his new baby and wanted to share it with everyone. The duet is funny, I love how they took the things that you would think would discourage us from our children, but we still love them. It was a brilliant song and they sang it flawlessly. Being a mother of four I thought I saw Maya tear up at the end - no doubt. She thanks her band and starts to monologue about her love for animals when Andy interrupts her dressed in Saturday Night Fever attire and has his cronies behind him (Sean and Fred). He challenges her with a Dance Off. This was hilarious! Andy goes big - you'd think he would have nearly broken his neck with those moves (wink wink). When they taunt 'little Maya' about bringing it, she has a quick flashback skit with her grandma telling her about 'going little'. Her moves cracked me up and I just loved it. At the end most everyone that performed was on stage, she thanked everyone and then it was over (sad face).

Maya, Sean, Fred and Andy - Opening Number

Final Thoughts

I love this show for a variety of reasons. I love that Maya wanted to bring the classic variety show back and you could definitely feel that old technique mixed with what works best from what she's done in the past. It was just a perfect mix. I love seeing the people I love from SNL going on (like Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers) I would love-love-LOVE to see her continue this! I love the combination of talents that made this enjoyable to watch. Using classic skits that I could definitely see continuing like The GPS Parents (Mr. & Mrs. Garmin), the late/lost people (Fred & Sean) and I loved how Andy taunted Maya. My final thought was that it was well worth the wait. Sometimes you know, when you highly anticipate something, sometimes it can be a huge disappointed. This wasn't the case!


The Maya Rudolph Show - TMRS on IMDb



Recently I was introduced to Gofobo which their online site states "is a new and exciting online experience designed to help you see movies first and win prizes fast" (About Gofobo). What I like about this site so far is that it is interactive, you can connect with other movie enthusiasts and score screening passes - like I did for Blended! This was my first experience using Gofobo and I hope to get the chance to utilize their tools more in the future. So, go and check it out. If you sign-up let me know and we can figure out how to connect! 

Jim & Lauren's First Blind Date

Lauren and her two sons
You can see from the trailer that Jim (Adam Sandler) and Lauren (Drew Barrymore) experience an awkward and uncomfortable first date. They obviously do not think they are a good match and both decide to end the date in the socially conventional ways; having someone call you and excuse yourself as gracefully as you can. Then, through fates twisted magical wand, they find themselves together at an exotic African resort for families. Laruen and Jim's attraction grows as they spend more time together and develop relationships with each other's children (

Jim and his daughters
If you have seen their previous two movies The Wedding Singer (1998) and 50 First Dates (2004), Blended is reminiscent of those movies. The chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore is unique and dare I say magical in the Rom/Com way. Meaning, both actors make the roles and the connections believable and endearing. The dialogue was witty and funny. Hopefully, you can overlook certain details, like **minor spoiler alert** how did everyone get passports so quickly and how were they able to leave the country using other people's names? Of course, in the traditional Adam Sandler genre there are the immature and inappropriate sexual jokes. The vacation was originally intended as a family vacation with a focus on romance for the "parents". Think Vegas honeymoon suite with all the bells, whistles, whips, and handcuffs too! 

Mix together for a BLENDED family good-time!

Veronica Nowinsky
One of my main concerns going into the movie was how they were going to portray Africa, if it was going to be one big stereotype. But, I think they did a good job of keeping the focus on the story line while showcasing the beauty of the countryside. There was of course the caricature "African" played by Terry Crews and the choir that would pop up out of the blue. But, all-in-all it was a very entertaining take on blended families. It also demonstrated how love isn't always like it is portrayed in fairy tales, but is a cute take on how everyone has a story.

Reviewed by Veronica Nowinsky


This weekend my boyfriend and I went to see Blended. We love the other two movies mentioned previously, as well as other Adam Sandler great movies. Anyway, I thought the beginning was a little slow. It was definitely an awkward first date, what guy in his right mind would take a blind date to Hooters on their first meet & greet? Toward the end of the movie you find out why and if you're human it'll pull at your heart strings. Actually, a majority of the movie pulled at my heart dreams. Especially as a person that recently lost someone. Jim (Sandler) in the movie lost his wife to cancer. So there are really emotional scenes between him and his daughters. Lauren (Barrymore) has two crazy boys who need a positive male role model in their lives; enter Jim who's just the right fit. However, before they even give each other a chance they write one another off after the disastrous date.

Lauren and Jim run into each other again while they are both out late at night being the good parent's that they are (running errands for their kids). They reconnect, however circuits cross again and they leave each other irritated after their quick wits clash. However, the universe keeps telling them differently. After the late night shopping, their cards were switched and Jim arrives at Lauren's house to switch back cards. Lauren's friend and co-worker comes in and announces that her trip to Africa is off. It's spring break and both Lauren and Jim want to take their kids on a fabulous trip. To both of their astonishment, both families arrive at an African resort for blended families. It's a resort that is entertaining for the children so the parent's can focus on themselves too. They called it a Family'moon (like honeymoon). What was really precious to watch was the interactions with Jim (Sandler) and Lauren's boys and Lauren (Barrymore) with Jim's daughters.

By the end of the trip Jim puts together an awesome dinner for both him and Lauren to make up for the failed first date from before. However, Jim chokes when it comes time to kiss. Both families return home from the trip and they realize how much they need each other. My boyfriend's comment after the movie was how much more sentimental the Happy Madison produced picture was compared to the other Sandler driven movies. I told him it's inevitable; with age and Sandler having two daughters of his own.

The movie was also full of laugh out loud moments too. I loved how they had cameo's from past Sandler movies; 10 Second Tom (50 First Dates) and George (Wedding Singer). We're still talking about the movie. We were just in the store today and after walking by the gel shoe insert isle we started laughing thinking about one particular scene with Jim and his eldest daughter. We loved this movie and will definitely be adding it to our collection once its released to own!
Update by K.E.Nowinsky


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Game of Thrones 4.7


Here we are again... because of the fillers the show ends before you know it and just when it's getting good! Another disappointment, the next episode is in two weeks! The lulls in this episode drive me crazy, a dying man took way too long to die. And the Red Witch - is she really even relevant anymore? Well, besides showing her breasts and body naked... It wouldn't be an episode of Game of Thrones without showing some skin! 

The Trail at King's Landing

Prince Oberyn tells his tail of his first encounter
with the Lannister Devil
Poor Tyrion! He's brilliant and one of my favorite characters so his pain is our pain and I just feel horrible for him. Jaime, of course comes to Tyrion and they're talking things over and explains that he can't be Tyrion's champion. If you missed last weeks episode - Tyrion proclaimed a trial by combat - because of the farce that was being performed for his trial. He decided to let the gods decide his fate. So, Jaime said he was in no shape to fight for him and also informs Tyrion who Cersei has called upon - The Mountain. Which, if memory serves me correctly, The Mountain is The Hounds older sadistic brother. But never fear - Oberyn is here! The prince visits Tyrion in his cell. The scene between them is brilliant - sad - but, brilliant. Oberyn tells Tyrion of their first encounter, from when he was a baby and of Cersei's mistreatment of him, even then. They both know that she has wanted Tyrion dead for a very long time. The Prince also explains to Tyrion that everyone he wants to kill for his sister's revenge is there. He stands up and proclaims that he will be Tyrion's champion (!!!) hair raising moment - yay!

News From the Black Wall

Jon Snow and the others arrive back at The Wall after the completion of the mission. Last week they left in an attempt to clear an area that was a problem. When they returned, at a meeting Jon gives a suggestion to help secure their positions for the inevitable attack that is approaching. However, the head guy who is opposed to everything when it comes to Jon, of course, retaliates against Jon's claim. The substitute leader there is really getting under my armor. He's such a twat. This is about where I stopped reading the books, so I really don't know what's to come for the Brothers. My opinion is that they would be better suited if Jon was in charge though. Don't you? 

Catching the Eye of the Queen

Daenerys is shocked to find one of her soldiers in her private chambers. He has brought her flowers an has explained how he swam a long distance to pick them for her. But, she shows no interest. Her only interest is why he is in her private chambers as she explains to him that if she wanted him she would have had him summoned. He implores to her, explaining how he is only good at two things (women and fighting) and that he must be sent to kill her enemies. She explains her position to him, and further explains that there are many women that he can enjoy. But, he further explains that he only wants one woman. With a cool sip from her cup, she orders him to strip (HOT!). We can only presume what they did after that. There is another great scene with Daenerys and her left-hand man Lord Mormont, where he is counseling her on her decisions and she changes the strategy of the mission. 

A Day in the Life of Arya Stark

Arya introduces Needle to someone from her past...
I mentioned the man that took forever to die - this was when The Hound and Arya happen upon a burnt house. The place is totally destroyed and they come upon a man that has a fatal gut wound. The Hound already knows what he has to do, but the dialogue was about nothing. Finally The Hound stabs the man in the heart to ease his suffering informing Arya "That's where the heart is". Out of nowhere a crazy man jumps on the back of The Hound biting his neck! He makes quick work of him before another man appears and explains that there is a price on the Hound's head. Arya recognizes the man and in a good scene, she utilizes what The Hound had just taught her. When he's trying to care for his wounds, he explains to Arya about his brother, how his brother burnt his face and his family covered for his brother. Arya takes some pity on him and helps him dress his bite wound.

Sansa the Snow Queen

Shit's about to get real...
I somewhat remember reading the scene when Sansa sees the falling snow at The Erie. She's been at King's Landing for so long, she was raised in snow, it must bring back so many memories. She builds Winterfell to the best of her memory when her cousin joins the party. They have a lovely chat about making those that don't care for fly and he exclaims that she has to have a place at Winterfell that works as their hole in the ground at the Erie does (where they push people to their deaths - otherwise known as making them fly). So, crazy boy attempts to make the addition when he knocks over a bit of the snow castle (Winterfell) and Sansa seems pissed that she has to start all over. They have a tiff and Sansa ends up smacking the kid. He runs off crying as she realizes what she just did. Little Finger is close and explains that he has been needing that discipline for a long, long time. In a very awkward moment after talking about how much he loved her mother, he kisses her... of course her crazy aunt sees this. The whole time Sansa is walking into the throne room at The Erie (where the hole in the floor is) I kept saying don't go near your Aunt! But, once she got her claws into her niece she let her crazy flag fly and was screaming how everyone that has come between her and Peter are dead. He interrupts their little party, promising his wife (Sansa's Aunt, so her Uncle kissed her) that he would send Sansa away. When he gets close to his wife, he tells her how he's only loved one woman his entire life - her sister (Sansa's Mother) and pushes her out the hole to her inevitable death! The End! 

In Two Weeks: The Mountain and the Viper


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Game of Thrones 4.6

The Laws of Gods and Men

This way by far my least favorite episode of the season. The only thing that I did like was Tyrion and Daenerys, the rest could go take a flying leap for all I cared. It seemed like such a slow episode - I actually thought while watching it - "really?". The season started out so strong and the first couple of episodes were stellar. Too bad they couldn't keep that momentum going. Basically, Stannis Baratheon went to Bravos to get some money to fund his quest for the iron throne. While Theron Greyjoys sister raided to try to rescue him, but he was so brainwashed the mission was a failure. She leaves proclaiming that her brother is dead. Meanwhile, his captor - crazy man - tells him he has a special mission.  These are my two least story boards, both I consider useless fillers and the strategic use of naked women and sex proved to me the lack of writing ability for this episode.

Queens Rule

Image captured via Google search
Daenerys is upon her throne in Meereen; there was a great scene with her Drago Dragon taking a sheep from a herder. When the herder came to Meereen to present his problem to his Queen, she justly said that since the goats were his livelihood, that she would pay him three times what the goats her dragons consumed, were worth. She's doing a great job as queen - and is further proven so when a son of one of the men she crucified came to her requesting for his burial rights. She was so drained after that encounter, however she had a couple hundred more to see. Who ever said being queen is easy?

Tyrion on Trial

It's been highly anticipated and now it's begun. It was dreadful watching all the manipulators giving testimony against Tyrion. It's further proof that you can take anything and when taken out of context can be manipulated to what they want it to be. They were all obviously against Tyrion and all pointed their finger at him as Joffrey's killer. Through this torture of his father leading the trial, his sister actually accusing him, and all the people that have testified - Tywin calls for a break.  During the break Jaime tries to talk their father into letting Tyrion live. I vaguely remember this from the books. Tywin then tells Jaime that he plans on sending Tyrion to The Wall... Jaime has just enough time to inform Tyrion of the plans before court is back in session. I couldn't help feel that this is all a huge set-up. Tywin and Cersei knew that they could tell Jaime this and he would tell his brother - convincing Tyrion to confess to being guilty to receive the sentence to The Wall... however, if I remember right - it doesn't happen this way. The knife that is twisted into Tyrion is when Shae takes the stand and completely shits all over him. BUT - as we all know Dinklage who portrays Tyrion is absolutely an amazing actor and he never fails. When he's had enough of Shae's lies - he interjects and delivers a great speech - which of course was shocking - and that's where the episode ended. He basically said while he didn't kill his nephew, he's glad that it happened and that if he could he would happily kill everyone partaking in the farce of a trial. 

Next Episode: Mockingbird


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Top 10 Mother Inspired Movies

After compiling the list I realized the majority of the movies are based off of mother-daughter relationships. Either way, the embodiment of a mother's relationship with her children can be found in each movie. I also tried to cover a majority of genres, from dramatic to comedy, there is sure to be a pick that both you and your mother could watch together. Enjoy!

Mother's Day (2010)

Beware this is a horror flick and as fans of the genre my boyfriend and I rented this movie. It's one insane example of how a crazy mother's influences affect her supposed children. Their demented delusions break up a party among friends as they fight for their survival against the insanity of the Koffin family.

I picked this movie because of two women's journey through their life and as mothers. The main protagonist is Natalie Portman's character, but her friend portrayed by Ashely Judd is a dynamic character as well. They both face so many challenges and through it all they remain the strong spirited mother's dedicated to providing for their children.

Brave (2012) 

There are so many memorable Disney/Pixar movies that have great mother relationships in them, some great, when not-so-great. I picked Brave because I feel that the relationship between Merida and her mother Elinor is the most realistic. The daughter that can't understand her mother and what she expects from her, her stubbornness, and their bond that saves them both.

This is a hilarious romp that pits Danny DeVito with Billy Crystal. They both have a problem, one with their wife and the other with their mother and they both want a resolution... ending in death. Can they pull off their master plans?

This movie might not be centered around the mom (played by Diane Keaton), but the impact of the mother within the family is the most powerful. It begins with the introduction of Sara Jessica Parker's character and how her personality clashes with the laid-back but tethered family. Why are they tethered? You'll have to watch to find out, but it is a moving and memorable experience.

Stepmom (1998)

I absolutely hated this movie when I first watched it and had no desire to ever watch it again. Why? Because of the fabulous portrayal of Susan Sarandon as a mother dealing with her mortality. I originally thought that she was a roaring bitch, when I watched it again years later I could better understand her role having been through a divorce and having to deal with another woman caring for your child.

Take the journey through a troubled mother-daughter relationship, visiting past memories, and dealing both the present and past. Again, this is an all-star cast that brings the love and charm of the family into our hearts. What I love about this movie is the demonstration within the psyche of a mother and that they're not all perfect, but they try the best that they can. 

With this critically acclaimed assemble, get your tissues ready. I also just recently found a rendition on Netflix that is worth the look-see too Steel Magnolias (2012). Either version you can experience the journey for one mother as she helps her daughter through her wedding day, through her diabetes, a through other life challenges as well. Through everything the movies demonstrate the intricate relationships. It's an absolute must see and a personal favorite of mine.

Mamma Mia! (2008)

I love this movie for a number of reasons, but it made this list because of the portrayal of Donna (Meryl Streep). She's a devoted mother to her daughter Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), but her past is about to bite her back. When her daughter takes action to find her father for her wedding, the chaos ensues! Add in great music and it's a win-win experience.

Sally Field portrays Karen McCann, a mother who has just lost her daughter through tragic and horrific circumstances. This all-star cast also includes Ed Harris as Mack McCann and Kiefer Sutherland as the evil perpetrator Robert Dobb. I remember watching this when I was younger, it terrified me! However, if I remember correctly, it has an amazing ending. I'm sure if I watched it again today, that I would still have to remind myself "it's just a movie - it's just a movie".


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Game of Thrones 4.5

First of His Name

I apologize that this posting is so late. Usually I try to post shortly after Game of Thrones originally airs. However, life can get in the way at times. Nevertheless, here we are, the fifth episode into the fourth season of the highly acclaimed and talked about series... where we have been told "All Men Must Die" and we're learning the fate within the motto "Valar Morghulis". As well, I felt that this episode was more filler, low-key, compared to other episodes this season. By far, it has been awesome and I'm looking forward to the remaining episodes and what winter is bringing along with them...

Coronation of the New King

Tommen, little brother to the well despised and late King Joffrey, is filling those big shoes. I get a better feeling with Tommen being on the iron throne, my only concern is his grandfather and mother's influences. Something that surprised me in this episode was Cersei's seemingly submissions. I say seemingly because you never know what that viper has in store or what she's plotting for. That being said, there were two instances within the episode that struck me as alarming. One, Tommen's coronation; while Margeary, from the House Tyrell and High Garden, has her sights set on being queen - she locks eyes with Tommen during his coronation and who interupts the seductive stares between Tommen and Margeary but Cersei. I thought for sure she was going to spit out more venom, instead she proclaims that her son will need someone to help him. I think she is readying for her departure; she is to marry Margeary's brother (who prefers men). Margeary exclaims with excitement to Cersei about the upcoming weddings:

"I wouldn't know what to call you... sister... or mother..." Margeary Tyrell

The other instance was when Cersei asks Prince Oberyn to walk around the garden. Again, I was expecting venom - it was rather civil and full of emotion - or what would pass for emotion for Cersei. Toward the end of their conversation she is speaking to Oberyn about her daughter, who has been in his families care. She was originally sent away because of the war under Joffrey's reign. Now with Cersei inevitable nuptials she fears she'll never see her daughter again. She asks Oberyn for a favor, she had a ship built for her daughter and he vows to have it delivered safely to his ward. I was actually touched that she demonstrated such emotion. Of course, it all could just be pawns in her ever changing plots... we'll just have to wait and see. I haven't read this far into the books. I think I have mentioned before that I lost interest in the books. For me, they're hard to read because I lose interest - I like to invest in characters - and the style of writing isn't particularly my favorite either. I have a hard time caring about the constant introduction of new houses and characters. I know it's a huge realm and there is a lot going on, but I only cared about reading about the characters I was invest in - my bad.

Catching Up With the Stark Clan

Sansa is now in the clutches of probably the most powerful man, Little Finger. I say this because we learn in this episode that it was him Petyr Baelish that calculated the war, manipulating the crazy Lysa Arryn (Aunt to the remaining Stark children and Lady to The Eyrie). Petyr and Sansa finally arrive at The Red Gate where he explained to Sansa the difficulties of infiltrating The Eyrie through The Red Gate. The progression continues to Lysa as she welcomes them and urges Petyr for their marriage - proclaiming that she has done everything Petyr has asked of her; poisoning her husband to frame the Lannisters... I do remember reading this in the books. Petyr is only using Crazy Lysa, he's been playing her all along, his real sights is on Sansa - which drives Lysa further into crazy town. As well, we are reintroduced to the product of Crazy Lysa's womb, Robin. During a crazy interrogation between Lysa and Sansa, Lysa is accusing Sansa of sleeping with Petyr. Sansa repeatedly tells her crazy aunt that she's still a virgin, but Lysa persists that Sansa's lying. She eventually lets go of Sansa and explains to her that she will marry her son - not good news for Sansa. 

Brandon is still a prisoner along with Hodor and the Reed Duo. Jojen Reed, who has visions, explains to Bran that he is meant for more and they discuss his quest; he must go to a sacred tree, even if this means missing his chance to reunite with his half-brother Jon Snow (that tore me up!) However, their fate seems less likely when the vile men of the camp come in to reinstate their interrogations. They start by terrorizing Mera Reed, however Jojen explains he has a gift and states their fate. Just in time - you hear a far off warning of someone proclaiming that the Black Brotherhood has arrived to strike down their camp. This gives the perfect diversion for the troupe to escape and set forth toward the tree that Bran has to get to.

Meanwhile, Jon Snow and the mean that have volunteered (including the spy Locke) are engaging in their plan to strike out at the encampment. Locke had previously scoped out the camp warning Jon to steer clear of a certain tent, he states because of chained up dogs, however this is the tent that Bran and his people are tied up in. However, Locke doesn't survive the battle. Jon never did see Bran, he was too busy with staying alive. However, Bran instructed for Summer and Ghost, Bran and Jon's Dire Wolves to be released from their imprisonment as well. There is a great scene at the end of the battle when Jon is reunited with Ghost. With Ghost by his side again, he'll make for a fierce leader.

Arya and the Hound are still on the road. I loved the scene between them two because at times it's comical. While the Hound is suppose to be this big 'bad ass', I love his warm heart... way deep down. He seems to have a soft spot for the Stark daughters. He saved Sansa more than once during Joffrey's terror, and now he's protecting Arya and caring for her as well - however polar opposites they are. I think the Hound likes the fire that is within Arya too - he knows she's a fighter and he can relate to that. When he wakes during this episode and Arya isn't near him he has a short panic before he finds her 'dancing' with her needle (her sword). They have words - she is loyal and devoted to the man that taught her, while the Hound proclaims the idiocy of her claims. He can teach her how to truly fight and prepare for battle.  

Where is the youngest Stark? Does anyone know?

In Other News

Brienne of Tarth has set out with Tyrion's Squire, Podrick Payne. These scene are hilarious - she is a woman, and within the realm a woman is suppose to have certain attributes that Brienne would probably find useless. This Lady of Tarth would rather done armor, protect, and fight for the right cause then to submit, wear dresses, and pretend through out her life. She is not stranger to life on the rough roads, as she survived bringing Jaime Lannister back through treacherous circumstances. So, when she sees the naivety of her newly, forced upon her, squire - she's nearly non-tolerant. This proves when Podrick is trying to cook the rabbit for them to eat... without stripping the animal of it's fur... inevitably, the fur caught fire. Brienne questions his experience and learns that he has been glorified through his position with Tyiron in the past, only having to do minimal work. She gives into this new alliance and before when she was defiant against his help, she relaxes more once they start talking and she lets him help her.  

The Ruling Queen

Daenerys and her committee are discussing the possible attack upon Kings Landing. How many she has fighting for her cause, how many ships; the strategies that they currently possess. However, through her counsel she learns that she needs to now focus on ruling her people, not necessarily the acquisitions of her ultimate goal of taking back her family claim of Kings Landing. Meanwhile, Kings Landing has also gotten word of her up rise... what do you think? Did they make the right call? Now Kings Landing will have time to rebuild and restock. Should they have attacked while they're defenses are still healing from Joffrey's war?  "I will do what Queens do... I will rule" Daenerys Targaryen

Next Episode: The Laws of Gods and Men