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Four Walls and a Roof

If you've read the comics you knew this was coming, especially after the end of the last episode! I think they did a great job bringing the comic into the AMC world. This episode opens with Gareth continuing his psycho rant to Bob. Some interesting points are that he calls out Carol and mentions how they almost got her and "the Archer" before they drove off. Gareth also talked to Bob about what sort of person tastes the best (sick!) He mentions that women are tastier because we have more fat in our bodies, he taunts Bob as he mentions Sasha. One question was answered, what are the marks in the woods? Gareth answered that they had been leaving marks to find their way back "back to what now" as Gareth thinks about what's left of Terminus. One of the best parts in this scene is when Bob starts laughing at the Termites as he tells them how has been bit and that they're eating tainted meat!

Someone's Watching

Back at the church Sasha has gone out to find Bob, she notices someone in the woods before a jump scare of a scene as Walkers come into her scope. Rick and Tyreese help her to get back into the church when they confront Father Gabriel. He reveals how he locked the doors and let the Walkers attack the people begging to get inside. For those of us that have read the comics we knew this, it's nice to see that they kept his back story the same. Did you notice Rick's face while Father Gabriel was telling them what happened? His face, while listening to him go through the trauma he experienced from it all, seemed a mix of disbelief and contemplating his actions against the Father's.

They're interrupted as someone mentions how there is someone outside of the church. The troupe goes out and find Bob left on the ground as a few Walkers make their way in. As Rick surveys the scene, as he turns to head back in it's revealed there is a red marked A on the outside wall of the church. When Bob comes to he tells them about how Gareth and the Termites ate his leg right in front of him and he reveals his bite. When he was telling them about his ordeal you have to wonder if they had gone back to make sure the Termites were dead what would the outcome be? Rick asks Bob if they have Carol and Daryl and Bob tells him how the Termites saw them drive off. Abraham picks the worst time to try to announce that they're leaving for Washington as the two Alpha males clash. Glenn breaks them up and after much testosterone fueled talks, it's decided that Abraham and his crew will stay until they deal with the Termites and then Glenn, Maggie and Tara will go with them to D.C. (NO - say it's not so!! Why break up the group now? I hated Abraham - the writers - for their terrible timing.)

The Big Play

In the comics Rick and his group go and attack the Cannibals camp, so we think this is "the big play" that the group is preparing for. Meanwhile, Sasha and Tyreese have a heart to heart. I think Tyreese doesn't want his sister to go after the Termites and he doesn't want to go either. However, his message was a good one about forgiveness. Sasha, in disbelief of what her brother is telling her "I should forgive them?" Tyreese tries to tell her "That's what Bob would want." She hands her brother her knife and tells him to put it through is temple "That's what Bob would  want." What would you do if your loved one was bitten and you were faced with having to wait until they stopped breathing. Could you put the knife through their skull?

Rick and most of the crew head out to the school yard where the Termites are camped. It was confusing as the scene didn't change from the road sign as people came out of the woods and slowly reveals it's the Termites. I was literally having such high anxiety, it's crazy. They break into the church as the sociopath Gareth starts addressing the remaining group hidden within the church. Was this the play the entire time? Knowing that Gareth and the Termites have been watching them, were they only leaving to draw out the remaining Termites? Why else would the remaining people be hidden all together within a small room.

The church is dark, it's night, and right before the Termites are going to knock down the door (which Gareth seems upset about) two of the Termites get their head shot in as we hear Rick's voice! They shoot Gareth and wound him. Gareth continues his sociopathic behavior trying to talk to Rick and then realizes it's useless. Interestingly, there is a red handled machete! If you don't remember in the first episode when Gareth is again, talking to Rick asking him what was in the bag that he had buried, Rick told him there was a red handled machete in there that he was going to kill him with. Rick is a man of his word! What surprised me was how some of the people in the group seemed upset with the killing of the Termites. I didn't understand that unless they were just upset with the brutality of it. But, as Rick said - they didn't want to waste any bullets. Amazingly though - Michonne gets her sword back!  In the aftermath Father Gabriel is taking in the carnage as he comments "This is the Lord's house" with his dismay of the beaten bodies and blood that are covering his church. Maggie corrects him "No, it's just four walls and a roof."

The World Needs Rick Grimes

Sasha has to say goodbye to Bob as the rest of them say goodbye as well. As the group leaves Sasha to spend some time with her boyfriend, Bob calls Rick back and shares with him a touching moment as he thanks him. I love the send off from Talking Dead their farewell stated how he come to the group alone but, left the world with family. Sasha and Bob have their moment and I found it crushing that Sasha asked Bob "So what is it, the good that comes out of this bad?" He doesn't get to answer her as he exhales his last breath. Tyreese enters the room and tells his sister to step out as he makes sure Bob didn't turn and they bury him.

The rest of the group prepare to separate again. I don't know about you but I think this is the WORST idea EVER! Why? Here we go again, the group is split up and we have to wait and suffer through awaiting them to get back together. I don't know, then again maybe they do better split up and only coming together for a little bit before splitting up again? Maybe they have a better survival rate that way? Either way, I hate it. I wish they could have stayed together longer. Abraham gives Rick a map that has their route to DC marked on it. Glenn, Maggie and Tara stay true to what they had agreed on as they all climb into the bus and take off for Washington, D.C. Rick opens the map and finds a note from Abraham "Sorry, I was an asshole. Come to Washington. The new world's gonna need Rick Grimes."

Rick sees that Tyreese is burying the rest of the bodies and goes to help him. He asks Tyreese about his journey before they reached Terminus. Tyreese answers "It killed me" to which Rick replies "No, it didn't." There was a great message through this episode how much we change but, we still remain who we are. We can survive, adapt, and move forward. Michonne seems to be torn about her sword coming back to her. I know in the last episode she mentioned how she didn't miss certain things. But, I think she needs her sword and now she's trying to come back to terms with the world as it is now. She was sitting on the steps of the church as Father Gabriel comes out to join her and comments how he can't sleep. He's dealing with a mild form of PTSD, he's haunted by what he's done. Michonne tells him that it's not going to go away but, it won't haunt him all the time. They're interrupted by some noise in the woods. She goes to investigate as Daryl steps out from the dark of the night. Michonne asks him "Where's Carol?" Daryl calls out to someone (we can't see" "Come on out!" and the screen cuts to black! What! These weeks waiting are hard. But, we waited for several months for the new season and so far the wait has definitely been worth it. Next week we'll finally get to see Beth too.

Sneak Peek - Slabtown

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** Spoilers Galore ** I've read most of the comics (I haven't read the last couple) but, I know what's happening at this point in the comics (some changes here and there). In the comics before the group arrives to Alexandria they run into some cannibals (I can't recall if they're hunters or what they were in the comics) but, they did eat people. If I remember correctly though in the comics it's Dale that was bit and taken, in the show they're using Bob. The whole "we're being watched" was in the comics too, if I remember correctly this all ties in with the comics and all this happens right before Alexandria and Negan appears. If I'm wrong, please correct me!

The Family Unit

Strangers introduces us to Father Gabriel, so far what we know of his character is pretty much the same as the comics, he's timid and hiding something. Within the comics we learn that he is in fact hiding something, he hides behind the cloth. He literally turned his flock away, locking himself in the church for his own selfish survival. I think that's why in this episode when Carl is showing Rick the scratches and the etching on the outside of the church, it leads to what happened: Father Gabriel closed the doors to people seeking shelter for his own survival. What I liked in the episode in regards to Father Gabriel is the tie-in of the food bank walker that was freaking him out with the glasses and the blond chick in the picture with him. I'm sure we'll get to know Father Gabriel a lot more this season.

What I noticed in the episode was Rick trying to keep the peace. He didn't want to go head-to-head with Abraham and he was listening to everyone else letting them give their suggestions. When Sasha suggests how to approach the water logged walkers at the food bank, he praises her for her idea and they follow through with it (unfortunately Bob gets bitten - we didn't see it but, you can connect the dots when he's crying outside of the church). I think Rick's speech with Carl was important as their relationship is stronger than ever and while Rick is "you're not safe" and Carl's "we're stronger together" they're both right. In the end, they're going to head to Washington.

I can't get enough of Daryl & Carol right now. I love them together and their relationship. There has been talk of Daryl being Gay, to people pulling for Daryl & Carol to hook-up, or Daryl & Beth to get together. Either way, I'd love to see Daryl fumble his way through showing that side of himself. Which, I think we got a little glimpse of in this episode. When Daryl ran to her in the last episode it was beyond touching but, as many of us have commented there was more of a motherly feel to their affection. However, I think Beth might have woken something up inside of him but, he might realize that it's really Carol that he has these true feelings for. Who knows really because does Daryl even know? There has been more flirting in previous episodes via Daryl and Carol. What I would love to know more about was the scene when Daryl and Carol were at the car and what exactly happened with the water jugs? Was this his way of fumbling with flirtations?

Still no Beth! Why is it never addressed that Maggie has any concern over her missing sister? This subconsciously drives me bananas. Having a sister myself there would be nothing keeping me from trying to find her or at least keep mentioning her. When they talk about going to Washington why couldn't Maggie have spoken up and commented about Beth and what they could do to find her? However, when Daryl sees the cross on the back of the car they (Daryl and Carol) take off to try to find her. I hope to God that we finally get to see where Beth has been. I don't know if the creators are going to take the place where Beth is in a different entire direction. What I thought initially was that Beth was abducted and is now in with the group Negan is in charge of. I keep cringing and anticipating with the appearance of this guy. If you don't know who he is in the comics, he's much worse than the Governor, he's more maniacal and relentless. Not to mention other things that happen around the time in the comics when Negan's introduced.

I was cringing when religion was evident within this episode. Usually when shows try to incorporate religion I just feel like it's done in a more desperate way. Here though, I feel it was done tastefully and respectfully. We get to see each character and their reaction to different things within the church. Carol investigation the writings about thou shalt not kill, Daryl coming across a piece depicting the Last Supper, Michonne contemplating the 40 years of wondering in the desert, and various other scenes. The irony and how the messages apply to what they've been through is transcending. The church was beautiful and we learned in watching The Talking Dead that the church was built from scratch and took like six weeks to construct, they did a wonderful job. What was your favorite scene?


This was a great follow up to the premiere kick ass episode! This was a little slower but still delivered the Walker fun and what we expect from The Walking Dead; a great show with in depth characters and all around a stellar experience. There wasn't anything I didn't like about this episode - maybe the water logged walkers, not that I didn't like them, it was just really gross. I had anticipated it as I had heard about the scene and it's level of grossness. We already had a taste of water and walkers in the well walker episode - ick! The surprising end (poor Bob) and once we discover that he's been bitten, the next question will be what (if anything) will happen to Gareth & his goons now that they've eaten from an infected Bob. 
P.S. Michonne needs her sword back!

On the Next Episode - Four Walls and a Roof


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Top Shows to Watch

Originally I wanted to line up a top 10 shows to watch until I had to struggle between Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Flash, and Gotham. Then I considered that I actually have not watched them (yet!) - I plan to, I've just been so busy with other things right now. For some reason I have a hard time watching any show (besides The Walking Dead - by far my absolute favorite). The main problem are commercials, I lose interest in watching the shows or I simply just lose interest. Either way, these were the shows that I had both eagerly anticipated and have (tried) to keep up with. Let me know what your favorite shows are by leaving a comment below.

The Walking Dead

After watching and reading many reviews of the season premiere episode titled "No Sanctuary", it's been suggested that this episode is the best The Walking Dead has to offer. Written by Scott Gimple and directed by the Walker Creator Extraordinaire, Greg Nicotero. The season was brought in with an explosive start to a promising season! I can tell you that I've watched the premiere a number of times and it doesn't get old. I'm not the only one either, this premiere was a record breaker with over 17k tuning in, I can safely say that I'm not the only Waking Dead fan. Not only was the show amazing, I have to say that the commercials were bearable. AMC and The Walking Dead did something amazing, they incorporated commercials about the show and even had a very touching "Thank You" to the fans commercial. Not only that, the show was so well written and action packed that you didn't want to miss a second, let alone blink! I'm definitely looking forward to tonight's episode "Strangers" and the rest of the season. The only bad part of this show is the down time. Maybe this is why there has been buzz about an off-shoot series? What are your thoughts?


Once Upon A Time

At first I thought that introducing the Frozen theme into the series, they were desperate to cling to the fandom from the Disney Animation hit movie. I watched the premiere episode with some trepidation and was gladly proven wrong. So far, they've been doing a wonderful job incorporating the complex characters of Storybrook along with the Arendelle universe. The graphics aren't too cheesy and match the movie pretty well. I've also enjoyed some of the new twists along the way, I just hope the writers stay up to par and this season doesn't fizzle out. The mystery of Anna's presence is getting a little worn, if they don't reveal more of where she is tonight I fear that this will be a season of disappointment. However, so far it's going pretty well and I think most Oncers are pretty satisfied with how the season is going so far.



I wasn't too sure about this show until I read an article that compared the premise and comparisons with My Fair Lady! So, I had to watch to check it out. After watching the first episode I thought it was both charming and potentially addictive. There is a great message within the series as well. With society so socially connected through apps and our noses are stuck to our smart phones, we get side tracked. Much as the main protagonist Eliza has built her life around social media. Her coworker Henry tries to help her disconnect from her phone and attempts to teach her normal, acceptable social behaviors. However, it's not a one sided relationship. They might learn something from each other along the way.


The Big Bang Theory

With increased bank for the popular actors, you would expect more for your bang. And Big Bang offered as justification an hour slot of watch-ability. However, I was disappointed that they decided to air the new episodes and then follow it with an old episode. It doesn't make me want to stay around after the first episode. I think the network is hurting their chances of view-ability for shows that have to follow the popular series. Not that the new episodes haven't been fun, they're still that perfect combination of Big Bang love-ability. I just thought that they might challenge themselves and go outside of their comfort zone to bring us that full hour of delight. Maybe they would have to pay the bloated paychecks for the increased time, which is a shame and frankly I shake my head at their antics. They make damn good money before the 'negotiations' now they make an insane amount, so why shouldn't they perform to meet their paychecks - yes?



If you've watched the show before and are invested with the characters, grab the tissues! The first two episodes of their 10th season definitely are tear-jerkers. The last season left us reeling to see what was going to happen and the premiere definitely gets us there. However, it seems that after the second episode it's "back to business" in the Bones way. There is a new character this season that might just shake up the cobwebs, he seems a little different and I'm interested to see where it goes. Plus, after such strain on their relationship, will Bones and Booth manage to maintain what we've grown to love so much about them both? No doubt about it, for their 10th season they still have us intrigued.



Another great new show to add to your weekly scheduled viewing pleasure. Scorpion takes a misfit group of geniuses, adds in a dash or two of heart, and adds increased heat from the FBI, you have quite the interesting combination! I really like this show because it takes these geniuses that have banned together, however they lack a little common sense, so their leader enlists the help of a waitress. I like the developing interest between the two characters. What drew him to her was her genius son, they can relate to him the way that she can't. Then enters the FBI, who the leader has a shady past with. With such great talent involved with this series, I really hope it continues.


Girl Meets World

Girl Meets World is a show that the entire family can watch and enjoy. Most parents grew up watching (or at least knew about Boy Meets World). Now that Cory and Topanga are married and have children of their own, we follow their daughter Riley as she goes through the challenges and hiccups of adolescence, much as we did with her parents. The show has great messages and brings back characters that are cherished within the famed Boy Meets World fan base. I have enjoyed watching it and love both the old and new characters, most of all the delivery of heart warming morals and those messages that are so desperately needed in today's society and implemented within our younger generations.



Season 10 of Supernatural brings back our favorite Winchester Brothers, Sam and Dean. Lets be honest, as much as we all love the characters and the sustainability of the amazing writing that keeps the super in Supernatural (where other shows fizzle out) - we all tune in for the eye candy *wink wink*. The show still has the perfect chemistry of the troubled brother and the other one risking it all to save them. The Winchester brothers have been through so much crap, we've learned nor heaven or hell can tear them apart. 


American Horror Story: Freak Show

As a person on the verge of Coulrophobia this is a tough show for me to get through at times. In true American Horror Story fashion they bring the scary! Just the opening credits alone gives me the creeps, let alone a psycho clown. What I love the most about AHS is the unique way they keep incorporating the same actors. However, what I don't like about this season is the perversion from their original season. Last season I lost interest after (to me) they took it too far sexually, this season is threatening the same. However, it's true to their form, they keep pushing the boundaries to bring us the truly terrifying.


HOT Games to Follow

Alien: Isolation

Holy Alien Isolation!! This is the prefect time of year to watch some scary and thrilling game play. There are a couple YouTuber's that I have been following this series with (theRadBrad, Pewdiepie, Markiplier). The graphics are well done and if I had a PS4 I would definitely (try) to play this game. Just watching though is intense enough, I can't imagine the compilation of sounds and trying to keep it together enough to survive. But, let's face it - you're going to die! You not only have the threat of the Alien hunting you, there are also synthetics that you have to contend with at times. Just don't let your guard down and it seems that the stealthier you are, the better chance that you have to escape getting your scull bashed in by the Alien. Definitely, check it out!! Check out bonus material and missions Alien: Isolation Official Site.

Top YouTuber's to Watch Series:

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Evil Within

Want plenty of scary, packed full of bloody gore? Then look no further The Evil Within delivers! I thought the game battled zombies (I was wrong) apparently you battle people that are being tortured psychologically and brutally though a mysterious being (that you meet right away). It has been hailed as what fans of the Resident Evil games have been expecting from a next gen game. Check out the details by visiting The Evil Within Official Site. Perfect time of year to get your scares on! Check out these YouTuber's plays (theRadBrad, Pewdiepie, and Toby Games. Who are your favorite YouTuber's?

Top YouTuber's to Watch Series:

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October "Arsenic and Old Lace"

Welcome to the third installment of A Year with Capra Challenge. The challenge, for each month within a year, I get to review a different Frank Capra movie. For October's choice, to enhance the theme of Halloween, it was suggested (thank you Stevie) to review Arsenic and Old Lace (1944). The movie is based off of a play written by Joseph Kesselring and was a Broadway hit from 1939 to 1944. Interestingly, the movie was originally shot in 1941 and delayed until the end of the Broadway run, hence the release of the movie in 1944 (Lou Lumenick, New York Post 2014).

Cary Grant portrays the main protagonist, Mortimer Brewster, a dramatic critic who penned a written work about the joys of being a bachelor, and now has to deal with his crazy family before he, and his bride, can leave. Grant has been known to consider this his worst performance and by far his least favorite, and says about his performance in Arsenic and Old Lace "I'm way over the top" (New York Post, 2014). He might not have enjoyed his performance however, it shows Grant in a different light, fun and unfiltered in a sense. He might have considered himself over the top but, his performance enhanced this dark comedy about his dealings with an inane family.

The movie begins with Brewster (Grant) and leading lady Priscilla Lane as Elaine Harper, as they are attempting to obtain their marriage license. After a brief run-in with the press, they're able to succeed and arrive home as a married couple on their way to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon. They just have to tell their families, pack a few things, and they would be one the way (or so they thought). When Brewster arrives home to his two sweet and angelic Aunts he learns a dark history. Along with a certifiable crazy Theodore Roosevelt under their roof, it makes for a comical situation.

When Brewster and his Aunts start searching the area for misplaced notes, Brewster discovers a dead body hidden within the window seat and immediately deducts that it must be the certifiable insane Teddy Roosevelt's doing. However, rather simple and untouched, his Aunt's explain how it is actually their doing. For months they have been taking in lonely old men, with no family and so forth; they feel that they have been of service and consider their actions charitable. Brewster begins to lose his mind, let alone that he was just married and should be leaving for his honeymoon! He immediately puts into motion to have Teddy Roosevelt (not really the President, just a cherished character who believes to be) committed to a "resting home." Meanwhile his new bride is awaiting to be whisked away by her charming and enthusiastic husband. Plans get put on an immediate hold once Brewster learns that his Aunts are serial killers!

As if things weren't bad enough, enter Mortimer's brother, Jonathan (Raymond Massey). His Aunts have turned off the lights and have lit candles in their effort to perform a Christian service and burial for their latest victim. When they think that there are intruders in their home, they learn that it is their other nephew Jonathan and his associate Dr. Einstein (Peter Lorre). The scene when they walk in was more than comical; Jonathan looks like a contemporary version of Frankenstein (because of his multiple scars upon his face) and Dr. Einstein is the pop-eyed assistant! I was just awaiting for Dr. Einstein's character to utter "yes, master." We learn very quickly that Jonathan is definitely not like his brother and now he's in competition with his Aunts. However, Jonathan is out for his brother to join the rest of the corpses within the cellar.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable to watch. If you aren't into the slasher gore filled horror movies, or the anxiety stuffed thrillers that are the most popular during this time of year, than you'll want to check out Arsenic and Old Lace (it's only $2.99 on YouTube and Amazon). I enjoy quirky dark comedies, so this was right up my alley. There are more twists and turns in the movie that you'll have to check out for yourself, I didn't want to give away all it's secrets.  However, it's a movie that could easily make it's way into anyone's top Halloween stack of movies to watch!


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Are you ready for Halloween yet? 
Don't worry, you still have time to get together your killer costume and don't forget to buy candy for Trick-or-Treater's! I don't know if you are like me and love to curl up with your favorite fright fest for Halloween night. Some Halloween's in the past have been quite disappointing if you leave your viewing pleasure to cable alone. Make sure you stock up on your favorite horror movies, along with your favorite candies, turn off the lights and get ready to scream!
Until then, check out this TOP 10 list of Horror Movies that will help you get in the mood for frights and scares. Hopefully your favorite made the list!


When your child is hurting from the death of their pet, you would almost do anything to help your child. But, would you bury the dead pet in a pet cemetery where the animal would physically come back. However, there are more sinister and darkness within this spiritual contract that could affect those that you love the most. There were specific scenes in this movie that haunted me for years. Stephen King is a master at wielding the story of complete horror. 

WORLD WAR Z (2013)

Brad Pitt breaths life into Gerry Lane, a husband, a father, and a kick-ass veteran United Nations operative. When the world is in ruin the UN reinstates Gerry as he races to find answers. He globe trots witnessing armies fall to the Z virus. Gerry finally solves the puzzle through intense situations that I was holding my breath during. If you love Zombie movies definitely check this one out! It's currently on Netflix and Amazon Prime for your streaming pleasure.


A young Jamie Lee Curtis portrays teenage babysitter Laurie Strode who is babysitting on Halloween and is stalked by a psychotic murderer (who also happens to be her brother) Michael Myers. He's been hospitalized since childhood. Now he's out and causing havoc as his doctor attempts to hunt him down. If you are looking for great classic Halloween scares, definitely put this one on your list to watch this Halloween.

THE RING (2002)

This movie had me on the edge of my seat back in 2002 when it was released. It didn't help either that immediately after the movie my house phone rang sending me flying off of the seat and into an immediate panic! Why? The movie is based off of a phenomenon, a group of teenagers at a weekend cabin find a VHS tape filled with disturbing images. After the video finishes the phone rings and then you only have days before you are found dead. It's chilling and very creepy!


Another chilling movie about a psychotic killer, his name isn't mentioned in the town where he terrorizes local children within their dreams. This movie still sends chills down my spine, especially when Freddie's song plays. This is also first time screen appearance for the adorable Johnny Depp. Just a little advice - don't fall asleep!


Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) are paranormal investigators attempting to help the Perron family as they tackle those terrifying fears that give life to what goes bump in the night. There is a sequel in the works as well as a spin-off of one of the terrorizing spirits within a horrid doll. Yikes!


Based on the book by Stephen Kin, The Shining follows Torrance family as they tend and care for a grand hotel during their off season. Soon the family start to encounter weird encounters and horrifying experiences. As much as the mother (Shelley Duvall) begs her husband (Jack Nickolson) to leave, he too has experienced many disturbing experiences. He's consumed by the darkness and the chaos that ensues is a slow building climatic arch of destruction. 


Patrick Wilson portrays Josh Lambert, who has a very unique and special gift that he has passed onto his eldest son. When his son is in danger, Mr. Lambert has to use this gift to save his son. Meanwhile, his wife (Rose Byrne) and their other child are terrorized by other spirits attempting to infiltrate their home. The sequel is available on Netflix streaming and is equally terrifying.


Technically, IT is a TV Mini-Series that ran in 1990 when I was 13. It was the movie that generated my Coulrophobia; 24 years later and the movie still sends those chills down my spine. Many believe that the first part of the series is the most scary and fizzles out on the second half. I've never been brave enough to actually read the book but, there has been rumor that a big-screen movie is in the works for 2015.

ALIEN (1979)

Sigourney Weaver is Ripley, who is Captain of the Nostromo vessel who has been commissioned into space for a specific reason. When they receive a distress call, they investigate and unbeknownst to them, they have a bioform stowaway that may just consider them to be their snacks.

IF you are a fan of the Alien franchise and are a gamer, you have to check out Alien Isolation. Nothing like immersing yourself into a horror game to really get the shit scared out of you! Even watching the play through videos on YouTube can be quite intense and scary. It's new and exciting, definitely check it out.

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Season Five Starts Off With A Bang!

The season premiere definitely gets started with an explosive episode for the series fifth season. We've been waiting several long and torturous months for this and have read articles, watched vlogs, and so forth about the upcoming season. It's finally here! And it definitely doesn't disappoint. Opening scene starts with a Then and Now, introducing us to the Termites when they were victims themselves. Now, Rick and the crew are preparing to fight their way out as they're still in the train car. They have constructed all sorts of different DIY weapons, they're ready. However, instead of coming in through the car door as they were expecting, when the Termites announce that they're coming in they come in through the roof, dropping a smoke bomb. The next scene Bob, Rick, Daryl and Glenn (along with the four other nameless victims) are lined up on their knees against a draining trough.

Carol and Tyreese are making their way down the tracks when Carol takes down a walker and sees the impending herd making their way toward them. They run to get away from the herd when they come across a Termite, they overhear him talking about "The chick with the Samurai sword and the kid with the hat." Carol discovers that they're at Terminus and packs up to go get her friends. Tyreese stays with the Termite and Judith (because he has some issue with killing at this point). Carol covers herself in Walker crud so that she can follow the horde to Terminus and enter undetected. Tyreese has a discussion with the Termite, they talk about how things use to be. "Horrible shit just stacks up day after day"

"There's more" escaping the horde...

Carol Rocks Terminus

Hardened Carol has definitely become an asset against whatever Rick had determined before. Now she's armed, not only with weapons, she also has an intelligent mind and isn't afraid to use it! She uses a tank at the entrance of Terminus to lure Walkers toward it before she blows it up, causing the front gates to the compound obliterated. Walkers, flaming fire consumed walkers, continue to enter Terminus.

Walker Explosion
Terminus in shambles, Rick and his crew get a reprieve from the shit heads cattling them. Rick gets free and sets Daryl, Glenn, and Bob free. He was able to use the wood shard he had pulled from the train car, and during the beginning attack, he was able to cut through his constraints and used his tool to end the Termites (and they left them to turn). The rest of the group that were left in the train car, Carl and Maggie tell them that they need to be ready to fight when Rick and the rest show up to rescue them. Walkers are attacking the termites as Michonne sees through the cracks that Walkers have invaded. Carol makes her way in with the walkers and takes out a few Termites along the way. While Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob enter the Terminus "meat room" and grab what weapons that they can. They make their way through when they decide to rescue the rest of the people in the train cars. However, the first car Glenn opens they're met with a crazy guy (who we later learn was one of the people that had taken over Terminus before). The hordes makes their way through as Darryl saves Glenn from being spotted by the horde.

"They're messing with the wrong people!"
Carol enters a room where she recognizes Daryl's bow along with some other things. She finds items from her friends and sets out to find them. Gareth and his crew start to take care of the horde as Rick and his start taking down the rest of the termites. I love how Daryl always has Rick's back "We don't have to double back" Rick comments after he takes care of their problem. Carol enteres the cryptic Terminus room with candles as she's confronted by Mary. They start throwing each other around but Mary is no match for Carol. "Your the butcher or your the cattle" Mary states. Carol asks where her friends are, when Mary doesn't answer Carol shoots her in the leg. Carol definitely couldn't have accomplished this in the first season.  You can't believe a single word any Termite says. Even when Mary's talking to Carol you can't believe what she's saying. Carol opens the door and lets the walkers free on Mary. Next scene Tyreese sees walkers approaching where they are as the vile Termite threatens Judith's life. This had me beyond PISSED!!! I actually yelled "Get your hands off that baby!!" I wanted to kill him viciously myself. The vile termite tells Tyreese to go outside of the house or else he'll hurt Judith. Tyrese goes out the door to face the incoming Walkers - with no weapons...

Look at the flowers bitch!
Termite tries calling Terminus as the walkers are banging on the walls getting ready to enter the house. Suddenly the walkers go silent as the termite takes out the knife -- Tyreese busts through the door taking him down and giving him a Tyrese beat-down! Whoohoo! The rest of the crew in the train car, Sasha asks Eugene what the cure is. The two groups butt heads a little as Eugene starts to explain "fire with fire". Rick arrives opening the door to reveal the war within Terminus as they make their way out killing Walkers. They battle their way through, going over the fence leaving Terminus in a fiery mess. Rick & the crew go for his weapons -- they start discussing the plan. Rick wants to go and take out the rest of the people, the majority is against his plan "They'll run or die" Maggie. Carol finds the rest as Daryl doesn't hesitate and runs to her to give her a hug!! *SIGH* Love that scene :) Ricks asks her "did you do that?" and they hug - YEAH!!!! "You have to come with me" Carol takes them to Tyreese and Judith -- REUNIONS :) Rick and Carl are reunited with Judith as Tyreese and Sasha are reunited as well.

Reunited and it feels so good!
Taking five, they decide to get far away from Terminus and start walking the railway tracks. Eugene, Abraham and Rosita going with them for now. Rick stops to cross off a Terminus sign leaving it to state "No Sanctuary" A bonus scene at the very end has an unknown person arrive at the "No Sanctuary" sign, after a dramatic elevation, the mystery person removes his mask to reveal Morgan!! He starts tracking things and sees the X on the tree (I believe Rick marked to find their weapons they had buried). Is he searching for Rick? What do you think is going to happen with Morgan?

Morgan Returns!
 THANKS TO THE FANS COMMERCIAL -touching and awesome. AMC had a commercial during the premiere thanking the fans. Overall, and exceptional episode! From start to finish your sitting on the edge of your seat. If you go and do the AMC The Walking Dead Story Sync there was a cool quiz, there are questions and you'll learn if you would survive the episode. My results were that I was most like Michonne and I survived! YES! I originally thought that the guy that hit Gareth in the last segway of the episode might have been Negan (for those of us who have read the comics). However, after reviewing the Story Sync I learned that he's actually the crazy guy that comes out of the train trailer when Glenn opened it to free him when the Walkers were doing their thing and dies when Glenn bashes his head in :) One of my favorite scenes was when Gareth was "talking" to Rick asking him about "what was in the bag?" Rick tells him and then chooses the weapon that he'll kill Gareth with. If you watch Talking Dead the guest Conan O'Brien had a good point about how Carol must have read the Yelp review and decided (originally) not to go to Terminus. I don't particularly like him but, he was a great guest.

Next Week on The Walking Dead - Episode 5.2 "Strangers" 


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


The Walking Dead (2010-) Get caught up before the season five premiere October 12th on AMC. Netflix has all four seasons available and commercial free (one of my favorite features). The show follows survivors of an apocalyptic world where zombies (a.k.a walkers) area a main deadly threat. As the show progresses we also learn of more severe threats to the survivors. It's chalked full of intense situations that will make you question your own choices. Excellent cast gives way to memorable scenes and cherished characters that will keep you watching and wanting more.

The Break Down

Season 1 - 6 episodes - 290 minutes or 4.83 hours
Season 2 - 13 episodes - 575 minutes or 9.58 hours
Season 3 - 16 episodes - 688 minutes or 11.47 hours
Season 4 - 16 episodes - 686 minutes or 11.43 hours
Total Time Invested = 2239 minutes or 37.32 hours