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Mid-Season Finale - CODA **SPOILERS**

Well, what have we learned? If you are going on a season-long rescue mission for a particular character... when the troupe went on the mission to find Sophia, what happened? Yeah, well now they've reached Beth and for a millisecond you think "Yay, everyone's back together" and before you know it Beth wanted to go balls-to-the-wall; which I'll go more into detail later. I'd also like to say, for the mid-season finale it was slow. There were definitely some great scenes but, I felt like most of this episode could have or should have been in the episode before the mid-season finale. Either way, for me this was an extremely sad episode and it was even maddening that the Story Sync wasn't functioning for the first half-hour. But, what-eves... Now we have to wait until February 8th of NEXT YEAR - boo!

This episode starts off with Rick chasing after the escaped cop and literally running him down. However, Rick did give him fair warning. Do I think he did anything wrong, absolutely not. As usual, the group doesn't listen to Rick and then he has to clean up the mess. Why can't the group just listen to Rick? It was a shocking scene when Rick actually hits the cop. I agree with The Talking Dead when they say how "Rick's done". Rick has it right though, he gave him the warning, he gave the cop plenty of times to stop and he didn't - it was a great scene especially when Rick says "Shut up".

There are a couple characters that I'm done with! Father Gabriel; He was stupid to leave the the church, he was even more stupid to lead the school herd back to the church, and he was the biggest douche for endangering Judith. Abraham; after the last episode where he went catatonic he was irritating and his alpha BS attitude really gets under my skin. Tyreese; I've mentioned this through out this season how much Tyreese has changed (not for the better) and how much I fracking hate him now! He's the reason that they didn't listen to Rick and just do a stealth mission, and he's the reason that Sasha let her guard down and the cop escaped. He even said as much to Sasha this episode when he was talking about how he could have killed Martin (when he was alone with him and Judith) but, he didn't (he made another bad decision). I would have gladly have rather one of these a'holes to have died rather then Beth!

When the walkers are at the church and it's just Michonne and Carl to fight off this herd, seeing her grab her weapon again was sweet! They were able to escape and then end up trapping the walkers back in the church. They're waiting outside like "now what" when the walkers start breaking their way out and Carl's like "where do we go?" and then a great scene is when the Firetruck from Glenn's group arrives to block the doors. Michonne informs Maggie that they've found Beth and then they all go to Grady to join the rescue mission.

There was a lot of Beth and Dawn in this episode. I felt that Dawn sincerely liked Beth, she thought she was weak but when she learned that she wasn't Dawn sort of cared for her more. While Beth never let her guard down with Dawn, and rightfully so. There was an intense fight between Dawn and another douche-cop where Beth helps and ultimately saves Dawn. After this, Beth is in the room with Carol (who's still asleep) and Dawn tries to talk to Beth to let her know she's on her side. Right at the end of that scene Carol's waking up.


Meanwhile, across town Rick is in negotiations with two cops to exchange the two they have prisoner for the two in their hospital; Carol and Beth. The next thing you know they're being led into the hospital by the two officers and the negotiations between Dawn's group and Rick's begin. They first exchange Carol and one of the other cops and then Beth. Like I said, when Beth reached the other side I let out a breath of relief, I really had been holding my breath because there were so many theories out there that Beth was going to die and I was really hoping that she wouldn't because I really grew to love her character.

Then, when Dawn wanted Noah back, I knew something was going to go down. Even more so when Beth went face-to-face with Dawn I knew it was coming and was yelling "NO!" After, I thought maybe Beth was thinking that Dawn wasn't going to let her go either. You could tell by Dawn's face too that she truly didn't mean her slip-trigger reaction to being stabbed. I have to say though, seeing Daryl cry and carry Beth's body out made the tears run - so sad. And FINALLY, Maggie shows emotion for her sister! How horrible though for Maggie; I think now she wasn't really considering her sister because she still has to deal with her father's death and she really didn't know if Beth was alive or not. Then, to get the news that she's alive only then to go to reunite with her and was too late. I think everything hit Maggie just then as she broke-down - so, so sad.

R.I.P Beth Green

Remaining Questions:

It was asked on Talking Dead how the group will deal with this and will they leave Atlanta now? Kirkman said that if you read the comics then you'll know where they're heading (basically). So, we know they're going still going to head north. I think, from what I've read, watched, and have heard that they'll try to rebuild and they'll come across a community where they'll try. In the comic though it was full of Walkers and they decide to leave (if I remember correctly). Also, the group comes across a new character (which Kirkman also hinted toward) who will lead them to a safer zone (sort-of). I'm dreading this because it's when Negan is introduced... Kirkman was also asked about Daryl and if he'll ever find love (saying it nicely), he just commented that Daryl's A-sexual and introverted. He did discuss the hype around Daryl being gay and it seemed that's what Kirkman originally wanted (perhaps like Jesus in the Comics?) but, since the internet blew-up about it it seems that they diverted and they'll just leave it as a mystery (because he didn't directly answer the question either) - Thanks Robert!!

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This is the last "build-up" episode before the mid-season finale next week, we get to see all of our favorite characters, especially Rick - I know a lot of people will be thrilled that he's back on the screen. While I absolutely love this season, I think this episode had the most scenes that I didn't prefer. Not that they weren't great in their own right, I was more pissed I think at certain characters or developments. I don't know if I'm the only one that feels this way but, this season Tyreese has really gotten on my nerves. I use to think he was this power-house kick-ass vital ally, now I just think he's a whole huge pile of psychological mess.

Carol's still unconscious...

When Rick was going through the plans to rescue Beth and Carol, it sounded great and it was getting pumped up. Then, Tyreese had to open his big mouth of spouting stupidity! What surprised me even more was that Daryl agreed with Tyreese. Maybe they're tired of killing people - but, I would have thought after their dealings with the Termites, they wouldn't be so trusting of the Grady Hospital cops. I'm just saying - if Noah told them everything, then why are they messing around with these people? THEN - because Tyreese unleashed his un-apocalyptic word spasms and now he has endangered his sister. Why would she trust this guy, because his name is Bob? I thought Sasha was wiser and stronger tan that. But, it just shows us that no matter how mad-ass we think the characters are, they're still fallible...

Eugene comes-to at the end of the episode...

What I loved about this episode, of course the return of Rick - but, not the Ricktatorship that we all love. He did a great job of voicing his ideas while letting the rest of the group voice their opinions as well. However, I think the only reason he went with Tyreese's plan was because Daryl pussed out. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Daryl fan!! I was surprised Daryl was so pro-life this episode but it could be too because he's thinking more of Carol and Beth - and the anti-hero babble of if I save these lives, then maybe Carol's and Beth's can be saved as well. But, I MUST say - the scene with Daryl in the very gross skin-melting walker yard was very intense - let's put it this way, I'm hoarse from screaming!

Now, Sasha's knocked unconscious...

The other scenes included Glenn heading off with Tara and Rosita, they found more water and creatively went fishing. Maggie stayed behind with the unconscious Eugene and the ridiculous Abraham. I loved her in this episode, just wish she'd care about where her sister was but, she was a hard-ass and I love that side of Maggie. While Beth fought for Carol's life at Grady. There was a touching scene that was full of feels when Beth just wanted to let Carol know she was there - I felt like it's setting us up for Beth's end though. My question is, Dawn gave Beth the key for the medicine cabinet and told her that she didn't even trust the doctor with it. Then, when she was asking the doctor what medicine to give Carol, he figured out she had the key and warned Beth about Dawn... so, does Dawn want Beth as an ally (which is what I'm leaning toward) OR is she setting Beth up? Not to mention Father Gabriel and his 'escape', he's another one that's having too many psychological problems.


Mid-Season Finale - CODA

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I've read and heard on a couple different sites where people are complaining that there isn't enough RICK GRIMES in the episodes. So, those people should be happy that they got a little eye candy with a flashback scene (very brief) in the beginning of the episode when Rick send Carol away. There were a lot of flashbacks in the episode too of Carol, what she did before the prison attack, her and Tyreese burying the girls bodies, and Carol after she destroyed Terminus. There was also a lot of reflections between Daryl and Carol, life before the zombie apocalypse and life now, how different they are - great scenes. I really loved their interactions this episode!

Carol & Daryl following Hospital car reflecting ~

Everyone was also trying to say that in the previews, the body Daryl puts into the fire was Beth - wrong. When their car runs out of gas Carol says she knows a place about three blocks away. When they get there it is a temporary housing place that her and Sophia had stayed in very briefly when they were trying to escape her abusive husband. However, pre-apocalypse Carol couldn't feel she could survive on her own and went running back to her husband. While they are there they hear a noise and go to investigate, this is when they come across a mother and child Walker (in a room). Carol goes to take care of them but Daryl stops her saying "You don't have to." It was evident in this episode how much he cares for her. When it's his watch, he takes care of the Walkers and burns their body, putting the body in the fire.

It was great seeing Carol and Daryl working together, they have a relationship that I enjoy watching, they don't have to talk to communicate and work well together. Although, they did talk a lot, which I loved. When they're making their way through a building again, there were two little scenes when you see someone is following and watching them - "Hunt or be hunted" Yikes! When they make their way into a place where they take a little rest to restock and talk more, they keep mentioning and comparing their lives from before to after and Daryl is all about starting over. I can't say how much I just love their relationship and I LOVED Daryl's take on the "Rich Prick's Painting" in the room, Carol comments "You don't know me" to which Daryl replies "Yup, you keep tellin' your self that" LOVE IT! When they're exiting the room they are greeted by a disgruntle Noah, who takes their weapons and leaves them to fend off some Walkers. Carol was going to shoot him and Daryl stops her.

While Daryl and Carol had been looking at the Atlanta landscape (in complete destruction) Daryl spotted the van hanging off of a bridge with the white hospital crosses on it and he believes it's a lead. For me, knowing that the van was going to fall off the bridge I was dreading it and when it was happening I was literally screaming "are you bleeping crazy!" They survived and some of the walkers even fell on top of the van after it crashed below. They're pretty beaten up though but, they're the definition of survivors, so they keep pushing forward. When they're making their way through another building (Carol mentions they're only a few blocks away from Grady Memorial Hospital) they run back into Noah. He messes up big time and a book shelf lands on him, trapping him there while a walker is pressing to get through the door it had been blocking. There is a fantastic and tense scene between Daryl and Carol. She wants them to save Noah and Daryl says no because he already saved him once and he stole their weapons... He lights his cigarette he found and starts to walk away. When the Walker gets through the door and lands on top of the shelf - you think it's going to rip into Noah, Carol is there and goes to help him when Daryl's bow zings into the walker's head.  One of the guests on Talking Dead had a better perspective, Daryl was helping Carol to believe that there is more to this life, that it's worth living because before they had talked and she had mentioned and seemed disapointed that they weren't saving people anymore - he wants her to believe that they have something to live for.

Once they help Noah, he's flipping out how the people from the hospital are going to find them. This is when Daryl asks and Noah reveals that Beth helped him escape. Carol see's a car pull up and they go to escape when Carol is hit by the car and taken. Daryl goes to run after Carol and Noah stops him, Daryl asks "What's it going to take" and Noah explains how they have a lot of people and weapons. Daryl says so do they. Daryl and Noah make their way back through the city and trucks out of there. The last scene of Noah and Daryl driving, you can just see how much this is killing Daryl... Beth was taken and now Carol too!

Say It Isn't So - Only 2 Episodes Left!!

Overall, this was another great episode. I think I've mentioned a couple times how much I love Daryl and Carol. It actually hurt to see her get hit and to see how upset it made Daryl. This has all been leading up to the mid-season finale. A lot of people have been harping on AMC, the writers, producers and whomever else, about the timelines of this season so far. But, I think they've been doing a phenomenal job. They are the best with story development. I think it they went the route that most people were expecting - once, it would be expected and therefore boring and second, if you've been a fan of the show then you know it's not their style. They are way above any other program out there with their delivery and mastering their crafts. We're all spellbound and continue to be with this series.

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Self Help

If you read the comics, this episode wasn't a big shocker. Nonetheless, AMC still does an excellent job integrating their unique script with the comics making it greatly enjoyable for our viewing pleasures. It was a slower episode but, it's one of those episodes that's needed to keep the story progression moving forward with the timelines and so forth. We get to see Abraham's back story, this side adventure of their group, and for those of you that haven't read the comics (you might have already guessed it before) but, there was a stinger at the end of the episode.

Glenn & Maggie getting a clue about Eugene...

What I liked about this episode was watching the group dynamics. I never really liked Abraham in the comics and while I think the actor portraying him does a fabulous job and nothing against him, I still don't particularly care for Abraham. I think tactfully, he's a great guy to have in your group (if he can get his head together). I think one of my problems with him is that he's so incredibly alpha, he has way too much testosterone or something. I get it, he thinks he's fighting for what's right blah blah blah - but, I think the worst decision he's made was to split from Rick and the group and I've hated him ever since.

So much for their wheels...

The bits from the comics to the screen, Abraham and Rosita's dynamics finally show and how Eugene likes to watch. There was a great scene where Tara totally busts Eugene and they have a nice chat, I like that they're becoming friends. I'm also glad that Eugene finally let the cat-out-of-the-bag too! I hope now they'll return to Rick and regroup! I really liked Tara in this episode, she's growing on me. I liked how they showed how to boil water (that was pretty cool). I also liked seeing Maggie & Glenn's intimate moment. It still frustrates the hell out of me that Maggie doesn't think or talk about her sister more.

When Abraham first meets Eugene...

Great scenes this week included a traumatic bus crash and the group fighting their way out of the surrounding walkers. When they find the Fire Truck and Eugene actually kills the most Walkers in this episode utilizing the trucks hose. What I don't understand, in the comics Abraham's family were raped by the group they were with and Abraham kills them - so, why does his family run away from him and are scared of him? Because he brutally beat them to death? I just don't get it, I do get that everyone's different. I just know if I knew the men in my group not only raped me but my young children, I would have brutally beaten them too! Whatever.

What will Abraham do without a mission...

My number one question after watching this episode: is Eugene alive!??! The other questions we are left with are who's with Daryl and I'm really looking forward to seeing next weeks episode with Daryl and Carol (which I'm pretty sure it's Noah with Daryl). I'm really looking forward to seeing Carol and Beth whoop some ass at this Hell Hospital that they're in too. What I hate - is that the mid-season finale will be here before we know it - boo!

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When one psychopath is killed off of the show, enter stage right a new psychotic sociopath to take over the evil villain role! Plus, we FINALLY find out what's been going on with Beth! While I don't think this is my favorite episode of the season, it was still very well done and is going to lead up to some crazy scenarios. The new crazy pants on scene is Atlanta Police Department's officer Dawn Learner. She seems like she's struggling to keep things together and she herself is weak (that's why she's always manipulating those she's trying to control by telling them they are week, if she doesn't screw with their head she'll have an uprising and she's not a good enough of a leader to deal with this). If you couldn't tell, I detest Learner along with what she's trying to do. While it would seem understandable, trying to keep order and keeping "the greater good", she's delusional and if you are trying to hold onto those morals, you can't compromise them by letting your deputies rape those that you are trying to protect.

Slabtown opens with Beth's awakening into a hospital room, the clock is ticking and she goes to the window to view a desolated Atlanta. She's also introduced to Doctor Edwards, who seems to be a nice enough fellow. He has a much kinder approach with Beth. Learner is harsh and doesn't hesitate to strike out at Beth (a couple times actually). Where the doctor manipulates in a different way, there is one point where he instructs Beth to give a patient a certain medication, which he ends up dying from. Come to find out, the man was another doctor and Dr. Edwards told Beth to give him a medication to kill him (because he doesn't want to lose his leverage). Now we know he isn't as nice as he seems and Beth totally has his number now.

I think that Beth is a favorite of the Doctors, as evident when the very creepy Gordon tries to "claim" Beth, and the good doctor sort of asserts himself. Beth also becomes like a little assistant to the doctors, she helps him with a traumatic amputation (as seen above). Meanwhile, the very creepy and predator officer Gordon - let's just say he gets his in the end! The amputee was another prisoner that had tried to escape and in her attempt was bitten (so they had to take off the infected area). When she takes her own life, she turns, and it couldn't have been planned better and in the favor of Beth and Noah (Tyler James Williams).

Noah is another prisoner at this hospital, who's "working off what he owes" and together they escape; which, by the way, if it wasn't for Beth they wouldn't have made it! And when he left Beth to make his way through the Walkers to escape while she was caught by the cops, I was pissed. But, Beth's face said another thing - it was an accomplished mission in her eyes. Now, she's a force to be reckoned with and at the end, when she's calling out everyone that thought they had a hold on her, she went to start taking care of business (she had scissors in her hand, going toward Dr. Edwards) when a familiar person was being wheeled in - CAROL!! Now, this place is going to be RUINED - like Rick said - they don't know who they're messing with.

So, where are we now? At the end of Four Walls and a Roof, there is still a mystery of who is with Daryl. The rumors are that it's Noah. That while tracking the car they were following, they discover the hospital and Carol is hit and taken. Daryl comes across Noah and they head back to the church for back-up. This makes TOTAL sense now and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing all this go down. Officer Dawn Learner is so psychotic about saving people, it's kind of ironic that she's saving a bad ass (Carol) who destroyed Terminus, she'll destroy this place too. Carol and Beth together will be interesting too - when we reemerge, who is Daryl going to run to?
What are your predictions?

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