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Holiday Movie Countdown

Since there are only 15 days left until Christmas, why not celebrate by sharing our top 10 favorite Christmas movies. Now, I know there are many - many holiday movies out there and everyone has their own opinions and their favorites. I didn't conduct any formal survey's or compile any sort of previous favorite lists. This top 10 is my personal favorites that I enjoy watching - anytime really - especially during the Christmas season.












Honorable Mentions

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Walking Dead 4.8

Too Far Gone

This was the episode we have been holding our breath for since last season: the showdown. The governor weasels his way into manipulating people to follow him and try to take over the prison. Rick, not wanting to have to make these decisions, is backed into a corner and just wants peace. The result is total chaos, death, and destruction. Now, let me wipe away the tears to get through this for you.

Just where last week left off, The Governor is creeping on Michonne and Hershel. "Brian" a.k.a The Governor is able to take the two as prisoners. His plan is to use them as leverage to gain access into the prison to take over. Hershel, being the wise man that he is, tries to explain to The Governor that there is another choice. However, in the demented mind of the psychopath, there is no other way.

Let's break it down really - The Governor knows that he's lied to the people he is leading. There are people from Woodbury in the prison and the main cast that have had their pasts with the demented too. So, his people would eventually learn of his true nature - I wonder if they would be so willing to follow his maniacal agenda. So, he knows going into this that anyone in the prison has to go, either by their own two feet or by his hand.

The Show Down

Rick, Daryl and Tyrese are investigating something within the prison. Remember the rats? Yeah, well someone's been dissecting them. Twisted or educational? Who knows. Either way the group is worried obviously, but more pressing Rick and Daryl are there to tell Tyrese that Carol was the one who had killed the two people, one being his girlfriend.

But that will have to wait (until February) there's an explosion and they go running to see what's going on. There The Governor "Brian" is on top of his newly acquired tank proclaiming that Rick needs to come down and talk. Rick is reluctant to go, he lets The Governor know that he's not the one that makes the decisions anymore - that there is a counsel. But, The Governor understands and asks if Hershel is on the counsel - then brings out Hershel for the group to see. Then he asks if Michonne is on the counsel and he brings her out and they're both on their knees.

By this time you know nothing is going to be the same - somethings coming and it's not going to be pretty. Meanwhile, back at the camp that "Brian" was leading, Meghan's mother is on watch and Meghan is playing nearby. Now, if you don't remember - Meghan is "Brian's" pseudo-daughter and he lovingly refers to her as "pumpkin". Meghan's mom spots a walker and is intent on watching the walker when Meghan is calling for her help. Mom brushes it aside, obviously the potential walker coming toward them is more dangerous. Then again, the walker is in a river and most likely not going to make it to their side. Just as we see the walker get carried away by the water, the daughter had found a sign that read "Warning Flash Flood Area" (or something along those lines). When we notice by Meghan's side the mud begins to shift... it's a walker!

Back at the showdown, evilness reveals it's face. Rick tries to reason with the Governor and I knew once Rick started to reason with "Brian's" followers that it wasn't going to end well. Rick had pleaded his case, that there were children there in the prison and that they were sick and they wouldn't make it "out there" and to no avail The Governor said there was no other way - they had to leave - tonight.

When Rick couldn't decide The Governor jumps down from the tank, retrieves Michonne's sword and stands beside Hershel. Rick goes into a speech that otherwise you would have thought Hershel himself would deliver, about change and how they've all changed, how there were people there from Woodbury, that they live together and how they could all live together. Hershel seems so happy that Rick understands this process now, that he has been there to help this leader lead people that he cares deeply for and loves.  In a maniacal minute - The Governor knowing that there is no return from his deception, whispers liar and slices Hershel's throat killing him.

The Governor Strikes First

The death of Hershel sends everyone into shock and instant reaction of attack. Rick gets shot and the rest of the group is in chaos trying to follow the previous plans of getting people on the bus to get the heck out of dodge. Maggie tell Beth to stay on the bus so she can go get Glenn (who is still recovering), she's able to find Glenn and get him to the bus while the tank is hitting the prison repeatedly. But, when she gets there Beth is no where to be found. She learns that she went to try to find the children. Maggie leaves Glenn on the bus and goes to try to find the kids. You can tell it's killing Glenn that he is too sick to help. 

The group is scattered. Some are fighting The Governor's people advancing their attacks. There are plenty of intense scenes. The one the I literally was screaming at the television "behind you Daryl!" He was fighting the living that was attacking, meanwhile there were walkers coming up behind him. Just when one seemed to be seconds away from biting him it cuts to another scene. But, when we return, Daryl (of course) took care of business and is now using that walker as a body shield to advance toward the tank and introduces his grenade to the menacing tank. He meets up with Beth who is looking for the kids but the prison is now in more danger because of the break in the fence and all the action, the walkers are invading. 

Rick and The Governor are brutally in a knock-out drag-out fight. The Governor has Rick by his throat - you think he isn't going to make it (I could hardly watch!) when Michonne's sword splits through The Governor's chest cavity, Michonne kept good on her word - she killed the Governor - or at least terminally wounded him. But he's not dead yet! She walks away to let him bleed, turn or be eaten by the invading walkers. However, Meghan's mom actually gets the kill shot and she raises a gun within her shaking hand, aimed directly for his face - then you hear the gun shot. 

Rick starts his desperate search for Carl. He's bloodied and hurting in a bad way. He's calling out Carl's name when he realizes that walkers are everywhere. Two particular walkers start their way toward Rick when they're shot from behind - Carl wielding his shot gun. They make their way to try to find what happened to Judith. When they find her car seat, the only thing remaining is bloody interior cloth. It is presumed that Judith is dead. It's not safe to mourn there though, so they make their way far away from the prison and the last we see Rick and Carl they are in the woods and Rick tells Carl to just keep walking. In the background, the walkers are now on the prison grounds. All their hard work and farming destroyed. They have nothing now except the guns in their hands and what little ammo is left.


R.I.P Hershel - You'll Be Missed

"Let's have Spaghetti Tuesday (on Wednesday)"

The Moral Center - The Heart and Soul

Hershel can't believe what is happening on his family's land

Protecting The Greene Farm From The Attacking Herd

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What Can We Expect For The Rest Of The Season

What we know is that everyone is scattered and unprepared. Rick and Carl are on their own and heading out in the woods. Daryl and Beth left, if they are looking for the kids, who knows. The bus left full of what was left of the people in the prison, including Glenn. Maggie is with Bob, who was shot, and Sasha who is recovering as well. The little psycho girls are on the loose with Tyrese in their wake. We'll have to wait until February now to see how the group survives. Until then, feel free to leave a comment on what you are predicting and what you thought of this mid-season finale.