Wednesday, September 10, 2014


UPDATE - Netflix now has the last season available!!
Season 3 comes back with a bang (no pun intended). I loved this season just as much as the first two and I give mad props to the writers, actors, and everyone involved with this series. Gran Hotel is definitely on my Top 5 of all time favorite television shows and it's simply because when you think the plot is going to go one way, it doesn't necessarily go that way - instead it goes ten different ways. This series is definitely addictive and once again, when I started the season I couldn't stop until the very end. I also loved how they ended their series, very classy, and very well done. Nothing but complete love for Gran Hotel. Now go and check it out!

The Run Down

Season 1 = 14 Episodes
Watch Time: 518 minutes or 10.3 hours
Season 2 = 28 Episodes
Watch Time: 1,248 minutes or 20.8 hours
(According to the official site Gran Hotel's Season 3 is the final season and not yet carried via Netflix)
42 Total Episodes
Total Time Invested: 1,766 minutes or nearly 30 hours
Season 3 = 24 Episodes
Watch Time: 1,055 minutes or 17.58 hours
Total Time Invested 2,821 minutes or 48.68 hours
And every second is well worth it!

Grand Hotel has it all! Sex, scandals, mystery, suspense, romance, great writers and awesome actors. It's the perfect combination that delivers an addictive binge session. If you are a fan of Downton Abbey, then you would also enjoy Gran Hotel (Grand Hotel USA). The TV series began in 2011 and is set in the 20th century aristocratic time during the reign of King Alfonso XIII. It begins in the year 1905 as we follow Julio and Alicia who do not know each other at this time but, they're both heading to the same place; the Grand Hotel. Alicia's home and the place where Julio's sister was last seen.

While Julio (Yon Gonzalez) originally arrived at the Gran Hotel to solve the mystery of his missing sister, he ended up staying because of his love for Alicia (Amaia Salamanca). Alicia is the daughter of the Alorcon Family who have built, own and operate the massive and premiere hotel. However, the family has suffered the loss of their patriarch; Alicia's father. Soon, Julio enlists the help of Alicia as well as the very adorable and sweet waiter Andres. Together the trio embark on many adventures in their attempts to solve the mysteries that involve the family and the hotel.

The plot twists and character developments through out the presently 42 episodes on Netflix, were astounding and kept me coming back for more. I love these characters (yes, even the wicked and bad ones) and hated how episode 42 ended. Immediately I searched online to make sure that wasn't how the series ended and to my joy I found out that there is a season 3. However, I can't decipher or read the Spanish language so I'll be left in the dark until season 3 is available on Netflix. Until then, I'll be waiting ~