Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Walking Talk: This Sorrowful Life

This Sorrowful Life on (aired Mar. 24, 2013) 

Rick decides the fate of Michonne. One of the group betrays Rick. The Governor and his group head to the meeting area.
Con you name the characters that are no longer among the living?
Rick enlists the help of one of the Dixon brothers to help him deliver Michonne to the Governor. His reasoning is that by doing this, it will save his group. When we all know that the Governor is not going to stop with Michonne. Since this is against Rick's instincts, he begins to question his decision. His vision of his dead wife, Lori, helps him to understand that this isn't who he is, or a choice he should follow through on. However, when he tries to find Michonne and the brother he enlisted, they are nowhere to be found.
Merle and Darryl Dixon
The Dynamic Dixon Brother's
Through the first two seasons, Darryl never gave up the hope that his big brother Merle had survived. In the first season, after a heated argument that was about to get out of hand, Rick handcuffed Merle. Rick gave T-dog, the victim, the key and instructed him that Merle's fate was up to him. However, Merle's fate wasn't decided until this last episode.
Merle was the brother that Rick enlisted to take Michonne to the meeting place to hand over to the Governor. On their journey to the meeting place, Merle has a change of heart and sets Michonne free. There was a great, intense, zombie encounters before this happens. But, when he let's her go, you witness his humanity and start to wonder if he really could merge and stay in the group. His plans were very different, and very honorable to his brother and his group. Meanwhile, once Darryl learns that Merle has left with Michonne, he is fast on his trail and flips his super-human tracking skills switch on.
Walker Merle - R.I.P
Ode To Merle
Just when I start to semi-like him...
In his attempt to go-out fighting, the Governor claims Merle's fate.  Their scene was crazy and the last scene you see is the Governor firing his gun, at what you assume to be Merle. However, something I didn't even pick up on until watching The Talking Dead, was that the Governor didn't shoot Merle in the head, he shot him somewhere else so that he would turn. Which, is a huge no-no among the surviving living in this world. It was like an ultimate bitch-slap, with the intention of torture, and to leave him as a Walker. Cut to Darryl arriving on the scene, having followed Merle's trail. The Governor and his crew were gone, as far as we know. The delivery of Norman Reedus's level of emotion was heart wrenching. He locks eyes on his brother who is now a flesh smacking, gut eating walker. Little Brother had to pull himself together and end his big brother. Cut to black. This Sunday is the season finale.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Once Upon a TIme

Once Upon a Time, ABC
March 20, 2013
The Evil Queen - Regina
Who watched the epic episode where it was hashed one will die? My money had been on Cora and I was right. With the new discovery that Rumpelstiltskin is actually Henry’s grandfather, I knew he wouldn't be the one who perished. This gives Regina the renewed evilness in revenge for Snow White (Mary Margaret) who, with the instructions from Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin), used dark magic against Cora (meanwhile, tricking Regina to assist in her own mother’s demise). On a side note: I think Rose McGowan did a fabulous job in the backstory of Cora, the Miller’s Daughter.
Rumpelstiltskin - Mr. Gold
Some things that are irritating me about the story plots: Henry is mad at his mother for not telling him the truth about his father. I get this, but I don’t particularly like how he keeps bringing this up. He needs to get over it and understand that some choices aren't black and white, his mother did the best that she could, and she made the choice not to tell him for his own safety.  Snow White’s moping was sad; I understand that she did something that maybe wasn't the right choice. Again, it was the best choice she could make at the time with the knowledge she was given. No one is perfect; she did what she had to for her family. She needs to get over it too, it was going to be either Cora destroying (everything) her family, or she would have to get rid of Cora. It wasn't an easy choice, obviously, but she did what she had to do. If Regina holds this over Snow White’s head (especially since she’s seen the dark spot in her heart) it will be tedious.
Ethan Embry - Outsider
I probably need to re-watch a couple of the episodes because I can’t recall what happened to Captain Hook. The last I can remember he was left in New York after they went for Rumpelstiltskin son (who is also Henry’s father). That is something I do look forward to exploring more; the relationship between Henry, his biological mother, and biological father. I want to know more back story in Emma & Bane’s history and was their more to the story. 
Snow White - Mary Margaret
I did like the back story of Ethan Embry’s character. Before the Evil Queen (Regina) used magic to create Storybrook, a father and son were camping in the woods. After the magic storm that changed Fairy tale Land’s fates, the father and son explore the new town.  They meet Regina, the town mayor, and are invited to her house for dinner. Things go horribly wrong when Regina wants to keep the boy. The father sacrifices himself (who is taken into custody) so that his son could run to safety. The back story emphasis on the key chain that the father gave to his son and in one of the last scenes we see Ethan Embry’s character start his car and then it is revealed that the key chain is the one that the father bestowed to the son. He’s there searching for his father and hopefully he’ll learn of his father’s fate.
What did you think of the last episode? Do you think Snow made the right choice going to Regina?
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Movies In Review: Life of Pi

Movie Review: Life of Pi
March 20, 2013

Directed by Ang Lee, Life of Pi (2012) stars Suraj Sharma as young Pi and Irrfan Khan as the adult Pi Patel. Mr. Khan delivers a great performance as his character divulges the journey he experienced as a “young man who survives a disaster at sea” (, 2013). His family owned and operated a zoo in India. When they are challenged with tough times, the father decides that they must sell.  Then the family embarks on an adventure to accompany the animals to their new homes across the raging sea. As Pi runs to the outer decks to challenge the sea in its rage, the alarms start and suddenly chaos erupts as animals appear in their attempt to escape the sinking ship.
The critical devastation leaves Pi alone on the sea. His only means of survival is an escape boat that a few other animals escaped upon. Survival is brutal for the remaining few and even though they are not on land, the food chain remains. Can you imagine being stranded in the ocean with a Bangle Tiger?  The journey intensifies as hunger sets in. Pi Patel used his knowledge and instinct for survival. 
The cinematography was stunning. At times it was nerve racking considering what this young man was going through and then other times it was amazing what he did get to see and experience.  I didn't read the book, watching the movie I might add the book on my list ‘to read’.  I would recommend this movie, it may start off slow, but once Pi survives your senses are thrown into and intense experience.
Have you seen this movie? Tell me what you think!
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Movies In Review: Rise of the Guardians

Movie Review: Rise of the Guardians
March 15, 2013
Dreamworks creates another great experience.
Follow Jack Frost and the search for his center as he rises to his place among the Guardians.
The voice cast includes Alec Baldwin as “North” (a.k.a Santa Claus). Hugh Jackman voices “Bunny” as in first name Easter, last name Bunny. Isla Fisher is “Tooth” the head fairy that is charged with collecting and guarding children’s teeth (with the help of her baby fairies). North, Bunny, Tooth, and Sandman are the proverbial four Guardians.  They guard the children of the world and their position is enhanced by the kids believing in them.
However, there is a darkness that threatens the happiness of children. The Guardians unite to discuss the possible looming threat, as The Man in the Moon reveals to them who is appointing Guardian. They learn that ‘The Boogeyman’ has returned, his name - Pitch. Voiced by Jude Law, Pitch is tired of his utterly nonexistence. 
Enter Jack Frost – appointed by The Man in the Moon, the Guardians are tested by the darkening threats. Voiced by Chris Pine, who gives Frost a great depth, Jack doesn’t believe that he is Guardian material. Soon, North consoles him and talks to him about finding his “center”.  Jack wants recognition as well; he questions “why”, and then learns he can retrieve his memories from his past. He believes this will help him understand who he is. The only problem, Pitch stole his memories and it’s up to Jack to get them back.
I really enjoyed this movie; I fell in love with the characters and the story. Hugh Jackman and Alec Baldwin crack me up. Their delivery and comic timing in coordination with the animation produces a belly full of jelly, all shook up from laughing.  Rise of the Guardians produces a great movie that the whole family can watch and enjoy.
I would say it’s a must rent!
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Walking Talk: Arrow On My Doorstep

The Walking Dead: AMC 
Episode: Arrow On My Doorstep
March 10, 2013

The big showdown will happen tonight between Rick and the Governor. In previews you see that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has a gun and the Governor (David Morrissey) is unarmed. How many of us are going to be yelling "just shoot him already!" Apparently Andrea (Laurie Holden) coordinates the meeting and from what the clip shows Rick is not happy to learn that, to some form, he's been deceived. I really pray that Rick is smart enough to have back up. This could be Darryl (Norman Reedus) - from this clip he's taking care of business, it's just unclear as to where exactly he is. This showdown between the two leaders has been building up all season. I pray that the prison crew comes out victorious and unscathed. When in war has anyone come back unscathed?
We have learned how disturbed the Governor really is. How Andrea is still with him, I don't understand. A recent interview with Laurie Holden who plays Andrea revealed that she does get a lot of slack because of her character. She gave a different spin on her character, saying that under the circumstances, Andrea is doing the best that she can. Ms. Holden also expressed that she will continue to be a cheerleader for her character. She also mentioned, pertaining to what characters if any are safe? She commented that she thought Carl was the only safe (not dying) character. Carl is Lori and Rick's son, Lori died in childbirth and Rick is the 'leader' of the prison crew. What does the Governor have in store for Rick? We'll have to wait, watch, and then wonder.  I did read an article somewhere that the end of this season will leave our jaw drawn down. Uh oh!
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Once Upon A Time: One Will Die

Once Upon a Time: ABC
March 10, 2013
The ads for this weeks episode are everywhere. "Once Will Die" is the promise, the question is - which one? Last week we were left with Rumpelstiltskin that had been stabbed by Captain Hook. Here they highlight the Evil Queen (Regina), Mr. Gould (Rumpelstiltskin), the Queen of Hearts (Cora), Prince Charming, Snow White, and Emma. If I were to bet, my money would be on Cora. The Queen of Hearts is also Regina's (the Evil Queens) mother. It has helped us to understand Regina's back story as to why she is so wicked. However, she keeps teetering - is she good or is she bad? Does she have what it takes to be just and righteous? The one thing that keeps her anchored toward good is Henry, who is her adopted son. Emma is the biological mother to Henry. Both Regina and Emma have had a natural plight because of Henry and the situation.
Cora, or the Queen of Hearts, has the wicked urge to become 'The Dark One' (which is Rumpelstiltskin's power). She is manipulating Regina (her daughter) to believe if she (Cora) has all this power that she can finally have Henry. They achieved one step closer last week when they obtained Rumpelstiltskin's dagger (that will kill him so Cora can absorb his powers). Cora being 'The Dark One' would scare me more than Mr. Gould having the power.
Something that keeps popping up that I wish they would clear up. If Emma is Prince Charming and Snow Whites daughter, then is she Emma Charming or Emma Snow? I would love to see her embrace her 'fairy tale' background and become this awesome Disney princess warrior or something. I also look forward to seeing Henry's progression, considering he is a prince too. Rumpelstiltskin is Henry's grandfather and as much as he can be bad, I think he does good too (in his own way). I really enjoy his character and would be really sad if he dies.
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Movies In Review: Wreck-it Ralph

Movie Review: Wreck-it Ralph     
March 9, 2013
Starring the voice talents of John C. Reilly (Ralph), Jack McBrayer (Felix), Jane Lynch (Calhoun), and my favorite character Venellope voiced by Sarah Silverman. Pixar pounds out another smart, funny, and heartfelt hit. The movie cutes outside of the cookie-cutter rules of stereotypes and the timeless adage of Disney magic that dreams can come true.

Wreck-it Ralph begins with the history of Ralph’s video game, Fix-it Felix Jr. He plays the bad guy and is feeling left out since it is the game’s 30th anniversary and no-one acknowledges Ralph’s existence after the game is off, let alone for the anniversary party.  Soon, Ralph goes to a bad guy’s support group, which for me was fabulous seeing all of these gaming characters.  I grew up playing video games and it was fantastic seeing how Pixar and Disney brought this together.  I thought it was really clever how they were able to create this world where video games (after hours) are able to interact and travel to different games.
Ralph, in his desperation to be accepted, vows to win a medal. He game hops and finds himself in a first-shooter battle of epic proportions fighting cyborg bugs; the prize – a gold hero’s medal.  He soon takes it upon himself to win the medal for his own. Unfortunately, with his disproportions, Ralph’s clumsiness lands him face-to-face defenseless against a cyborg bug. Attempting to escape with his medal, accidentally leaving with the cyborg, and then they entered into the land of Sugar Crush.
Sugar Crush held more potential for sweetness then visually captured. Sarah Silverman produces a loveable Venellope who happens to be a glitch, and also has a lot in common with Ralph and they soon become allies. Venellope has a dream of racing in the Sugar Crush games.  The story escalates when we learn the true story as to why Venellope is supposedly not allowed to race.
This movie will be enjoyable for both young and old. There are so many quirky and smart puns in the movie that adults will appreciate them and kids will obviously fall in love with this movie; if not for the sweet Sugarland than for the awesome characters.  An interesting factoid: King Candy from Sugar Rush (voiced by Alan Tudyk) "voice and character design is modeled after Ed Wynn (Mary Poppins, 1964 - Uncle Albert and Alice in Wonderland, 1951 - Mad Hatter) a popular comedian and voice artist" ( an iconic Disney voice talent.
I love the opportunity it presents to teach our younger generations that we are all unique and just because someone is different is not reason to reject or mistreat anyone. I think it also will help kids to accept themselves, they may not be like everyone else and that’s awesome, because the differences between each person - makes us the irreplaceable person that each of us are. A must watch!
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Thursday, March 7, 2013


March 7th, 2013
Elementary, CBS
As a fan of Sherlock Holmes I anticipated the US's version of Sherlock and have not been disappointed. Sherlock is played by the brilliant Johnny Lee Miller and Watson my dear is played by the beautiful Lucy Liu. I love that Watson is portrayed as a female in this adaption, it gives it that romantic spark that leaves me drooling for more each week.
The show starts off as Watson is contracted by Sherlock's father to provide her psychiatric services to help Sherlock stay clean. Once she is no longer employed by Mr. Holmes she is met with a dilemma  should she stay or should she go? Her counselor thinks that she should definitely go. While Watson herself seems hesitant and stays while she is no longer contractually obligated to be there. Sherlock soon discovers that he is better with her there and asks her to stay on full-time with him and she gladly excepts.
Luckily for me Sherlock was on Netflix and I was able to stream it and fell in love with it instantly! In fact Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Holmes is good friend with Johnny Lee Miller who portrays Holmes in the US's version of the show. Including Robert Downey Jr.'s Holmes, I can't seem to decide who I like best as the immortal Sherlock.  Either way, I look forward to what Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu bring to the dynamic duo as well as the progression of the writer's conveying the timeless tales.

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The Big Bang Theory

March 7th, 2013
I had only watched The Big Bang Theory (2007) a couple times prior to my friend suggesting it to me.  My mother had told me a couple times about it as well - yet again, I am stubborn and of course I'm not going to do something until I want to.  So, after a dear co-worker of mine kept talking about it, she let me borrow her first two seasons of the show.  I have to tell you at this time, I was going through a rough break-up as well.  So watching episode after episode was a well invited concept, the show is both funny as it was also an escape. I had even posted on Facebook shortly afterwords how I felt that watching The Big Bang Theory made me feel smarter.

The Big Bang Theory follows Leonard (theory physicist), Sheldon (physicist), Howard (engineer), Raj (astrophysicist), and Penny (waitress/actress).  Leonard, played by Johnny Galecki, is a room mate of Sheldon (Jim Parsons) who has definite OCT (Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies) and whom thinks he is the smartest man on earth. Leonard's two friends (by default also Sheldon's friends) Howard and Raj in themselves are quirky as Howard in the beginning seasons is quite the womanizer (rather, he loves women) and Raj and his psychosomatic disorder, the inability to speak to women (unless he has alcohol). They alone live in their - socially dubbed nerdy or geeky - realm. When Sheldon and Leonard have a new neighbor named Penny, Leonard's heart will never be the same and it throws a new member into their clan.

Soon enough, all but Raj, have women in their lives (Penny and Leonard are an on-again off-again couple). Even Sheldon! A great factoid is that in an earlier season Leonard, Raj, and Howard joke about asking "TV's Blossom" to be on a team (in attempts to beat Sheldon, because Mayim Bialik is a physicist herself in real life). Fast forward, now she is Sheldon's equal female form otherwise known as 'girlfriend'. Howard managed to marry a beautiful doctrinal chemist. Raj is the only singleton left in the crew and that even could be changing.  Tonight's episode he actually had a date with a girl he met at the comic book store who is also social awkward. Could this be a match made in heaven?

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History Channel - Vikings
March 7th, 2013

This series aired after "The Bible" episode that I had watched.  I had not intended to watch this, but I am glad that I did. Not realizing I was a fan of this image, I realized some of my favorite movies depicted vikings.  How To Train Your Dragon (2010) and Pathfinder (2007).  The episode I watched followed Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and their young son who is coming of age.

The premise, I believe, is the war campaign that the Vikings begin in the Dark Ages.  As the show has Gabriel Byrne portraying the head of their clan and against traveling west. Ragnar is determined and is interpreting his visions as confirmation that he is to go west to find their treasure. At the time however, the knowledge of how to travel so far within their vessels was still undetermined. That is until Ragnar visits his friend Loki who helps him to build a massive sail that will help the Viking ship move much faster.

This is a show that I may continue to watch. I like the strong female character Lagertha. And the different mentality within their way of life is interesting to watch as well. We'll watch and see!

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Walking Talk: Psychosis Unchained

March 7th, 2013
The Walking Dead, AMC
It was reported before the show even aired that this particular episode was going to be epic.  The writing was superb and the acting talent between Rick and his long lost friend was great to watch.  I could probably watch this episode a dozen more times, it was just that good.

The episode starts with Rick, Carl, and Micchone driving down a road. One of the interesting scenes (I thought) the traveling trio passed a sign pleading with "Erin" that their loved ones had gone to a certain place and the sign was more of a warning.  Of course, their vehicle gets stuck and walkers are on them rather quickly. The tie-in was that one of the walkers on Micchones driver's side door had a bracelet on with the letters "E-R-I-N."  However, the traveling trio makes quick work of their crowd of walkers and Rick gives Carl a lesson in how to get a car unstuck (great character development).
The destination was Rick and Carl's old stompin' grounds. They marvel at the difference in what they had once known.  Soon, they come upon an complex maze intended to attract walkers for 'clearing'.  Soon the trio is met with gun fire and Carl saves the day by a shot to the chest of their shooter. Luckily, he was the only one in the maze and wearing a bullet proof vest.  Rick removes the face mask to reveal the guy that Rick had first met shortly after waking up in the Zombie Apocalypse.  Morgan is revealed and out-cold.
This was a great episode because it really presented the viewer with the psychosis of survival alone and having other people to keep you in check. Morgan had a few wires missing.  He tragically lost both his wife and son. This loss, accompanied with the singular aspect of life on earth, switched the gears in Morgan's head. He was obsessive with 'clearing'; meaning he had to clear the walkers that came around.  In the end, after heated conversations, and Rick getting stabbed - they part ways.  Morgan continues to 'clear' his area while Rick starts to load their car with the guns and such that Morgan had compiled.
Meanwhile, Carl decides that he wants to go get Judith something.  Rick agrees to let him go on a condition that Micchone accompanies him.  You can tell he's not happy about it, but they set out to do a run for "little ass kicker."  Micchone and Carl are soon met with another walker situation.  However, Micchone shows a softer side that I really liked to watch. I enjoyed learning more about her.
This episode also confirmed that Carl's 'soldier' attitude is warranted. He is growing up in a different time and his character is an element to his survival.  After Morgan tells Rick of his son's attack from his own walker mother. It drove Morgan to see red and his brain com-busted (not literally) with fury.
After Micchone, Carl, and Rick are all packed up - they exchange small conversations reaffirming that they needed each other.  I really hope this has retired Rick from the land of fog and uncertainty.

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History Channel The Bible

The Bible (2013) History Channel 
March 7th, 2013

This past weekend I anticipated the premiere of "The Bible" on the History Channel. While I will continue to watch it, I was rather disappointed that so much information was skipped over. The story of Cain and Able is a great story, yet the creators just skipped over it and we land right in the lap of Abraham.

The story of Abraham is much more complex, an quite frankly could have been the first season holding it's own.  I would much rather tune into "The Bible: Abraham" and have the entire story, then the skipped over rushed version. Where to start? Well, when Lot leaves Abraham's troupe in the desert for Sodom. The story of Sodom was butchered in my opinion. This is a great story and life lesson about how our society can get out of hand.  Sodom was a place of wild lusting within the flesh. What this episode does not include is how when the Angels arrive, Gomorrah offer's his two daughters to the Angels (sexually). With the mentality that if they lay with his daughters then the Angels (rather, disguised visitors) would not be harmed by the mob that had formed looking for the "fresh meat." Within the story the Angels do give the town every chance to redeem themselves, however they fail and hence the Angels destroy Sodom.
This story continues, I believe, in that Gomorrah and his two daughters have fled to the desert. They live here for a while when his daughters start to complain that there is no one to have children with and they suggest that their father provide his 'seed' for their needs.  Gomorrah is outraged and said that this would be a sin again God. However, the daughters are manipulative and 'lay' with their father unbeknownst to him. I believe they give birth to an unclean nation? I would have to look that up though.

Back to Abraham, we see that his wife is not so young, and has been barren. What the History Channel does not include in their story is how his wife, Sarah, had a hand maiden.  When Sarah could not have children she told Abraham to lay with her maiden, so that she could give him a son. I believe, if I remember correctly, Abraham knows that this is not what he should do and against his better judgment listen's to Sarah (It probably can be argued that this is the origin of "sins of the father"). Abraham does sleep with the maiden and she does bare him a son.
Now, the drama really unfolds because the Angels appear to Abraham and Sarah speaking of Sodom and of Sarah's pregnancy. Meanwhile Sarah has been jealous of her maiden's ability to give her husband what she could not have done before.  Once Sarah has their son, she implores Abraham to declare their son his first born and giving him the special blessing. But, don't count the maiden out just yet. They do flee the encampment to get away from Sarah's cruelty. But in their desperation the maiden hatches a plan to fool Abraham (who is blind now) into believing that her son is Issac to give him the blessing instead. Again, it is a great story that alone could have been a series. Don't take my word for it though - read for yourself and then tell me your interpretation.

My favorite adaption of the story of Moses is "The Prince of Egypt" which is one of my favorite movies. And includes a lot of the information from the Bible. What I didn't like about the History channel's version was how it felt so rushed and over-acted. Again, this is another story from the Bible that could have held it's own "The Bible: Moses."  It is like they took so much information from this story and tried to cram it into it's twenty minute slot. I could hardly tell the story of Moses in twenty minutes, let alone depict it properly on the television. If you really want to be moved, watch "The Prince of Egypt" (1998) it is animated, but extremely entertaining and fills you with the spirit more then the History channel's adaption does.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oncers: Dagger Drama

Once Upon a Time, ABC
"Dagger Drama"
March 7, 2013
Since this past Sunday's dramatic episode of Once Upon a Time, I have had time to think about the complexities within the different relationships.  **Spoiler** If you haven't seen last weeks episode then don't read any further. Finding out that Snow's mother was actually poisoned by the Queen of Hearts. On top of that Rumpelstiltskin is Henry's grandfather? How much more complex can it get?
So, it has been advertised that this weekend's episode that someone in Storybrook "will die."  I also saw a preview of Cora (Queen of Hearts) as a younger woman played by Rose McGowan. It should be an interesting episode.

Last weekend it was 'dagger drama' - Cora wants the dagger for herself, Regina wants Henry.  Rumpelstiltskin, Emma, Henry and Bane are in New York. To his surprise Mr. Gould (Rumpelstiltskin) is stabbed by Captain Hook. Emma was able to knock him out - and as far as we know he is still locked up down in the buildings basement.  Mr. Gould is touched that his estranged son is concerned about the stabbing, which they quickly learn is also poisoned.  They need magic - and fast.
Henry is still mad at his biological mother (Emma) for lying to him all these years about his father. He is showing minimal retaliation from this betrayal by submerging himself in his new father's world.  There still seems to be much more to the Emma and Bane relationship, that I am sure we will learn soon enough.
Back to Cora (Queen of Hearts), she wants the knife to call upon "The Dark One" a.k.a Rumpelstiltskin, a.k.a Mr. Gould. Cora's objective is to kill Mr. Gould to obtain the powers for herself.  Regina (Evil Queen) is game as long as she gets her step-son Henry in the deal.
What I didn't particularly like about last weeks episode was how in a memory Snow has about her mother and the morals she instilled. Snow's mother tells her that the choice she made pertaining to the candle and saving her life showed strength (when Snow thought it showed weakness.) Fast forward to Prince Charming and Snow finding the dagger, purple smoke bellows to reveal the deadly duo of Cora and Regina. They sacrifice someone that was close to Snow to get her to give the dagger.

The problem I have with this is that Snow was brought up to understand the weight of her decisions. She shouldn't have given the dagger to Cora - Snow should have realized her friend was going to perish either way. Cut to Snow sobbing on Prince Charmings shoulder.
What's going to happen next?  We'll have to wait for now.  Luckily, Sunday is not that far away.
Until next time or the next... dream

The Walking Dead

Update 3/3/13 Filming for season 4 begins in May
It has been reported that this Sunday's episode is one not to miss - tune in or set your DVR's

"The Walking Dead - AMC"
picture from Google Search
February 28, 2013

I thought I would switch gears and talk about something that has been plaguing my mind.  Every Sunday we wait patiently for The Walking Dead, Sunday’s on AMC.  Then we have to wait through the commercials while we analyze what’s going on and what might happen. 
Catching up from the beginning of season 3, I was shocked when a pivotal character didn’t survive.  It was concerning that Lori was over her due date, and when the Walkers attacked and she was running I feared that she would go into labor.  Even more twisted was when Carl had to take care of her – he says he shot her (in the head?) but we, the viewer, never saw it – we only heard the gun shot.
On an episode of The Talking Dead, it was suggested that we don’t know for sure that Lori is out of the picture.  Sure, Rick found a Walker with a full belly – suggesting to the viewer that it had feasted on Lori’s body.  Again, there is a lot of uncertainty there.
The real beef I have is with Andrea.  Maybe it is because I don’t understand her personality or mentality.  For one, I don’t understand how she could discard her friend (I’m not going to try to spell the name – Richone?) the samurai warrior, so easily.  She wanted to have the safety of Woodsboro, and I think she wanted the Governor as well.  She should get a grasp, that if her hormones (putting it nicely) pull her toward a certain man, he is probably not a good guy. 
"Wait a second - Governor bad? via"
picture from Google search
February 28, 2013
Andrea is a character that has always unnerved my skin.  Why does she want to stay with a crazy man that kept his Walker daughter locked up, fish tanks full of heads, and deceived her about her friends?  When Rick man-handled her in the last episode, it was totally called for.  I understand she wants to try to find peace between the two.  But, she doesn’t realize her crazy man won’t allow that.  Plus, Rick has been visiting crazy town so much – with two unhinged characters – there is no doubt going to be one heck of a show-down. 
The episode before, when the Governor attacked the prison and the walkers were attacking.  It was quite intense when Rick was surrounded by Walkers.  We literally cheered when an arrow came splicing through the Walkers head.  You knew Daryl had returned!  (About time)  Daryl is one of my favorite characters; we really enjoy the relationship between him and Carol.
So, what’s in store for The Walking Dead crew?  We can only wait, watch, and wonder…

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"Once Upon A Time"
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March 1, 2013

Today (because I am still procrastinating) I thought I would talk about another show that I like to watch, Once Upon A Time, on ABC.  If you are not familiar with the show, it follows a dual reality.  There is the fairytale land and then Sunny Brook, which outsiders are not supposed to be able to enter.  The main characters are Snow White (Mary Margaret), Prince Charming, Emma (daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming), and the Evil Queen (Regina).  Long story short – Emma was brought to Story Brook in order to break a spell. Who brought Emma to the spell bound town? Her own son that she had given up for adoption, by the way, was adopted by Regina (The Evil Queen).  Another important main character is Mr. Gould (Rumpelstiltskin) who has his deals everywhere. 
There are so many fairytales woven into the story line that I couldn’t possibly do it justice here.  However, season two has introduced us to more characters, which are quickly becoming a modern family.  The last episode we discovered Henry’s (Emma’s son, and Snow White and Prince Charming’s grandson) father is Rumpelstiltskin’s son – which (hold on to your hats) would make Henry his grandson.  One big happy family!  Add in distant relatives as Regina was Henry’s mother for a while (adopted mother) and now Regina’s wicked mother (The Queen of Hearts) is in the picture and causing chaos as well.  We also learned in the last episode of Rumpelstiltskin’s prophecy that was told to him, that Henry could be his undoing… *dramatic “dunn-dunn-DUN!”*
"Once Upon A Time" - (Magic is Coming)
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March 1, 2013

We know that fairytales are not reality.  I like how the show incorporates the different realms, how fairytales are real.  We each live our lives and it adds to our own personal fairytale.  I read a great quote on Facebook the other day, “…today is the first page of your 365 page novella.”  We each have our own experiences and stories to tell.

Until next time, or the next… dream.

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