Friday, November 29, 2013

Movies In Review: Frozen

There's nothing quite like Disney Magic. Frozen proves yet again that they have perfected the art of storytelling. While the movie is entertaining for all members of the family, young and old, this movie touched my heart in many ways - which I'll name a few here. I usually wouldn't recommend seeing a movie more than once, especially with the killer movie prices. I'll make the exception for Disney's Frozen - I can't wait to see it again!

Sisterly Love

Meet Anna, the youngest of two princesses in the kingdom of Arendelle. We first meet Anna as a little girl who is bugging her big sister to play. You can tell right away that she is full of life and raring to go. She wants desperately for his sister to play with her. Finally giving in, they make their way to a huge room in their castle and we soon find just why little Anna was so eager to get her sister awake and to play.

 Enter Elsa, the eldest and future Queen of Arendelle. She's the eldest sister that is just trying to get some rest and is pretty tolerant of her younger sister and her nagging requests. Soon, she gives into her sister's begging and they make their way to a castle room where she reveals her magical powers - she can wield ice. After an accident with the two sisters during they're playing, Elsa fears that she could cause more damage to those that she loves. The decision is made to cut Elsa off from the rest of the world, in an attempt to protect everyone - even to protect her from herself.

Fast forward a few years, after the King and Queen have passed through a tragic boating accident, Elsa has come of age and it is now the day of her coronation. When the entire castle has been shut-out from the rest of the world, now they're opening the doors. While Anna is ecstatic about the possibilities, Elsa is terrified of what she could do. Through her jitters, they make it through the coronation and finally Anna gets the change to talk to her big sister Elsa - briefly as it may be. Fate intertwines, the naive and boisterous Anna bumps into the handsome and charming Prince Hans. They believe it is love at first sight and decide that it may be crazy, but they're going to ask Elsa for her blessing, that they want to get married.

Once They've reached the castle and find Elsa, they are enthused in their proclamation of love. However, Elsa does not give her consent and explains why. She tries to leave the scene before she can no longer control her powers. But, Anna is adamant and wants more from Elsa. She tries to warn her sister to stay away but instead gives a demonstration of what she is capable of - to the shock of everyone else in the kingdom. This was what Elsa had feared for years and she flees from the castle, unknowingly leaving in her wake freezing her kingdom.

True Loves Kiss

We all know the Disney theory of true loves kiss and it comes into play for this movie too. When Elsa flees her kingdom, Anna believes that she is the only one that could bring Elsa back and help the kingdom to thaw from the winter that she inflected during the summer for Arendelle. This is where Anna meets Kristoff who helps her on her quest. Kristoff's trade is in the ice industry. He's rugged, handsome, and cares for Anna. On the other hand you have prince Hans too - what's a girl to do?

Kristoff's pet and companion is Sven, the reindeer. He's dopey, funny, and oh-so-lovable! There were so many great scenes that might go unnoticed because of what else is going on in the shot. Like, when Anna and Kristoff are leaving Elsa's ice castle, Sven was told to wait outside, and as Anna and Kristoff pass Sven, his tongue is stick to the ice staircase - hilarious. Here, he is traveling with his new buddy Olaf, another great Disney character. Olaf is a snowman that Elsa created and is also a memory that the two sisters share from their time together when they were younger. He is hilarious and had the theater in stitches.

Be Careful Who You Trust So Willingly

I don't want to say who in the movie this is referring to, obviously I don't want to ruin a great plot twist for you. But, when I was watching the movie I knew this person was too good to be true. When we are young and naive we want to believe in that magic, that wonderful all inspiring feeling of love. But, take warning because this can be used against us too. While this is just a movie, there are people out there that take advantage of people that are trusting. I love that Disney brought this into the light. That princesses don't always find their prince charming the way they have depicted in the past (they meet - they fall in love - they live happily ever after). 

The Bond Between Sisters

Growing up as the youngest of two sisters, I could relate with the two sisters Elsa and Anna. I had taken my two nieces with me as well, and they related to the sisterly connection as well. Another great aspect that this movie demonstrates is that there are more loves in the world than just the one about "true loves kiss". Also, no matter how we argue or fight, we know we have each other's back. This was excellently demonstrated within the movie. Yes - I will admit it - I cried.

I rated Disney's Frozen on 10 out of 10 stars. We watched this in 3D and it was spectacular. The movie was full of great music, extraordinary charms, and the captivating Disney magic that not only do we fall in love with the characters, we are taken on a magical adventure. The movie is 108 minutes and includes the amazing voice talents of Kristen Bell as Anna and Idina Menzel as Elsa. Go and check it out!