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The Walking Dead 4.16


The hype building up to the season 4 epic finale was almost unbearable. It seemed like it was everywhere, who will make it to Terminus, who will survive? The producers were making comments that kept us all on the edge of our seats anticipating their twisted meanings. Norman Reedus was tweeting pictures of The Walking Dead character figures with swapped heads. Steven Yeun tweeted a picture of a figurine holding up Glenn's decapitated head. It was all gut wrenching! And loved every second of it! We survived and now left waiting until season 5 begins in October, seven months away. 

The Marauders

After reading posts about The Marauders, I decided to check out the comics to see what could be in store. Yikes! I'm glad I was prepared. During their travels Rick, Michonne, and Carl come across an abandoned SUV and decide to camp there for the night. As Rich and Michonne are talking, they hear movement in the dense forest behind them. When nothing emerged they continued their conversation until a gun was pointed at Rick's head. They were surrounded. Joe's group, The Marauders, caught up with Rick. They had been tracking him since the house incident. 

The elevated threat was intensified when Joe explains that, in order to torture Rick prior to killing him, they would first 'take' the lady, then 'take' his son. Rick wasn't having that! But, what could he do with a gun to his head. Enter the hero - Daryl - who tries to explain to Joe how he knew them and that they're good people. The twisted leader of the group Joe, answers Daryl by explaining that they couldn't be good people since they killed his associate and left him to turn. Then Joe instructs his goons to teach Daryl a lesson "all the way"... which we learned with Len that meant termination.

While Daryl is getting the snot kicked out of him, Rick is trying to plead with Joe, and Carl is being tormented by a Marauder goon. This is the transformation that I think a lot of us have been waiting for. The metamorphosis from Farmer Rick to this bad-ass Rick who isn't going to take anyone's shit. Andrew Lincoln did a fabulous job translating this for us. Rick quickly moves his head back, head butting Joe and momentarily disorientating themselves. When both Rick and Joe get their senses back, Joe gives Rick a big bear hug and asks him "What are you going to do?" The next scene was barbaric - and I loved it! It was right out of the comic. Rick rips the Marauders throat out with his own teeth!

The rest of Rick's group uses this to their advantage and start to fight back. Michonne is able to fight off her assigned goon that had a gun to her, she turned the gun on him and he was shot through the head, and then she shot some other goon that was attacking Daryl. Daryl finished off the rest of the group that was attacking him. When they all had finished, just the goon holding Carl was left. Rick claimed him for his own kill and gutted him and ran the knife up to the goons throat. Awesome! My boyfriend and I had just been talking about how much more gruesome and gory the comics were compared to the series, so I love that they brought some of that to the screen. 

Who Made It To Terminus

Let's just get this out in the open - while some were anticipating a death in the group, I for one am thrilled that (as far as we know) none of the group met their demise in the finale. There were some tight spots, but I think this is why we love these characters so much; they are survivors. There are many things that I love about this show, one of them being how they take something that seems mundane and twist it so it was more of a foreshadowing technique. When Rick was showing Michonne and Carl the snare trap, it was foreshadowing to when they reached Terminus and were corralled. 

I'd also like to say that I loved that Rick thought enough to check Terminus out before just walking right in and surrendering like the other group had. I think they should have watched the camp a little more before jumping the fence and sneaking in, but - it still was awesome. Rick also buried a tote bag with weapon just outside of the gates, which I'm sure will come in handy next season. After jumping the fence, they are surveying the surroundings when they come to a huge warehouse room with what seemed to be workers in it. The lady could be heard repeating "all who arrive survive" when she noticed the group, she stopped as did the other workers. This is when we are introduced to Gareth, who seemed to be a nice guy: they asked them to put their weapons down to get patted down, then they are given their weapons back. 

When the group is led to the welcoming center, they meet Mary and are offered a plate, when Rick starts noticing Glenn's watch, (Daryl's) Maggie's Poncho she had been wearing, and the prison assault gear - all were being worn by other people, Terminus people. (When watching Talking Dead, I loved how Andrew Lincoln kept referring to the people in Terminus as termites.) Rick knocks down the food and takes a Termite by force demanding to know where his people are. There is a stand off, then Gareth makes the move and the Termites open fire on Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl. What I found interesting that not one of them were shot... and the snipers and guns on the roof seemed like they were intentionally not shooting them, just corralling them - leading them to where they wanted them to go.

Along the way, while running from bullets that are raining down feet from them; they ran past an area that seemed to have raw meat and bones in it, like it was the Termites left-over carcasses in there. While running there were also screams, someone pleading for help. The entered what seemed to be some sort of ritual room, that was quite creepy. And eventually they were corralled back by the tracks and fence. When they were surrounded Gareth demanded that they put down their weapons, and one at a time line up to enter into some kind of train car.

They're trapped! Once they were in the door closes behind them and as they are surveying their new surrounding, they notice there are more people in the cart. Glenn, Maggie, and the rest of their group emerge from the darkness!! HALLELUJAH!!  I'm ecstatic that they have found one another. With only minutes left in the final episode for the season, Andrew Lincoln (Rick) delivers the perfect line (not exactly like the comic, but close enough) - when some of the group are doubting that they will make it out alive, Rick reassures them... "they don't know who they're messing with."

Unresolved Questions

Where's Beth? So many people are downing Maggie for not wondering about her sister. She was so focused on finding her husband - has she forgotten about her sister? I don't think so. I think (and as Lauren Cohen explained on Talking Dead) that Beth was holding onto this hope that Glenn had everyone and that when they found him, she would be with him. But, now that they have reunited ... what's going through Maggie's mind? I thought for sure that when they saw each other again that there would be more hugging - but I think with all the trauma and what they've been through, hugging is kind of out of the question. You can see it in Maggie's face - when she sees them - she realizes that Beth is not with them and there is almost a horror in her face. My other question would be, was that Beth yelling for help when the group was running through Terminus trying to get out (or was it just someone falsely leading them astray)? If you read the comics (which I had to go and read to understand what people were talking about) another proposed theory out there is that Beth was taken by Father Gabriel - who shows up about this time in the Comics. Guess we'll have to wait... seven months...

I'm hoping that after The Grove, that Tyreese, Carol, and Judith are just taking their time - and maybe they won't make it to Terminus. I don't know if they all should reunite there or if it would be better for them to not arrive. IF Beth was taken by Father Gabriel, maybe the trio will meet him as well and as such they reunite with Beth. But again, we'll have to wait to see what the writers are going to torture us with... we have to wait seven more months...

My final question for season four is, who was leaving all the bodies with the titles on them ("Rapist" "Murderer" "Rich Bitch")?? Watching the marathon yesterday, there was an episode in the first half of the season when The Governor and his newly joined group go out and start discovering these bodies, dead bodies, and on them there was a crudely made sign with what we could only assume was the reason they met their demise. Then, when Beth and Daryl are at the country club, there is another body with the same thing, the crude sign stating "Rich Bitch" on a dead persons body. It's food for thought anyway... for the seven months we have to wait. 

The Return, Flashbacks

This episode also featured some great scenes of the gang back at the farm. It really showcased the differences between life and the concepts of what we need, when we need it. At the time, in the prison, Hershel was the voice of reason for Rick and helped him to reconnect to life, to his children, and to his morals. That was how to survive then, now in the present of the episode, Rick has to evolve - they all have to - in order to survive. If you don't - you don't make it...

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Who Will Survive?


If you do not want to contemplate the future of The Walking Dead series, then read no further. If you continue to read and then cry spoilers, you will be served to Mary for her next BBQ Kabob batch at Terminus... to welcome the newcomers. Now, let's dive in!

Who Will Arrive?

Well, from last weeks episode, we already know that Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Tara,
Sasha, and Bob arrived at Terminus, and were greeted by Mary. From what we can analyze from this: Mary didn't seem alarmed or concerned about people entering. She was cooking and offered them rest and food. She also looked pregnant. More speculation to come...

Who Will Survive?

That leaves Tyreese, Carol, Judith, Michonne, Carl, Rick and Daryl, that have yet to reach Terminus. It was also revealed in last weeks episode that Joe is tracking Rick because of past events. He feels wronged and wants his own justice. My personal prediction is that they all will make it to Terminus. After reading different comments and postings, I agree that they'll make it - it's more of who will make it out of there alive?

According to the Comics...

Hardened Carol
Is she ready for what awaits?
I have only read a handful of the comics (I plan on reading them all) however, after watching last weeks episode I did some research. I kept reading about The Hunters and now The Saviors. So after doing some research I was really disheartened, but a little hope is that the AMC series and the Kirkman comics do have quite a bit of differences. Some interesting things I learned that are in the comics: Tyreese and Carol were in a relationship, then Tyreese and Michonne are in a relationship during The Prison. Sohpia is still alive at this point and is in a relationship with Carl. Carol, Lori and Judith all die before the prison is overrun. So, what does this prove? That we'll just have to watch next weeks finale!! It means that just because it is in the comics, does not mean it will be in the show. Carol and Judith are still alive... for now.

After the prison there are new threats introduced, such as The Hunters. This is speculated that the new character "Joe" and his gang are hunters. The Hunters in the comics are lead by Chris. What we know in the comics about the hunters, and has been posted all over the place by now, the hunters are cannibals. The Hunters even sacrificed their own children, at them, to survive. Can you imagine if Mary is pregnant and is a hunter?? Heinous and gross!! But definitely cringe worthy.

The Saviors are led by Negan... I will be cringing myself if and when this character is every introduced into the AMC series, because Negan (in the comics) kills Glenn. The saviors started off in a different colony (The Hilltop - there is even more) and Negan formed his group and his rules. Negan's way of ruling is that he gets a share of the surrounding colonies as payment for his protections - his gang patrolling and keeping the zombie count down.  He wields a barb wired wrapped baseball bat that he dubbed Lucille. I really don't want to see Glenn die!! More predictions and scenarios abound...

On the Show...

With Carol and Judith still in the script (for now) I hope this gives the glimmer of hope that Glenn will remain. However, it has been speculated that Glenn might not make it. This is based on the events from the last episode after reunited with Maggie, she burned his picture of her sleeping and commented that he'll never need another pictures of her. They just got reunited! Of course, this would be devastating to us, the viewing world - because for this half of the season we have been hanging on watching their desperation to find one another - just to have that hope ripped away and crushed? Not yet. My prediction is that our characters that we all know and love are going to gave to take on the hunters. This will lead into the next season, and we will probably be introduced to Negan before the mid-season finale next season. Those are my predictions.

The facts on the show right now are that some of the group have reached Terminus. While everyone is speculating that Terminus is bad, we actually do not know yet. All we know is that the group that has already arrived were not met by force. The gates to Terminus were unlocked and they could walk right in. There were signs posted and it was obvious from the surroundings that there are more people there. Could Terminus be a good colony? I haven't read a single posting that suggested this at all. Everyone has a feeling that Terminus is bad news. It could just be a helpless colony that is having to provide for a character like Negan. We can only wait and see.

From the previews we have seen Rick explaining to Carl about trapping, postings immediately sprouted that this was foreshadowing and reflective of how Terminus could be (probably is) a trap, or that their group will be trapped. In the preview from New Zealand (thank you!) we see Joe exclaiming "the day of reckoning". We now know that Joe's group (consisting of Daryl) catches up to Rick, Michonne, and Carl...


Theories and Predictions...

When I was watching last weeks episode, one of the first things I picked up on was when Daryl and "the hunters" (that's what I will refer to them as) are in the garage, didn't Daryl start to take the tarp off of the car that drove off with Beth in it?? When I asked my sister, who is an avid watcher as well, she said "definitely!" Which adds to my theory that the surrounding area is all one big cluster-?uck of badness. You have groups like Joe's going around for maintenance. Meanwhile, you have these 'bate' houses that are stocked with food and supplies to lure in survivors. Why would they need to lure them in? It could be for different reasons or all of them; to enslave and possible to eat. 

This is where another theory of mine jumps in. While watching last weeks episode, Joe was teaching Daryl how to claim. If and when Daryl finds Beth he'll claim her. Meanwhile, Joe also was feeling Daryl out about the possibility of Terminus and saying something like - guys like us don't belong there. I think Joe is impressed that Daryl made it out of the house alive and furthermore followed the car all the way to the crossroad. Joe obviously has a respect for Daryl and sees him as an advantage. What Joe doesn't know, the wild card, is that Daryl knows 'the guy' they're tracking to kill (who is Rick). I think season 5 (next season) will be all about the hunters leading into the big-bad saviors and the character Negan.

Who would you like to see portray Negan in The Walking Dead?

We're going to be introduced to a new character named "Gareth" who has been described by producers as a mix of a couple different characters from the comics. My prediction is that Rick, Michonne, and Carl are discovered by the hunters (Daryl is there and helps them escape). With Daryl and maybe some other people in tow, they arrive at Terminus. However, the hunters have already learned of the group so they are met with more force (Gareth). 

One of the postings on-line asked what "A" could refer to for the episode title. My two favorite responses were A is for Alpha, or 'A' as in choices that are given. Like, for instance, when Joe catches up with Rick he gives him a couple choices. A: they take Carl, B: they take Michonne, or C: they kill him... something along those lines. However, it has also been speculated that Morgan will reemerge for the finale? I remember them finding him in his barrier town with the crazy writing all over his walls (which would be interesting to read to see if there was anything referring to Terminus on them). 

I think the most posted prediction has been that Terminus is a colony of cannibals. That Beth is what's for dinner, or that she's locked up somewhere there. Although Len did tell Daryl that "those little ones don't last too long." I also read that she was on some other show (The Following) although the screen shot that they showed was of her character with a cut throat. I do hope they find Beth and that she's o.k. I also saw the character Bob on a different show. Bob is a disposable character and he could very likely not make it past the finale, and I would be o.k. with that - especially since sparks didn't explode between him and Sasha - which didn't seem like a good pairing anyway. What I'm waiting for is Beth to be like "Where's my sister?" This is when they could meet resistance from Terminus, if they want to leave to find Beth, or if Beth is already there...

Waiting's the hardest part...

Noteworthy Mentions...

Remember the group that was attacked on the tracks and eventually turned. I believe Tyreese tried to help them and then Michonne (I think) cleaned up the mess. I wondered if they were a part of Terminus or if they were other survivors on their way to Terminus? What are your thoughts?  And, remember the couple Rick and Carol came across while savaging, before Rick sent Carol away. This always struck me as peculiar, especially since Rick found the girl dead... we didn't see the guy again, I think he might be at Terminus and Rick's going to make that connection somehow. I can't remember what the couple's story was either to compare to what we know now.

The house with the pink room and foreshadowing pictures. People have been posting the pics left and right. The pictures of the bunnies; like the ones Lizzie killed. A picture of a dog that resembled the one eyed dog that Daryl encountered. The picture of the sunflowers; they were everywhere when the group reached Terminus. And last but not least, the picture of the creepy woman, it has been compared to Mary from Terminus, but I also saw a picture grouping that looked exactly like the girl in the picture (outfit and hair) as a walker, where it's compared to Mary because of her side-braid hair style. Maybe the girl in the picture is Mary's relative or someone close.

Mutilated woman portrait... what happened to her?

Could that be the one-eyed dog? Looks like it...

Lizzie's favorite - baby bunnies
Don't look at the flowers Michonne!!!



(all images were captured via Google search)

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The Walking Dead 4.15

*****Only 1 Episode Left!!!*****


Us opens with Glenn and his group discovering Maggie's blood written sign, for Glenn to go to Terminus. Dr. Eugene porter talks constantly to Tara, who seems to be blocking him out. Abraham tried to figure out Tara. When they stop for an attempt to rest, Tara gets knocked down and hurts her knee. When she tells Glenn that she can keep going Rosita explains to Glenn that Tara will do anything he says because she feels like she owes him. They come to a tunnel and Abraham explains that they're on their own. Tara agrees to go with Glenn and they accept Abraham's offers of food and flashlight. 

Glen: "I'm sorry I hit you in the face."
Abraham: "I'm not. I like to fight."

The good doctor scientist might be a genius but acts more like a savant. He obviously likes Tara and states it so when they depart ways. Glenn and Tara enter the train tunnel, it's too creepy. It's dark, there are doorways where a number of walkers could come walking through to trap them. Glenn explains how he understands her 'numbness', Tara explains how affected she is by the Governor's actions. 
Am I the only one that is like "Kill them already? Don't you have a knife!?" When anyone comes across a incapacitated walker.

They come to a herd of walkers in the tunnel. My question is how did Maggie, Bob, and Sasha get through this tunnel - did they go through the tunnel? Glenn looks in the herd for Maggie, he figures out that Maggie and them made it through (because she wasn't in the tunnel, as a walker or as walker food). Tara gets stuck between a rock and a hard place. She yells for Glenn to leave her, he refuses. When he runs out of ammo, they are saved. MAGGIE is among the group to save them. Praise God!! Glenn is such a great guy, he doesn't bother to tell Maggie that Tara was with the Governor's group. Then there were eight. Abraham, of course, says that they need to go to D.C. all together. They decide to go to Terminus first. "Tomorrow we go to the end of the line. Then Washington" Abraham.

My reaction when Maggie & Glenn reunited!!!

Hunters Claiming Crap

A walker comes to the hunters camp, surrounded by barbwire. Gross zombie experience: the walker seers his own face with the barbwire - ick! Daryl wasn't with the group. One of the hunters (Len) challenges Daryl (rabbit hunting - claimed) - Joe to the rescue. "That's a paradox right there" Joe, he's the leader and tells Daryl their rules. Daryl explains "Hey, there is no us" Joe states "You leavin' right now? No? Then there is an us." I want Daryl to get away from them. Hopefully, the only reason he's staying with them is to help find Beth - then when he finds her he claims her!! Especially since Len made it a point to explain the process of claiming and he also explained to Daryl how the 'little ones' (referring to women) "don't last too long out here". 

Is it sick that I want Len to die? Preferably, by Daryl? 

Find Beth already!!
Len plays the game - putting his half of the rabbit in Daryl's bag - trying to frame him. When he confronts Daryl, it gets tense. Joe, being the leader, steps in. After listening to both sides; he clocks Len and tells the rest of his group to 'punish him'. The next morning Daryl finds Lens body, and does the decent thing and covers it. When they continue down the tracks, they find the Terminus sign. You can see the hope light up Daryl's eyes. Joe says it's a lie - no sanctuary. My stomach drops when I realized that Joe is talking about Rick (oh shit!), how he had been in the house they were in, strangled one of their men and left him to turn and attack them. Joe said that they tracked him (Rick) to a Terminus sign, they're going after Rick! Daryl doesn't realize that they're talking about Rick though. As they're walking along the tracks, they pass the candy bar rapper that Michonne had dropped when she was rewarding Carl for a bet he had won.

Really? Michonne, Rick, Carl, and Daryl can take a hand full of lame hunters...

Winning Challenge

Michonne, Carl, and Rick - following the tracks to Terminus

Rick's Back!!! Three episodes is too long to go without Rick. I wouldn't want to go that long without Daryl either. Actually, there was a poll on-line which character in the series is the protagonist, the main themed character. While I agree that it is Rick, I don't think you can discount some of the other characters either, especially Daryl. It's also rumored that next weeks episode will be a "savage" one according to producers. They are hinting that not even Rick is safe... great.

The hunters are underestimating the power of the Carl = "I win"
Rick, Michonne, and Carl continue down the tracks. Carl and Michonne had a bet going on who could stay on the tracks the longest. Carl won; his prize, candy. This is when the candy bar wrapper fell, which later you'll see Daryl and the hunters walk past. In The Walking Dead style, there is that calm before the storm; that normalcy before all hell breaks loose. This was it: Rick enjoying watching Carl and Michonne on the tracks.

The episode ends with Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Dr. Eugene making it to Terminus. The place seems deserted, there is evidence of life. There are plants and seems like civilization. They come to a lady cooking, who's pregnant. She introduces herself "welcome to terminus" Mary.

Sneak Peek - Seasonal Finale "A"



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The Walking Dead 4.14

The Grove

Strap yourselves in and get ready! The Grove opens with a kid playing with a Zombie (has to be psycho Lizzie), she's running around as the Walker is trying to catch her. It's the preface of what's coming. Night watch, Lizzie and Carol talk, Carol talks about Sophia, which I believe is the first time she really had talked about her to others outside of the original group that knew Sophia. 

Carol holding Judith, Lizzie, Mika, and Tyreese
Carol sets off with Mika. She had explained to Tyreese how she thought Mika was too nice. When they set off on their own (away from Tyreese, Lizzie, and Judith) to find water, Carol tries to talk to Mika about her disposition. Funny, Mika brings up the deaths of the two people from the prison (Tyreese's girlfriend Karen and another guy). Carol doesn't flinch, even though she's the one that killed them. She tried to get her to understand that sooner or later she'll have to kill a human. But Mika doesn't waver, she proclaims that she can't kill people and tells Carol how her mom told her basically everything works out - ironically, where's her mother now?

What makes me really nervous is how often they leave psycho Lizzie in charge of Judith. Lizzie and Mika start to argue about Walkers; how Lizzie feels they are people and Mika knows that Walkers are dangerous. When a walker comes out of the house and charges the girls, Lizzie has Judith in her arms and is defenseless, Mika had to pull the trigger and take care of business. 

Carol has to make some tough decisions...
Carol fills the tea pot of water and then the whole sequence comes together, the pot is whistling and you see her running outside because Lizzie is playing with a Walker. Lizzie tries to plea with Carol to wait, the walker is inches away from her. When Carol ends the Walker Lizzie LOOSES IT!! There's a reason I call her psycho Lizzie and her true colors show. She yells profusely at Carol saying "what if I killed you", "you killed her, you killed her" which is interesting when Tyreese is watching this because Carol did kill her, she killed Tyreese's girlfriend Karen (he doesn't know that though). 

Carol and Mika go hunting. On their walk Carol tries again to tell Mika that she needs to toughen up, that Lizzie might be bigger and in some ways stronger, that she's smarter and tells her that she'll have to watch out for her sister. They come upon a deer and Carol instruct Mika to shoot the deer but she can't. You can tell that Carol is disappointed in her, but in other ways understands. I think that Carol is trying to warn Mika, how Sophia was the same as Mika and she didn't make it.

Mika's in trouble...
Mika follows her older sister, who is feeding a walker that had broken it's legs on the track, Lizzie feeds the downed walker a mouse. She has her crazy moment - telling her sister how she hears them and in her crazy mind she just thinks they want to make her like they are. When burnt walkers come out of the woods and Mika pulls Lizzie and yells for Carol. Mika goes down and a walker is grabbing at her, Lizzie fights for her and finally isn't hesitating and joins their group in shooting the walkers in their heads, ending them. Carol seems proud of her.

At some point, Tyreese had injured his arm, Carol had the girls dig something like syrup from a tree and put it on his arm and wrapped it up. She said that it would help draw out the infection and heal. When they start talking about setting up house and staying at the house vs. going to Terminus, my first thought was that they're going to have to go because Tyreese is going to need medical treatment for his arm. While Carol and Tyreese go for a hunt, Tyreese is talking about Karen. Carol can't seem to bare it anymore and just when I thought she was going to tell Tyreese, she doesn't. Her crying leads Tyreese to tell her never to be ashamed of who she is and even gives her a caring hug.

Psycho Lizzie
On their way back from the hunting trip they see Lizzie, bloody in the yard. I can't believe what she did!! She's truly psychotic!! I don't even know if I should say it... let's just say it was heinous!! She's truly demented. But what do you do in this situation? It's not like they have psychotic medication to give this girl. Carol talks Lizzie down and Tyreese is able to get Judith and go into the house. Thank goodness they got back when they did, Lizzie had commented that she was about to do the same thing to Judith as she did to her own sister. Tyreese and Carol talk about their options and decide that Lizzie can't be around other people.

Lizzie and Carol take a walk, to pick flowers for Mika, who Lizzie had killed
look at the flowers (Mika calmed Lizzie down by telling her to look at the flowers and count to three). Carol kept telling Lizzie to just look at the flowers, then shot her. Carol has been through so much, it was a tough choice.

What would you have done in these situations?

Tyreese gets closure...
There had already been a grave or two at the grove when they had arrived, now there are two more. Carol and Tyreese are sitting across from one another at the table, in the aftermath of the chaos and burying two children. She tells Tyreese that she was the one that killed Karen and the other guy and then hands him her gun. She tells him "do what you have to do", but he can't and states "I forgive you". HUGE! I keep wondering if they're going to put Carol and Tyreese together, they are in the comic book (or what I have read of them so far). The episode ends with Carol, Tyreese, and Judith setting back out for Terminus.


Sneak Peek What's Next "Us"

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The Walking Dead 4.13


What About Bob?

Bob on the tracks
This episode opens with Bob walking around nearly mindless, surviving. He kept finding ways to hide from herds and keep going. Then, while he was traveling on the road he hears the roar of a motor cycle and when he turns to see and question his sanity, like is this really what I'm hearing, he sees for the first time Daryl and Glenn. Daryl asks him the three questions: How many Walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why? Bob tells them that he's killed more walkers than he could count - even through we don't see him in any physical take-downs. When they ask how many people he's killed, his answer was one. Why? His response was because she asked me. This seems acceptable to Daryl and Glenn so they invite him to go with them. This was the original introduction to the group, before the prison fell and everyone scattered.

In a tight spot...
Fast forward, now Bob is with Sasha and Maggie, their backs are to one another as they are in a dense fog with immediate dangers of surrounding walkers. Very intense scene. I couldn't imagine not being able to see but a foot in front of you. You only have seconds to react to a walker that is coming from all sides. Bob does get bitten, but luckily it's on his bandages so he's fine. As far as we know. Once they are able to catch their breathes they decide that they can't stay there. Maggie is still determined to find Glenn and wants to set out to do so. Sasha is the devils advocate expressing her own fears that everyone else is dead and tries to tell Maggie that Glenn is probably dead. But, Maggie is holding on to the hope that he's out there and everyone else is with him. On the Talking Dead, Lauren (the actress that is Maggie) explains how the hope she is holding onto inside is that everyone, including her sister, is with Glenn and when she finds him then everything will be fine. As they set out they find the sign for Terminus and they discuss their opinions about going vs. trying to make it on their own. Maggie decides that she has to go there because if and when Glenn sees this sign she knows he'll go there looking for her. I think to Maggie it's the only hope of reconnecting. 

Maggie's a survivor
Maggie manages to sneak away and tells Bob and Sasha (she wrote them a message in the earth) that she doesn't want to endanger them. She has to find her husband though and she made the choice to leave them and set off on her own to get to Terminus. Bob, without hesitation decides to pack it up and go after Maggie. Sasha's more reserved and is hesitant to go. Meanwhile Maggie decides to leave messages for Glenn along the tracks. At first she was going to carve her messages, then a lone walker makes it way toward her and she makes quick work of the walker and then tears into his stomach. She'll be writing her messages with walker blood - fierce. Her message is telling Glenn to go to Terminus.

Bob and Sasha decide to split up, he wants to continue to follow Maggie where Sasha wants to set up camp in a sturdy looking building. Almost in a desperate plea, Bob kisses Sasha. I thought for sure that one would bend and stay with the other. However, the kiss must not have meant anything because he continues on the tracks alone and Sasha goes to investigate the building that caught her eye. As she makes her way to the window in an upper level, she sees Maggie and rings the dinner bell for all the walkers around when she accidentally pushes the window out and it crashes to the ground. She runs to Maggie's aide who had been laying on finished walkers. When Sasha called her, there was a walker coming up from behind Maggie so she rushes to her, crossing the path with even more walkers. Sasha has a big steak and Maggie has a road sign, together they make two bad ass walker-killing machines. Maggie and Sasha catch up with Bob as they continue down the tracks. Cut-to Glenn finds the sign of Terminus!!! About time!!

The Ultimate Piggyback

Piggybacks and now hand holding...
Daryl and Beth continue their paths together. She's learning to use the bow and track. She is on the track of a lone walker. When she comes up behind the walker she steps on something and hurts her ankle. When they continue she has to take a break, and Daryl tells her to jump on for the ultimate piggyback... who wouldn't want a piggyback from Daryl!?! Although, he did say you're heavier than you look. They come to a mortuary where they take refuge for awhile. They find a food stash and notice that someone has been living there, it's too clean. They stay there while they can. These two are getting pretty intimate and even flirtatious. I was so team Carol for Daryl, while it might be hard to watch Daryl fall for little Beth, it also makes my heart beat even more for Daryl. Just when you are wondering what's going on - they hold hands. Which might not seem like much, but in a zombie apocalypse I would think that's one of the safest actions they could convey their affections.

Beth inspired to sing...
There's a piano in the mortuary, and you wold think in this realm of theirs that you wouldn't want to make more noise than you should. But Beth feels the need to use the piano and sing. While she has a lovely voice and I enjoyed her singing, I'm sure anyone else around there would like it too - and they might not be so innocent or nice as she believes in people. Anyway, Daryl interupts her to lay down in the coffin - exclaiming it's the most comfortable bed he's been in awhile. He tells her to continue and she does. They make their way back into the kitchen when they hear their walker traps make noise. Daryl investigates and meets a survivor dog with one eye. When the noise happens later he goes to tell the dog what for and opens the door without hesitation to a mini-herd of walkers! 

When Daryl gets into these situations all I can yell is NO!NO!NO! He always manages to fight his way out of it. This was too tight though, there must have been 15-20 walkers in a little mortuary room while he was using everything he could get his hand on to fight away the herd while yelling at Beth to get her shit and get out, that he'd meet back up with her outside. When he makes it outside he sees her bag laying on the ground as a car speeds off... he runs after her, he runs and runs and runs... He finally has to stop, he just sits in this crossroads in the road which is by the railroad tracks (that lead to Terminus). As he's sitting there he gets surrounded by people. He feels threatened and strikes out at the leader pulling his crossbow on him. It's the same pack of hunters that was in the house where Rick was! Daryl has his bow aimed at the leader who explains how he respects a bow-man and introduces himself as Joe. Daryl introduces himself and is accepted by the group (more like pack of wolves). My DANGER-DANGER warning signs are going off like crazy. Poor Daryl is in such a tight spot. I think he would rather face more walkers then have to put up with the very people he wanted to protect Beth from. Not only that, being an introvert, he knows he has to find Beth. Hopefully, he can use them to his advantage someway to help find her and then make a clean break. Doubtful, but I'm still hopeful that things will work out for our hero.

Watching this with my boyfriend he makes the comment that it's getting to be like a soap. Maggie's desperately searching for her husband. Daryl and Beth are flirting with disaster. And now Bob kisses Sasha? Interesting that Carol is with Tyreese. I've been reading the comic books and in them Carol and Tyreese are together. Does this mean that Michonne will be with Rick?? It's almost like everyone that got separated or found one another, now they're "together" together. 

What are your thoughts on tonight's episode?

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