Sunday, November 22, 2015


"Heads Up"


The last episode before the mid-season finale starts with a dark screen and Nicholas's last words echoing "Thank you" with that gunshot we all heard in our nightmares for days now. Then we see Nicholas on top of Glenn getting pulled apart as he struggled to crawl under the dumpster!! We see how Glenn survived - that's right people - GLENN'S ALIVE!!! He manages to hold out under the dumpster and when things calm down he crawls back out. When he does, he finds the flare gun's been destroyed. He hears "Heads up!" and it's Enid! She throws him a bottled water before taking off. He follows her and asks her about Alexandria, she tells him to go back, he asks about Maggie, and she doesn't respond. She takes off and Glenn takes off after her; open credits. My prediction was that the comic book character Jesus would save Glenn. I'm just glad that he's alive. We know Jesus and more of the comic book characters are coming soon.

While Rick is walking the perimeter, he tells Morgan that they need to talk, he see's Maggie on the wall watching for Glenn. I think they're both desperate to hear from Glenn, Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha. Maggie's keeping watch and Rick goes to her, they talk, but I don't know why she didn't tell him that she's pregnant, she had the perfect opportunity while she was talking about Judith and how she's starting to favor Lori. Back to Glenn; he comes to the guy that they had left before and found the note to his wife "Betsy". Father Gabriel is posting something and as Rick walks by, Rick tears it down, Carl and Ron Jr. are with him. He's teaching Ron Jr. about the gun, Ron wants to be armed, but Rick's hesitant (rightly so). Morgan goes to the doctor, Rick's walking by and he wants to talk to Morgan. Rick explains to Morgan what happened with the Wolves, Carol and Michonne are in on the meeting too. I think they're trying to get him to understand by not killing the psychopaths, it endangered Rick. "I don't know what's right anymore" Morgan.

The heard is crowding in on the walls of Alexandria, Michonne and Rick discuss strategy for drawing the walkers away "Really?" Michonne. Rick doesn't want to involve the Alexandrian's in any discussions about how to draw the walkers away, while Michonne is trying to get him to understand that they could be useful too; they're not all a liability. Deanna delivers her plans for the future of Alexandria. Rosita's giving machete lessons to people. Eugene is in the group and they discuss his fear of dying, She basically tells him to pull his big-boy panties up; he walks away. Back to Enid, she goes to leave a store she was in, Walkers were outside and Glenn comes up behind her. He doesn't want to leave her and Enid doesn't want to go. She pulls a gun on him.

Glenn is able to get Enid's gun away from her and convinces her to go with him. Back in Alexandria; Rick is trying to add extra support to the inside walls and another Alexandrian helps him out. Maybe Rick will realize the Alexandrian's could help. What do you think? Back to Glenn and Enid, she takes some balloons they had put out, Glenn tells her how there are more balloons, string, and a helium tank. Rick talking to Alexandrian while they work on the wall. Tobin's telling Rick how scary Rick first seemed, he explains to Rick not to give up on them. Enid and Glenn; he asks her who she stayed with back home, she explains how it wasn't her home and she stayed with Olivia. "We don't have to talk" Enid. Olivia in the pantry is distracted by a mess Ron Jr. made to purposefully distract her in the pantry while he goes to the gun room and takes some bullets -- not good!!

Glenn and Enid arrive back and see the walkers outside of Alexandria "My God" Glenn. Glenn stop being the strong moral compass!! We all know what that means!! But, at least he's alive! Would you have been so determined to save Enid? Rick and Tobin come to Spenser who is crossing an insane way - dangling over the herd - Tara jumps into action and starts shooting walkers, Spencer's rope gives, and he's trying to get back over the wall, Rick's trying to pull him over, Tobin comes to help. Tara taking shots and runs out of bullets, Michonne arrives to help her. Morgan comes to aide Rick and the others too. Once Spenser is safe, Rick yells at Tara, she gives him the finger (hilarious). I think he yelled at her because Abraham, Sasha, Daryl, and Glenn haven't returned yet and he doesn't want to lose anymore else. Rick yells at Spenser that if he had an idea to go to him first "Would you have listened to me?" Spenser. 

Morgan returns to the doctor, he's asking for the "W Man", he tells her it's not his wounds and he explains he doesn't want to involve her in something she might not want to get involved in; but, Carol sees them and she follows with Judith in her arms. Carol sees which house they go in to, and she takes Judith to Jesse - Carol & Sam exchange conversation about monsters "The only thing that keeps you from becoming a monster is killing" Carol, she looks alarmed at what she says. She goes in the house and confronts Morgan. Carl patrolling the streets, Ron Jr. with the gun, following behind him. Michonne looks over the plans Deanna has (the watch tower that the truck had run in to is slowly coming apart outside of the walls...) Rick talks to Tara, Deanna thanks Rick for saving her son... Alexandrian's -- everyone see the green balloons floating (Glenn & Enid). Maggie runs to Rick "That's Glenn" Maggie, as the outside watch tower finally starts to fall and begins to knock the wall down -- fade to black.

Overall the episode was great, not only because we finally get to see what happened to Glenn, but it's truly just an amazing show. I can't believe the mid-season finale next week! I believe at this point in the comics Rick is sleeping with Jessie, and when the herd breaks through the walls her and her sons are attacked and killed by walkers (I could be wrong) but, I'm also pretty sure this is the time when Carl is shot and miraculously lives. I can't wait to see what happens, if AMC decides to go this route and if Carl will lose his eye, it will be epic. Can we please get Talking Dead after The Walking Dead again!? I know that this is to help promote Into the Badlands, but I really miss having that counseling session after the show! Glenn had his own commercial, he commented how he was reading everything we (the fans) were saying and how touched he is, and how he'll be on Talking Dead!! How much I love this show and how much they give to the fans is heartwarming. Mid-season finale predictions: do we think Carl is going to get his comic book look? Do you think we'll see any glimpse of Negan? Here's my predictions, because we still need to see who said "help" to Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha. We'll be dealing with the walkers inside the walls, people in the Alexandrian community getting separated and trying to survive the walkers. Carol dealing with Morgan, I think Deanna (not knowing) will go to check out The W Man, and he'll find a way to take her hostage. Ron Jr. will either shoot Carl by accident or on purpose. It'll be a crazy and intense episode on it's own. BUT, I think they'll have an after credit scene where we'll just see the back of Negan with Lucile on his shoulder, or on him somehow hinting that he's in the vicinity and is aware of the situations. Can't wait!!

Sneak Peek "Start to Finish"