Friday, June 6, 2014


** Spoilers could be revealed below - advance at your own risk **

I know, I know, it opened up like two weekends ago. The weekend it opened, another movie opened that my boyfriend really wanted to see (Blended). Then last weekend another movie opened that I'd been dying to see (Maleficent). If I could afford to go to the movies all the time, I definitely would. I've always loved movies and love going to see movies in the theater. That being said, X-Men Days of Future Past was overall nothing less than phenomenal. The movie really had me occupied the entire time and anticipating what's next. When I had first heard about the concept of the movie I was slightly skeptical. I've seen some movies that just seem to butcher the concepts of time travel. However, this movie did a fantastic job of keeping this viewer engaged and able to follow what was going on.

Peter Dinklage breathes life into Dr. Bolivar Trask
X-Men Days of Future Past spans open to a futuristic view of New York and the result of mutant captivity, even the humans that helped them. What could defeat the mutants that we all love? Cyborgs. Basically, in the past, 1973 to be specific, there was a professor, Dr. Bolivar Trask (portrayed by the very talented Peter Dinklage) who believed mutants to be a threat. While he admires the mutants and what they can do, it doesn't stop him from experimenting on them (killing them for their samples to study). He implores the government to fund his cyborgs that has a fail proof design to target mutants. His first attempt he was nearly laughed out of Senate. Then, after an incident in Paris where mutants were revealed to the world; Government now wants to be able to prove to the world that they can still protect the people. So, they give Trask the green-light.

Kitty sends Logan back to 1973
In the future however, the X-Men have a plan. Kitty (Ellen Page) can manipulate the consciousness to the past. The team decides if they are to save themselves and their kind, they have to go back to 1973 where they believed it all began: when Mystique, full of revenge toward Trask for the slaughter of her friends, kills him, and instead of the government closing his work, they progress it. Hence, they also capture Mystique and use her DNA toward the cyborgs so that they can adapt and counter act with the mutants - making them indestructible. They decided to send Logan/Wolverine back; Kitty explains that going decades back could destroy the mind and Logan has the ability to self-heal, therefore they decide he's the best candidate. 

Evan Peters as Quicksilver
So, as if consciousness time-travel and stopping Mystique wasn't challenging enough, Logan has to reunite Charles and Erik. Oh yeah, and Erik is in lock-down at the Pentagon, for having an involvement with the assassination of J.F.K  I really loved how they worked real history into the story plots. While the government tries to say that Erik/Magneto curved the bullet to kill J.F.K Erik explains to Charles/Professor X that he was trying to save him because he was a mutant. I think they did a great job too of portraying Nixon (Mark Camacho). With this triple threat - Logan enlists the help of Peter a.k.a Quicksilver. He's fast, funny, and could have been really useful for the rest of their missions. I don't know why they parted ways so soon. I really liked Peter (Evan Peters). 

Jennifer Lawrence is Mystique
Now, the question is can Charles and Erik work together to find Raven/Mystique and stop her from killing Trask? The simplified answer - yes. LOL! What was shocking to me was that Erik tries to kill Mystique. He thinks this is the only answer. However, Mystique turns the tables on Erik and through Charles help, she holds the fate of mutant kind within her hands. Jennifer Lawrence is Raven/Mystique and she did a fantastic job. She's definitely a force! You also see the struggle that she battles with, she's not normal and if she shows her true form it tends to freak people out. This can do serious damage to the psyche. Thank goodness she has Charles this time around to keep her sane.

Post-Credits Preview - Apocalypse
The only thing I hated about this movie was that it ended. It really did a good job of making you hold your breath toward the end. Can they change the course of time, the proverbial rippling effect, in order to save mutant kind? Take a deep breath! Not only do they save themselves, the future is bright and magnificent. While we don't know where Erik/Magneto flew off to, Logan wakes up in the future dazed and confused. He leaves his room and wonders the halls of Professor X's Academy. This was one of my favorite sequences. Because all the X-Men are here, even Rogue, Beast, Gene, and Scott. It also opens the future up for us the audience now for the future possibilities of further X-Men movies!! PLUS, if you watch after the credits, you get a sneak peak into what's to come. If you want a great read about the future, then check this article out Den of Geek Explaining the X-Men: Days of Future Past Post-Credits Scene.


You'll definitely want to click on the links to check out the character bios
Not included here: Stryker, Havok and Toad
As a writer, this is what drove me to the extent of character development. Critics would say that there were too many characters, but as a person that grew up with comics, SciFi, and fantasy... the story was leading me. Looking at the X-Men and the list of characters, it's thrilling that they were all on-screen again!!/character/professorx-young!/character/professorx!/character/magneto-young!/character/magneto!/character/mystique!/character/wolverine!/character/kitty!/character/trask!/character/quicksilver!/character/iceman!/character/storm!/character/bishop!/character/warpath!/character/blink!/character/colossus!/character/sunspot!/character/beast

So, my question is this: since Mystique is the one that took Logan into custody and not Stryker, does he still have his metal claws or would they still be bone (or organic material) now - if he didn't go through the Stryker experimentation?