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Thank You

Proceed With Caution

What an episode! The third in the sixth series and they haven't let off the acceleration yet! So much happened in this episode, I know I couldn't get it all, these are episodes you really need to watch for yourself. But please, let's discuss the episode below, your thoughts and predictions. If what happened, really happened, than my heart is completely broken. But, an amazing episode!

Opens with Rick and the group dealing with the herd and the horn blowing. So, we pick up right where we had left them after the premiere episode. Rick's trying to sort out plans, an Alexandrian has doubts, Michonne deals with the Alexandrian telling him basically to shut-up and keep moving; the doubter gets his throat torn out by walker. Don't they know by now, if you doubt Rick, you're going to die!! Heath overhears Rick telling Glenn and Michonne to do whatever it takes to get back, how the Alexandrian's either keep up or they die, but they do whatever it takes to get back. Heath overhears, but then see's a fellow Alexandrian attacked (because they are not experienced enough), so maybe he understands Rick's not just being a dick, he's telling it how it is. Heath's not dumb (at least in the comic's I don't remember him being an idiot).
"If something's in front of you, you kill it" Rick

Rick separates from Glenn and Michonne, Glenn's group is trying their best to keep the Alexandrian's at ease. As they're making their way through the woods, they come across some walkers, Glenn, Heath, and Michonne run into action taking the walkers out. I thought this was a gorgeous shot, looked wonderful! Then, once the rest of the Alexandrian's see it can be done, they go to try to help, but only causes more chaos. Sterges hangs back, takes his gun out to shoot makes a fatal error, ends up shooting an Alexandrian in the leg, who then gets bitten (I believe). Sterges gets scared and runs off as another Alexandrian gets bit from behind! Cut to Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha leading the mega-herd. Daryl's conscious gets the better of him and he decides after talking with Abraham and Sasha and takes off for Alexandria. You can tell Daryl is worried about everyone else.

Glenn and Michonne's group comes to a town, they start checking cars to see if any will start to help those that are hurt. Glenn talks to Michonne and says how he has to get home, you can see the desperation; but, he tells her how he won't leave the Alexandrian's behind. Heath talks to Nick to get a better understanding of what happened before. Nicholas has been in the town before and is given the lead to guide the group out of there (might have been another fatal error). They come to an alley where walkers are chewing-up the guy (Sterges) that had run away earlier. Nicholas zones out, Glenn pulls him back. Then they notice that walkers are starting to surround them. Once Glenn gets Nicholas to focus, they take refuge in a pet store. Michonne and Heath talk strategy, Heath makes a shitty comment, he's projecting what he overheard Rick saying to his crew. Glenn and Michonne discuss who's staying to draw the walkers in-town so the others can escape. Nicholas agrees to go with Glenn, the plan is to start a fire to draw the walkers. Glenn comments that he has to do something first. You can tell, you can just tell! Glenn makes a comment that he has to do something first. He takes out the pocket watch that Hershel gave him, as he uses the Walkie Talkie to talk to Rick. Rick comes up to Walkers and takes them out while he's talking to Glenn, I couldn't tell if he cut his hand or what happened, but now his hand has a wound. Which, if you've read the comics, you know! A great call-back to the second episode of the first season, when Glenn first meets Rick, he calls him "dumb ass" and now, when he's talking to Rick, he calls him by that name again. It's almost as if he knows he may not make it...

When we come back from commercial, Michonne's attempting to patch-up the Alexandrian that was shot in the leg. Annie (another Alexandrian) makes a comment that they should just leave her, that she's slowing them down, then the other guy agrees that they (the injured) should just be left. Michonne again says how no-one is being left behind. Heath makes a comment that if they go, they're all going together and Michonne agrees. Heath still has attitude toward her and leaves the group to go look through the store for things that could help them. Michonne confronts Heath "Hey, you have a problem with me?" Michonne. Dude, don't piss her off! He says how he heard what Rick said. Michonne takes no scruples and school's him, they argue, but at the end of it Michonne makes her point perfectly clear. The Alexandrian's have been sheltered and they haven't been through what Rick's group has, they don't know. Meanwhile, Glenn and Nick are going through town when something from Nick's past comes back to haunt him. They come to a walker that was one of Nick's crew, Nick takes care of the walker as they hear a gunshot coming from the Alexandrian area. Michonne's group notices the walkers drawing toward the gunfire. Cut to Rick running his heart out! He finally gets to the RV, which is part of his plan. Michonne's group is sitting tight until walkers pass. Guy that was bitten gives a note to Michonne to pass to his wife. Which is reflective of Glenn's story too, he's newly married in this world of theirs, and they talked about this on Talking Dead.
Michonne's group silence is broken when they hear noises coming from the back of the store. Michonne investigates and takes care of two walkers that were in there. The walkers outside heard and start making their way toward the store. "They're coming..." Michonne

Michonne's group makes a run for it, the herd in their wake. Annie falls and tells them to go as the walkers surround her and start their feasting. Meanwhile, the building Nick and Glenn were suppose to set fire to has already been burned. Nick zones out again, as Glenn prompts him to come back to reality. Michonnes group are cornered in a dead end alley and they start to hop the fence. It's down to Michonne and the Married guy trying to get over the fence as the walkers are trying to pull them back down. Cut to Glenn and Nick trying to outrun the herd of walkers surrounding them, they too get cornered but are unable to hop the fence because there are more walkers on the other side. They use what ammo they have to shoot some walkers and then take out their knives to fight for survival. Back with Michonne's group, Heath shoots what walkers he can to give Michonne and Married Guy a chance to climb over the chain linked fence. The Married Guy is taken by the walkers and it gives Michonne some freedom to crawl over as they watch him being bitten and torn apart. There really are so many details between the two difference scenes, that I can't possibly get them all here. Now, Michonne's group consists of her, Heath, and the guy that was shot in the leg. Glenn and Nick continue to fight their way out, Glenn climbs up on the dumpster and calls for Nick to follow suit. Nick looks like he's going crazy as he's looking at the walkers. The actor did an amazing job in conveying all the different emotions that this one guy is experiencing. Glenn's trying to bring Nick back, but you can see in Nick's eyes, he's too far gone! Nick cryptically says "Thank you" Nick, as he puts his gun to his head. The next shot is of Glenn yellow "NO!" as the shot shoots and sprays blood all over Glenn's face, and as Nick falls off the dumpster, Glenn falls with him!!! Into the walker herd!!! I think the show wants you to think that the walkers are tearing Glenn's intestines out, but I think it's Nick's. How they fell, Nick would have fallen on top of Glenn. I really hope Glenn didn't go out this way! Glenn can't be dead!! But, how much more of a blow would it be if he survives somehow, just to meet the fate awaiting him from the comics. Then again, the show could have changed things up since we've all been waiting for that epic scene too. Either way, if Glenn really did die this episode, my heart is BROKEN!!

Michonne's group is making their way through the woods, they notice that there is not fire, and Heath tries to tell her that it doesn't mean they didn't make it out. I really hoped and was waiting for Michonne to go back and use her Katana to slice through the herd finding Glenn under the remains of Nick... but alas, instead both her and Heath have a moment of reflection. Cut to Rick driving in the RV, he's trying to get a hold of Glenn, with no answer. No one's answering, when Daryl answers... they converse "We keep going forward for them... if we go back to Alexandria, it will be for us... we keep going forward for them" Rick. Then out of no where Rick's under fire! Daryl hears and turns around but it's not sure in who's direction he's heading now! Rick fights for his life, killing both of the wolves. It was brought up on Talking Dead too, if Morgan had killed the wolves, then Rick wouldn't have had to kill them. What do you think?
When Rick is raiding the bodies of the dead wolves in the RV he pulls a jar of baby food (presumably Judith's) from the dead wolf's jacket pocket. This seems to hit Rick hard, you can see the torment going through his body. I was thinking "Don't lose it Rick!". He sees three more wolves coming up the rear through the rear view mirror. Rick takes an automatic gun from one of the dead wolves and shoots through the RV killing them. Cut to Daryl hauling ass, but I don't know in what direction! Michonne and her group arrive back to Alexandria as they start to take-in the destruction. Daryl arrives back to Abraham and Sasha leading the heard away. Back to Rick, now the damn RV won't start - WHAT! He's losing it, he's definitely starting to lose it, as he hears the herd starting to roll up to where he is. The last shot is of the herd coming out from the woods onto the road where his RV is parked and vulnerable. BTW - he didn't shut the RV door after the wolves entered, did he? Basically, he's a sitting duck!

Therapy session and a great reminder that NO ONE is safe in this world.
90 minute episode next week!
Gimple's note to us in summary: in some ways we will see Glenn again... 
(his words are always cryptic).

Watching the episode again myself - I have faith in Glenn, I think he was able to climb under the dumpster!! What are your thoughts??

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You've been warned! 

The second episode in the sixth season of The Walking Dead proves to all of us true die-hard fans, that these last several months waiting in agony for the return, has been well worth the wait! I loved the first episode of the season, and this next installment is complementary. We get to see what happens when there's an attack on Alexandria. The question everyone's been wondering since last week "Who's blowing the horn!" But, I think the silent killer is the back story of Enid, while she's still a mystery, at least we get to see some of her origin story. Plus, Carol the Badass or Hero, is back!!

JSS opens with Enid traveling with her parents in their SUV, and while her parents are trying to figure out where they are going, or fixing the vehicle, they're overtaken. It's a great edit: it goes from Enid letting her parents know that there are Walkers surrounding them, she starts to yell, then to her in the car surrounded by the aftermath. The opening sequence with Enid shows some of her survival after her parents are eaten, until she arrives at Alexandria. Through out her time walking around, she keeps leaving "JSS" everywhere. At one point, for survival, she crosses paths with a tortoise, as she savagely eats it raw, mirroring how the walker ate her parents. The actress who portrays Enid was on Talking Dead and she talked about this process.

We meet the new resident doctor, Dr. Denise. I love the actress who is playing her, so I'm excited to see how the character develops through the show. She's super anxious about being the new doctor, she explains how shes only a psychiatrist, she has minimal training, so she's super anxious. So, I'm excited to see where she goes. But, am I the only one still concerned about Tara? Why is she dizzy and why does she need Tylenol. Granted, she probably is still recovering, but I'm still leery, I think something else is going on with her. Jessie and Ron have a scene where he demonstrates more of his teen angst. I think the actors did a great portrayal of mother and son and really being in that moment. I felt like it was a real situation, the attitudes colliding, the reactions, and results. But, by far my favorite scenes this episode were with Carol. When she's in the pantry with other town women, the entire time I'm thinking "they have no idea who they're talking to". One even makes the statement how she's an honest-to-goodness hero. They might have been talking about her cooking skills, but later we'll see, she is Carol the Hero who saves Alexandria. There's another great scene where Carol tells her neighbor off about smoking, it was great. She's harsh, but they're living in a harsh world. Meanwhile, Maggie is telling Deanna how they can continue to build Alexandria, by planting and being their for the people Deanna's been leading.

An interesting scene is when Carl is out walking Judith in her stroller, he comes across Enid with Ron. But, Carl is interrupted by Father Gabriel who talks to him and says he wants to try. At first, Carl wants nothing to do with him, but Father Gabriel seems sincere in his desire to learn now, everyone goes through their breaking points differently. So, Carl tells him that he'll try and they set-up a meeting time, so Carl and give him the pointers he desperately needs. As he leaves Father Gabriel, he looks back toward Enid who is now hugging Ron, and she looks directly at Carl, it's not like she's hugging him and cares, you can tell she has no affection for Ron, it's more of an obligation or something. Then it cuts to Carol in her kitchen putting one of her casseroles in the oven, she stops to watch her neighbor outside smoking. You can tell she's thinking about what she told her in the pantry, and you just think Carol could totally go out there and take care of business, when out of NOWHERE this huge dude wack the neighbor with a machete!! What?!

Town is being brutally attacked by a group of Wolves. Rick's group that is left in Alexandria jumps into action, they're well prepared, while the other Alexandrian's are struggling with what to do, most of them are being slaughtered by the Wolves. One of their tractor trailers barrels toward the watch tower, busting through it, and the horn blows continuously from the driver dying. At least that question was answered.
Tip #1 Don't put a guy in the watch tower with a sniper that can't shoot!!
Holly was severely injured during the attack and is brought to the new doc, she's really anxious and doesn't want to operate on her, Tara and Eugene talk her into it, explaining how she has to try. Eugene has this real moment where he's explaining to her how she needs to do it because she doesn't want to battle with being a coward, he should know, right? Morgan arrives to take care of the horn and has a brief interaction with Spencer. When he basically asks Spencer if he's going to help, and Spencer hesitates, Morgan tells him to hide. Morgan goes into Alexandria to face the attackers. Carol has already entered her survival mode and argues with Morgan about killing people. Maggie, Deanna, and Spencer are trying to get a handle on what's going on, Maggie leaves them to go help the town after Deanna explains to her that she is of no use in helping and takes refuge in the truck. While the Wolves are chasing people down, one finds Ron and starts chasing him, as Carl saves Ron by shooting the wolf in the leg and eventually killing him. Carl tells Ron to go into the house, he can keep him safe, but when Ron sees that Enid is already there, he refuses and runs away. Jessie had locked herself and her younger son in the closet, but when she hears Ron entering the house, the wolf that was inside scampers off, she goes to warn Ron and ends up brutally killing the wolf with a pair of kitchen scissors. You shouldn't mess with a Momma Bear!

Carol proves to be the towns hero as she goes through taking care of buisness. Morgan saves Father Gabriel, as Morgan is tying up his captor, Carol arrives and shots the wolf in the head. Aaron is also going through the town shooting any wolves he comes into contact with. Morgan has a really difficult time with all the killing. Aaron and Rosita join the fight too, killing any wolves they come into contact with. There is a great scene with Morgan interacting with a group of wolves that surround him. They recognize him, and he starts talking to them in a detached language pattern, he probably can understand their level of crazy, because he's been there. But, he sends them off with their tails between their legs, as he closes the gates to Alexandria.
Are you Team Morgan and want to spare the living at all costs? Or, Team Carol, shoot to kill so they don't come back?

Once it seems all the wolves have retreated or have been killed, Carol is having a moment, you can see her breaking a little, taking the moment to mourn. But, you know right after she'll get up and keep being her fabulous self. Interestingly though, she had disguised herself as a wolf, even painting a bloody W on her forehead. During this moment when she's letting everything sink in, she goes to rub the W off, and as she turns to the left there is the red A on the porch that we've seen through out some episodes. Aaron's going through the town making sure none of the dead turn, when he eventually finds his old backpack, that one of the wolves had, filled with the Alexandria pictures he use to show people, you can see the torment that he led these people there, the wolves. I can't recall how he lost it or where he left it. But, you can definitely see the torment going through him as he realizes the scope.

The rest of the episode is everyone dealing with the immediate aftermath. It's basically Rick's group helping the Alexandrian's deal with what is going on. They've been around the block a few times, where the Alexandrian's have been secluded really. There are some great scenes; Spencer asks Rosita basically how they live with it, and she answers along the lines of "have something worth living for." Maggie and Deanna come to the burnt guard they had seen previously, when the attack first began, and as Maggie ends the walker, she tries to comfort or guide Deanna and says "We're still here", Deanna's retort "Not all of us." Carl is still guarding Judith and their house, he calls for Enid, but finds a not she left "just survive somehow" - the mystery of JSS solved! Which I didn't pick up on until watching Talking Dead and they pointed it out. Morgan comes across the wolf he had the interaction with in the woods last season, they fight. The wolf even comments how Morgan can't kill, and Morgan apologizes before hitting him with his staff.

The episode ends with Morgan walking through the streets of Alexandria, Carol is also patrolling. They don't say anything, they just cross paths, and continue their patrols. Like I said, this episode was amazing, I loved last weeks premiere episode, and I love this one too. It has me super excited about the rest of the season!

Kevin Smith & Jarvis and The Vision, Paul Bettany were tonight's guests. It was a great therapy session after this episode. I love Kevin Smith, he was funny, smart, and he's a real fan, so I could totally relate with his train of reasoning pertaining the show. Mr. Bettany provided the sultry British accent, and his different perspectives were appreciated. They also had the actress who portrays Enid on and she gave some insight into her character. On that note: I was on the fence about the theory that Enid is with The Wolves. Then, tonight during the Play Dead interactions, one of the questions was about the characters' name of the wolf Carol was disguised as. His name was Aphid, which seems too similar to Enid, there just seems to be too many bug references there for my liking, or similarities. What if, all the wolves had bug names, or different packs have themed names. Also! When she's talking to Carl during this episode, and she's explaining to him how Alexandria is too big... it just seemed like maybe she had heard it before, maybe she was repeating what the Alpha or the leader of their pack was saying, she could have been there this entire time scoping things out. During this scene with Carl, she starts to say "that's how we [wolves] were able to..." but, Carl interrupts her!

Is she or isn't she??

Sneak Peek - "Thank You"

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First Time Again

What an epic and amazing season 6 premiere!
DO NOT continue reading if you don't want to read any spoilers.
If you do and complain about it, a tree-hugging walker will bite your face off.

First Time Again opens with a massive quarry scene! Our group and a group from Alexandria are working together to solve a massive issue; a quarry filled with walkers! This massive undertaking is combined with the aftermath of what happened at then end of season 5. I absolutely am crazy over this episode for a number of reasons. The first, the different shots going from flashbacks in black and white, to more current in the normal Walking Dead colors. It was masterfully wielded and from the characters we love, to the massive scale of the episode, it's definitely one of my favorite episodes to date.

Of course Deanna is more open to Rick now and what they need to do to secure Alexandria. While others are not so sure. In particular, Carter, he's a new character for this episode and he challenges Rick a lot. We all know just to listen to Rick, however these people don't know the life outside of those walls and maybe don't want to know; which Rick represents all of their fears. Don't worry though, Carter doesn't last too long. A great scene that I loved; Carter was holding a private meeting with his suggestion of killing Rick. Eugene overheard and was discovered. This scene was brilliant because we don't expect Rick and some of the crew to show up, but they do. Rick gives Carter a serious reality check quickly and ends the attempted uprising. Later, Rick even says that Carter won't make it, and Carter proves him right, unfortunately.

Another new character, Heath, from the comics. A funny scene is when they arrive back to Alexandria and Eugene is watching the gate. The interaction between the two of them was great and both actors did a wonderful job. You can tell Heath is like "who's this guy and what's his deal?" While Eugene makes a genius comment how he appreciate Heath's hair game - epic! From what I remember in the comics, I like Heath and look forward to seeing him in the AMC Walking Dead universe.

Morgan and Rick throughout the premiere seem like two friends, who stay close because of that saying "you keep your enemies close". At times I think they understand each other and they'll be amazing together, then other times I feel like Morgan might leave again, which I really don't want. I love that Morgan is here and I hope we get to see a lot of action from his character. I love the scene where Morgan asks Michonne about taking a peanut butter protein bar from his place. They both kick-ass, maybe they will have a thing. I know in the comics Michonne isn't shy about sleeping with different characters. But, I also loved Morgan and Rick's scene on the porch while Michonne hangs back. I think Morgan would be a great character to reel Rick in when he needs it.

Another great scene was between Carol and Morgan. As far as we know it's their first real meeting and he comments how he notices how she watches everything. This internally alerts Carol I think, she knows now she has to keep an eye on Morgan too. Carol's doing a wonderful job as Rick's spy in Alexandria; she's playing her part beautifully. Another great scene was when a group effort to build a road block for Rick's plans to draw the walkers away from Alexandria, a few walkers came up on the group working. Rick tried to coax those from Alexandria that need to learn how to take care of a walker, but they weren't able (Carter included). So, Rick's group had to take care of things, and I think it also helped the Alexandrians to understand, finally, that Rick's group isn't so crazy (not for the world they are living in now).

Was I the only one that noticed Tara sort of hiding her arm? At least we finally know her character is seemingly okay. When she's in the bed, the blanket is covering her left arm, and then later she's wearing a long sleeve hoodie or coat. I would think if she had been bit, Rosita would have discovered it since she's the one that has been caring for her. Glen and Nick seem to be dealing with their differences. Last season Nick tried to kill Glen. They both get cleaned up from their romp in the woods, and Glen communicates with Maggie it's her choice if she wants to tell people that Nick tried to kill Glen, but he wants to give him a chance I think. There is a scene where Glen, Heath, and Nick have to clear-out a store. It was a great synergy, you have a member from Rick's group (one of the best), you have Heath who is practically neutral because he hasn't been there but has enough sense because he goes out on runs, and Nick who's trying to redeem himself. The three of them work well together to clear out the store so Rick's plan plays through smoothly without the complication the noise could have caused.

Do you think Jessie and Rick are going to work out? After her interaction with Rick in this episode, I couldn't feel their connection anymore. Again, it could be because she witnessed Rick shoot her husband's face off and killed him. She's also having to mourn for her abusive husband and console two grieving children, one being a teenager with plenty of angst. Rick was trying to tell her son Ron something, and she basically tells Rick to stay far away from her children. Which, if you read the comics you know the three of them don't make it (Jessie and her two sons). It'll make sense because she's resistant for Rick to teach them how to survive, it will come full-circle when she's unprepared and they die because of it. That's why we all say LISTEN TO RICK! Yeah, he shot your husband, but your husband was a dick. I can understand her moral dilemma, but in this world survival is the name of the game, right?

Rick's plan to draw this mega-herd away from Alexandria is in the homestretch and only experienced a few snags, which were dealt with, when a loud menacing horn starts sounding. The walkers start to stray from the path they've set out, and Rick even comments that it sounds like it's coming from Alexandria! The last few shots are of the walkers, massive in numbers, leaving the road where Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham had been leading them down, and going toward the sound of the horn. What could be happening to Alexandria, that they felt this was their only option!? Guess we'll find out next week! I don't know about you, but I'm beyond excited about this season. If the first episode of season six is any indication -- buckle up -- it's going to be a crazy-intense ride (as long as I was on the back of Daryl's bike, I'd be good)!

Sneak Peek - Episode 2 "JSS"


FEAR: The Good Man

The finale for their premiere season ended with a bang! 
I apologize that this wasn't posted the same night it aired. I try my best to watch the episodes and share. However, life gets in the way sometimes. Just like in The Good Man, life is definitely changing for all of our main cast. What I appreciate from this series was that they weren't afraid to show the military break-down and the interpersonal relationships... and who else loved that there was a special Talking Dead after the episode.

Luckily though, I took notes so I'm going to share with you what I managed to scribble out about the finale episode. My first note reads: group left neighbors exposed when Travis left gate open! This was when the families were leaving the neighborhood after the military withdrew. Maybe if Travis wasn't so preoccupied with letting their captive go, he would have locked the gate and given the people inside a better chance of survival. Although, I guess they'll have to face the music eventually. Basically, when the families were leaving, they opened the perimeter gate as their vehicles drove through, and Travis was the last one out. Why he didn't shut the gate baffled me. But, like they talked about on Talking Dead and as I've mentioned before, they are just being introduced into this world. We've been following The Walking Dead for five (going on six) seasons, we know the deal, unfortunately they do not.

One of my absolute favorite scenes was with Daniel. The episode before he checked out the arena where he learned a lot of people were left by the military relentlessly. Daniel used this to his advantage. He unleashed the herd and walked them to the military outpost where they wanted to get in to get their people back. The scene was perfection! All you see at first is Daniel walking up to the post as the military people yell at him that he's in the wrong area or something, then he says something really smart like "you should be more worried about them", then he whistles or something, as it's revealed a lot of walkers were following him. It was crazy-amazing!! Loved it.

After the compound is attacked and over-run, the group amazing survives, there were some intense scenes. When the group emerges, it's the dawn of a new day and beautifully shot. The entire group reunites with the addition of the sly Strand and they head to his place on the coast where he assures them he has everything they need. I'm still not too sure about this guy, I think he would sacrifice any of the group to save his own hide... he's a survivor. It'll be interesting to see his perspective in the next season and where all their characters go. We're just seeing Travis start to unravel in this world where moral decisions aren't always the right ones. He's met with the consequences of letting the military guy go and he loses it beating his face bloody!

When they get to Strand's mansion, everyone is dealing and sort of just catching their breaths. Madison notices Liza left the house and heading to the shore. She follows her and finds out that during their escape she was compromised. Travis finds them too and has to deal with pulling the trigger. It's a hard thing and in this world, as we know, it's not easy (to say the least). The women thought that having to end them would in result, end himself. So, we'll have to see next season how this will change him. It was great watching Talking Dead after the episode because we sort of got a tease that next season (if he was telling the truth) the group will be on Strand's yacht and we'll see pirates basically!

Overall, I think this episode was probably my favorite and the best. Usually premieres and finales are the best thought, right? If their episodes were more like this one I don't think they would have had that decline in viewers. It just seemed to be really slow in the middle and hopefully next season it'll pick-up like this one. Until next season!