Sunday, October 11, 2015


First Time Again

What an epic and amazing season 6 premiere!
DO NOT continue reading if you don't want to read any spoilers.
If you do and complain about it, a tree-hugging walker will bite your face off.

First Time Again opens with a massive quarry scene! Our group and a group from Alexandria are working together to solve a massive issue; a quarry filled with walkers! This massive undertaking is combined with the aftermath of what happened at then end of season 5. I absolutely am crazy over this episode for a number of reasons. The first, the different shots going from flashbacks in black and white, to more current in the normal Walking Dead colors. It was masterfully wielded and from the characters we love, to the massive scale of the episode, it's definitely one of my favorite episodes to date.

Of course Deanna is more open to Rick now and what they need to do to secure Alexandria. While others are not so sure. In particular, Carter, he's a new character for this episode and he challenges Rick a lot. We all know just to listen to Rick, however these people don't know the life outside of those walls and maybe don't want to know; which Rick represents all of their fears. Don't worry though, Carter doesn't last too long. A great scene that I loved; Carter was holding a private meeting with his suggestion of killing Rick. Eugene overheard and was discovered. This scene was brilliant because we don't expect Rick and some of the crew to show up, but they do. Rick gives Carter a serious reality check quickly and ends the attempted uprising. Later, Rick even says that Carter won't make it, and Carter proves him right, unfortunately.

Another new character, Heath, from the comics. A funny scene is when they arrive back to Alexandria and Eugene is watching the gate. The interaction between the two of them was great and both actors did a wonderful job. You can tell Heath is like "who's this guy and what's his deal?" While Eugene makes a genius comment how he appreciate Heath's hair game - epic! From what I remember in the comics, I like Heath and look forward to seeing him in the AMC Walking Dead universe.

Morgan and Rick throughout the premiere seem like two friends, who stay close because of that saying "you keep your enemies close". At times I think they understand each other and they'll be amazing together, then other times I feel like Morgan might leave again, which I really don't want. I love that Morgan is here and I hope we get to see a lot of action from his character. I love the scene where Morgan asks Michonne about taking a peanut butter protein bar from his place. They both kick-ass, maybe they will have a thing. I know in the comics Michonne isn't shy about sleeping with different characters. But, I also loved Morgan and Rick's scene on the porch while Michonne hangs back. I think Morgan would be a great character to reel Rick in when he needs it.

Another great scene was between Carol and Morgan. As far as we know it's their first real meeting and he comments how he notices how she watches everything. This internally alerts Carol I think, she knows now she has to keep an eye on Morgan too. Carol's doing a wonderful job as Rick's spy in Alexandria; she's playing her part beautifully. Another great scene was when a group effort to build a road block for Rick's plans to draw the walkers away from Alexandria, a few walkers came up on the group working. Rick tried to coax those from Alexandria that need to learn how to take care of a walker, but they weren't able (Carter included). So, Rick's group had to take care of things, and I think it also helped the Alexandrians to understand, finally, that Rick's group isn't so crazy (not for the world they are living in now).

Was I the only one that noticed Tara sort of hiding her arm? At least we finally know her character is seemingly okay. When she's in the bed, the blanket is covering her left arm, and then later she's wearing a long sleeve hoodie or coat. I would think if she had been bit, Rosita would have discovered it since she's the one that has been caring for her. Glen and Nick seem to be dealing with their differences. Last season Nick tried to kill Glen. They both get cleaned up from their romp in the woods, and Glen communicates with Maggie it's her choice if she wants to tell people that Nick tried to kill Glen, but he wants to give him a chance I think. There is a scene where Glen, Heath, and Nick have to clear-out a store. It was a great synergy, you have a member from Rick's group (one of the best), you have Heath who is practically neutral because he hasn't been there but has enough sense because he goes out on runs, and Nick who's trying to redeem himself. The three of them work well together to clear out the store so Rick's plan plays through smoothly without the complication the noise could have caused.

Do you think Jessie and Rick are going to work out? After her interaction with Rick in this episode, I couldn't feel their connection anymore. Again, it could be because she witnessed Rick shoot her husband's face off and killed him. She's also having to mourn for her abusive husband and console two grieving children, one being a teenager with plenty of angst. Rick was trying to tell her son Ron something, and she basically tells Rick to stay far away from her children. Which, if you read the comics you know the three of them don't make it (Jessie and her two sons). It'll make sense because she's resistant for Rick to teach them how to survive, it will come full-circle when she's unprepared and they die because of it. That's why we all say LISTEN TO RICK! Yeah, he shot your husband, but your husband was a dick. I can understand her moral dilemma, but in this world survival is the name of the game, right?

Rick's plan to draw this mega-herd away from Alexandria is in the homestretch and only experienced a few snags, which were dealt with, when a loud menacing horn starts sounding. The walkers start to stray from the path they've set out, and Rick even comments that it sounds like it's coming from Alexandria! The last few shots are of the walkers, massive in numbers, leaving the road where Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham had been leading them down, and going toward the sound of the horn. What could be happening to Alexandria, that they felt this was their only option!? Guess we'll find out next week! I don't know about you, but I'm beyond excited about this season. If the first episode of season six is any indication -- buckle up -- it's going to be a crazy-intense ride (as long as I was on the back of Daryl's bike, I'd be good)!

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