Sunday, February 8, 2015



The mid-season premiere is finally here! Titled What Happened and What's Going On seems appropriate. The group has been through so much and after this episode, it's far from nearly over. They definitely need time to gather themselves and reconnect. There has been too much loss, if they stop and try to live, it would help them to remember what they are living for. Before the mid-season premiere Norman Reedus had mentioned how he thought this episode was a hallucinogenic one - he was right! The first segment before it cut to the intro and commercial was chalked full of crazy images, it was very well put together in the classic AMC style, showing us those images through out the episode. The mid-season finale was a tough one and BAM, the mid-season premiere was another knock in the gut.

Rick talks to some of the group about honoring Beth's wish to help Noah find his way home. You can tell the group is low on morale, but Rick is able to help them to see this is what they need to do. Rick, Glenn, Michonne, Noah, and Tyreese make their way to Noah's home. On the way Ty has a heart to heart with Noah, telling him his father's theory on keeping your eyes open. Meanwhile, the rest of the group is stationed somewhere and they are able to communicate via Walkie Talkies. Unfortunately, upon their arrival the community is no more, there are no people there, something definitely happened though as they reveal more of the estate. Michonne finds an area that's riddled with the bottom half of walkers, just legs, arms, and butts. Later, when the group is escaping they ram into a truck that has the torsos. I'm thinking this will come into play later.

So, the crazy part of this entire episode was that Tyreese was bitten! He had just given Noah this lecture about how his father always said to keep your eyes open sort of thing, and here he was wigging out over pictures in Noah's house, meanwhile Noah's zombie kid brother comes in behind him and gets a good bite on his forearm! Noah comes in just after taking a model airplane that was dangling from the ceiling and jamming it through his little brother's eye socket. While Noah has left to go get help, Tyreese is dealing with nearly all the past characters that have died: The Governor; Bob; Martin; Lizzy & her sister; and even singing Beth. The group finds Noah and they run to save Tyreese, but they're not able to save him. As much as I hated Tyreese's character this season, it was still hard to watch him go and now his sister has to deal with the loss too. I can see her and Maggie bonding because they both just lost their siblings. An interesting aspect was during Tyreese's hallucinations, he was getting weird feed-back commentary through the radios - much like Rick had (with the phone) after Lori died.

You wielded that hammer better than Thor
R.I.P Tyreese

During their time at the estates, Rick, Michonne, and Glen decide that going to Washington would be good, so they have decided to make their way there. We really didn't get to see the rest of the group, so I imagine the next episode will be reconnecting with the group and making their way through the wastelands. It's going to be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out. Buckle in, it's always a wild ride!

Episode 10 Sneak Peek "Them"

Favorite Pics of the Week

"Bite Me" He wishes ::wink::

I don't know about anyone else but I was nearly having anxiety issues when Glen picked up the bat and kept carrying it around! Am I the only one??

Thank God TWD is finally back!! Whoot Whoot!!