Monday, April 13, 2015


Who doesn't love an ass-kicking hero? If you want to stay-in on a rainy spring day and cruise through your queue, or maybe you're taking a sick day and browse through your suggested titles. What could brighten a cloudy day or lift your spirits but a superhero to the rescue! Here are a few that I have watched and suggest:


It is a Netflix Original Series through Marvel Studios and in association with ABC Studios. This series I couldn't stop watching even if I wanted to. Daredevil stars Charlie Cox as The Devil of Hell's Kitchen, otherwise known as Matt Murdock and of course by the end of season one, his legendary hero title of the iconic Daredevil. I did not read the comics but as a fan of the Marvel Universe and what the creators have delivered, I am truly just so excited about this series, and highly anticipating season 2. Not to mention Vincent D'Onofrio does an outstanding portrayal of Wilson Fisk a.k.a Kingpin. The compiled cast is phenomenal, I'm still not completely sold on Elden Henson who portrays Foggy, but I loved the friendship flashback of Foggy and Matt when they were in college. By the end of the season all the puzzle pieces fit wonderfully together and the last few minutes of the last episode I literally had hair-raising-goose-nips, it was that awesome. What I really loved is that it is darker, edgy, and more personal. I think this series brings comic fans and those of us that just enjoy what Marvel has to offer, and we can all agree that the studios have produced an amazing series. Of course it wouldn't be Marvel without amazing action, and continues their expertise wielding of drama with hints of comedic charms as well. If you haven't checked it out yet I would highly recommend doing so. Just be warned, once started there is no return.

Series Break Down

Episode 1 - "Into the Ring" - 53min
Episode 2 - "Cut Man" - 53min
Episode 3 - "Rabbit in a Snowstorm" - 52min
Episode 4 - "In the Blood" - 52min
Episode 5 - "World On Fire" - 56min
Episode 6 - "Condemned" - 48min
Episode 7 - "Stick" - 50min
Episode 8 - "Shadows in the Glass" - 53min
Episode 9 - "Speak of the Devil" - 57min
Episode 10 - "Nelson v. Murdock" - 56min
Episode 11 - "The Path of the Righteous" - 58min
Episode 12 - "The Ones We Leave Behind" - 59min
Episode 13 - "Daredevil" - 56min
Total Time Invested: 703 minutes or 11.72 hours

#2 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Continuing in the Marvel Universe, Netflix provides us with the viewing candy that is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It picks up after the Battle of New York and dives into the mystery of Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg). Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) makes a few quest appearances which are awesome, of course along with Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) and Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander). The series starts with Agent Coulson and his attempt to bring together a group of talented agents for his super-team. Of course there is plenty of mysteries to solve, drama to unravel, and plenty of great nail-biting action. I love Agent Coulson, but I particularly am fond of Agents Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) and Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker); this duo has so much charm and romantic angst that it pulls perpetually at the proverbial heart strings. 

Series Break Down

Episode 1 - "Pilot" - 44min
Episode 2 - "0-8-4" - 41min
Episode 3 - "The Asset" - 43min
Episode 4 - "Eye Spy" - 42min
Episode 5 - "Girl in the Flower Dress" - 42min
Episode 6 - "F.Z.Z.T" - 43min
Episode 7 - "The Hub" - 42min
Episode 8 - "The Well" - 42min
Episode 9 - "Repairs" - 43min
Episode 10 - "The Bridge" - 41min
Episode 11 - "The Magical Place" - 42min
Episode 12 - "Seeds" - 43min
Episode 13 - "T.R.A.C.K.S." - 42min
Episode 14 - "T.A.H.I.T.I." - 42min
Episode 15 - "Yes Men" - 43min
Episode 16 - "End of the Beginning" - 41min
Episode 17 - "Turn, Turn, Turn' - 43min
Episode 18 - "Providence" - 43min
Episode 19 - "The Only Light in the Darkness" - 43min
Episode 20 - "Nothing Personal" - 43min
Episode 21 - "Ragtag" - 43min
Episode 22 - "Beginning of the End" - 43min
Total Time Invested - 934 minutes or 15.57 hours


Quickly addictive, full of master combat, and great storytelling,  The CW's Arrow will keep you entertained and craving more. Currently in their third season, Netflix has the first two seasons available and with 23 episodes each, buckle in for the long-haul. Starring the delectable Stephen Amell who portrays the billionaire Oliver Queen, through extensive series of events Oliver is transformed, and when he finally returns home he is there with a primary objective - basically to kick some major ass. I don't want to spoil anything and I'm not reviewing just suggesting what you should binge on next (if you haven't already), but this series is intricate to say the least! It's not only worthy of a test drive, it's definitely a keeper. I love this series because I just can't seem to stop wanting to watch Amell's performances. It will keep you on your mental toes too between the plots of the present and the flashbacks of the past, you'll be drawn into the drama all to quickly. 

Series Break Down

Season 1
Episode 1 - "Pilot" - 42min
Episode 2 - "Honor Thy Father" - 42min
Episode 3 - "Lone Gunman" - 42min
Episode 4 - "An Innocent Man" - 42min
Episode 5 - "Damaged" - 41min
Episode 6 - "Legacies" - 41min
Episode 7 - "Muse of Fire" - 40min
Episode 8 - "Vendetta" - 42min
Episode 9 - "Year's End" - 42min
Episode 10 - "Burned" - 42min
Episode 11 - "Trust but Verify" - 42min
Episode 12 - "Vertigo" - 42min
Episode 13 - "Betrayal" - 42min
Episode 14 - "The Odyssey" - 42min
Episode 15 - "Dodger" - 42min
Episode 16 - "Dead to Rights" - 41min
Episode 17 - "The Huntress Returns" - 42min
Episode 18 - "Salvation" - 42min
Episode 19 - "Unfinished Business" - 42min
Episode 20 - "Home Invasion" - 42min
Episode 21 - "The Undertaking" - 42min
Episode 22 - "Darkness on the Edge of Town" - 42min
Episode 23 - "Sacrifice" - 42min

Season 2
Episode 1 - "City of Heroes" - 42min
Episode 2 - "Identity" - 42min
Episode 3 - "Broken Dolls" - 41min
Episode 4 - "Crucible" - 42min
Episode 5 - "League of Assassins" - 42min
Episode 6 - "Keep Your Enemies Closer" - 42min
Episode 7 - "State v. Queen" - 42min
Episode 8 - "The Scientist" - 42min
Episode 9 - "Three Ghosts" - 42min
Episode 10 - "Blast Radius" - 42min
Episode 11 - "Blind Spot" - 42min
Episode 12 - "Tremors" - 40min
Episode 13 - "Heir to the Demon" - 42min
Episode 14 - "Time of Death" - 42min
Episode 15 - "The Promise" - 42min
Episode 16 - "Suicide Squad" - 42min
Episode 17 - "Birds of Prey" - 42min
Episode 18 - "Deathstroke" - 42min
Episode 19 - "The Man Under the Hood" - 42min
Episode 20 - "Seeing Red" - 42min
Episode 21 - "City of Blood" - 42min
Episode 22 - "Streets of Fire" - 42min
Episode 23 - "Unthinkable" - 42min
Total Time Invested - 1,924 minutes or 32.07 hours

What I love about the Netflix Original Series is that all the episodes are released on the same day, so you can binge watch, or take your time through the season. PLUS, the feature that I love the most - no commercials! Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D can be seen Tuesday's on ABC and  Arrow can be seen Wednesday's on the CW. Check your local listings. If you have binged these series please leave a comment on your thoughts, what you loved, and maybe what you didn't love so much. Also, if you have any hero themed suggestions to binge on next I'd greatly appreciate them. Enjoy!