Friday, May 3, 2013

Movies in Review: Red Dawn

"We're gonna fight, and we're gonna keep fighting... The rest of you are going to have a tougher choice. Because we're not going to sell it to you. It's too ugly for that. But when you're fighting in your own backyard, when you're fighting for your family, it all hurts a little less, and makes a little more sense. Because for them, this is just a place. But for us, this is our home." Matt Eckert (, 2013) Red Dawn (2012)
I have to be honest, watching this made my anxiety level go from stressed to almost near panic. It may be paranoia, but this could become reality (tell me again why our second amendment rights are being scrutinized?) Also, I am usually leery about watching re-makes, as they hardly ever compare to the original. My sister actually suggested that it was a good movie, so I thought - what the hey!
Red Dawn (1984) depicted the invading Russian armies, 2012 it is Asian armies (I believe China). Something I think that is reflective from the story line to real life is that there are those that follow like sheep to the slaughter and then there are individuals that will fight for what they believe in. I love the speech that the Eckert brother's give, explaining how this is our back yard, this is our families. To the invading armies this is just a place for them, but for us this is our home.  We can say that we are free (even though we're not) but, we are privileged - because of the brave. Meaning, we can lead our lives because of the brave men and women that have fought for our freedom through out time and still to this day.
I would have really liked to have seen the Eckert sons as real life Hemsworth brothers. It was a little surreal to watch Thor be a big brother to Josh Peck, just wasn't believable to me that they were brothers. Other than that, I enjoyed watching the movie and would recommend it to individuals that do not have a fear of our country being invaded.