Monday, July 7, 2014


Summer has been in full force lately! I just got back from a two-week vacation, I'm tanner than I've ever been, but I also realize I've seriously been slacking. So, I thought I would play catch-up in one big post. While on vacation my boyfriend, his nephew and I went and saw the new Transformers movie - since Arthur was hitting the East Coast and disabled our beach fun for a day - "Plan B" was initiated... which was a movie day (my favorites). Also, the final season of True Blood has kicked off and I'm quite pissed off about it too. Today I even watched a teaser trailer for next seasons Walking Dead!! 


What do you think!?
What we know is that Carol whispers to Tyreese that "there are more" walkers. So I don't know if that means they just evaded some before and now there are more or what. They still have Judith with them and she's quite calm and quiet so I don't know why they take cover instead of trying to put more distance between them and the Walkers. If it were me I wouldn't risk sitting near them while they're walking by with a baby in my hands - when the baby at any moment could make noise and attract them - or is that just me? I'd love to hear your thoughts and predictions for this season. Make sure to leave a comment below.

True Blood Fiasco

I don't know about you but I am about done with this show! Not meant as a pun - since it's the last season and all. I don't understand why they feel they need to kill off all the characters and take them all with them because they have no more creative juices to continue the series. The show started out so awesome - I wonder if they had kept more to the books if the series would be sizzling out so terribly? 
I know I'm not the only one - a lot of people are pissed at how the series is ending. I feel like there is no structure and the only point is that each episode someone has to die and with no care.
For example: the first episode, the final season opener Tara dies?? Really!!??
Tara has been a fighter her entire life. She was a boxer for a period as well. How can you let her die so uncreatively - in a scrap with a sick vampire?? Really!!??
The second episode, not only did you make me vomit with the Jason and Eric sequence, Eric's sick?? Really!!?? At this point I was done. Like my sister said - she's only watching it to see it through - that's basically what we're all doing at this point. It feels like total crap though.
And now last night's episode - Alcide!!?? REALLY!!??
Fuck this shit!! Is exactly what I said and walked out of the room!!

What are you predictions?
Leave a comment below!



Overall I think it was an amazing movie and one that you should see on the big screen in a fully equipped, digitized, and amped' up theater. First, it is a long movie! I think they could have done without a lot of the touchy-feely scene's with Mark Walberg's character and his teenage daughter. But then again, this is what grabs a hold of your heart so you feel for these people as they are struggling to do what's right and fight. Basically Mark Wahlberg's character, Cade Yeager is an inventor. Him and his crazy-beautiful 20-something teenage daughter, live alone on their foreclosed Texas property. When Cade finds an old truck he takes it to his property and begins to take it apart when he makes an awesome discovery - he believes it's Optimus Prime, and he's right. ALL alien bots have been under attack by the CIA, more specifically Kelsey Grammar's character Harold Attinger. They have been destroying all the bots (with alien help, of course) for their precious metal. Which they've been harvesting to engineer their own bots with what we perceived to be upgrades. All hell breaks loose when the scientists catch-up to the fact that Megatron has been deceiving them and manipulating them toward his own plans... and now he's transformed into Galvatron. This is a very VERY condensed synopsis of the movie. But, it is in true Transformers style chaotic and intense, while also endearing and sentimental. There is SO MUCH MORE to the movie. If you are a Transformers fan then definitely go and check it out. 
What I did have a problem with was the absence of the Witwicky's. 
Does anyone know why or did I miss something?

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