Sunday, June 15, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.10

The Children - Season Finale

**Spoiler Alert**
If you haven't watched the final episode and don't want to ruin your viewing experience by succumbing to major spoilers - read no further.

The fourth season of Game of Thrones started us out on such a high with wonderful episodes that left us salivating for the next. It didn't last too long though, before we knew it we were getting frustrated (well, at least I was) at the lull in the episodes and feeling as thought there were a lot of 'fluffing' going on. With the last weeks episode all about the battle at Castle Black (for those of us that have read the books - or the majority of them - we've known what's coming) there was a lot to tie up with this season finale episode. There were plenty of frustrating parts that left me screaming at the television screen and also many death to discuss.

We return right where we left off last week as Jon Snow is making his way out to Mance Rayder to discuss terms. He's taken in and they are talking things over when the Wildlings camp is attacked. Mance Rayder asks if Jon is behind this and he's just as confused. They watch as armies flank the camp and kill a majority of the Wildlings. Once they are surrounded we see that it is Stanis Baratheon as they are informed of who they are and get better acquainted with one another. They take Rayder into their custody.  Meanwhile, back at Castle Black, Jon visits another Wildling captive and they discuss Ygritte. Jon then takes her beyond the wall to give her a proper burial (burning) and silently through his tears, says his good byes.

Bran and his crew barely make it to where they were going. When they are on the last stretch Jojen is taken down by a skeletal hand busting through the surface. As more skeletal being bust through the wintry surface, they're attempting to fight the skeletal attacks. Bran takes over Hordor so that he can fend off the attackers. Jojen is stabbed as another being (a dirty child) appears saving them and telling them that if they want to live to follow her. Jojen's sister has to leave her dying brother and run for the entrance of the cave below the tree that they have traveled to. In here they are informed that they are in fact known as The Children and they take them to an old man sitting upon an earthy rooted throne. Here he is cryptic with Bran and tells him that he is going to grant him ________. Yeah - we don't know either. I know what I'll be doing this summer now. I have to finish reading The Feast of Crows so I can read A Dance of Dragons and get a clue as to what's going on with Bran and his situation. 

Meanwhile back in Meereen, Daenerys is doing what Queen's do - ruling. As she is sitting upon her throne and hearing what her people are asking her for. A former slave comes to her asking that he return to his position as a slave. She informs him that she freed him so that he can make his own decisions and she allows him to return to his services, under contract. Daenerys is informed that there could be issues down the line about her new ruling. You could tell she was like we'll deal with that bridge when we get there. Her next subject that came to her informs her of another attack from her dark dragon. This time killing his three year old daughter. She has to make a very difficult and gut wrenching decision. While she has fought to free so many, she now has to keep (two of her dragons) chained up in the catacombs. The dark dragon is still on the loose. When she is leaving their new imprisonment, the dragons are screaming for her like children to their mother, and you can tell this was just awesome for her as well.

Tyrion's sentence has be decided and he is rotting, waiting in the cell. When he thinks they have come for him he is surprised to see his brother Jaime instead. He's there to free him and tells Tyrion that The Spider is his ally. But, before Tyrion escapes to freedom, he finds his father's chamber. Here, he discovers Shea upon his fathers bed. A passionate fight ensues as she grabs a knife and he fends her off, eventually straggling her with a chain that was around her neck. He's crushed and Peter does an excellent job of conveying those raw emotions. Tyrion glimpses a cross-bow upon his fathers wall and the neck scene is Tyrion walking through the halls. When he pushes a door open we see Tywin upon the privy. Tywin tries his best to persuade Tyrion to go back to his chambers so that they can discuss things more civil. Tyrion will have none of it and runs two arrows through him. I think the scene was great and very similar to the book - however, what I missed was Tyrion's line (in the book) after he shot his father. He commented how the rumors are false, that the Lannister's don't shit gold (or something along those lines). When Varys (The Spider) puts Tyrion on the boat, he hears Kings Landing bells start to toll. He makes the decision to join Tyrion and not go back into the city - especially since he has helped in Tyrion's escape.

Brienne catches up to Arya and interrupts her practicing with Needle. They share a nice moment where they are comparing being women within their worlds with the desire to fight. Then The Hound interrupts their interlude when Brienne figures out that she's Arya. She tells her to come with her, but Arya is hesitant. The Hound confronts her and they begin to battle. This was an excellent scene and they both fought hard. In the end Brienne wins knocking The Hound over a cliff. When Brienne asks Podrick where Arya went, she's not within their view as she slips away. She catches up with The Hound below who is slowly dying from his injuries. He tries everything he can to try to get Arya to end his suffering, she walks over to him, removes his coin purse from his side and walks away. Arya arrives at a dock and receives her passage to Braavos (this is where the episode fades to black and we're left wanting for season 5 already).

Inside Episode 10 - The Children

Would you have granted The Hounds request?