Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Movies in Review: Dark Skies

My boyfriend and I settled in this evening and rented Dark Skies (2013). Keri Russell portrays mom, Lacy Barrett, her husband Daniel (Josh Hamilton), and their two young sons are the focal point of the movie. They seem very much like an average suburban home located anywhere in the US, until certain things, questionable things, start happening to their family members. Honestly, we lost a little interest in the beginning of the movie. But, toward the end of the movie things pick up and we found that it was both suspenseful and intense. The ending leaves it open for a continuing story though.
The youngest son, Sam (Kadan Rockett) is the first to "make contact" with what he refers to as "the sandman". Most likely, it is because his visitor(s) seem to always come at night. While oldest son, Jesse (Dakota Goyo) battles adolescence and acceptance with his peers. Things start to intensify when the children show signs that they have been victims of some form of physical attack or abuse. This lead the parents (Russell and Hamilton) to seek help to protect their family - or else Family Services could intervene and tear apart their family. To further protect their family, they seek counsel from a 'professional', Edwin Pollard (J.K. Simmons). He informs them that what they are dealing with are beings not of our world. He refers to them as "the grey's". Devastated by the information they now possess, they leap into action to fight against their intruders, whom also possess the threat of tearing apart their family. The intense psychological battle does end in a shocking way, even the ending of the movie leaves you feeling gobsmacked.
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