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True Blood Season 6 Premiere

Who Are You, Really?

Stephen Moyer
Here we go! Season 6 premiered last night on HBO of the insane series True Blood (2008). If the first episode is "setting the tone", as Director and Actor Stephen Moyer stated of the premiere episode, then we know the rest of the season is going to be one heck of a ride! So, buckle up for the continuation of the Sookie Stackhouse Saga.

Epic Fail

Arliss Howard
Let me get my negative comments out of the way so that I can focus on all the wicked positive perspectives that I would like to share. First, I don't know about you, but I didn't prefer the religious aspect the series took last year. Proclaiming the Vampire Bible and the importance of Lilith. Attempting to read between the lines of Bill Compton's character development, I really hope that they (the writers) are going the Jesus route. The word that triggered this thought was how they kept referring to his resurrection. IF the writers did go this route - tisk - tisk - I would expect something original and creative from the talent, not derivative of the Bible or the stories within it. 

Attention-Attention: Calling All Red-blooded Males

I could have done without the menage et trois between Alcide and his pack bitches. I would bet money every male's eyes were popping out of their skulls and felt that this was definitely added for their benefit; and it could be added since it is HBO - after all, what's wrong with a little (very slight) porn to get those juices pumping. I guess they had to reward, the men that were watching, since the scene where Alcide shifts back into his human self left the women's eyes popping... yikes!! 

Onward and Upward

I remember that Eric had the ability of flight in the books, I couldn't remember if Bill did. Now that he is like the Superman version of Bill Compton, Vampire, he acquired the ability of flight. We see this in the beginning of the episode, once the crew has escaped The Authorities headquarters, they almost leave Bill in their wake. This new creature emerges, as we get to see his nakedness through the blood and fire of destruction, before he 'jets' off. Leaving the rest of the assemblage to scatter. 

Sacrificial Summoning

What breaks the monotony of the groups cluster... rants; Jessica is summoned by her maker - Bill Compton. When Eric tries to step in her way to keep her from going to Bill, she bleeds. We are not quite sure if Bill is in control of his new found powers, or if this torturous summons was intentional. However, once they regather with Bill, he extends his appologies and explains his desire for peace. 

Comic Relief

Congratulations Andy! You are the new daddy of four, very special babies! Seeing his struggle with the humanizing realization of being a parent (let alone to quadruplets) with Arlene takes a real emotion and cultivates it to promote their character buildings. In True Blood style, they take that real emotion and reality and mix it with fantasy, the finished product is that Andy is a new father of four half-fae quadruplets. When Andy wakes up to their accelerated growth, I actually laughed out loud. I think this will be a fun development and I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Leveraging Lunacy

With this episode we say goodbye to Luna. I really liked this character, not only because I liked her with Sam, but because she was beautiful and had a fierceness to her. In the midst of the chaotic season premiere, Luna's passing seems to take a less dramatic finish. She's left and as her dying plea, Sam takes Luna's daughter into his protection. I think I have always secretively routed for Sam. He's the last of the decent and good men, that is all too rare. His go-to shift of a dog, demonstrates how he is a loyal and loving being. In the beginning, in his love for Sookie, he felt that desire to protect and watch over her. Now, through the love for Luna, he will protect her daughter. 

Eric & Sookie witnessing the "resurrection" of Bill

My Favorite Scenes

In this episode there are two scenes that I really enjoyed and could watched again (and probably will!). The first, of course, if the scene with Eric and Sookie. I am an absolute git when it comes to their relationship. I love their chemistry in the books, and it is absolutely fantastic to see this play out on the small screen. Anna and Alexander do a great job of showing us the intensity between the two, Sookie and Eric. Yeah - it could be her Fae blood that draws him to her. But, it is more romantic to think that this hardened Vampire has a soft spot. How he really does genuinely love her.

Another scene that I loved was the interaction of Lafayette, Sam, and Luna's daughter. I can't help but feel Sam's excruciating turmoil at what had happened. Shifter's are "out" now, protecting not only himself but Luna's daughter just became more challenging (let alone that she is technically part of a pack). Yet again, the humanizing banter between Lafayette and Sam is realistic (protecting our young) and mixing it with fantasy, Lafayette has powers of his own, while Sam and now his ward are shifters. I loved when the young wolf said how she was hungry, Lafayette jumped into action.

What To Look Forward To

The insane preview at the end of the episode expressed the intensity ahead of us. The wait between episodes is torterous on it's own! I am inticipating Warlow (played by the legendary Rutger Hauer). My friend said that she was freaked out when he picked up Jason on the side of the road, because she remembered him from The Hitcher (1986). 
One thing is for sure - the Human/Vampire war is going to be like
the Civil War, lines will be drawn and brother will fight against brother. Or, in this case brother (Jason) will fight against sister (Sookie). I hope not! I love them and I hope that they can reconnect. My heart actually ached for Jason when he was professing to Sookie hat she was choosing 'them' over her own blood (him).

Episode 2 "The Sun" Preview

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