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True Blood Episode 2

The Sun

Lilith & Bill discussing the future set in motion
Season 6, Episode 2 starts with Jason being introduced to his Fairy Godfather (snickered at this term) Niall. Who explains how he is a king within their family tribe of fae, which makes Sookie a fairy princess. I felt bad for Jason, he seems to want to be a part and involved within the family, but keeps getting pushed back by Niall, who explains to Jason that the Fae gene skipped him. Nevertheless, "Grandpa" wants to make sure they are ready for the looming destruction of Warlow, who is out for Sookie. The show just wouldn't be the same if Sookie wasn't in some sort of danger or trouble.

Episode 1 left off with Bill and the three naked, bloodied vampresses entering into him. This episode we see that they brought him to Lilith. When Bill asks where they are, she replied "we are no where". What comes of this unconscious meeting, Lilith explains to him that people will regard him as a god and how there has risen a tyrant that have set her legacy in motion. We also learn that Bill can now see the future (and consume a human's blood while in this vegetative state). Leaving Jessica to clean up and pray from her fear of the world in chaos around her.

Swooping Cranes vs. The Hunter

Eric confronts the Governor in disguise
Meanwhile, back at Fangtasia, Pam is left to deal with the result of the Governor's war on Vampire owned establishments. From the last episode when Pam and Tara were confronted by the Governor's guard, exclaiming the terms of the new policies against Vampires - Tara was shot. We discover that the humans now have special weapons that have been designed to war against vampires. The bullet inside Tara is a silver cased UV lit bullet, baking her from the inside out. When Eric and Nora arrive, the Viking King takes quick action to get the bullet out of Tara so that she can heal. A silent rage hovers over Eric as he contemplates this war the Governor is proclaiming.
Setting out to get answers, his perfect timing puts the Governor's 5:30 in Eric's path. I love when Alexander (who plays Eric) portrays a human, he is so talented. This face-to-face confrontation with the Governor shows us that this war is inevitable. We also learn that humans now have special contacts that help guard them against glamouring. While Eric is taken into custody, they are no match for the warring king, as he takes flight to escape encampment.  

Fae Royalty In The House!

Mystery Man - Ben

Arlene calls Sookie to remind her that she is still a waitress at Merlotte's and that she is scheduled to work. On her way in (she has to walk, having no vehicle) she comes across a new mystery man - Ben. Whom, like Sookie, is part Fae and they can read and communicate through their minds. Ben explains that he was attacked by a vampire. However, this is questionable to me - since he is part Fae, if a hungry vampire attacked him they would have surely tried to drain him unbeknownst of what he is. There were no vampire remains on the ground where Sookie found Ben in pain and badly hurt. She even asked how he escaped the vampire that attacked him - which, if I remember correctly, he didn't even remember. Sookie, being the naive good person that she is, takes him back to her house to patch him up, where he passes out. When he comes to, they interact shortly and they set out for a 'safe place' for Ben, the 'fairy club'. However, Sookie leaves him on the trail explaining to him that she isn't in the right place to start any form of relationship - but, you can definitely tell there was attraction and sparks between the two of them.
When Sookie returns home, she is reuinited with Jason who introduces her to their Fairy Grandfather/Godfather Niall. He quickly explains how Warlow is there in their realm and tells of how the vampire Warlow has killed most of their family, including Niall's and Sookie and Jason's parent's. But, Niall divulges the family secret that Sookie carries - since she is part Fae, she has the families special power of a 'light ball' which is more powerful than the sun. Niall goes on to explain that this power will create a supernova that will destroy any vampire it comes in contact with. However, since Sookie is only part Fae, it is a one-time-shot, which afterwards she will loose her Fae abilities (something Sookie has always wanted, not to be different).

Supernatural's Are Out

Nicole tries to persuade Sam to work with her
Meanwhile at Merlotte's, Sam arrives and tries to remain in the shroud of normalcy. However, this is very short-lived as Nicole and her gang enter the bar. They are activists from LA who are there in town to help shifters 'come out' in order to help aide vampires and the supernatural beings being attacked by the political circus, with the ringmaster as Governor. 
No matter how hard Nicole urges Sam to help them, he refuses. He doesn't want to get involved especially with Emma in his protection. His life has already been turned upside down, he doesn't have the time or patience for anything else it seems. Thankfully he has help with Emma, as Lafayette watches Emma. They play dress-up and he proclaims how she has a special spirit about re (foreshadowing possibly?).
Just when Sam might have swatted away one pest, another arrives in the form of Alcide and the wolf pact who have come for Emma. Proclaiming that they would be better to raise Emma. Unfortunately, a fight breaks out and Emma's Grandmother (Martha) grabs her as Alcide leaves Sam unconscious and his wolf bitch's wake leaves Lafayette unconscious on the ground too.
Is it a good thing or not so good thing that Nicole and her friends from LA were watching from the woods and seemed to have taped everything?
Emma & Lafayette playing dress-up
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