Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Walking Dead 4.2


The season premiere left us reeling once we were witness to Patrick's suffering and waking up a walker. This episode develops the encompassed fear that within this world of the zombie apocalypse, there isn't a safe place. The little safe haven that they had build and were delusional in thinking they were safe, is now torn to shreds [no pun intended].

Cell Block D On Lock-down

Now that Patrick was let loose within a helpless (sleeping) cell block, havoc quickly erupts. People quickly come to their aide and put an end to those that have already turned. What they quickly learn is that somehow Patrick got sick during the night and turned. Now, not only do they have the threat outside but they also face a threat inside.
"What we've been fighting so hard to keep out has found it's way inside" Hershel (The Walking Dead, AMC)
When others start to have symptoms, it's quickly decided that they need to be kept apart from everyone else. There is another doctor on hand now that is able to handle the situation. The rest of the episode mainly deals with the aftermath.

Killing Me Softly

Hardened Warrior
Carol tries to help the father of two girls she has befriended. I think she probably connected with the girls because they are close in age to her daughter Sophia that she had lost in the second season. As she gently helps their father into his cell block bed, she informs him that she will have to amputate his arm (he had been bitten) when she discovers that the damage is done, he was also infected via the back of his neck - and there is not amputation for that. The inevitable, he is going to die and turn. She tries her best to prepare his daughters and to help them through the process of taking care of their own. The eldest daughter charged with the task of ending her father couldn't perform so Carol ends his suffering. 
I don't know how this is going to gel over with his daughters. The youngest actually seems the more sane of the two. It was brought to our attention previously that the girls liked to name the walkers that are outside of the gates. This also brings to light another discovery. While members of the group were trying to fight a horde trying to bring down the fence, they discover that someone how been feeding the walkers (they found a pile of dead rats). My point being, if the girls mentality is that the walkers are pets, what do we do with pets? We feed them...

Walker Herd Getting Restless
While dealing with the aftermath of the chaos in the cell block, Maggie calls out to Rick and Darryl who had been giving each other pep talks... the fence is starting to bow, the walkers are getting friskier then normal. They all go running to try to secure the fence. Nothing seems to be working. Then, Rick instructs the valiant Darryl to get the jeep and trailer and to load up the piglets that they had been raising. You can tell this is unnerving to Rick, he has to sacrifice the piglets to draw the walkers away from the fence in order to secure it. Why do you think this upset him so much?

Following The Trail

Did you order extra crispy?
Tyreese, with flowers in hand for his lady, is shocked to discover that Karen's not in her cell. The last he left her, she was coughing (the beginning symptom) but he was sure that she's fine. He follows the trail of blood and discovers two crisply burnt bodies, one obviously being his girlfriend. He easily recognized the bracelet he had adorn her with. 
Who would have or could have done this and why?

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