Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Walking Dead 4.1

30 Days Without An Accident

Darryl, Zack and Micchone Discovering
"Deep Undercover Dixon"
One of my favorite scene was when a group went out on a run, the three were sitting there waiting for the walkers in the store to make themselves known and the smart-guy Zack (who was also Beth's boyfriend) decided that he was playing his own game - he wanted to discover what Darryl was before the outbreak... I would love to know the other attempts Zack tried. Here, he thought because of Darryl's abilities that he was an undercover cop or something. That's when the clever Darryl comments "deep undercover" - even Micchone got a laugh out of this.
The season premiere opens with the prison, it's been a couple months since we last saw the group. They have acquired more people and it seems like it is a well oiled machine. A little society within a prison walls. It has given them this false sense of security. In doing so, relationships have developed. Hershel's youngest daughter has a boyfriend it seems in a charismatic Zack. Tyreese and Karen have become a couple. As well, Darryl and Carol continue to kill us with anticipation over their flirts and suggestive comments.

Raining Walkers

The most intense scene was when the group was out and once they were inside a store, the shot pans out so we can see that there are random walkers on the roof with a helicopter that crash landed up there too! While the group looks around - suddenly, something comes crashing through the ceiling - it's raining zombies! This was gore to the max... a walker hanging by it's intestines and even more gruesome scenes follow. Most people seem to make it out, all except Beth's poor boyfriend Zack. When Darryl tells Beth about the incident, she seems emotionaless and walks gingerly over to her work related incident board and removes the number 3 from 30 and it now reads 0 days without a work related incident. Darryl's heart is revealed as he comforts her.

Didn't Your Mother Teach You? Don't Talk To Crazy People!

An eerie turn in the episode - while Rick is investigating int he woods he comes across what he thought was a walker. However, it was a living woman. After much debate, she pleads with him to help her and Rick's heart is revealed as well and he follows her to her camp in order for him to meet the man she is supposedly with. Rick explains to her there are three questions they have to answer in order for them to come back with him. It is evident that during their little walk that Clara isn't alright. Obviously, I mean there is a lot of trauma they all have been through. But, she repeatedly talks about what she's had to do. Unfortunately, her deception is also her demise (and at her own hand!). 

And Then...

Just when you think the rainbow will shine over the prison for the group, a member within becomes ill. He's coughing and having a real rough time. So, what does he do? He barely makes it into the bathroom and coughs all over their water supply before he collapsed on the floor as he's bleeding from his face! The last scene is his eyes opening and apparently affected. The terror is when we realize this happened at night -- everyone is asleep... (dramatic sound effects) "dun-dun-DUN"!

Where Are They Now

After watching the first three episodes now, this is what I've gathered about our favorite group of apocalyptic survivors:

Rick - the opening of the premiere we see Rick with ear buds in and enjoying the manual labor of their farming. It is as though they are trying to save their sanity in an insane world. Which is probably exactly what Rick needs since last season he checked out and was seeing his dead wife and questioning himself too much. I like that this season, so far, he's really starting to come back. He's able to make those hard decisions and to lead the people. 

Carl - Rick's son has definitely grown during the time there. I think the best thing for his humanity was this break. This gave him time to step-back and work on himself. He has definitely matured. This is evident when he witnesses Carol teaching children self-defense behind the other's backs. When she confronts him he plainly tells her the he isn't going to lie to his dad. He does tell his dad. I love the fact that he respects his father again. They definitely need each other and I hope Carl realizes that he needs his father as much as his father needs him.

Micchone - hell bent on finding the Governor, she is still taking trips out in attempts to find a new lead. However, as we've learned from this past episode, Darryl tries to tell her the his trail is cold. She is definitely an asset to the group. After she is slightly injured, we see more of her softer side when she is recruited to help with Judith. My thought is that she has lost her child, this is why she cries and has a harder time when Judith is crying. I'm looking forward to more back-story with her character.

Darryl - everyone's favorite hero. Rick's right hand and seems to be the leader when groups go out on their runs. He's the guy you want around. He was hailed as a hero in the encampment due to his hunting abilities, he's brought back game that helps feed the many acquired mouths. As well, we see more of his softer side. He proclaims "I'm tired of losing people" this is when he is consoling Beth after her boyfriend Zack didn't come back from a raid. He really cares about their family and he fights hard. Rick knows what an asset Darryl is to have.

Carol - the hardened woman. This season she is stepping-up trying to be a leader among the people. She is teaching children self-defense and what they could be facing outside the prison walls. I think she does this because of her daughter Sophia that was turned. After all, knowledge is power, and I think she hopes that what she teaches the kids can help them survive if they find themselves alone, like her daughter had. She's the mother of the group, people come to her. Like Rick pointed out - there isn't anything she wouldn't do for the people she loves.

Glenn - after a pregnancy scare, it becomes more evident that his relationship has confines, more so than the prison itself. He worries about everyone, he's always worried about everything. But then again, his over analytic comments helps the group to consider other possibilities and he's definitely contributed and contributes to their survival. I think with the pregnancy scare, he doesn't want Maggie to suffer how Lori did while she was pregnant. Now, Glenn is sick! Will they get the medications in time to save him?

Maggie - her inner strength is her super power. When her and Glenn were discussing the possibilities of them becoming pregnant, she flat-out tells her husband that she doesn't want to be afraid to live. Now that Glenn is sick, I think she is worried. When she confines in her sister, who is also quarantined for her own safety, they find strength in each other to get through this. I just don't want to even imagine Maggie having to go through this world without Glenn.

Hershel - it's wonderful to see him up and walking. They apparently were able to find him a prosthetic leg. This enables him to help work the farm. Since he had a farm of his own, I'm sure he's been a valuable asset. Even though he is a Veterinarian, he has been irreplaceable as a medical adviser.  Now that the group has a real physician on hand, it gives Hershel more time to help work the land and materials that they have to work with. However, once the other doctor becomes infected, it's evident that Hershel feels that it is worth the risk of helping those that are suffering from an infection attacking the prison.

Beth - the innocent songstress - she has been taking great care of Judith, otherwise known as "Little Ass Kicker" dubbed by Darryl. She might be one of the youngest of the group, but sometimes she is more intuitive and is there as almost a therapist to help those that need a little pep-talk before the big game. She believes that everyone has their duties and helps people to focus.

What's To Come