Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Walking Dead 4.3


Rick Confronts Carol
With this series, it's inevitable -- death. 
The big question though is who?
Literally, my stomach did a huge dive, plunging into the depths of my stomach when Glenn started having symptoms during their meeting. Actually this happened a couple times this episode. When Carl and Hershel were in the woods and they met two decrepit walkers. When Carol was cleaning out the hose so that they could have water again. And when the group were enveloped in a herd of walkers. But first things first; there was definitely a theme to this episode.
"We all have jobs here -- we don't get to be upset" Beth (The Walking Dead, AMC)


Who's driving the car?
The end of the second episode, Tyreese found the two burnt bodies. One of which was his female love interest Karen. This sent him into a rage. Unfortunately, Rick and Darryl had to be the focus of this rage. It was an intense scene between the two trying to calm down Tyreese who was acting more like a bull seeing red; while Rick and Darryl were the two rodeo clowns trying to find control within the raging beast. This lead Rick down his slippery slope and once he unleashed his rage to reel in Tyreese, the damage was done. Rick had to have his hand bandaged up and Tyreese was left with only one eye to see out of. But, he's still insists that the two burned were victims of a murder and he wants justice. 


More and more people are coming down with the symptoms. While watching this episode I thought [the people from Woodsbury are the only ones infected] then, Glenn started having symptoms. All I can say is that I hope that they are able to bring the antibiotics back in time (as long as Darryl survives). This throws so many kinks in the line... Maggie is undoubtedly concerned and Hershel (feeling like Glen is a son) is going to do what he can to try to help them while others have left in an attempt to find medications. Another person that is infected that I think will have an impact on those that are left unaffected is Sasha, Tyreese's sister. Plus, I think this was the driving force why Tyreese agreed to join the group to go in search for medications to help the group (Darryl, Michonne, and Bob).

What's Left To Fear, But Fear Itself

Where's Tyreese?
I feel like each episode is building up, just like the clicking in a roller coaster - and then the world drops out from underneath of you. I think this is how Rick feels too, especially since Carol seems completely changed to him. Now, how (and does he even) tell Tyreese (if Tyreese returns)?
When the group that left to find the meds are on the road, Darryl tries to find something on the radio and they are concentrating on something they heard coming through... when -- WHAM!! The car crashes through some zombies in the road... leading to the mega herd. Eventually the car becomes obsolete and if they stay they will inevitably become completely surrounded by the herd. Darryl makes the call and they decide to break for it while they can and to reconvene in the woods that are nearby. 
Tyreese seems frozen in the car - seriously contemplating what to do - I think his need to help his sister is what drives him out of the car to begin fighting the herd. He is completely surrounded slaughtering his way through when the other three are close to the forest line and decide to leave Tyreese... is this strategy during an apocalypse? Never fear though, he catches back up to them as they continue to try to make their way through the woods.

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