Sunday, June 1, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.8


Not to be misunderstood, I always refer to Cersei Lannister as a viper. In this episode the viper refers to The Red Viper who is Prince Oberyn Martell. Oberyn entered the trial by combat for Tyrion Lannister; he saw this as his chance to get into the ring to go head-to-head with the man that brutally murdered his sister, the Mountain. The Mountain was chosen by Cersei Lannister for the trail by combat against her brother Tyrion, who is on trial because she believes he killed her son.  So, the day has come and after a lengthy discussion between brothers Tyrion and Jaime Lannister about a cousin that loved to smash beetles, the trial by combat is ready to commence.  Tyrion gets to see Oberyn before the battle; he isn't wearing any armor and is drinking - to which Tyrion disproved of. He had hoped he would at least be wearing a helmet - but I don't believe that could have saved his fate. 

How cocky Oberyn was, I knew it wasn't going to end well. I don't care if you did earn the name The Red Viper, in a battle to the death you can't get too comfortable. But, Oberyn was there on a different mission. He was there to revenge his sisters brutal death by The Mountain. He wanted him to confess to raping her, to murdering her, and murdering her children. The Mountain looked like a mountain of armor with muscles and a sword. Oberyn had a long stick with a spear head at the end (I believe the weapon was something like a pike). During the battle Oberyn was able to dance, duck, and weave through the Mountains advances and getting some great hits in of his own. Toward the end of the battle Oberyn, as he escalated in the demand of a confession, he was able to use the head of his weapon to slash at the Mountain taking him down. However, he was to cocky and didn't want the Mountain to die until he got his confession. 

I couldn't watch the whole scene as the Mountain hit Oberyn, knocking out most of his teeth. The Mountain then was on top of Oberyn confessing to what he had done as he pushing his thumbs into his eye sockets. He used his hands and was telling him that he crushed her head in "just like this" as he did just that. His whore was on the side lines and she screams, as Cersei and Tywin Lannister looked thrilled of the outcome. Tywin himself didn't waste any time in announcing the outcome of the trial by combat and announcing that Tyrion (his son) is guilty and would die. Jaime, who had been impressed (I think) by Oberyn's skills during the fight and was happy too when it seemed that Oberyn would win. Now, the brothers who had been remonising about their cousin who loved to smash beetles, now the realization of Tyrion's appending death is before them.


Sansa Stark seems to be going through some form of transformation, probably resulting form an influential Little Finger. Peter seems to be on some sort of trial for his wife's death. Last week he had pushed her to her death. Sansa being the only witness is called upon to give her testimony. She is very convincing to the judges and is able to manipulate them into believing that her Aunt committed suicide. Now, Peter convinces the jury that her son Robin of the Vale, should go and see all his land and experience life more. I don't know what his motive is for this... But, there is a very interesting scene when he is seeing Robin off and explaining how everyone has to die, for him not to fear death but to live... when Sansa entering catches his eyes. She's dressed very differently, with more of an edge, and she is apparently joining their journey.

Meanwhile The Hound and Arya finally reach The Bloody Gate, near The Vale or the Eerie where Sansa is (or presumed to be at this point) and the guard at the gate inform the Hound that Arya's Aunt it dead. The Hound was bringing Arya there for a ransom. He had been banking on this money. When this thought was literally fleeing from his eyes as the new information was processing, Arya brakes out in fits of laughter that echoes through the bloody gates eerily.  

The Queen Daeneryn has to deal with a betrayal. A scroll arrives in town, it is the royal pardon for Mormont, who was originally sent by King Baratheon to spy on her. He tries to plead with her explaining himself, but she feels betrayed and wants no part of it. She banishes him  and tells him to go run back with his royal pardon, if they'll still honor it. She gives him until sun down to collect his things and leave. She also informs him that if he is still around he will be killed and beheaded.

The segment that I had no joy in watching was Theon Greyjoy being instructed by psychotic boy. Theon returns to his home where this is a horrible sickness or plague. He is there on behalf of the house of Bolton, the house that captured him. Of course they torture and kill everyone, I'm just thankful that we didn't have to witness any of that psychotic behavior. Instead, we get to see the remains of the man that helped Theon gained the castle's trust; he now has been skinned and is dead on a spike. Psychotic boy is rewarded by his father who proclaims him no longer a Snow, he is now officially a Bolton and ward or ruler of the North.

The Wildlings attacked Mole Town, news traveled fast and now Sam is scared that the woman he sent there is now dead. However, his brothers explain that she has survived so much, that they are sure she was able to hide and survived the raid. I'm so anxious for the wildling red-head to catch back up with Jon Snow - yikes! So now Castle Black know they're next, the Wildlings are coming for them.
Can you believe there are only two more episodes left in this season!

Next Episode: The Watchers on the Wall