Sunday, June 8, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.9

The Watchers on the Wall

**Possible Spoilers Below**

If you don't care for the plots concerning the Night's Watch, then you'll be highly disappointed in this episode - it was all about the attack on The Wall. I'm not saying it's a bad episode, it's not. If you've read the books then you'll know the inevitable. In the beginning it mostly focused on Sam and him coming to terms with his feelings for Ginny. When she shows up at the Night's Watch gate, he demands the guard to let her in and proclaims that he'll never leave her side again... just to leave her side again... because a warning horn bellows in the black nights air - the attack has started.

That moment when what you've been saying all along is about to happen - Shit just got real...

Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall Ygritte explains how she is a killing machine and when she's called out, she holds her own - telling them that if Jon Snow had survived she would kill him, that he was hers and she would reach him before anyone else. But, much like life, things don't happen as we plan or expect them to. They begin their assault on the wall and actually break through and the battle begins.

A great night for a climb - Tormound leads the charge here

What really infuriated me, was this is suppose to be a great defensive strategic implementation force for their realm and it seemed like they took forever to get the ball rolling. Alliser Thorne (who is suppose to be in charge) leaves the wall to lead the men below since the wildlings have broken through. However, he gets hit and is immediately taken inside (no doubt-ably to treat his wounds). He leave another Brother Black in charge who turns out to be a complete imbecile and coward... when he leaves Jon is in charge of the wall and he does o.k. 

Jon stands behind the coward - which in Night's Watch strategy implicates that he is next in line to lead the battle...

The main gate is in trouble, after a Mammoth and two giants starts trying to get it to open, Jon sends his next in command down to hold the gate. Meanwhile, Jon's strategies help to get rid of the Mammoth and one of the giants. In a rage, the other giant manages to open the iron gate and proceeds toward the inner gate of the wall where there are men stations (the one's that Jon sent to hold the gate) they begin to recite the Night's Watch pledge as the giant runs toward the inner gate where they draw their swords to meet their fates.

The Giant makes his way into The Wall's inner gate

There is a lot of blood shed, but Sam manages to make it up the wall to tell Jon that reinforcements are needed below. Jon puts another in charge and leaves with men to go hold the helm. I loved the sequence of Jon fighting with his sword, a real force. He also tells Sam to release Ghost - loved that scene too. Then, he meets the bald crazy guy and they go at it, Jon's sword gets knocked from his hand as the big dude busts up on him. Snow's able to get his hands on a hammer that he busts the bald guys head open with. 

Jon's training comes in handy while he slashes through the enemy

Ygritte - fierce with her bow and arrow
But! Ygritte is there ready with her bow in queue toward Jon. He gives her a knowing smile as an arrow pierces through her. A young boy (originally from a village the wildlings had attacked) shot and killed her. Jon held her in his arms as her life slipped away from her. She spoke of their time in the cave and she said they should have stayed there. Jon has to leave her, the fight isn't over yet. 

The Brother's Black have managed to surround Tormound with three or four arrows in him, Jon adds one to his knee dropping him to the ground. Snow orders them to chain him up as he proceeds out of the Castle Black toward Mance Ryder. Sam pleads with him not to do this, but Jon doesn't see any other way. They find the scene of their brother's who held the giant off and Jon states that they held the gate and orders the bodies to be burned. He proceeds out the gate as a white light takes us to the cut scene. My words were - bullshit! While I understand the battle could take an entire episode, I don't think this one was managed well. IF they're going to follow the books - I don't know how they're going to stuff everything into the season finale next week. Unless they prolong the happenings of King's Landing until next season - which is stupid... I would expect something to happen next week between Tyrion and Tywin. But, now we have to wait all week for the finale... and then how much longer until the next season... wait, watch and wonder.

Finale - The Children


So, if you've read the books - isn't this about the time Stannis arrives? Do you think this is the direction HBO is going to take? What are your thoughts?