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Game of Thrones 4.10

The Children - Season Finale

**Spoiler Alert**
If you haven't watched the final episode and don't want to ruin your viewing experience by succumbing to major spoilers - read no further.

The fourth season of Game of Thrones started us out on such a high with wonderful episodes that left us salivating for the next. It didn't last too long though, before we knew it we were getting frustrated (well, at least I was) at the lull in the episodes and feeling as thought there were a lot of 'fluffing' going on. With the last weeks episode all about the battle at Castle Black (for those of us that have read the books - or the majority of them - we've known what's coming) there was a lot to tie up with this season finale episode. There were plenty of frustrating parts that left me screaming at the television screen and also many death to discuss.

We return right where we left off last week as Jon Snow is making his way out to Mance Rayder to discuss terms. He's taken in and they are talking things over when the Wildlings camp is attacked. Mance Rayder asks if Jon is behind this and he's just as confused. They watch as armies flank the camp and kill a majority of the Wildlings. Once they are surrounded we see that it is Stanis Baratheon as they are informed of who they are and get better acquainted with one another. They take Rayder into their custody.  Meanwhile, back at Castle Black, Jon visits another Wildling captive and they discuss Ygritte. Jon then takes her beyond the wall to give her a proper burial (burning) and silently through his tears, says his good byes.

Bran and his crew barely make it to where they were going. When they are on the last stretch Jojen is taken down by a skeletal hand busting through the surface. As more skeletal being bust through the wintry surface, they're attempting to fight the skeletal attacks. Bran takes over Hordor so that he can fend off the attackers. Jojen is stabbed as another being (a dirty child) appears saving them and telling them that if they want to live to follow her. Jojen's sister has to leave her dying brother and run for the entrance of the cave below the tree that they have traveled to. In here they are informed that they are in fact known as The Children and they take them to an old man sitting upon an earthy rooted throne. Here he is cryptic with Bran and tells him that he is going to grant him ________. Yeah - we don't know either. I know what I'll be doing this summer now. I have to finish reading The Feast of Crows so I can read A Dance of Dragons and get a clue as to what's going on with Bran and his situation. 

Meanwhile back in Meereen, Daenerys is doing what Queen's do - ruling. As she is sitting upon her throne and hearing what her people are asking her for. A former slave comes to her asking that he return to his position as a slave. She informs him that she freed him so that he can make his own decisions and she allows him to return to his services, under contract. Daenerys is informed that there could be issues down the line about her new ruling. You could tell she was like we'll deal with that bridge when we get there. Her next subject that came to her informs her of another attack from her dark dragon. This time killing his three year old daughter. She has to make a very difficult and gut wrenching decision. While she has fought to free so many, she now has to keep (two of her dragons) chained up in the catacombs. The dark dragon is still on the loose. When she is leaving their new imprisonment, the dragons are screaming for her like children to their mother, and you can tell this was just awesome for her as well.

Tyrion's sentence has be decided and he is rotting, waiting in the cell. When he thinks they have come for him he is surprised to see his brother Jaime instead. He's there to free him and tells Tyrion that The Spider is his ally. But, before Tyrion escapes to freedom, he finds his father's chamber. Here, he discovers Shea upon his fathers bed. A passionate fight ensues as she grabs a knife and he fends her off, eventually straggling her with a chain that was around her neck. He's crushed and Peter does an excellent job of conveying those raw emotions. Tyrion glimpses a cross-bow upon his fathers wall and the neck scene is Tyrion walking through the halls. When he pushes a door open we see Tywin upon the privy. Tywin tries his best to persuade Tyrion to go back to his chambers so that they can discuss things more civil. Tyrion will have none of it and runs two arrows through him. I think the scene was great and very similar to the book - however, what I missed was Tyrion's line (in the book) after he shot his father. He commented how the rumors are false, that the Lannister's don't shit gold (or something along those lines). When Varys (The Spider) puts Tyrion on the boat, he hears Kings Landing bells start to toll. He makes the decision to join Tyrion and not go back into the city - especially since he has helped in Tyrion's escape.

Brienne catches up to Arya and interrupts her practicing with Needle. They share a nice moment where they are comparing being women within their worlds with the desire to fight. Then The Hound interrupts their interlude when Brienne figures out that she's Arya. She tells her to come with her, but Arya is hesitant. The Hound confronts her and they begin to battle. This was an excellent scene and they both fought hard. In the end Brienne wins knocking The Hound over a cliff. When Brienne asks Podrick where Arya went, she's not within their view as she slips away. She catches up with The Hound below who is slowly dying from his injuries. He tries everything he can to try to get Arya to end his suffering, she walks over to him, removes his coin purse from his side and walks away. Arya arrives at a dock and receives her passage to Braavos (this is where the episode fades to black and we're left wanting for season 5 already).

Inside Episode 10 - The Children

Would you have granted The Hounds request?


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MOVIES IN REVIEW: How To Train Your Dragon 2

** Spoiler Alert**

This has been a sequel four years in the making, the first was released in 2010. The movie however picks up five years later as we're reintroduced to the dragon loving village of Berk. How To Train Your Dragon 2 opens with the villages new dragon rider game, using sheep and a sort of basket system with points. This helps us to get reintroduced to the characters, just in case you haven't been watching the Dreamworks Dragons (2012) tv series, or the How To Train Your Dragon Legends (2010). Did you know there is already a How To Train Your Dragon 3, set for 2016, in the works? Not surprising, given where we are left off at the end of this second installment.

Five Years Later - Now Astrid and Hiccup are 20 years old

As I was saying, during this competition in the village, we are being reintroduced to the characters. There is the mighty Chieftain Stoick (voiced by Gerard Butler), his right hand man Gobber (voiced by Craig Ferguson), and then you have all of Hiccup's friends. Astrid (voiced by America Ferrera) is, as Stoick puts it, is his future daughter-in-law. Snotlout (voiced by Jonah Hill) and Fishlegs (voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) are swooning over Ruffnut (voiced by Kristen Wiig) as her twin brother Tuffnut (voiced by T. J. Miller) tries to keep up. Then there is Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) who is the only son of Stoick's. There are new characters as well. We are introduced to Hiccup's Mother, Valka (voiced by Cate Blanchett) and by the end of the movie another new member of Berk, Eret (voiced by Kit Harrington).

Hiccup and Toothless Flying High

After the village's game is over, we are reconnected with Hiccup and Toothless as they're flying high and enjoying the freedom of their moment. Hiccup asks Toothless is he's ready to try again and he prepares to depart his Nightfury and starts plummeting through the skies. Toothless is never far behind, but suddenly Hiccup is flying as well! He's created wings, so to speak, of his own and they're gliding through the air. He still has some kinks to work out after they crash land on an island, but all is well. I love this scene and was actually laughing out loud at the interactions between Hiccup and Toothless. I could tell a lot of development and time went into that scene and it was awesome.

Toothless and Hiccup - clowning around as best friends do

However, I felt like the movie overall seemed a little rough around the edges. I liked it, don't get me wrong. What really irritated me was I had seen a commercial where they were trying to suggest that this movie was comparable to Frozen (2013), which I don't think it was. Dreamworks is 20 years old, compared to the decades of experience that Disney has. I think How To Train Your Dragon 2 (HTTYD2) was a great movie, and yes I'll probably see it again. But, I don't think it will surpass Frozen. That's just my opinion. This is one of the reasons: There were times in HTTYD2 that I felt the music didn't fit the scene. Music has a big impact on the emotion and connectivity between the movie and the viewer. There was one part in particular where I remember thinking this sounds like some epic battle scene and it was during a more peaceful, tranquil scene - it just didn't fit and it made me feel disconnected. That's just me being a movie snob though.

Eret proclaims to be the best trapper
Getting back to the movie now, Astrid catches up with Hiccup and as they go riding off they have a run-in with Eret. He's working for Drago (voiced by Djimon Hounsou) who is the villain and is out to capture all the dragons. However, Eret blames Hiccup and Astrid for the destruction of their base where they were trying to trap dragons. Once they've escaped Eret and return to Berk, they explain what is going on to Stoick who knows Drago and he knows how dangerous he is. Stoick is ordering the lock-down of Berk, but Hiccup is convinced that he can talk to Drago and find a way for peace. Hiccup manages to slip out before the gates close.

Once Hiccup is on his way, he is intercepted by a mysterious being and further more this mystery is riding a dragon. Another dragon picks off Hiccup from Toothless as the Nightfury plummets to the icy waters below. Where we see him struggling and we're left in fear of his life.
Valka has been the protector of the dragons
Hiccup explains to the stranger that his dragon can't fly on his own. The stranger stays silent until they return to their icy base camp. This is where it is revealed that the mystery character is actually Hiccups mother. His mother has been working these 20 years saving the dragons and she shows him how they live and even introduces him to the alpha. She explains the whole alpha situation, which is a big plot point further on in the movie. When Stoick catches up to Hiccup, he is also reunited with his wife and they share a lovely evening of rekindled love. I enjoyed watching the near euphoria of Hiccup watching his mother and father interact, something he has never seen before. But, much like life, all good things must come to an end...

Astrid's matured, still tough and bold
Meanwhile, Astrid and the others have managed to get away from Berk as well and are on a mission to reach Drago. They capture Eret and through Astrid's techniques, get him to lead them to Drago. Once they have arrived at the villains secret location, they are soon found out and captured. Drago immediately flexes his muscles demonstrating how he commands his dragons in an alpha way. When he tries to dispose of Eret, Astrid's dragon saves him and he's forever changed, Eret now understands that the dragons aren't bad. When the whole group are about to be disposed of, Eret leads the counter strike and they are able to free themselves and start out to find their dragons.

Back with Hiccup and his reconnected family, Valka (Hiccups Mother, Stoick's wife) has agreed to return home to Berk with them. They're interrupted by the attack of Drago and a war is underway. Stoick is a loving husband and follows Valka's lead, as she mounts her dragon to go into battle in the attempt to safe their current location and all the innocent dragons. Drago strikes hard and fast calling out the Alpha's as they ensue an epic battle. However, when Drago's alpha (who had an advantage) wins, he thinks he has won the war. When Hiccup lands before him pleading Drago to listen to him. Drago wants anything but peace and soon commands his alpha dragon to possess Toothless. This is heartbreaking because Toothless fights the alpha, but eventually is powerless to the alphas abilities. Drago then orders Toothless to kill Hiccup... however, Stoick sees what is going on and runs to save his son, only jumping between the Nightfury and his son taking on the blue blast.

Short Lived Family Reunion - Stoick, Hiccup and Valka

Everyone rushes to Stoick's side, but it's too late, he's dead. Hiccup, in anger tells Toothless (who has been released from the alpha's entrapment) to go away. Toothless didn't know what he had done, and is upset himself as Drago mounts Toothless and they fly off toward Berk. Hiccup and the gang, in honorary Viking style, send off their Chief Stoick in style. He's laid upon a boat drifting to sea, as Gobber and Hiccup say their last words Hiccup shoots an fiery arrow that hits the boat near his father's laid out body. The rest of the group follow suit, and it is a sad time. They know that they have to go and defend Berk... but how? Hiccup has the answer.

Yeah! That's the Alpha Drago has control of...

Drago grunting commands in the heat of battle
When they arrive home, Drago has already started his attack, the Alpha has called the dragons to his side and it seems hopeless. He knows he has to get Toothless back in order to save Berk and defeat Drago. The team works together to distract the alpha and to try to separate Drago and the Alpha. Hiccup pleads with Toothless to fight the alpha's influence and to come back to him, when he does he quickly dumps Drago and they are reconnected. However, it's short lived as the alpha traps them (in true Toothless style, he wraps himself around Hiccup protecting him) within his ice as his mother runs to try to free them. It seems nothing can be done. Then, there is a blue glowing from within the icy tomb as the ice is shattered -- Toothless is there and he is pissed. He challenges the Alpha - Valka has previously shown Toothless a unique feature he possessed (spikes on his back) and now another new feature - which you can see slightly in the header is how he emanates his blue fiery powers.

Toothless kicks butt and once and claims the alpha position leaving the other mega alpha to retreat into his watery abyss. The dragons bow to Toothless recognizing his new position among them as Hiccup is also named the new Chief - to which his father, previously in the movie, was trying to prepare him for. The end of the movie left you feeling good. The dragons were happy again, the characters we're invested in are happy, they're rebuilding their village at the same time enjoying their dragon riding game... all is good. I can totally see how there could be more movies now.

We didn't see Drago die, the last he was on his alpha and the alpha retreated into the water. Hiccup looked but there was no sign of Drago. Also, Hiccup is Chief now, he has to run Berk. He has his mother there with him now who is also more adventurous like him. I could totally see him and Astrid exchanging some sort of Viking vows in the future. Also, there as a funny character development between Ruffnut and the other boys, there could definitely be some friction there. As well, the new Eret character could also pose a threat if he were to be interested, Ruffnut especially had fallen for him pretty stalker'ishly.

Overall I think it's a fun movie for the family to venture out to see. Especially now that most schools are out for the summer. I know my boyfriend and I went on the night that was the last day of school. I was surprised that not more people were there given that it wasn't a school night. But, then again for most families it was still a work night for the parents. My favorite character is still Toothless. I've always loved dragons but he makes me love them even more.


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I was late in watching the first season of Orange is the New Black by Jenji Kohan (the writer, creator of Weeds, 2005. Another great Showtime show that I loved). It was only a few months ago, during a night of mindless wondering through repetitive choices on Netflix that I came across a Netflix original series entitled "Orange is the New Black". I hadn't given it thought until I kept reading other people commenting about the show. Curiosity got the better of me, and I began the first season early one night and couldn't stop. Yes, I watched the entire first season straight through. I had high expectations from Kohan (and her creative team) and they definitely deliver.

The basis of the story is about a free-spirited individual named Piper (Taylor Schilling) who, has to report to Litchfield Prison. Years ago, she was in love with Alex (Laura Prepon) who led her on an exciting adventure, traveling the world, and living the life. Unfortunately, they were drug smugglers. Fast forward years later and Piper isn't with Alex anymore, she is actually engaged to Larry (Jason Biggs) and they are enjoying the excitement of creating their lives together. Just one obstacle, Piper has to report to Litchfield prison to serve her time for her past illegal involvement. Larry is supportive and at first they seem to be adjusting to this bump in the road. However, prison life gets complicated... especially with the arrival of Alex at Litchfield! Furthermore, the black and white lines become murkier and grayer as Piper and Alex reemerge and rekindle their love affair. The first season ended on the climax of Piper and Larry breaking up and Piper beating the crap out of the crazed Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) who had been threatening her life.

What I Love About OITNB

Something I love about Jenji's writing is how she pushes the boundaries making the viewer squirm a little and wonder what the heck is coming next!  Sex scenes I guess are enviable and be warned - if you are against girl-on-girl action this is not something you are going to sit through easily. If you can get past that, then you'll be rewarded with clever characters and twisting plots that you won't want to stop watching - it's addictive! I love how Pieper is expected to be this well-brought-up New England woman, but she is constantly defeating the odds. One of my favorite scenes out of season two so far, is when she is telling a new inmate that she is a lone wolf. I think every woman (especially life experienced women) can contest to this feeling of wanting to totally bitch out people and verbally berate an irritating person explaining how you want to totally go Rick Grimes on their ass and rip their throat out with your own bare teeth. She's a fighter, a survivor, she is the epitome of ever woman's naked soul - we persevere, we evolve, we fight, we survive...

  • Thirsty Bird
  • Looks Blue, Tastes Red
  • Hugs Can Be Deceiving
  • A Whole Other Hole
  • Low Self Esteem City
  • You Also Have A Pizza
  • Comic Sans
  • Appropriately Sized Pots
  • 40 OZ of Furlough
  • Little Mustachioed Shit
  • Take A Break From Your Values
  • It Was The Change
  • We Have Manners, We're Polite.



Season 2 Review:

**Spoiler Alert**
Do not read the review is you don't want to know major plot points from the series.
If you do and then complain, Crazy Eyes will be unleashed upon you.

Season 2 picked up shortly after where we were left with the finale of season 1. Piper is still in the 'shoe' where a guard escorts her to a bus. She keeps asking where she's going and what is going on, but she is never informed. Even when they load her on a plane, she still doesn't know what is going on. Through the plane window she can identify that she is in Chicago. When she discovers Alex in the prison, she works her magic and is able to meet with her where she finds out that they are there for court. The king pin that they use to work for is on trial. Piper's lawyer tells her to tell the truth, that he will be going to jail anyway. Alex tells Piper that he is very dangerous and that she must lie. Piper leads with her heart and lies (because she still loves Alex). However, Alex told the truth and was able to be released for her cooperation. This infuriates Piper, but does she love Alex any less? Not for long. Alex keeps sending her letters in jail, and Piper threw the first away. Later in the series we discover that she kept them and during a time when the inmates were on lock down, she curls up and starts to read them all.

Red seems to be slipping on a downward slope, she doesn't have her family, so she connects with the senior clique. When a new inmates shows up, one that she knows oh-to-well from the past, she knows she has to snap out of it or else she'll be swallowed by the new shark in the tank. Red had lost her kitchen, where she was getting her contraband in from, so now she has to find something else to occupy her time. When she is in the greenhouse she makes a life-changing discovery. Through her powers of persuasion, she convinces management to let her start a gardening club for the seniors. Here, she gets the help of her sons and is not able to start her business up again. But when the sharks get too big for the tank, they both clash. Red remembers her past where she had been beaten before, so she strikes twice trying to take the sharks life. However, under the delusion of truce, the shark attacks Red (lock and sock) and Red is now in hospital recovering.

Morello faces her fears, she finds out that her Christopher is marrying another. She calls her sister to get the scoop, but she's fearful to tell anyone else at the prison what is going on. She's breaking inside and needs a fix. During her route of taking Miss Rossa to the hospital, she sees the change for the fix while she has to wait for three hours in the parking garage. Against her better judgement, she races off to Christopher's house where she breaks in and begins to unravel. During her flashback scenes we finally get to see the puzzle pieces come together. We learn that Morello ended up in jail because of fraud, also during court that they put Christopher on the stand and he stated that she was stalking him and how they only went on one coffee date and how he never wants anything to do with her again. Morello breaks down after Christopher visits her in jail and tells Nicky and fears that she really is crazy. Morello finds peace though after Piper confesses to her how she was the first nice person she met there and gave her hope. She is this little beacon of comfort and hope and she seems to find some peace in that.

We also get a huge glimpse into Tastee's past, where she was taken in by the above mentioned shark - V. As a child Tastee was in the care of the state and desperate. V was like the man who made criminals of children in the Oliver story. V is a drug dealer and a vicious one. She seems all nice and comforting, but if you cross her you'll end up hurt or dead. V must be for viper! We see how V has manipulated Tastee in the past and now is doing so in the prison, so much so that a huge wedge is put between her and her good friend P. P can see right through V though. Tastee is finally cast out and she's able to see her destructive behavior and the negative affects. Tastee reunites with P and the girls stand together against V.

V actually got on my nerves a lot, she kept going on about how things use to be in the prison and how the 'blacks' ran things. She begins a crusade to gain the respect that her group once had in the prison. V starts her business by claiming the warehouse where she is smuggling in tobacco. Tastee and her girls begin to help her, but P knows this isn't right and doesn't like how she has treated Tastee in the past and present. V gets Suzanne (Crazy Eyes) to beat up P when she confronts V in the showers. V also sets up Suzanne for Reds incident, even though it was V who did it. Healy is able to work a miracle and produces a document in-time to save Suzanne from being carted off to maximum security facility. When they go to find V she isn't in her bunk where she is suppose to be. She's escaped through Red's greenhouse and is making her way through the woods to her freedom. In one of the best sequences of the season, Karma catches up with her and she's left on the side of the road - dead. 

We also see Poussey's past, how she moved around a lot because he dad was in the military and how this has affected her. It's not easy finding love and then having it ripped from you time after time. P is one of my favorite characters, I really was invested in her this season. I love that she stood up to V and that she held true to her convictions - no matter the beat down that she received. I felt horrible for her when Crazy Eyes beat her up in the bathroom under V's orders. But, I was thrilled when her and Tastee reunited! Tastee might not be gay, but their friendship is a true form of love and it's a pleasure to watch.

Miss Rossa is still suffering through her cancer and going for treatments. She meets a kid who she connects with. She's not only suffering, but the salt in her wound is that she has to die in prison. In her past we learn that she is there because she was a bank robber. Her story had a twist too, she had a tradition before and after ever heist she would kiss one of the men that she was associated with. The very first heist was her husband, he was shot and died. The tradition turned into a curse after the second heist yielded the same outcome. When her male companion refused to follow tradition, she was overzealous and on a whim tried to hold up a bank and ended up in prison because of it. When Morello learns that the doctor just gave her only weeks to live, they arrive back at the prison which is on lock-down because of V's escape. In the chaos Morello tells Miss Rossa to go out her own way and leaves the van. Miss Rossa takes off and is able to escape the prison and breaks free of the despair that has been killing her spirit. When she sees V on the side of the road she steers the van and hits her, killing her. As she well deserved: when Miss Rossa had been eating in the cafeteria one day, V and her girls (in their height as a group) claimed the table Rossa was at, when Rosa wouldn't get up they poured her drink over her food and Rosa got up and left. I loved that Miss Rossa was the one to kill V.

Alex has locked herself down in an apartment in Queens, fearing that the king pin she use to work for is after her. Piper is able to get Alex on her calling list so they are able to talk briefly on the phone. Alex instructs Piper to get her on her visiting list and visits her in the prison explaining what's been going on. She is so fearful for her life that she has a gun, which is against her probation agreement. Alex also tells Piper that she has to leave, which is another violation of her probation. Through out the season, Piper comes to the realization that she really has no one. Her dad never visits in prison, her brother is preoccupied with life, and Larry has made other choices as well. So,in her desperation she calls Larry and her best friend for help. When Mr. Davy Crockett (her probation officer) arrives at Alex's door, she tries to hide her gun behind her back, but it's inevitable... it looks like Alex will be heading back to Litchfield prison for breaking her probation.

Larry has been holding onto Piper even after their breakup last season. Her things are still int heir house and he hasn't been seeing anyone else. Under the advisement of his father he goes on a disastrous date which doesn't seem to help him toward getting over Piper. But, he does connect with Piper's best friend and his mutual friend Polly Harper. She's just had a baby and is in the 'baby fog' because she's doing it all on her own, as her Aussie husband decided to leave for a month or two. Larry steps in and it isn't long before they sleep together. Larry tells Piper and it's heart breaking when Piper finally finds out it's Harper. Both Larry and Harper visit Piper in prison hoping to get her blessing - she does a control flip-out because she's being watched by the guards. Harper and Larry also tell Harper's husband who punches Larry in the eye and she also tells her husband that she's leaving him for Larry. Piper calls the duo and tells them that if they want her blessing, that there is something that they need to do for her. She asks them to call Mr. Crockett and report that Alex Vouse is attempting to leave the state...

There are so many other sub-plots, but it's so bitter sweet. I love that Netflix makes the entire season available right away, but now we have to wait until season 3. I'm invested in these characters (I was invested after season 1) and I can't wait to see how things continue to progress. As we're left at the end of the season, Piper only has eight more months to serve her sentence. They took down the queen bitch who had been in charge at the prison (who was embezzling money from the prison to fund her gay husband's campaign fund) and now Caputo has been given the chance for the position... but by his second day he has one of his officers tell him that he actually impregnated an inmate (not the mustached officer that they framed), there are prisoners on a hunger strike he has to end, an inmate is in the infirmary because she was nearly killed, an inmate steals a van and escapes, and another inmate escapes and is killed... It'll be interesting to see how he gets through this and if someone else will be put in the position.

Meanwhile, Nicky had stolen all of V's stash, to get back at her for nearly killing Red. She recruits Big Boo to try to move the drugs from where she had stashed them, but the prison goes on lock-down because of prisoner escapes. Nicky is two years sober from her drug habits. The first time V sent her drugs, she made the right choice and didn't use. However, as the season ended we're left with Nicky just staring at the stash - how much longer can she hold out?

We can only anticipate what will come with the next season. Something else that I love about this show is that, while there are elements of obscurity to me, there are a lot of things that I can still relate to. The writing is brilliant and the acting is just awesome. Like I said, I love these characters and now we're just left to wait and wonder until the next season is streaming on Netflix.

Game of Thrones 4.9

The Watchers on the Wall

**Possible Spoilers Below**

If you don't care for the plots concerning the Night's Watch, then you'll be highly disappointed in this episode - it was all about the attack on The Wall. I'm not saying it's a bad episode, it's not. If you've read the books then you'll know the inevitable. In the beginning it mostly focused on Sam and him coming to terms with his feelings for Ginny. When she shows up at the Night's Watch gate, he demands the guard to let her in and proclaims that he'll never leave her side again... just to leave her side again... because a warning horn bellows in the black nights air - the attack has started.

That moment when what you've been saying all along is about to happen - Shit just got real...

Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall Ygritte explains how she is a killing machine and when she's called out, she holds her own - telling them that if Jon Snow had survived she would kill him, that he was hers and she would reach him before anyone else. But, much like life, things don't happen as we plan or expect them to. They begin their assault on the wall and actually break through and the battle begins.

A great night for a climb - Tormound leads the charge here

What really infuriated me, was this is suppose to be a great defensive strategic implementation force for their realm and it seemed like they took forever to get the ball rolling. Alliser Thorne (who is suppose to be in charge) leaves the wall to lead the men below since the wildlings have broken through. However, he gets hit and is immediately taken inside (no doubt-ably to treat his wounds). He leave another Brother Black in charge who turns out to be a complete imbecile and coward... when he leaves Jon is in charge of the wall and he does o.k. 

Jon stands behind the coward - which in Night's Watch strategy implicates that he is next in line to lead the battle...

The main gate is in trouble, after a Mammoth and two giants starts trying to get it to open, Jon sends his next in command down to hold the gate. Meanwhile, Jon's strategies help to get rid of the Mammoth and one of the giants. In a rage, the other giant manages to open the iron gate and proceeds toward the inner gate of the wall where there are men stations (the one's that Jon sent to hold the gate) they begin to recite the Night's Watch pledge as the giant runs toward the inner gate where they draw their swords to meet their fates.

The Giant makes his way into The Wall's inner gate

There is a lot of blood shed, but Sam manages to make it up the wall to tell Jon that reinforcements are needed below. Jon puts another in charge and leaves with men to go hold the helm. I loved the sequence of Jon fighting with his sword, a real force. He also tells Sam to release Ghost - loved that scene too. Then, he meets the bald crazy guy and they go at it, Jon's sword gets knocked from his hand as the big dude busts up on him. Snow's able to get his hands on a hammer that he busts the bald guys head open with. 

Jon's training comes in handy while he slashes through the enemy

Ygritte - fierce with her bow and arrow
But! Ygritte is there ready with her bow in queue toward Jon. He gives her a knowing smile as an arrow pierces through her. A young boy (originally from a village the wildlings had attacked) shot and killed her. Jon held her in his arms as her life slipped away from her. She spoke of their time in the cave and she said they should have stayed there. Jon has to leave her, the fight isn't over yet. 

The Brother's Black have managed to surround Tormound with three or four arrows in him, Jon adds one to his knee dropping him to the ground. Snow orders them to chain him up as he proceeds out of the Castle Black toward Mance Ryder. Sam pleads with him not to do this, but Jon doesn't see any other way. They find the scene of their brother's who held the giant off and Jon states that they held the gate and orders the bodies to be burned. He proceeds out the gate as a white light takes us to the cut scene. My words were - bullshit! While I understand the battle could take an entire episode, I don't think this one was managed well. IF they're going to follow the books - I don't know how they're going to stuff everything into the season finale next week. Unless they prolong the happenings of King's Landing until next season - which is stupid... I would expect something to happen next week between Tyrion and Tywin. But, now we have to wait all week for the finale... and then how much longer until the next season... wait, watch and wonder.

Finale - The Children


So, if you've read the books - isn't this about the time Stannis arrives? Do you think this is the direction HBO is going to take? What are your thoughts?

Friday, June 6, 2014


** Spoilers could be revealed below - advance at your own risk **

I know, I know, it opened up like two weekends ago. The weekend it opened, another movie opened that my boyfriend really wanted to see (Blended). Then last weekend another movie opened that I'd been dying to see (Maleficent). If I could afford to go to the movies all the time, I definitely would. I've always loved movies and love going to see movies in the theater. That being said, X-Men Days of Future Past was overall nothing less than phenomenal. The movie really had me occupied the entire time and anticipating what's next. When I had first heard about the concept of the movie I was slightly skeptical. I've seen some movies that just seem to butcher the concepts of time travel. However, this movie did a fantastic job of keeping this viewer engaged and able to follow what was going on.

Peter Dinklage breathes life into Dr. Bolivar Trask
X-Men Days of Future Past spans open to a futuristic view of New York and the result of mutant captivity, even the humans that helped them. What could defeat the mutants that we all love? Cyborgs. Basically, in the past, 1973 to be specific, there was a professor, Dr. Bolivar Trask (portrayed by the very talented Peter Dinklage) who believed mutants to be a threat. While he admires the mutants and what they can do, it doesn't stop him from experimenting on them (killing them for their samples to study). He implores the government to fund his cyborgs that has a fail proof design to target mutants. His first attempt he was nearly laughed out of Senate. Then, after an incident in Paris where mutants were revealed to the world; Government now wants to be able to prove to the world that they can still protect the people. So, they give Trask the green-light.

Kitty sends Logan back to 1973
In the future however, the X-Men have a plan. Kitty (Ellen Page) can manipulate the consciousness to the past. The team decides if they are to save themselves and their kind, they have to go back to 1973 where they believed it all began: when Mystique, full of revenge toward Trask for the slaughter of her friends, kills him, and instead of the government closing his work, they progress it. Hence, they also capture Mystique and use her DNA toward the cyborgs so that they can adapt and counter act with the mutants - making them indestructible. They decided to send Logan/Wolverine back; Kitty explains that going decades back could destroy the mind and Logan has the ability to self-heal, therefore they decide he's the best candidate. 

Evan Peters as Quicksilver
So, as if consciousness time-travel and stopping Mystique wasn't challenging enough, Logan has to reunite Charles and Erik. Oh yeah, and Erik is in lock-down at the Pentagon, for having an involvement with the assassination of J.F.K  I really loved how they worked real history into the story plots. While the government tries to say that Erik/Magneto curved the bullet to kill J.F.K Erik explains to Charles/Professor X that he was trying to save him because he was a mutant. I think they did a great job too of portraying Nixon (Mark Camacho). With this triple threat - Logan enlists the help of Peter a.k.a Quicksilver. He's fast, funny, and could have been really useful for the rest of their missions. I don't know why they parted ways so soon. I really liked Peter (Evan Peters). 

Jennifer Lawrence is Mystique
Now, the question is can Charles and Erik work together to find Raven/Mystique and stop her from killing Trask? The simplified answer - yes. LOL! What was shocking to me was that Erik tries to kill Mystique. He thinks this is the only answer. However, Mystique turns the tables on Erik and through Charles help, she holds the fate of mutant kind within her hands. Jennifer Lawrence is Raven/Mystique and she did a fantastic job. She's definitely a force! You also see the struggle that she battles with, she's not normal and if she shows her true form it tends to freak people out. This can do serious damage to the psyche. Thank goodness she has Charles this time around to keep her sane.

Post-Credits Preview - Apocalypse
The only thing I hated about this movie was that it ended. It really did a good job of making you hold your breath toward the end. Can they change the course of time, the proverbial rippling effect, in order to save mutant kind? Take a deep breath! Not only do they save themselves, the future is bright and magnificent. While we don't know where Erik/Magneto flew off to, Logan wakes up in the future dazed and confused. He leaves his room and wonders the halls of Professor X's Academy. This was one of my favorite sequences. Because all the X-Men are here, even Rogue, Beast, Gene, and Scott. It also opens the future up for us the audience now for the future possibilities of further X-Men movies!! PLUS, if you watch after the credits, you get a sneak peak into what's to come. If you want a great read about the future, then check this article out Den of Geek Explaining the X-Men: Days of Future Past Post-Credits Scene.


You'll definitely want to click on the links to check out the character bios
Not included here: Stryker, Havok and Toad
As a writer, this is what drove me to the extent of character development. Critics would say that there were too many characters, but as a person that grew up with comics, SciFi, and fantasy... the story was leading me. Looking at the X-Men and the list of characters, it's thrilling that they were all on-screen again!!/character/professorx-young!/character/professorx!/character/magneto-young!/character/magneto!/character/mystique!/character/wolverine!/character/kitty!/character/trask!/character/quicksilver!/character/iceman!/character/storm!/character/bishop!/character/warpath!/character/blink!/character/colossus!/character/sunspot!/character/beast

So, my question is this: since Mystique is the one that took Logan into custody and not Stryker, does he still have his metal claws or would they still be bone (or organic material) now - if he didn't go through the Stryker experimentation?