Sunday, November 1, 2015


Here's Not Here


After last weeks episode, everyone has been anxiously awaiting to see if our beloved Glenn was torn to shreds, or if he managed to scamper under the dumpster to survive to fight again. My vote is that he's under the dumpster. If you've been following other vloggers and bloggers, they've pointed out that there was a picture of behinds the scene glimpse of Glenn with the upcoming new character. For those of us that read the comics, we know this knew character as Jesus. So, this makes me think that Glenn will be saved by Jesus, or at least we can hope and pray!

He's Alive!!

The fourth episode in the sixth season opens with the title NOW, followed by Morgan's stressed face. He talks about the conversation that he had with"The W Man", the wolf he met in the woods. We don't see him, but Morgan conveys how he will share every last bit, just as Mr. W had requested of him, while they were at the fire. THEN, back to Morgan in his insane state, where Rick had last seen him in his apartment with the writing on the wall. He's yelling in the room, there's a small fire. As his anger increases, so does the fire. So, we know that he had to leave because it burned down. We don't see this, but it's easily presumed. The next scene we see him running through the woods surviving, killing walkers, burning their bodies. He's in survival mode and using the blood from the walkers to write his mantras "Clear" and "Here's Not Here" on rocks and trees. There's a great scene where two guys are running after him in the woods. Morgan's hiding behind a tree when they come up to him, he kills the first one by stabbing him with his walking stick through the throat, the other he strangles with his bare hands.

Basically, it's not an origin's because we've already seen Morgan before this time, but it shows us how he became a Jedi Master. While surviving in the forest, he comes to a clearing when he hears a goat. When he goes to investigate, he finds the goat and we meet the Cheese maker, Eastman, portrayed by John Carroll Lynch. Morgan tries to hunt him down to kill him, but Eastman knocks him out first. When Morgan comes to, he's in a cabin, inside a cell. Morgan is yelling for Eastman to kill him. The Cheese Maker, Eastman, throws him a book in the cell "The Art of Peace" - eventually, Eastman explains how he was a forensic psychologist. He's perfect to help Morgan through his trauma and his own crazy mind right now. Eastman's giving Morgan space, and we see him trying to teach himself how to make cheese. It's a great scene when he tastes it and it's horrible! Eventually, when Eastman and Morgan are talking, just as Morgan was about to attempt an escape, Eastman informs him that the cell door is open. The last scene before cutting to commercial is Morgan in his crazy-state charging forward.

As they fight, Eastman knocks Morgan on his back and begins strangling him; Morgan surrenders. Eastman gives him two choices, the couch or the door. Morgan crawls into the cell and shuts the door. Eastman opens the cell door to reiterate that Morgan isn't trapped. Like a teenager full of rage and angst, he kicks the cell door closed. Later, Eastman explains Aikido, his type of Kung Fu that Morgan has watched him practicing and how he takes out the walkers that come onto his land. When they're talking Eastman talks about his family and shows the rabbit food that Morgan had, last season in the church where we met Father Gabriel, and Morgan put the rabbit foot on the alter of the church.
"Where there's life, there's potential" Eastman

John Carroll Lynch brings life to Eastman and teaches Morgan to be Jedi

Eastman asks Morgan to watch his goat, Tabitha, while he leaves to go on a run. Morgan picks up the book and it explains Aikido and the first commandment how all life is precious and not to kill. He hears noise outside, it sounds like the walker, and Tabitha's getting anxious. Morgan goes outside to see that two walkers were closing in on Tabitha. He takes them out, leaving them outside, and taking Tabitha inside. When Morgan is taking the walker away, he finds another clearing that has many marked graves. It's where Eastman has buried every walker he's had to end. Ironic scene is when they start to work the land, it reminded me of how Rick became "Farmer Rick" and now here we have "Farmer Morgan". When Morgan asks Eastman about the cell in his cabin, he explains about a killer he had worked with. How this killer escaped, found his wife and child, murdered them, and while they still had their blood on him, he walked to the police station and turned himself in. Eastman fully intended to put the killer in the cell and let him starve to death to avenge his family's brutal end. It was a very disturbing story. He explains the belief "all life is precious" - a great message.

They're going for supplies when Morgan shares how his wife and son have died. Eastman instructs Morgan to go into forms, the Aikido training. When they are going through the motions, a walker breaks through the tree line of the forest. Eastman tells Morgan to get him, but Morgan zones out realizing it's the guy he had strangled earlier in the woods. Eastman moves Morgan out of the way, as the walker takes a bite out of his back. Morgan flips out, they fight as Eastman knocks him on the ground, Morgan pleads with him to again, kill him, but he doesn't. This sends Morgan back a notch in crazy land, he's back in the woods making spears, when he starts taking out walkers, he comes across a couple. They reward him for taking out the walker that was walking right toward them. He didn't kill them, so he's making progress. He runs back for his staff, runs through the Twilight-like clearing, hears something and then takes off in a different direction to find a walker eating Tabitha the goat. They go back to the clearing where Morgan delivers the dead to be buried. Morgan finds a marked grave that has the killer's name on it that killed Eastman's family. Eastman tells how he did kidnap the killer and it had taken 47 days for him to starve to death in the cell. He explained how he went crazy too, he was were Morgan had been. He goes on to tell Morgan how avenging his family's death didn't give him peace. Eastman's a goner, and they know it. He tells Morgan he shouldn't stay there, Morgan sets out and comes across the Terminus sign.

Back to NOW, Morgan's back in front of the "W Man" wolf, but the wolf explains how he's been hurt. The wolf also tells Morgan that if he doesn't kill him, he'll have to kill everyone there, even the children, and eerily says something like, just like Eastman's children, very disturbing. He's trying to convince Morgan he's crazy, but Morgan leaves him tied up and locked up in the basement of an Alexandrian home. Morgan emerges back in Alexandria's street when he hears someone yelling "Open the gate!" and runs off. Overall, this episode brings up back from last weeks. Not my favorite episode, but after the last three epic episodes, this one brought us back down.

Sneak Peek - "Now"