Sunday, November 8, 2015



**Spoilers Ahead**

Last week we all were brought up-to-date with the story of Morgan, where he's been, what he's been up to. Now starts with Deanna at the top of the gate when we hear Rick screaming to open the gates! He made it out! Last week we were left wondering because the RV wouldn't start and walkers were starting to surround the RV. Rick's running through the walkers fighting his way, barely, to the gate. Michonne, Maggie, and a few other's come to his aide as he stumbles in and the gates shut! This episode was really about the people within the walls of Alexandria, dealing with the aftermath of The Wolves, those that were killed and turned, and now the walkers just outside of the walls; plus Deanna loosing her shit. I'm loosing my shit too, only 3 episodes left until the mid-season finale!

With the walkers threatening the Alexandrian's, those that have been sheltered are pushing that freaking-out envelope, and go to raid the towns pantry. Deanna is just in shock or something as she watches and does nothing as people barge in to take what they want. But, Deanna's son Spencer steps up and talks them down from their attempted raid. BUT, Spencer's not so admirable. Later, Deanna finds him in their kitchen, he had stolen from the pantry and was drinking. Not only that, he yells at his mother that everything that has happened has been her fault. When she goes to return the stuff her son had stolen, she comes across a walker. Apparently, she's the only person in the world that doesn't know to aim for the head! Luckily for her, Rick shows up and puts a knife in the head. She tells him how she wants to live. I think Rick feels for her, he knows the slippery slope she's slipping on. Later when Spencer arrives to relieve Rosita for wall-duty, she congratulates him on saving the town wall from the wolves driving the truck through, he thinks he was just lucky. "Good or lucky, it doesn't really matter. Just keep doing what your doing." Rosita.

They downplayed the fight between Carl and Ron Jr. In the comics it was a huge fight, if I remember correctly, it happens earlier too; I just remember it being a bigger deal. Here, Ron is playing with his knife, throwing it into the ground, when Carl walks up and asks if he's okay and if he's seen Enid. Ron's pissed because Enid was apparently his girlfriend until Carl got there. Carl, I think, does a great job attempting to defuse this asshole, but Ron Jr. isn't having any of it. Carl says he wants to go after Enid, but Ron wasn't going to let him go. They get into a fight, but Carl can take care of himself. Ron tells Carl that he'll tell his dad if he goes. Later, Ron Jr. joins Rick up on the wall, tells him that Enid went over the wall before the attack, and that Carl had been planning on going, but he saw him on the porch with Judith (is it true? we don't know). He asks Rick to teach him how to shoot (but, does he just want to shoot them?)

Meanwhile, Jessie did a great job when she came across one of the Alexandrian's who had turned in a house. While other Alexandrian's watched, she gingerly opened the door, and slid her knife into the walkers eye. She told them that she doesn't like it, but it's what they have to do basically. She has to deal with her otherwise cookie loving son not wanting to come downstairs. Then later, while she's in the garage Rick comes to her. He's telling her how his crew should have been back by now, when he says Glenn's name, his eyes filled with tears, and my heart ached. He went on to talk about his brother Daryl too, Abraham and Sasha. She makes a comment about something, and then he takes the lead and kisses her - What!? It's not the only kiss of the episode. The new doctor, Denise plants one on Tara too.

You know once Maggie hears that Glenn was left behind, she's going after him! Aaron's looking around the town when he notices Maggie gearing up and preparing, he knows exactly what she's up to. What made me really sad though was Glenn's name was written on the "In Our Memory" wall, where everyone that was dead, their names were written there. Aaron confronts Maggie and tells her that he's going with her. He tells her about the sewers and they head out that way. There is a wicked scene with two sewer walkers that actually turned my stomach! Maggie struggles a little taking down one of the walkers, guess it's been a while for her, but Aaron takes care of it. They're getting ready to try to go out of the sewer, but they see all the Walkers. Maggie gives this speech about Glenn and it brought tears to my eyes, she can't give up!! Then the big reveal that she is pregnant. They go back to Alexandria; Maggie goes to wash off Glenn's name from the wall, and Aaron helps her. There's a sweet scene where he suggests that Aaron is a boy or girl's name. She can't give up, they fought so hard through season four to find one another. So heart breaking.

Sneak Peak "Always Accountable"

My Theory:

I think that Glenn managed to crawl under the dumpster where he waited it out for a minute or two. As last week I showed you, there was an official image released (before "Thank You" aired) where Glenn is with a new character named "Jesus"... yes, I think Glenn is going to be saved by Jesus!
But, I also heard how Andrew Lincoln kept asking about his hand, because in the comics Rick gets bitten and they have to chop off his hand. But, the producers or someone said that it would be too difficult to do. SO, my theory is that maybe Glenn won't come out unscathed. Maybe Glenn was scratched, bitten, or something and gets his hand chopped off, but I don't think anything in the picture suggested as such, but it's still food for thought.
I also think that from last week we saw Michonne tell Maggie about Glenn, so you know she's going to go after him. She's going to get there, which I'm sure she won't be alone, and they'll find that Glenn's nowhere to be found, nor any remains. They'll find the bits and pieces of Nicholas though, and they might find some slight clues to go on that Glenn made it out.
Then, Glenn will have to help Jesus, since he saved him and go with him to Hilltop where we'll be introduced to that community. I hate when the main group is separated, but they love to do this to us and it's agonizing, isn't it. So, then we'll go through it again where Glenn and Maggie fight to find one another again, but this time it'll be more drastic because the fan theory is that Maggie's pregnant.
Once we're introduced to Hilltop, we'll be introduced the Negan. It's the big-bad villain everyone has been waiting for. But, in the comics Negan's bat, covered in barbed wire, and named Lucille, is what ultimately kills Glenn. Will the show make us wait on pins and needles, we'll discover he's alive, another great romantic re-connection between the two lovers, just for Glenn to get his skull bashed in? Maybe this was to soften the blow for when Glenn actually does die. Or, maybe they'll keep him around... but, realistically, they can't keep all the fan favorites... our beloved characters will eventually have to meet their demises.
What are your thoughts?