Sunday, November 15, 2015


Always Accountable


The sixth episode of the season, titled "Always Accountable" opens with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham putting some distance between them and the herd. As they are driving away and start to go through a town, they get shot at separating them. Abraham and Sasha crash, but they come out swinging, or rather shooting and quickly take care of their pursuers. While Daryl had already crashed when he was shot at, gets back up and takes off on his bike by aggressors in an SUV. Abraham and Sasha take off on foot while Daryl is able to give those that were chasing him the slip. Either he gives out or his bike and he collapses on the ground. He's surrounded by a burnt forest, and where he landed right next to him is a burnt biker, all that's really left his the burnt biker helmet and the walker barely moving, but it looks like nothing but bones.

After the commercial, Daryl's pushing his bike through the burnt forest, he's tired, dirty, and exhausted. He uses his walkie but isn't able to get anyone. He starts to take off his glove and jacket, he's hurt. He attempts to address his wounds, but he hears forest movement, he grabs his crossbow and goes to investigate. Daryl comes across two women who start to say something about taking what they earned or something, when he gets knocked out by a man that comes up behind him. The next couple scenes are of Daryl coming and going out of consciousness, watching the people at the campfire. Wakes up with his hands tied and the guy telling him to "get up" put a gun to his head, Daryl seems to be playing along. They apparently have escaped someone (my guess is Negan's group) and they think Daryl is part of the people after them. Daryl tries to tell him that he's not who they think, but they don't listen. They talk about the fire. One of the girls faint and Daryl uses it to grab their duffle-bag and takes off. Tries calling Sasha and Abraham with no answer. Walker starts to come toward him, it gets intense, but Daryl manages to pull his crossbow from the duffle-bag right in time to fire a bolt through it's head, when he sees the insulin cooler that was in the bag.

Back to Abraham and Sasha, they discuss why these people attacked them. They try to contact Daryl, no answer. They find a place and write "Dixon" on the door. Sasha had also put her shoe in some mud, because they know Daryl's a tracker. Sasha's been where Abraham is (wanting to kill every walker) she's trying to tell him to take it easy. He wants to take down a walker in the street, but she tells him not to; he wants to take down the walker that is locked away in the place they're held up, but Sasha tells him the walker can't get out. She talks about being held accountable. Abraham doesn't want to sit and wait for Daryl and Sasha know to stay put - Daryl will fin you!

Burnt forest: Daryl has his cross bow and comes to the people with the bag. Tells him to drop the gun and confiscates it. He goes to leave them as a truck comes pushing the trees through. Daryl hides behind the tree and watches the interaction between the two groups. Truck comes forward. He sees the other people in the forest and he guides them which way to go, helping the diabetic girl. We never see their faces. He gives the guy his gun back. Great scene where Daryl distracts a guy and he gets bit by a walker they saw, Guy chops off his arm above the bite.

Morning comes, Abraham is checking things out when he sees a military vehicle and an impaled military man on the bridge, he also finds a case full of RPG's or something and a box with some cigars. He goes to get the RPG on the back of the walker, and has a moment with him -weird. Takes a cigar and lights it (If Sasha's sleeping, who's watching her). As the walker struggles, the pole works through the body and the RPG is left, the walker falls below the bridge. Abraham goes back to Sasha and they talk about theology of returning to Alexandria. He likes how she called bullshit and he says he likes to get to know her better... she tells him he has some stuff to take care of, he agrees.

Burnt forest: Daryl asks the group about the people after them. Daryl explains how no one is safe anymore. Tina runs off (girls with diabetes) comes to a burnt home or shed, she knew the people who died in there. She puts flowers by their burnt bodies, as the walkers bite her, Daryl jumps in and knifes both of them, she's dead now too. They bury her body. Daryl asks the questions "How many walkers you've killed", "How many people you killed" - "why?" Daryl goes back to the bike, he knows, "D" puts a gun to his head and tells the girl to take the crossbow and gives her the gun, they get on the bike and leave Daryl. She says "I'm sorry" Daryl replies "You gonna be" I hope he at least has something to defend himself with! He comes back to the burnt biker helmet walker. He cleans off something solid in the ground, but I couldn't read it. He takes off on foot... finds a fuel truck, he has a knife and puts it in the head of the walker driver! Abraham comes out in the uniform he found earlier as Daryl arrives in town and they all head back to Alexandria. "Rick, you copy? Anybody?" GLENN!!!! "Help" maybe I'm just wanting it too badly, but I swear it sounded like Glenn!!

What are your thoughts!? I think the guy that cut the other guys arm off was Negan, they didn't show the face because at this time of shooting, they didn't have Negan cast. Now we know, Negan will be Jefferey Dean Morgan. I think the guy "D" that jumped Daryl is Dwight from the comics. I think they will be caught and we know what happens next, he gets half of his face burnt off with a clothes iron, Negan's method in the comics for dealing with a particular situation that happens a lot, since he likes to keep a harem of married women. Anyway, I think we just saw some of the origin for Dwight, I think the crossbow he wields in the comics is the one they just took from Daryl, or at least it makes sense to me! What do you think?

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