Sunday, November 29, 2015


Start to Finish

The mid-season finale opens with Sam, who's been locked up in his room dealing with his reality. He should really turn that record player off though... there's a creepy scene where ants are entering through his bedroom window. If you've ever experienced this, you know they form a line to where they are getting their food source. In this case, it's food (or something really weird) that's been left intentionally or unintentionally. But, I think it's also referencing, now that the Alexandrian walls have been crushed down by the tower (where we were left last week), that now the walkers will do the same thing these ants are doing. 

Sam's picture he's working on in the opening scene

Next scene is the tower outside of the Alexandrian wall crashing through. As the dust starts to settle we hear the familiar growls of the walkers, followed by stomping and other things as they start ti file in on the unprepared Alexandrian's. Rick's yelling at everyone to get back. The heard is entering Alexandria as everyone starts to run to take cover. Carol and Morgan take refuge together. Deanna's following Rick, as she's injured. Maggie's fighting off walkers as she makes it to the rickety latter that comes untied as she's hanging on for her and her unborn child's life. She fights desperately and makes it to the top of the platform as she gazes at the ascending green balloons. Cut to Eugene, he has the walkie when Daryl is trying to get a hold of someone and Eugene says "help" as Rosita and Tara come to his aide, and they take shelter in a garage. Michonne and Carl come to the aide of  Rick and Deanna, as a bunch of them take refuge in Jesse's house. The camera pans over Alexandria as we see the infestation of the walkers.

Glenn and Enid are watching the walkers going in, Glenn tries to keep positive. "This is how it happens, and it always happens Glenn" Enid. But, Glenn keeps trying to get her to understand she still needs to care, now, and even when they're gone. Cut to Sam in his room, he hears the commotion, he seems to freak out a little as he's watching Rick and Michonne deal with Deann's injury, Judith's crying, and it all sort of echoes. Back to Morgan and Carol, he wants to check her wounds (she had fallen down) she tells him how she doesn't trust him, he comments "at least you're honest." Polar opposites theologies, this will be interesting to see. But, Carol must have a concussion. It's not cool to see her weak. The Doc is with The W man; he's crazy and she's naive. I hope she realizes that he's legit psycho. He has a psychotic look on his face as she gets stuff out to patch him up - my thoughts - he's going to kill her! Cut to Michonne working on Deanna and they find she's been bitten... "Well... shit" Deanna.

Jesse and Rick discussing Deanna's wound, he tells her how she doesn't have long. Rick's trying to come up with a plan to lure the walkers away. Michonne talking to Deanna, comforting her telling her how the plans she gave them could work. Michonne asks her about the Latin "Working with my family toward a better future", she says how she got to do what she wanted, right up to the end. Carl sees Ron Jr. go out to the garage and follows him to make sure he's okay. Ron thinks Enid's dead, and he thinks they're all going to die. Carl tries to comfort him, but Ron doesn't want to hear it. Ron seems to be losing it. He locks the garage and pulls the gun, Carl charges and they're fighting, Ron has Carl up against the broken door as walkers are drawn to the sound. Rick beats down the door as walkers break through. Theyrun for the house as walkers continue to pile in. Carl lies for Ron Jr., I think the parents understand. Ron and Carl go into a bedroom, Carl pulls a gun on Carl and tells him to give him a gun and tells Ron that he needs to come to terms with the fact that his dad was an asshole.

The group in Jesse's house are watching the walkers from the windows, Judith starts to cry and Rick goes to calm her, see's that Deanna isn't in the bed where they left her, she's at Judith's crib. She hasn't turned yet. He explains how someone needs to be with her until she turns. Deanna hands a note to Rick for Spenser and Maggie; she asks him to look out for Spenser like his own and tells him that Alexandria is his now. Jesse calls Rick, he picks up Judith and leaves Deanna. Back to Rosita and Tara, they're held up in a garage with Eugene. Rosita asks if they think Alexandria is over, Tara explains how they need to work for it; continue to fight for it. Rosita worries that Abraham is dead, but Tara tries to comfort her, while Eugene just reads quietly on the floor. Eugene "Lock pickin' is within my skill set". Back to Carol, Morgan asks if she's all right, she replies that she's just resting her eyes. Carol can't be hurt!! Carol pushes Morgan out of the way and makes a run for it. Back to Rick and his group, the walkers are breaking through, Michonne goes to action, they all retreat up the stairs, trying to block the stairwell on their way. The Doc with The W man, Carol enters the room and orders her to get away from him, Morgan enters, standing between Carol and Morgan.

Rick's plan is to gut the walkers and use them to get to the armory, Michonne helps Rick as Father Gabriel, Jesse and Ron Jr. watch (they're disgusted). Rick tells them anyone who stays ther eis going to die. Father Gabriel asks about Deanna, but Rick just looks at Michonne as they continue to cut up the walkers. Carol vs. Morgan. Carol tells Morgan that she doesn't want to have to kill him. Michonne goes to see Deanna, she explains how the rest of them have to go. "Someday this pain will be useful to you" Deanna explains the Latin verse to Michonne before she leaves her. The group wearing sheets and spreading the walker blood and guts over them, Sam walks in and doesn't understand what is going on, she tries her best to get him to go along. Carol and Morgan debating over The W Man's life. Morgan knocks the knife from her hand and they fight, he picks her up and slams her down (she's knocked out) as The W Man knocks Morgan out and pulls his knife on The Doc. Ricks group all gored up and ready to go. The W Man cuts through his binding as the doctor tries to convince him not to kill him. Tara, Rosita, and Eugene walk in as The W Man takes the doc as his hostage. He leaves with The Doc, as Tara looks on in horror, she tried to tell him he won't make it out there, his response was "we'll see." Rick's group get ready to leave, as they walk by the walkers. Glenn and Enid are climbing a tree trying to get in to Alexandria as Glenn sees Maggie on the scaffoling, surrounded by walkers. Deanna holds her gun to her head, but hears the walkers outside, she opens the door and uses the last of the ammo to shoot them, screaming at the inevitable. Rick and his group stand among the walkers, they hold hands as they make their way through. Sam starts calling "Mom." That'll get the walkers attention, and like in the comics Jessie and her sons get torn apart by the walkers.

Overall, this wasn't my favorite mid-season finale. I think the episode was full of tension with the walkers entering Alexandria and the fight between Morgan and Carol, but it was lacking in the end game, if you know what I mean. I feel like there needed to be more at the end to have us on the edge of our seats itching for the rest of the season. I'm also upset that they're trying to push Into the Badlands so desperately. They included it in the Start to Finish, The Walking Dead Story Sync, and then just last last week they have the blurb during the first commercial set. I'm disappointed that it was just some thug talking about Negan and not a glimpse of him or even a tease of Lucille or something more substantial. But, I guess that's because we're so use to such excellence that even the exceptional seems less than the standard we're use to. What are your thoughts on the mid-season finale? What was your favorite part, and what do you think it was lacking (if anything)?


Sunday, November 22, 2015


"Heads Up"


The last episode before the mid-season finale starts with a dark screen and Nicholas's last words echoing "Thank you" with that gunshot we all heard in our nightmares for days now. Then we see Nicholas on top of Glenn getting pulled apart as he struggled to crawl under the dumpster!! We see how Glenn survived - that's right people - GLENN'S ALIVE!!! He manages to hold out under the dumpster and when things calm down he crawls back out. When he does, he finds the flare gun's been destroyed. He hears "Heads up!" and it's Enid! She throws him a bottled water before taking off. He follows her and asks her about Alexandria, she tells him to go back, he asks about Maggie, and she doesn't respond. She takes off and Glenn takes off after her; open credits. My prediction was that the comic book character Jesus would save Glenn. I'm just glad that he's alive. We know Jesus and more of the comic book characters are coming soon.

While Rick is walking the perimeter, he tells Morgan that they need to talk, he see's Maggie on the wall watching for Glenn. I think they're both desperate to hear from Glenn, Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha. Maggie's keeping watch and Rick goes to her, they talk, but I don't know why she didn't tell him that she's pregnant, she had the perfect opportunity while she was talking about Judith and how she's starting to favor Lori. Back to Glenn; he comes to the guy that they had left before and found the note to his wife "Betsy". Father Gabriel is posting something and as Rick walks by, Rick tears it down, Carl and Ron Jr. are with him. He's teaching Ron Jr. about the gun, Ron wants to be armed, but Rick's hesitant (rightly so). Morgan goes to the doctor, Rick's walking by and he wants to talk to Morgan. Rick explains to Morgan what happened with the Wolves, Carol and Michonne are in on the meeting too. I think they're trying to get him to understand by not killing the psychopaths, it endangered Rick. "I don't know what's right anymore" Morgan.

The heard is crowding in on the walls of Alexandria, Michonne and Rick discuss strategy for drawing the walkers away "Really?" Michonne. Rick doesn't want to involve the Alexandrian's in any discussions about how to draw the walkers away, while Michonne is trying to get him to understand that they could be useful too; they're not all a liability. Deanna delivers her plans for the future of Alexandria. Rosita's giving machete lessons to people. Eugene is in the group and they discuss his fear of dying, She basically tells him to pull his big-boy panties up; he walks away. Back to Enid, she goes to leave a store she was in, Walkers were outside and Glenn comes up behind her. He doesn't want to leave her and Enid doesn't want to go. She pulls a gun on him.

Glenn is able to get Enid's gun away from her and convinces her to go with him. Back in Alexandria; Rick is trying to add extra support to the inside walls and another Alexandrian helps him out. Maybe Rick will realize the Alexandrian's could help. What do you think? Back to Glenn and Enid, she takes some balloons they had put out, Glenn tells her how there are more balloons, string, and a helium tank. Rick talking to Alexandrian while they work on the wall. Tobin's telling Rick how scary Rick first seemed, he explains to Rick not to give up on them. Enid and Glenn; he asks her who she stayed with back home, she explains how it wasn't her home and she stayed with Olivia. "We don't have to talk" Enid. Olivia in the pantry is distracted by a mess Ron Jr. made to purposefully distract her in the pantry while he goes to the gun room and takes some bullets -- not good!!

Glenn and Enid arrive back and see the walkers outside of Alexandria "My God" Glenn. Glenn stop being the strong moral compass!! We all know what that means!! But, at least he's alive! Would you have been so determined to save Enid? Rick and Tobin come to Spenser who is crossing an insane way - dangling over the herd - Tara jumps into action and starts shooting walkers, Spencer's rope gives, and he's trying to get back over the wall, Rick's trying to pull him over, Tobin comes to help. Tara taking shots and runs out of bullets, Michonne arrives to help her. Morgan comes to aide Rick and the others too. Once Spenser is safe, Rick yells at Tara, she gives him the finger (hilarious). I think he yelled at her because Abraham, Sasha, Daryl, and Glenn haven't returned yet and he doesn't want to lose anymore else. Rick yells at Spenser that if he had an idea to go to him first "Would you have listened to me?" Spenser. 

Morgan returns to the doctor, he's asking for the "W Man", he tells her it's not his wounds and he explains he doesn't want to involve her in something she might not want to get involved in; but, Carol sees them and she follows with Judith in her arms. Carol sees which house they go in to, and she takes Judith to Jesse - Carol & Sam exchange conversation about monsters "The only thing that keeps you from becoming a monster is killing" Carol, she looks alarmed at what she says. She goes in the house and confronts Morgan. Carl patrolling the streets, Ron Jr. with the gun, following behind him. Michonne looks over the plans Deanna has (the watch tower that the truck had run in to is slowly coming apart outside of the walls...) Rick talks to Tara, Deanna thanks Rick for saving her son... Alexandrian's -- everyone see the green balloons floating (Glenn & Enid). Maggie runs to Rick "That's Glenn" Maggie, as the outside watch tower finally starts to fall and begins to knock the wall down -- fade to black.

Overall the episode was great, not only because we finally get to see what happened to Glenn, but it's truly just an amazing show. I can't believe the mid-season finale next week! I believe at this point in the comics Rick is sleeping with Jessie, and when the herd breaks through the walls her and her sons are attacked and killed by walkers (I could be wrong) but, I'm also pretty sure this is the time when Carl is shot and miraculously lives. I can't wait to see what happens, if AMC decides to go this route and if Carl will lose his eye, it will be epic. Can we please get Talking Dead after The Walking Dead again!? I know that this is to help promote Into the Badlands, but I really miss having that counseling session after the show! Glenn had his own commercial, he commented how he was reading everything we (the fans) were saying and how touched he is, and how he'll be on Talking Dead!! How much I love this show and how much they give to the fans is heartwarming. Mid-season finale predictions: do we think Carl is going to get his comic book look? Do you think we'll see any glimpse of Negan? Here's my predictions, because we still need to see who said "help" to Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha. We'll be dealing with the walkers inside the walls, people in the Alexandrian community getting separated and trying to survive the walkers. Carol dealing with Morgan, I think Deanna (not knowing) will go to check out The W Man, and he'll find a way to take her hostage. Ron Jr. will either shoot Carl by accident or on purpose. It'll be a crazy and intense episode on it's own. BUT, I think they'll have an after credit scene where we'll just see the back of Negan with Lucile on his shoulder, or on him somehow hinting that he's in the vicinity and is aware of the situations. Can't wait!!

Sneak Peek "Start to Finish"


Sunday, November 15, 2015


Always Accountable


The sixth episode of the season, titled "Always Accountable" opens with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham putting some distance between them and the herd. As they are driving away and start to go through a town, they get shot at separating them. Abraham and Sasha crash, but they come out swinging, or rather shooting and quickly take care of their pursuers. While Daryl had already crashed when he was shot at, gets back up and takes off on his bike by aggressors in an SUV. Abraham and Sasha take off on foot while Daryl is able to give those that were chasing him the slip. Either he gives out or his bike and he collapses on the ground. He's surrounded by a burnt forest, and where he landed right next to him is a burnt biker, all that's really left his the burnt biker helmet and the walker barely moving, but it looks like nothing but bones.

After the commercial, Daryl's pushing his bike through the burnt forest, he's tired, dirty, and exhausted. He uses his walkie but isn't able to get anyone. He starts to take off his glove and jacket, he's hurt. He attempts to address his wounds, but he hears forest movement, he grabs his crossbow and goes to investigate. Daryl comes across two women who start to say something about taking what they earned or something, when he gets knocked out by a man that comes up behind him. The next couple scenes are of Daryl coming and going out of consciousness, watching the people at the campfire. Wakes up with his hands tied and the guy telling him to "get up" put a gun to his head, Daryl seems to be playing along. They apparently have escaped someone (my guess is Negan's group) and they think Daryl is part of the people after them. Daryl tries to tell him that he's not who they think, but they don't listen. They talk about the fire. One of the girls faint and Daryl uses it to grab their duffle-bag and takes off. Tries calling Sasha and Abraham with no answer. Walker starts to come toward him, it gets intense, but Daryl manages to pull his crossbow from the duffle-bag right in time to fire a bolt through it's head, when he sees the insulin cooler that was in the bag.

Back to Abraham and Sasha, they discuss why these people attacked them. They try to contact Daryl, no answer. They find a place and write "Dixon" on the door. Sasha had also put her shoe in some mud, because they know Daryl's a tracker. Sasha's been where Abraham is (wanting to kill every walker) she's trying to tell him to take it easy. He wants to take down a walker in the street, but she tells him not to; he wants to take down the walker that is locked away in the place they're held up, but Sasha tells him the walker can't get out. She talks about being held accountable. Abraham doesn't want to sit and wait for Daryl and Sasha know to stay put - Daryl will fin you!

Burnt forest: Daryl has his cross bow and comes to the people with the bag. Tells him to drop the gun and confiscates it. He goes to leave them as a truck comes pushing the trees through. Daryl hides behind the tree and watches the interaction between the two groups. Truck comes forward. He sees the other people in the forest and he guides them which way to go, helping the diabetic girl. We never see their faces. He gives the guy his gun back. Great scene where Daryl distracts a guy and he gets bit by a walker they saw, Guy chops off his arm above the bite.

Morning comes, Abraham is checking things out when he sees a military vehicle and an impaled military man on the bridge, he also finds a case full of RPG's or something and a box with some cigars. He goes to get the RPG on the back of the walker, and has a moment with him -weird. Takes a cigar and lights it (If Sasha's sleeping, who's watching her). As the walker struggles, the pole works through the body and the RPG is left, the walker falls below the bridge. Abraham goes back to Sasha and they talk about theology of returning to Alexandria. He likes how she called bullshit and he says he likes to get to know her better... she tells him he has some stuff to take care of, he agrees.

Burnt forest: Daryl asks the group about the people after them. Daryl explains how no one is safe anymore. Tina runs off (girls with diabetes) comes to a burnt home or shed, she knew the people who died in there. She puts flowers by their burnt bodies, as the walkers bite her, Daryl jumps in and knifes both of them, she's dead now too. They bury her body. Daryl asks the questions "How many walkers you've killed", "How many people you killed" - "why?" Daryl goes back to the bike, he knows, "D" puts a gun to his head and tells the girl to take the crossbow and gives her the gun, they get on the bike and leave Daryl. She says "I'm sorry" Daryl replies "You gonna be" I hope he at least has something to defend himself with! He comes back to the burnt biker helmet walker. He cleans off something solid in the ground, but I couldn't read it. He takes off on foot... finds a fuel truck, he has a knife and puts it in the head of the walker driver! Abraham comes out in the uniform he found earlier as Daryl arrives in town and they all head back to Alexandria. "Rick, you copy? Anybody?" GLENN!!!! "Help" maybe I'm just wanting it too badly, but I swear it sounded like Glenn!!

What are your thoughts!? I think the guy that cut the other guys arm off was Negan, they didn't show the face because at this time of shooting, they didn't have Negan cast. Now we know, Negan will be Jefferey Dean Morgan. I think the guy "D" that jumped Daryl is Dwight from the comics. I think they will be caught and we know what happens next, he gets half of his face burnt off with a clothes iron, Negan's method in the comics for dealing with a particular situation that happens a lot, since he likes to keep a harem of married women. Anyway, I think we just saw some of the origin for Dwight, I think the crossbow he wields in the comics is the one they just took from Daryl, or at least it makes sense to me! What do you think?

Sneak Peak "Heads Up"


Sunday, November 8, 2015



**Spoilers Ahead**

Last week we all were brought up-to-date with the story of Morgan, where he's been, what he's been up to. Now starts with Deanna at the top of the gate when we hear Rick screaming to open the gates! He made it out! Last week we were left wondering because the RV wouldn't start and walkers were starting to surround the RV. Rick's running through the walkers fighting his way, barely, to the gate. Michonne, Maggie, and a few other's come to his aide as he stumbles in and the gates shut! This episode was really about the people within the walls of Alexandria, dealing with the aftermath of The Wolves, those that were killed and turned, and now the walkers just outside of the walls; plus Deanna loosing her shit. I'm loosing my shit too, only 3 episodes left until the mid-season finale!

With the walkers threatening the Alexandrian's, those that have been sheltered are pushing that freaking-out envelope, and go to raid the towns pantry. Deanna is just in shock or something as she watches and does nothing as people barge in to take what they want. But, Deanna's son Spencer steps up and talks them down from their attempted raid. BUT, Spencer's not so admirable. Later, Deanna finds him in their kitchen, he had stolen from the pantry and was drinking. Not only that, he yells at his mother that everything that has happened has been her fault. When she goes to return the stuff her son had stolen, she comes across a walker. Apparently, she's the only person in the world that doesn't know to aim for the head! Luckily for her, Rick shows up and puts a knife in the head. She tells him how she wants to live. I think Rick feels for her, he knows the slippery slope she's slipping on. Later when Spencer arrives to relieve Rosita for wall-duty, she congratulates him on saving the town wall from the wolves driving the truck through, he thinks he was just lucky. "Good or lucky, it doesn't really matter. Just keep doing what your doing." Rosita.

They downplayed the fight between Carl and Ron Jr. In the comics it was a huge fight, if I remember correctly, it happens earlier too; I just remember it being a bigger deal. Here, Ron is playing with his knife, throwing it into the ground, when Carl walks up and asks if he's okay and if he's seen Enid. Ron's pissed because Enid was apparently his girlfriend until Carl got there. Carl, I think, does a great job attempting to defuse this asshole, but Ron Jr. isn't having any of it. Carl says he wants to go after Enid, but Ron wasn't going to let him go. They get into a fight, but Carl can take care of himself. Ron tells Carl that he'll tell his dad if he goes. Later, Ron Jr. joins Rick up on the wall, tells him that Enid went over the wall before the attack, and that Carl had been planning on going, but he saw him on the porch with Judith (is it true? we don't know). He asks Rick to teach him how to shoot (but, does he just want to shoot them?)

Meanwhile, Jessie did a great job when she came across one of the Alexandrian's who had turned in a house. While other Alexandrian's watched, she gingerly opened the door, and slid her knife into the walkers eye. She told them that she doesn't like it, but it's what they have to do basically. She has to deal with her otherwise cookie loving son not wanting to come downstairs. Then later, while she's in the garage Rick comes to her. He's telling her how his crew should have been back by now, when he says Glenn's name, his eyes filled with tears, and my heart ached. He went on to talk about his brother Daryl too, Abraham and Sasha. She makes a comment about something, and then he takes the lead and kisses her - What!? It's not the only kiss of the episode. The new doctor, Denise plants one on Tara too.

You know once Maggie hears that Glenn was left behind, she's going after him! Aaron's looking around the town when he notices Maggie gearing up and preparing, he knows exactly what she's up to. What made me really sad though was Glenn's name was written on the "In Our Memory" wall, where everyone that was dead, their names were written there. Aaron confronts Maggie and tells her that he's going with her. He tells her about the sewers and they head out that way. There is a wicked scene with two sewer walkers that actually turned my stomach! Maggie struggles a little taking down one of the walkers, guess it's been a while for her, but Aaron takes care of it. They're getting ready to try to go out of the sewer, but they see all the Walkers. Maggie gives this speech about Glenn and it brought tears to my eyes, she can't give up!! Then the big reveal that she is pregnant. They go back to Alexandria; Maggie goes to wash off Glenn's name from the wall, and Aaron helps her. There's a sweet scene where he suggests that Aaron is a boy or girl's name. She can't give up, they fought so hard through season four to find one another. So heart breaking.

Sneak Peak "Always Accountable"

My Theory:

I think that Glenn managed to crawl under the dumpster where he waited it out for a minute or two. As last week I showed you, there was an official image released (before "Thank You" aired) where Glenn is with a new character named "Jesus"... yes, I think Glenn is going to be saved by Jesus!
But, I also heard how Andrew Lincoln kept asking about his hand, because in the comics Rick gets bitten and they have to chop off his hand. But, the producers or someone said that it would be too difficult to do. SO, my theory is that maybe Glenn won't come out unscathed. Maybe Glenn was scratched, bitten, or something and gets his hand chopped off, but I don't think anything in the picture suggested as such, but it's still food for thought.
I also think that from last week we saw Michonne tell Maggie about Glenn, so you know she's going to go after him. She's going to get there, which I'm sure she won't be alone, and they'll find that Glenn's nowhere to be found, nor any remains. They'll find the bits and pieces of Nicholas though, and they might find some slight clues to go on that Glenn made it out.
Then, Glenn will have to help Jesus, since he saved him and go with him to Hilltop where we'll be introduced to that community. I hate when the main group is separated, but they love to do this to us and it's agonizing, isn't it. So, then we'll go through it again where Glenn and Maggie fight to find one another again, but this time it'll be more drastic because the fan theory is that Maggie's pregnant.
Once we're introduced to Hilltop, we'll be introduced the Negan. It's the big-bad villain everyone has been waiting for. But, in the comics Negan's bat, covered in barbed wire, and named Lucille, is what ultimately kills Glenn. Will the show make us wait on pins and needles, we'll discover he's alive, another great romantic re-connection between the two lovers, just for Glenn to get his skull bashed in? Maybe this was to soften the blow for when Glenn actually does die. Or, maybe they'll keep him around... but, realistically, they can't keep all the fan favorites... our beloved characters will eventually have to meet their demises.
What are your thoughts?

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Here's Not Here


After last weeks episode, everyone has been anxiously awaiting to see if our beloved Glenn was torn to shreds, or if he managed to scamper under the dumpster to survive to fight again. My vote is that he's under the dumpster. If you've been following other vloggers and bloggers, they've pointed out that there was a picture of behinds the scene glimpse of Glenn with the upcoming new character. For those of us that read the comics, we know this knew character as Jesus. So, this makes me think that Glenn will be saved by Jesus, or at least we can hope and pray!

He's Alive!!

The fourth episode in the sixth season opens with the title NOW, followed by Morgan's stressed face. He talks about the conversation that he had with"The W Man", the wolf he met in the woods. We don't see him, but Morgan conveys how he will share every last bit, just as Mr. W had requested of him, while they were at the fire. THEN, back to Morgan in his insane state, where Rick had last seen him in his apartment with the writing on the wall. He's yelling in the room, there's a small fire. As his anger increases, so does the fire. So, we know that he had to leave because it burned down. We don't see this, but it's easily presumed. The next scene we see him running through the woods surviving, killing walkers, burning their bodies. He's in survival mode and using the blood from the walkers to write his mantras "Clear" and "Here's Not Here" on rocks and trees. There's a great scene where two guys are running after him in the woods. Morgan's hiding behind a tree when they come up to him, he kills the first one by stabbing him with his walking stick through the throat, the other he strangles with his bare hands.

Basically, it's not an origin's because we've already seen Morgan before this time, but it shows us how he became a Jedi Master. While surviving in the forest, he comes to a clearing when he hears a goat. When he goes to investigate, he finds the goat and we meet the Cheese maker, Eastman, portrayed by John Carroll Lynch. Morgan tries to hunt him down to kill him, but Eastman knocks him out first. When Morgan comes to, he's in a cabin, inside a cell. Morgan is yelling for Eastman to kill him. The Cheese Maker, Eastman, throws him a book in the cell "The Art of Peace" - eventually, Eastman explains how he was a forensic psychologist. He's perfect to help Morgan through his trauma and his own crazy mind right now. Eastman's giving Morgan space, and we see him trying to teach himself how to make cheese. It's a great scene when he tastes it and it's horrible! Eventually, when Eastman and Morgan are talking, just as Morgan was about to attempt an escape, Eastman informs him that the cell door is open. The last scene before cutting to commercial is Morgan in his crazy-state charging forward.

As they fight, Eastman knocks Morgan on his back and begins strangling him; Morgan surrenders. Eastman gives him two choices, the couch or the door. Morgan crawls into the cell and shuts the door. Eastman opens the cell door to reiterate that Morgan isn't trapped. Like a teenager full of rage and angst, he kicks the cell door closed. Later, Eastman explains Aikido, his type of Kung Fu that Morgan has watched him practicing and how he takes out the walkers that come onto his land. When they're talking Eastman talks about his family and shows the rabbit food that Morgan had, last season in the church where we met Father Gabriel, and Morgan put the rabbit foot on the alter of the church.
"Where there's life, there's potential" Eastman

John Carroll Lynch brings life to Eastman and teaches Morgan to be Jedi

Eastman asks Morgan to watch his goat, Tabitha, while he leaves to go on a run. Morgan picks up the book and it explains Aikido and the first commandment how all life is precious and not to kill. He hears noise outside, it sounds like the walker, and Tabitha's getting anxious. Morgan goes outside to see that two walkers were closing in on Tabitha. He takes them out, leaving them outside, and taking Tabitha inside. When Morgan is taking the walker away, he finds another clearing that has many marked graves. It's where Eastman has buried every walker he's had to end. Ironic scene is when they start to work the land, it reminded me of how Rick became "Farmer Rick" and now here we have "Farmer Morgan". When Morgan asks Eastman about the cell in his cabin, he explains about a killer he had worked with. How this killer escaped, found his wife and child, murdered them, and while they still had their blood on him, he walked to the police station and turned himself in. Eastman fully intended to put the killer in the cell and let him starve to death to avenge his family's brutal end. It was a very disturbing story. He explains the belief "all life is precious" - a great message.

They're going for supplies when Morgan shares how his wife and son have died. Eastman instructs Morgan to go into forms, the Aikido training. When they are going through the motions, a walker breaks through the tree line of the forest. Eastman tells Morgan to get him, but Morgan zones out realizing it's the guy he had strangled earlier in the woods. Eastman moves Morgan out of the way, as the walker takes a bite out of his back. Morgan flips out, they fight as Eastman knocks him on the ground, Morgan pleads with him to again, kill him, but he doesn't. This sends Morgan back a notch in crazy land, he's back in the woods making spears, when he starts taking out walkers, he comes across a couple. They reward him for taking out the walker that was walking right toward them. He didn't kill them, so he's making progress. He runs back for his staff, runs through the Twilight-like clearing, hears something and then takes off in a different direction to find a walker eating Tabitha the goat. They go back to the clearing where Morgan delivers the dead to be buried. Morgan finds a marked grave that has the killer's name on it that killed Eastman's family. Eastman tells how he did kidnap the killer and it had taken 47 days for him to starve to death in the cell. He explained how he went crazy too, he was were Morgan had been. He goes on to tell Morgan how avenging his family's death didn't give him peace. Eastman's a goner, and they know it. He tells Morgan he shouldn't stay there, Morgan sets out and comes across the Terminus sign.

Back to NOW, Morgan's back in front of the "W Man" wolf, but the wolf explains how he's been hurt. The wolf also tells Morgan that if he doesn't kill him, he'll have to kill everyone there, even the children, and eerily says something like, just like Eastman's children, very disturbing. He's trying to convince Morgan he's crazy, but Morgan leaves him tied up and locked up in the basement of an Alexandrian home. Morgan emerges back in Alexandria's street when he hears someone yelling "Open the gate!" and runs off. Overall, this episode brings up back from last weeks. Not my favorite episode, but after the last three epic episodes, this one brought us back down.

Sneak Peek - "Now"