Monday, April 1, 2013

Walking Talk:Welcome To The Tombs

The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale: Welcome To The Tombs on IMDb
It was all coming down to this episode. Rick and the prison group gearing up for war and the psychotic Governor manipulating the townspeople to join him in attacking the prison. But, it is ever that simple on The Walking Dead?
What we knew before the season finale. Andrea was tied up and a prisoner of the Governor. The Governor expects Milton of some involvement with the burnt walkers. So, the episodes begins with the Governor taking some frustrations out on someone. We soon find out that it is his former right-hand man, Milton.  As a test, he tells him that he has to kill Andrea, who is still tied up and defenseless. The Governor tells him that he will not leave the room without killing Andrea.
R.I.P Andrea
I understand Milton didn't want to kill Andrea, as much as I haven't liked her, I feel she meant well wanting everyone to live and that was her intentions in trying to be a mediator to the two groups.
Of course, he is no match physically with the Governor, and doesn't leave the room.  The wicked twist, the Governor leaves him there, knowing he will turn, and tear Andrea apart. Something that the Governor said, that was brought up on The Talking Dead, was: you kill to survive or your die and kill. Neither Andrea or Milton leave the room alive.
Something that really irritated me about this episode was Carl. I understand that a child living in
these conditions, having experienced rough times, would have some serious issues. Something I
cannot tolerate is disrespect. What he needs is to be knocked off of his high horse or something. When Carl has the choice of letting the living live, he chooses against it, and shoots someone as they were trying to flee from the attack on the prison. Hershel informed Rick, not only did Carl lie to him about the circumstances, he obviously disrespects his father when he discards the sheriffs badge right in front of his father. He needs to be reminded of who's the adult and who is the child. During The Talking Dead, Andrew Lincoln explains how Rick is attempting to bring civility back to the prison by rescuing the left behind residents of the towns people, back for Carl so he can check his attitude!
If you watched the extended preview of this episode, then you knew the Governor and his posse attacked the prison aggressively. He seemed quite disappointed when they arrived and it looked deserted, they met no aggression yet. As they start walking further into the prison, they are attacked including some walker. The Governor's townspeople panics and instead of fight they choose flight and ran. Once the Psycho caught up to him and the townspeople began to argue with the Governor, he opened fired and killed them all (except for his henchmen). What the Governor didn't know was that there was a survivor.
Rick, Darryl, and Micchone catch up to the scene saving the woman that survived. When they return to Woodsbury, the women is able to explain to Tyreese what had happened. The dawn of the next morning, a bus carries the living to the prison where Rick, Michonne, and Darryl reconnect with the group. Carl, in his disagreement with his father's actions, walks away from the newcomers.  Luckily, shooting for season four will be starting soon and hopefully the next season will start soon then later.
Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky