Monday, July 1, 2013

True Blood Episode 3

You're No Good

Three episodes in and things are still heating up! The most shocking, to me, was when Bill visited Sookie. I think this episode also is foreshadowing the intricate relationship between Sookie and Bill and how it will involve both Lilith and Warlow. You get a very small sound bite toward the end of the preview for next week, someone mentioning that Warlow is the only one that could kill Lilith (paraphrasing of course).

So, Bill proclaims to Sookie that he is playing by a different set of rules now. His purpose in visiting her is that he needs to synthesize her blood. He had sent Jessica to fetch the organic engineer that helped to create True Blood. Sookie wants nothing to do with him or his plan. Repellent of each other, Bill states to Sookie that she is dead to him now **SHOCKER** I actually, physically gasped when I heard him utter those words - yikes.
Season 1 "What are you?"
I think a valid point to remember, especially since Jessica (and Bill himself) might consider him to be a god, he did burst into flames when he tried to endure the sun. My opinion says that he's being manipulated by Lilith and we'll learn soon how the prophecy will interact with Warlow's presence there as well. As much as I hate the 'god' spin on Bills character, I'll admit I like this tie-in of Warlow killing Lilith (about time someone does).

Jason, the forever fighting hero
Something that kept teasing my brain during this episode was how Jason seemed to go limp whenever the threat of Warlow was present. Also, Nora (Eric's sister is searching for Warlow). These are little snippets that if you blink or get distracted for just a wee'bit you could miss them. But, if you are like me then you are trying to figure out what is going to happen in the weeks ahead (and is driving you crazy). 
Jason might not have the 'Fae Gene' but he is obviously affected. Sookie can tell there is something going on with him. I think the writers are using our minds like little balls of rolled up twine, and they are the kittens, playing and torturing us as we anticipate the next episode. I believe twice in this episode when their Fairy Grandfather claims Warlow to be present, Jason collapses.

Amelia Rose Blaire plays the
Governor's daughter Willa
The episode opens with Eric glamouring the Governor's daughter, Willa. Not that he had needed to do so, she seems pretty willing to divulge information and to help their cause. One thing is for sure - she wants the Viking King! In the Inside The Episode, the director explains how their scene (Willa and Eric) in the coffin was erotic. Did I think so - No! Being a fan of Eric and Sookie (I fell in love with their relationship in the books) naturally I don't want Eric to waver too far away from her. However, my hopes are that he's just using Willa in this war that the Governor has waged against the paranormal beings. Eric hasn't lived this long to not fight when he is pushed into a corner. The one thing that I would love to see, would be Eric's battle cry - yow'sa!
For some reason, my True Blood senses were leading me to think that either Willa wants to be turned, or somewhere someone is considering turning her. How wicked would that be for the Governor, as much as he loves his daughter, he now has to fight the very thing he loves most in this world.

Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

I thought of this song when Niall quoted to Sookie the line from Hamlet. There seem to be a lot of heavy hitters there in Louisiana. The king and princess of the Fae, Lillith and her progeny who is being compared as a god, Warlow on the war path, Eric the viking king, and Alcide the leader of the pack. Which, by the way is out of control. If Alcide wants to regain control he will have to punish those pack members that did not follow his direct orders to stand down when the peaceful pro paranormal beings arrived at their encampment. I don't know what has gotten into Alcide, but he needs a kick in the bum. For sure, Martha was definitely right making that alpha bitch bow to him, she needs to be put in her place. She's too dominant and she'll only keep getting the pack in trouble if she can't control her urges and temper.
The only good thing to come from that scene was it provided the necessary distraction that Sam needed to rescue Emma from their clutches. While they were escaping Sam see's Nichole who is injured and fleeing from the werewolves camp. We are left with Sam and Emma on her trail as be proclaims that they need to help her.

Politics Clash Sides
Speaking of out of control, it was interesting to see the vampiric Steve Newland captured and in the camp. This is the place Willa was telling Eric about, how it has been experimenting on vampires in every aspect. Something that was not expected, Steve's wife shows up to get her digs in. We also learn that she is in politic's now and I have a feeling it won't be the last we see of Sarah Newland (who had an affair with Jason, if we remember).
Sheriff Andy is struggling raising four fae daughters (why he hasn't gone to Sookie yet, I don't know). But, unfortunately - Bill crossed paths with Andy and now has the scent of his daughters for his master plan of creating the synthetic form of partial fae blood so that vampires can walk during the day. In this episode his daughter are now young girls, and we can see from next weeks episode that they are young ladies (sneaking out and presumably into the grasp of the desperate, hungry vampires - not a good combination).