Sunday, July 14, 2013

Movies In Review? Jack the Giant Slayer

What do you get when you add great actors with the great idea of a blockbuster hit, but fall short? Yeah, that in a nutshell is Jack the Giant Slayer (2013). With the all-star cast of Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, and the voice talents of Bill Nighy. I was anticipating this movie, I love the fairytale/action movies. My opinion, is that the writing wasn't polished enough, maybe?

Jack and the King of the giants

What Comes Up, Must Come Down 

I watched this with my boyfriend, and he even mentioned that the movie wasn't what was expected. It took too long to get to it. I did like how the beginning correlated the princesses and Jack's fondness of the folklore and how they both enjoyed hearing it from their parents, and then as they were older their thirst for an adventure.

Predictable, Yet Watchable

Jack, Princess Isabelle, Roderick, and Elmont
Even when Jack and the princess meet for the first time, you know Jack is going to come to her aide, since she has the restless spirit that feels compelled to continuously explore outside the castle walls. The long told tale of the privileged that long for more, to be set free from their bonds of servitude. Of course, Jack being a commoner is cast aside. However, they meet again and things take a turn toward the adventurous! This is when the story becomes semi-watchable again. If you know the tale of Jack and the beanstalk, then you know about the magical beans and how the beanstalk is the entrance and exit to the land of the giants. Now, add a smidgen of The Lord of the Rings; to put a twist in the story, there was welded a crown (ring) that can rule over the giants (to rule them all).
One of the best lines in the whole movie
Enter the bad guy, Tucci's character Roderick, is tired of being the servant to the king and wants more. A side-plot, Roderick had the crown and beans in his possession, then the beans are taken, and come into the hands of Jack. Once the beanstalk is evident, Roderick knows he has to be among the first to adventure upward, with the crown in tow, he has his ulterior motives.
I'm not saying that this 2013 rendition of the fairytale shouldn't be rented or watched, I think it is definitely worth it. It's just not what I expected. The visual effects are amazing, and quite honestly, many of the giant scenes were nauseating. They should have concentrated a little'bit more on the writing though. A lot of the plots were too predictable. I did like Ewan McGregor's character Elmot, I didn't know in the beginning if he was a good guy or not (he is) and I really liked his character - he has one of the best lines in the whole movie! What I don't understand is how this could possibly be a sequel. Well, I know it could be, but should it be? The twist at the very end was enjoyable. How the crown was wielded and where it is today. How they leave it open, was a young boy looking very much like Tucci's character Roderick, admiring the crown, taking notes, and then the camera focuses on the same bag that the now deceased Roderick had the crown in. All I'm saying is that if they try to continue this, I pray for better writing.
Actually - I would be highly upset if this gets a sequel and Prince of Persia doesn't get a sequel.