Sunday, July 14, 2013

True Blood Episode 5

F___ the Pain Away

The History of Warlow

This episode goes further into Warlow, where he came from, and his history with Lilith. What we learned was that Warlow wants Sookie to procreate and continue their lineage. Warlow was turned by Lilith and told him he will save the vampire kind. Warlow did massacre Niall's village, but it was his village too. We get to see Niall as a young child, briefly, but it ties the relationships together. Bill can command Warlow, since he drank Lilith's blood and working through him. We see that Warlow sent Lilith to the true death (he was only opening her shade to let the morning light shine in for her) lol. I think the most important thing we learn here is that Warlow's contract with Sookie's family is because he wants to continue their blood, by impregnating Sookie. But, I think he wants to protect and care for her, she is what he has been waiting for.

The Fate of Fae

In an attempt to go back to the beginning to find answers, Sookie enlists the talents of Lafayette, who can communicate with the deceased. What Sookie learns is painful, her father tried to dispose of her when she was a child. Since Warlow went to her parents, telling them of his contract for her, they were scared and didn't want their child to experience this. So, her father loaded her in the trunk of the car and drove off. While they are conjuring the Stackhouse spirits, Sookie's dad enters Lafayette and it all goes down hill from there. The closing scene of the episode is Lafayette (possessed by Sookie's dad) trying to drown her.

A Maker and His Progeny

Eric sacrificing himself had me on the edge. Having so many of the characters we love in this encampment is freaking me out, especially since Bill had that vision of all of them burning. Pam, Jessica, Tara, and Eric are now all in this horrid place. One of my favorite lines and scens is when Pam is in the psychological eval and she says "Wait - is this therapy?" She is one of my favorite characters. I was afriad that this would happen. Because Eric turned Willa, now the Governor is getting enjoyment of pinning Eric against Pam. You could see the surprise on Eric's face when the Governor tells Eric that Willa was turned into the camp too. When Eric proclaims to give him something to kill, you know he's picturing killing the Governor himself. I knew Pam would be standing there, before it was revealed. This was the outcome that I was afraid of. Knowing that one of the characters die, I am going to be highly upset if it's Pam. Will Eric do what he has to do to save the them all?

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