Monday, July 8, 2013

True Blood Episode 4

At Last

Sookie & Jason Stackhouse with mysterious Ben
Warlow is revealed and is Lilith's progeny. As Jason lay near death, Sookie gone to call for help, Ben reveals his secret - he's vampire. The first cross-species of the kind, part faerie and vampire. Jason is miraculously healed with Ben's blood. He quickly exits the scene with Niall and leaves Sookie and Jason within the Stackhouse home. Sookie finds the missing link, a droplet of blood on the floor and upon further investigation can put two-and-two together.

The Viking King's Demand

Willa Burrell & Eric Northman
Something that wasn't as shocking to me was that Eric turned Willa, the Governor's daughter. The Viking King claims that she is meant for more. He also said that he had only take one other progeny (which we know is Pam). I think in this war, strategies are crucial, Eric having millennial of warring experience, I think this was his "Check Mate" move against the Governor.
Unfortunately, after Willa turns Eric "as your maker" commands her to return home to her father. Who we learn has been involved with Sarah Newland (and she's about to tell him something important, when they are interrupted - my guess, she's preggers.) The Governor weakens and proclaims that Willa, even though she is now vampire, is still his daughter. But, her 'vamp baby' tendencies get the better of her, a recent boo-boo on her daddy's hand sends her into a feeding frenzy. In panic, Sarah shoots Willa.

Daughter's of Fae

"You smell like honey"
Bill and Jessica take Sherrif Andy's four, now grown, daughters. Because they are Fae, Bill deceives them and captures their blood. This gives him the ability to take it to his prisoner, the scientist that can sythezise their blood. Ironically, Bill is desperate to find a way to use the Fae blood in order to walk during the day. Meanwhile, Ben is a Fae that was turned vampire and is what Bill wants. 
Jessica is tasked with keeping the unamed faerie daughters in the house. She is paniced when the four of them start to demand their release from Bill's house. But, they don't make it out. When Bill arrives, the daughters are spread-out on the living room floor, bloodied. Jessica is frantic, proclaiming that she was scared for Bill and worried that they could be dead. Will Bill make the decision to turn the four faerie girls?

Faerie King Sent To The Dark Side

Will the Faerie King survive?
Niall and Jason go to confront Ben about possibly being a vampire. However, Ben is a couple steps ahead of them and Niall is blasted. Ben glamours Jason, to try to ease his pain. We can see this villainous character have some empathy. Meanwhile, he is telling Jason that his Faerie Grandfather Niall is going to die.
Once Jason leaves, Ben drives Niall back to the same bridge where Sookie & Jason's parents were massacred by Warlow. Ben feeds his blood to Niall and then sends him to the dark place that Warlow/Ben had survived for years prior. Ben even tells Niall that if he could survive, surely a Faerie King can survive, and then Niall is thrown through the portal.

Sookie Cooking 101

Sookie preparing to go to battle...
When inviting a possible vampire over, it is always smart to include a silver additive to weaken their defenses. Could Warlow/Ben smell the silver in the food? If he did, he ate it anyway; maybe not to give away his secret to Sookie, either way. Sookie made herself clear, telling Ben how she is tired of being lied to (especially from vampires). Ben really smears on the charm and to weaken the male side offense, Sookie hits where she'll have the most control. The cliffhanger is Sookie addressing Ben as Warlow and telling him to get off of her - or die.

Most Upsetting News

Will Pam survive the camp?
Pam is taken!! After arguing with Tara and they part their ways, Pam is shot with the torturous bullets that burn and fry vampires from the inside out. Her pain was nearly intolerable for me to watch. I really love Pam in the Sookie Stackhouse books written by Charlaine Harris. And I think Kristin Bauer Van Straten who plays Pam has done a fabulous job. I really don't want to think about what's to come for Pam at the camp. So sad. But, on a positive thought, it would totally kick-ass if Pam shredded the encampment. Unfortunately and ironically, Eric turned the Governor's daughter and now she's been shot (presumably dead) now the Governor has Eric's daughter, this will hurt. Yikes!!

What's To Come

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