Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Walking Dead 4.4


This episode picks up after Rick confronts Carol about killing two people in their community that had become sick. What do you think, did she make the right call?

Through out this episode it focuses on two man groups, Rick and Carol going for a supply run and the original group that had left for the veterinary college for medications for the sick; Michonne, Bob, Tyreese and Daryl. Last week we were left reeling because they had just survived a herd and now they're trying to desperately make it to the college to save the people that are sick and dying at the prison.

Hammer Time

Tyreese is still battling with his rage about Karens death, plus his sister is sick at the prison. He feels that every second that he's not there, she could die, and then he would be alone with his rage. When the group comes upon walkers entangled in some brush, Tyreese had a little mental break, within his psychosis he couldn't let go of a walker. Later, Michonne confronts Tyreese about his anger. She plainly tells him that anger equals stupid, and stupid gets you killed.

Last Man Standing

Meanwhile, Daryl and Bob are looking around the store they came upon and they chit-chat about a couple things and then Bob opens up. He explains about his drinking, how before he felt like when he picks up a drink everyone around him dies (take a hint dude!). Comedically though, Daryl tells him to shut-up basically, that he was beating himself up over nothing.

In Other News...

While on their run Rick and Carol run into two new people. They seem like easy going characters. They decide to split up to raid the houses. Rick gives them each a gun and tells them to fire a shot if they get into any trouble. Rick also gives him his watch and tells them to meet back at a certain time. I always question when new characters are introduced in the show, my instinct is "fresh meat" they are dispensable. While on this run, Rick and Carol talk a lot. Rick might not have been flat-out saying anything pertaining to the incident, but she was on trial for her actions. Just when they had collected some veggies, they find a dismembered leg, the leg of the girl they had just befriended... but where is the guy she was with?

What About Bob?

Daryl's group makes it to the college and are getting their supplies. It's too good to be true though - right? While they are on the way out, they run into walkers, a lot of them. I haven't trusted Bob since the store incident and here again, he gives me this bizarre vibe. Let's just say, if I was in the group and found out the real reason he didn't want to let go of the bag, I probably would have thrown him over to the walkers. When he wouldn't give up the bag (he's dangling off of a semi roof hanging on to this bag) I thought he was fighting for the meds to save people in the prison. But then, when the bag gets thrown and Daryl sees that he was fighting for the bag because of the alcohol in the bag. THEN - when Daryl picks up the bottle to throw it, Bob dares to reach for his gun. The scene that ensues is INTENSE. Daryl, without talking, dares him to draw his gun (HOT). Then when Daryl does speak he tells Bob that if he takes a drink he will beat him into the ground.

The episode closes as Rick and Carol are waiting for the guy that they had befriended. When he doesn't show Carol plainly points out that they've given him time, that it's time to go and "it was a nice watch."
Rick explains to Carol that when Tyreese finds out that she killed Karen, he's going to kill her and that he can't have her around his children. Carol retorts that she's invested in the children. Rick states that he'll keep them safe. My first thought was like he kept Sophia safe?
The shocker is that Rick makes the decision to send Carol away! I was even more surprised that Carol didn't put up more of a fight, she more or less excepts this. It's almost like she's on auto pilot. She pulls out a watch that her abusive ex-husband had given her for their anniversary and she gives it to Rick, he takes it and she coldly states "I should have given it away a long time ago."

Lingering Questions

Do you think Carol did the right thing?
Would you have sent Carol away?
Who's feeding the walkers the rats down at the fence?

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