Monday, February 10, 2014

Downton Abbey 4.6 & 4.7

Happy Birthday Earl of Grantham

Episode six is all about Robert's birthday with Rose's secret surprise. She has enlisted her new American friend Jack Ross to play with his band. While having Mr. Ross in the house seemed to shock Mr. Crowley at first, they quickly saved face and made sure to enjoy the music and the night. Other birthday guests included two men who are surveying Downton who have been hired to write a report about the future of these 'big estates'. Lady Mary seems to hit heads with one of the men. The quest seems to think that the way things are at Downton is something that has to change and seems to have his own opinions on their way of life - reminds me on the different spectrum of Pride and Prejudice. Rose's gift of Mr. Ross and his band might fool some, but other's are aware of her intent. When Lady Mary goes downstairs to make sure that Mr. Ross sends the bill to her father, she finds Rose and Jack kissing in the kitchen.

The Countess and Earl of Grantham


Lady Mary and Mr. Blake get down and dirty for the pigs
Lady Mary's suitor queue keeps filling up. Now it seems that there are three competitors. While she might have resisted Mr. Blake, after their night nursing dehydrated pigs, he comes to see Lady Mary in a new way. I think this softens him toward Mary and she takes notice as well. Meanwhile, Mr. Napier makes himself known as a competitor for her attentions as well. However, he seems to be more of a friend as far as Lady Mary is concerned. She does seem a little disheveled when her mother announces the arrival of Mr. Gillingham, who had previously asked for Lady Mary's hand. When she asks how Maple (his supposed fiance) is, he doesn't answer her leaving us to believe he still is very much interested in Lady Mary.

Fun Parade

An outing with Rose and Jack Ross
When Robert is saying his good-bye's (he has to go to America to help Cora's brother) he tells Rose that she in charge of fun while he's gone. She wastes no time with her duty. She takes advantage of Edith's trip to London as she tags along, she quickly finds Jack Ross and they are on a romantic boat ride on the water as they discuss their future. Is Rose really in-love with Ross or is she more in-love with the rebelling against conventional? 


Lady Edith's been traveling a lot to London lately...
My heart was aching for Lady Edith! She continues to suffer heartaches, the man she loves is still missing from his trip to Germany, and now she had to contend to being pregnant on her own. When she schedules an appointment for an abortion in London, she stays with her Aunt, and it isn't long until her Aunt figures out what's going on and insists on going with her. When they arrive for Edith's appointment, she changes her mind. So now, she has made the choice to keep the baby. The only thing left to do now is to tell the rest of her family.


Meanwhile, the arrival of Mr. Gillingham, means the arrival of his valet Mr. Green, the cretin who raped Anna. By now there are a few within the house (both upstairs, now that Lady Mary knows and downstairs) that know of the rape. Although, Anna is still resisting telling the complete truth and still is saying that it was a stranger that came into the house and raped her. However, when Mr. Green is around, you can see the change in Anna and her husband is sure to pick up on this. Mrs. Hughes tells Mr. Green what she thinks of him when she finds the opportunity.

In Other News

The Dowager Countess, Violet is very sick and the nurse in Isobel is there to nurse her friend back to health. I think this is a sweet relationship. I like seeing how different they are and how they are still able to be friends. It gives them some spunk. While Isobel is fully aware now that Violet's dismissal of the gardener that she had asked her to hire debacle, she is still willing to make such a sacrifice in caring for the sick Dowager Countess. Where Violet already things that Isobel is a saint, I think she now has even more respect for Isobel as she was the only one to stay by her side.


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