Monday, February 3, 2014

Sherlock 3.3

Could it be? Is there someone that Sherlock could despise more than Moriarty? Queue new nemesis Magnussen. He's someone that you enjoy hating. This episode also had a twist that I didn't see coming, then again, how Sherlock is, how can we predict anything really?

In this episode titled "His Last Vow", Watson finds Sherlock in a drug house, not intentionally. A friend asks for help in locating her son and Watson and his new bride Mary take off in pursuit. When John is able to locate the drugged out son, what a coincidence that Sherlock was in the same drug den. John also makes Sherlock take a drug test, resulting in an assault from Molly. We meet Will who was also at the drug house, he was injured and the troupe brought him along to give him aide, and learned of his talent of deducing.

Meanwhile, we can understand that John has been battling his desire for the hung. He is craving the adrenaline of the chase and the excitement that their cases bring along with them. However, what he is soon to learn could change his entire outlook. We learn through the twists that Sherlock manipulated a relationship for the case, and his case also leads him to the #1 blackmailer, which could equal enemy in his perceptions. But, Sherlock wants what he has - the knowledge.

When he finally is able to track down Magnussen, someone else already has a gun to his head. When Sherlock doesn't deduce correctly, we are shocked to learn that it is none other than the newlywed Mrs. Watson - who shoots Sherlock in the chest! No worries though - he survives - through much intreverted conversations and scenarios.

Mary finds Sherlock and together with his partner John Watson, they agree to help her from the clutches of Magnussen. Sherlock has labeled this as high voltage. In order to get to this guy he has to drug his family on Christmas Day! Also, he has to take state property from his brother. The scene I couldn't stand was when Magnussen kept flicking John in the face, taunting him... and Sherlock kept reaffirming John to let him do it - crazy! I just kept thinking: there must be a reason. Maybe it was so that he could build up enough hate within him for murder...

As statesmen surround the residence of Magnussen (because Mycroft has awoken and alerted them to his missing property that includes state secrets apparently) we know that Magnussen is unarmed. Just when you think they're all going to be hauled in, Sherlock takes a gun he told John to bring with him and shoots the cretin in the head, and then surrenders.

What I don't understand, and maybe this is just a British thing that I might not be able to understand, but why are their seasons only three episodes long? A theory I thought of was that it could have something to do with pay scales - maybe they could only afford a couple episodes from The Hobbit stars? Then again - it could just be how they roll. Either way - we can never get enough of Sherlock and I desperately hope that the fourth season we won't have to wait forever for...

They did set up the season end nicely, we now know that Sherlock will be detained for about six months now. So I am sure with the opening of season 4 we'll understand that he has been in jail (or their version). But, I hope we get to enjoy the fourth season sooner rather than later.
What are your predictions for season 4?

I think I enjoyed this more than I should have...
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