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The Walking Dead 4.10


Team Daryl - is he secretly searching for Carol?
This episode is jammed packed with survivors from the prison war. It starts with Daryl and Beth being chased by walkers to a previous monologue of Beth talking about the prospect of the prison. She talks about the prospect of the prison and now they are running away from what she was hoping was their safe haven, where she thought they could live for the rest of their lives. She mentions her father and how he said "If you don't have hope, what's the point of living." They escape the walkers and over a night time fire she tries to rouse Daryl - he's quiet and introverted. Some call Daryl the anti-hero - he's a hero in my book. When Beth takes off determined to track the rest of the group on her own - you can see it, he can't let her go off on her own, he knows she wouldn't last too long on her own. After watching the episode the first time, you can now pick up on other things; the dead bunny rabbits, the smashed grapes on the ground, dead walkers by the railroad tracks. Now we know they aren't too far behind Tyreese.

The Great Reveals

Lizzie's theme song should be
"Psycho Killer" Talking Heads
The two younger sisters, Lizzie and Mika, are together and walking through the forest when the psychotic sister, Lizzie, tells her younger sister, Mika some advice about welding the knife. Then the camera cuts to Tyreese who is in front of them leading the way. Wonderful reveal #1: Judith's alive! It was a great moment when, at first we are following Tyreese and we can only see his muscular back, leading the girls through the forest. Then, when he turns we get the beautiful glimpse of Judith, alive and well - yay! Commence happy dance. Although I don't know how tactically adequate it is to have a baby in their situation. As is shown, babies cries and need constant care. They could hardly rest because Judith would start to cry, calling the walkers. It was as if she was telling them not to stop - to keep moving. However, when there are cries heard in the air, Tyreese instructs the girls to keep sharp. This made me super nervous! One, because Lizzie is psychotic She also tried to smother Judith when she was going into her psychosis and she took pleasure in killing cute bunny rabbits (not cool Lizzie, not cool!) So when Tyreese hands baby Judith and leaves them to go investigate the screams (WHAT! No dude - take them with you!) - uh, I don't trust Lizzie, not even how far I could throw her crazy little ass.

Tyrese and Carol have unfinished business
Tyreese runs to the rescue of people that are under siege of some walkers, unfortunately none survive no matter how hard Tyreese welded his hammer to try to help them. Meanwhile, the girls are startled because of Judith's crying, the noise attracts the walkers. Cut to Tyreese continuing to take out the walkers that were attacking the people that were traveling the railroad tracks. Wonderful reveal #2: Carol's back! She's back and has a quieter Judith in her hands and the girls in her wake. My instant thought was - just what this troupe needs to survive! After watching The Talking Dead, and the interview with the actress that plays Carol, she gave us insight into the scene. Carol is initially scared because she doesn't know if Tyreese knows yet or not that she's the one that killed his woman. When she sees that he has no anger toward her she knows that he must not and it is o.k. to proceed - for now. The lone survivor of the attack, even though he has been bitten, tells them that there is a place up the tracks that is safe. What upset me was that they didn't end the remaining people, the ones that had been bitten that would turn. But, then we see that the walker that surprises Beth is actually the guy that was bitten, turned, and hungry for their flesh. As they walk down the tracks they come to the sign that informs them of a safe location that is called 'Terminus' (too close to the word terminate for my liking). But haven't we learned now that there is no safe place?

Surviving the Odds

Maggie drives on to find her husband Glenn
We're introduced to the next group of survivors: Sasha, Bob, and Maggie. Sasha is patching up Bob who is more upbeat then I would have thought he should be. I don't know if he's happy because he has a secret stash of liquor or if he has a sick sense of sobriety? Either way, he gives some small hope to Sasha (Tyreese's Sister) that her brother could still be alive. She suggests that they camp for the night but Maggie is determined, she has to find Glenn and pushes forward. She knows that he was on the bus and she wants to track the bus.  However, when they find the bus, to much of her horror, it is filled with walkers. The three work to clear the bus. Maggie has to know if Glenn is still on the bus or not. To her insanely driven delightment, he's not on the bus, somehow he made his escape.

Glenn awakes to the aftermath at the prison
Cut to Glenn awakening on the hard surface with Walkers just itching to get to him and only inches away. He's still at the prison! Www-hh-aaaa-t? Now we can deduce that he got off the bus before it totally left the prison. Glenn is dazed and confused to say the least. He's still weak from recovering from nearly dying from the illness that he was infected with. He looks around at the scene, nothing but walkers invading the devastated prison. He heads back into the prison to get himself together and to finally make his escape. He's weak though and needs help. Luckily he's able to get to his room where he has the riot gear. He straps up and goes - balls to the wall - and charges directly into the walker hordes to escape. Coming across a caged Tara. Being the nice guy that he is, he can't leave her there. He's shocked to see that she's just sitting in there with a full clip. Glenn needs her and they head off - he is driven to find his wife and Tara informs Glenn of Hershel's death. When they come across some walkers, Glenn exerts himself (still recovering and wearing full riot gear) and passes out, leaving Tara to finish off a walker - brutally - working through some rage. "Did you enjoy the show...?" There is an armored truck that is there as three people exit and make their way toward her. I'm interested to see how these new characters develop and how it will change the dynamic of the group(s). Supposedly, Abraham, the leader is not such a nice guy - and could be the introduction into an even more sinister character... we'll have to wait, watch, and wonder until next time.

The introduction of Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita

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