Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Walking Dead 4.9


This episode is the mid-season premiere that we all have been eagerly anticipating. It picks up right where we were left hanging, after the attack from the Governor and his pitiful army, it left the gang separated and fighting to survive. We see the prison, once the symbol of hope and security, now overrun with Walkers and still smoking from the aftermath of the Governor's war. We see the Governor dead, on the ground growing colder by the minute with his bullet to the head shot. We also see Hershel's decapitated head; turned, he now has the Walker snapping of desire for flesh. Michonne finds Hershel and puts her sword through his temple for his end.

Michonne reverting back to survival mode...
This episode was about Carl and Michonne and their emotional developments. What I really loved about After was the glimpse into her life before the apocalypse through her dream sequence. We saw that she was with two men (Mike and Terry). Mike is her lover and it's still unclear who Terry is but we immediately can draw the conclusion that those two were her original pet walkers. We also see that she had a son. I loved how the dream went from the beginning,where everything is fine, and then morphed into the two men talking about what's been going on and the decisions that they have to make. I really loved this look into Michonne's psychosis of her past traumas and what she's dealing within inside.

Through After we also watch her as she reverts back to her survival mode, how she survived before. She had taken two of the Governor's men to make new walker pets so that she can walk among the herd. Where she had started to reveal herself more through out the time in the prison, you can see her starting to lock herself back up. What surprised me was when she came across tracks, which she knew were Rick and Carl and she choose to no follow them. After contemplating the choice to just survive, but be dead inside - or to fight for life, she ultimately chooses to fight for life. She then returns to the tracks and begins her new journey and ignites that light inside of her.

Carl leading Walkers away...
The other part of the mid-season premiere was Rick and Carl and how their relationship is evolving. Rick looks near death, and there is an intense scene where you are lead to believe that he might just be! I couldn't help feeling for Rick, he's suffering so much and has to put up with his rebel son who thinks (at this point) that he's a piece of shit. Carl even tells him as much when Rick slips into a recovering coma. But, even in the zombie apocalypse the teenage hormones rage.

Once they find a house that they can hold-up for a night, to rest and scavenge or food and essentials, Rick is able to take stock in his injuries and soon passes out on the couch. Before they are able to rest, Carl gives plenty of lip and retaliation toward his father. He obviously thinks that Rick has failed as the leader of the group, now that it's just them. He is stubborn and is constantly challenging Rick. When he's yelling at his dad (not a smart move since noise attracts Walkers) to wake up, there are a couple of Walkers pounding on the front door to get into the house to see what all the yelling is about, and maybe to find a snack! Ha! Carl makes his way outside to lure the Walkers away and finds himself in a pile up. He thinks he's smart leading the dead away, my thought was that he was going to lead them into the woods to shoot them in the head. But, he's surprised when a Walker comes up behind him and then he has to scrounge to get the job done. When he returns to the house, Rick is still on the couch in his coma and Carl goes off yelling at his father.

Once Carl has gotten some things off his chest to a comatose Rick, telling him that he didn't care if he died, that he could make it on his own, Carl sets off to do some scavenging. He comes across another similar house and makes his way in. He finds a gem in something that's in a huge tin can, I couldn't make out what it said though. Carl goes to investigate the rest of the house and is surprised again by a walker upstairs and barely makes it away. He looses his shoe and writes a cryptic message on the door warning people. When he makes it back to the house and once Rick is awake, there is a really touching scene when Carl tells his dad that he found the 112 oz. pudding (gem) and ate it all. You could see the growing teenage boy and Rick admiring that normalcy as well; that Carl is a growing boy and could eat like that - the entire 112 oz can of chocolate pudding.

Carl's new phrase: "I win"

Michonne continues to track Rick and Carl's progression to their location and is happy to find them alive. When she's had to deal with so much death, as they all have, and having to do the difficult task of ending the one's she loves so many times - I think she's relieved to find them alive and together. There's a knock at the door and Rick goes to look through the peep hole. He returns to his seat on the floor and proclaims to Carl "It's for you." I love this scene because Carl, as Rick told Michonne before, was the deciding factor when she stayed with the group. I love the developments within the relationships and can't wait to see how it continues.