Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.5

First of His Name

I apologize that this posting is so late. Usually I try to post shortly after Game of Thrones originally airs. However, life can get in the way at times. Nevertheless, here we are, the fifth episode into the fourth season of the highly acclaimed and talked about series... where we have been told "All Men Must Die" and we're learning the fate within the motto "Valar Morghulis". As well, I felt that this episode was more filler, low-key, compared to other episodes this season. By far, it has been awesome and I'm looking forward to the remaining episodes and what winter is bringing along with them...

Coronation of the New King

Tommen, little brother to the well despised and late King Joffrey, is filling those big shoes. I get a better feeling with Tommen being on the iron throne, my only concern is his grandfather and mother's influences. Something that surprised me in this episode was Cersei's seemingly submissions. I say seemingly because you never know what that viper has in store or what she's plotting for. That being said, there were two instances within the episode that struck me as alarming. One, Tommen's coronation; while Margeary, from the House Tyrell and High Garden, has her sights set on being queen - she locks eyes with Tommen during his coronation and who interupts the seductive stares between Tommen and Margeary but Cersei. I thought for sure she was going to spit out more venom, instead she proclaims that her son will need someone to help him. I think she is readying for her departure; she is to marry Margeary's brother (who prefers men). Margeary exclaims with excitement to Cersei about the upcoming weddings:

"I wouldn't know what to call you... sister... or mother..." Margeary Tyrell

The other instance was when Cersei asks Prince Oberyn to walk around the garden. Again, I was expecting venom - it was rather civil and full of emotion - or what would pass for emotion for Cersei. Toward the end of their conversation she is speaking to Oberyn about her daughter, who has been in his families care. She was originally sent away because of the war under Joffrey's reign. Now with Cersei inevitable nuptials she fears she'll never see her daughter again. She asks Oberyn for a favor, she had a ship built for her daughter and he vows to have it delivered safely to his ward. I was actually touched that she demonstrated such emotion. Of course, it all could just be pawns in her ever changing plots... we'll just have to wait and see. I haven't read this far into the books. I think I have mentioned before that I lost interest in the books. For me, they're hard to read because I lose interest - I like to invest in characters - and the style of writing isn't particularly my favorite either. I have a hard time caring about the constant introduction of new houses and characters. I know it's a huge realm and there is a lot going on, but I only cared about reading about the characters I was invest in - my bad.

Catching Up With the Stark Clan

Sansa is now in the clutches of probably the most powerful man, Little Finger. I say this because we learn in this episode that it was him Petyr Baelish that calculated the war, manipulating the crazy Lysa Arryn (Aunt to the remaining Stark children and Lady to The Eyrie). Petyr and Sansa finally arrive at The Red Gate where he explained to Sansa the difficulties of infiltrating The Eyrie through The Red Gate. The progression continues to Lysa as she welcomes them and urges Petyr for their marriage - proclaiming that she has done everything Petyr has asked of her; poisoning her husband to frame the Lannisters... I do remember reading this in the books. Petyr is only using Crazy Lysa, he's been playing her all along, his real sights is on Sansa - which drives Lysa further into crazy town. As well, we are reintroduced to the product of Crazy Lysa's womb, Robin. During a crazy interrogation between Lysa and Sansa, Lysa is accusing Sansa of sleeping with Petyr. Sansa repeatedly tells her crazy aunt that she's still a virgin, but Lysa persists that Sansa's lying. She eventually lets go of Sansa and explains to her that she will marry her son - not good news for Sansa. 

Brandon is still a prisoner along with Hodor and the Reed Duo. Jojen Reed, who has visions, explains to Bran that he is meant for more and they discuss his quest; he must go to a sacred tree, even if this means missing his chance to reunite with his half-brother Jon Snow (that tore me up!) However, their fate seems less likely when the vile men of the camp come in to reinstate their interrogations. They start by terrorizing Mera Reed, however Jojen explains he has a gift and states their fate. Just in time - you hear a far off warning of someone proclaiming that the Black Brotherhood has arrived to strike down their camp. This gives the perfect diversion for the troupe to escape and set forth toward the tree that Bran has to get to.

Meanwhile, Jon Snow and the mean that have volunteered (including the spy Locke) are engaging in their plan to strike out at the encampment. Locke had previously scoped out the camp warning Jon to steer clear of a certain tent, he states because of chained up dogs, however this is the tent that Bran and his people are tied up in. However, Locke doesn't survive the battle. Jon never did see Bran, he was too busy with staying alive. However, Bran instructed for Summer and Ghost, Bran and Jon's Dire Wolves to be released from their imprisonment as well. There is a great scene at the end of the battle when Jon is reunited with Ghost. With Ghost by his side again, he'll make for a fierce leader.

Arya and the Hound are still on the road. I loved the scene between them two because at times it's comical. While the Hound is suppose to be this big 'bad ass', I love his warm heart... way deep down. He seems to have a soft spot for the Stark daughters. He saved Sansa more than once during Joffrey's terror, and now he's protecting Arya and caring for her as well - however polar opposites they are. I think the Hound likes the fire that is within Arya too - he knows she's a fighter and he can relate to that. When he wakes during this episode and Arya isn't near him he has a short panic before he finds her 'dancing' with her needle (her sword). They have words - she is loyal and devoted to the man that taught her, while the Hound proclaims the idiocy of her claims. He can teach her how to truly fight and prepare for battle.  

Where is the youngest Stark? Does anyone know?

In Other News

Brienne of Tarth has set out with Tyrion's Squire, Podrick Payne. These scene are hilarious - she is a woman, and within the realm a woman is suppose to have certain attributes that Brienne would probably find useless. This Lady of Tarth would rather done armor, protect, and fight for the right cause then to submit, wear dresses, and pretend through out her life. She is not stranger to life on the rough roads, as she survived bringing Jaime Lannister back through treacherous circumstances. So, when she sees the naivety of her newly, forced upon her, squire - she's nearly non-tolerant. This proves when Podrick is trying to cook the rabbit for them to eat... without stripping the animal of it's fur... inevitably, the fur caught fire. Brienne questions his experience and learns that he has been glorified through his position with Tyiron in the past, only having to do minimal work. She gives into this new alliance and before when she was defiant against his help, she relaxes more once they start talking and she lets him help her.  

The Ruling Queen

Daenerys and her committee are discussing the possible attack upon Kings Landing. How many she has fighting for her cause, how many ships; the strategies that they currently possess. However, through her counsel she learns that she needs to now focus on ruling her people, not necessarily the acquisitions of her ultimate goal of taking back her family claim of Kings Landing. Meanwhile, Kings Landing has also gotten word of her up rise... what do you think? Did they make the right call? Now Kings Landing will have time to rebuild and restock. Should they have attacked while they're defenses are still healing from Joffrey's war?  "I will do what Queens do... I will rule" Daenerys Targaryen

Next Episode: The Laws of Gods and Men