Sunday, May 18, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.7


Here we are again... because of the fillers the show ends before you know it and just when it's getting good! Another disappointment, the next episode is in two weeks! The lulls in this episode drive me crazy, a dying man took way too long to die. And the Red Witch - is she really even relevant anymore? Well, besides showing her breasts and body naked... It wouldn't be an episode of Game of Thrones without showing some skin! 

The Trail at King's Landing

Prince Oberyn tells his tail of his first encounter
with the Lannister Devil
Poor Tyrion! He's brilliant and one of my favorite characters so his pain is our pain and I just feel horrible for him. Jaime, of course comes to Tyrion and they're talking things over and explains that he can't be Tyrion's champion. If you missed last weeks episode - Tyrion proclaimed a trial by combat - because of the farce that was being performed for his trial. He decided to let the gods decide his fate. So, Jaime said he was in no shape to fight for him and also informs Tyrion who Cersei has called upon - The Mountain. Which, if memory serves me correctly, The Mountain is The Hounds older sadistic brother. But never fear - Oberyn is here! The prince visits Tyrion in his cell. The scene between them is brilliant - sad - but, brilliant. Oberyn tells Tyrion of their first encounter, from when he was a baby and of Cersei's mistreatment of him, even then. They both know that she has wanted Tyrion dead for a very long time. The Prince also explains to Tyrion that everyone he wants to kill for his sister's revenge is there. He stands up and proclaims that he will be Tyrion's champion (!!!) hair raising moment - yay!

News From the Black Wall

Jon Snow and the others arrive back at The Wall after the completion of the mission. Last week they left in an attempt to clear an area that was a problem. When they returned, at a meeting Jon gives a suggestion to help secure their positions for the inevitable attack that is approaching. However, the head guy who is opposed to everything when it comes to Jon, of course, retaliates against Jon's claim. The substitute leader there is really getting under my armor. He's such a twat. This is about where I stopped reading the books, so I really don't know what's to come for the Brothers. My opinion is that they would be better suited if Jon was in charge though. Don't you? 

Catching the Eye of the Queen

Daenerys is shocked to find one of her soldiers in her private chambers. He has brought her flowers an has explained how he swam a long distance to pick them for her. But, she shows no interest. Her only interest is why he is in her private chambers as she explains to him that if she wanted him she would have had him summoned. He implores to her, explaining how he is only good at two things (women and fighting) and that he must be sent to kill her enemies. She explains her position to him, and further explains that there are many women that he can enjoy. But, he further explains that he only wants one woman. With a cool sip from her cup, she orders him to strip (HOT!). We can only presume what they did after that. There is another great scene with Daenerys and her left-hand man Lord Mormont, where he is counseling her on her decisions and she changes the strategy of the mission. 

A Day in the Life of Arya Stark

Arya introduces Needle to someone from her past...
I mentioned the man that took forever to die - this was when The Hound and Arya happen upon a burnt house. The place is totally destroyed and they come upon a man that has a fatal gut wound. The Hound already knows what he has to do, but the dialogue was about nothing. Finally The Hound stabs the man in the heart to ease his suffering informing Arya "That's where the heart is". Out of nowhere a crazy man jumps on the back of The Hound biting his neck! He makes quick work of him before another man appears and explains that there is a price on the Hound's head. Arya recognizes the man and in a good scene, she utilizes what The Hound had just taught her. When he's trying to care for his wounds, he explains to Arya about his brother, how his brother burnt his face and his family covered for his brother. Arya takes some pity on him and helps him dress his bite wound.

Sansa the Snow Queen

Shit's about to get real...
I somewhat remember reading the scene when Sansa sees the falling snow at The Erie. She's been at King's Landing for so long, she was raised in snow, it must bring back so many memories. She builds Winterfell to the best of her memory when her cousin joins the party. They have a lovely chat about making those that don't care for fly and he exclaims that she has to have a place at Winterfell that works as their hole in the ground at the Erie does (where they push people to their deaths - otherwise known as making them fly). So, crazy boy attempts to make the addition when he knocks over a bit of the snow castle (Winterfell) and Sansa seems pissed that she has to start all over. They have a tiff and Sansa ends up smacking the kid. He runs off crying as she realizes what she just did. Little Finger is close and explains that he has been needing that discipline for a long, long time. In a very awkward moment after talking about how much he loved her mother, he kisses her... of course her crazy aunt sees this. The whole time Sansa is walking into the throne room at The Erie (where the hole in the floor is) I kept saying don't go near your Aunt! But, once she got her claws into her niece she let her crazy flag fly and was screaming how everyone that has come between her and Peter are dead. He interrupts their little party, promising his wife (Sansa's Aunt, so her Uncle kissed her) that he would send Sansa away. When he gets close to his wife, he tells her how he's only loved one woman his entire life - her sister (Sansa's Mother) and pushes her out the hole to her inevitable death! The End! 

In Two Weeks: The Mountain and the Viper