Friday, May 9, 2014


Top 10 Mother Inspired Movies

After compiling the list I realized the majority of the movies are based off of mother-daughter relationships. Either way, the embodiment of a mother's relationship with her children can be found in each movie. I also tried to cover a majority of genres, from dramatic to comedy, there is sure to be a pick that both you and your mother could watch together. Enjoy!

Mother's Day (2010)

Beware this is a horror flick and as fans of the genre my boyfriend and I rented this movie. It's one insane example of how a crazy mother's influences affect her supposed children. Their demented delusions break up a party among friends as they fight for their survival against the insanity of the Koffin family.

I picked this movie because of two women's journey through their life and as mothers. The main protagonist is Natalie Portman's character, but her friend portrayed by Ashely Judd is a dynamic character as well. They both face so many challenges and through it all they remain the strong spirited mother's dedicated to providing for their children.

Brave (2012) 

There are so many memorable Disney/Pixar movies that have great mother relationships in them, some great, when not-so-great. I picked Brave because I feel that the relationship between Merida and her mother Elinor is the most realistic. The daughter that can't understand her mother and what she expects from her, her stubbornness, and their bond that saves them both.

This is a hilarious romp that pits Danny DeVito with Billy Crystal. They both have a problem, one with their wife and the other with their mother and they both want a resolution... ending in death. Can they pull off their master plans?

This movie might not be centered around the mom (played by Diane Keaton), but the impact of the mother within the family is the most powerful. It begins with the introduction of Sara Jessica Parker's character and how her personality clashes with the laid-back but tethered family. Why are they tethered? You'll have to watch to find out, but it is a moving and memorable experience.

Stepmom (1998)

I absolutely hated this movie when I first watched it and had no desire to ever watch it again. Why? Because of the fabulous portrayal of Susan Sarandon as a mother dealing with her mortality. I originally thought that she was a roaring bitch, when I watched it again years later I could better understand her role having been through a divorce and having to deal with another woman caring for your child.

Take the journey through a troubled mother-daughter relationship, visiting past memories, and dealing both the present and past. Again, this is an all-star cast that brings the love and charm of the family into our hearts. What I love about this movie is the demonstration within the psyche of a mother and that they're not all perfect, but they try the best that they can. 

With this critically acclaimed assemble, get your tissues ready. I also just recently found a rendition on Netflix that is worth the look-see too Steel Magnolias (2012). Either version you can experience the journey for one mother as she helps her daughter through her wedding day, through her diabetes, a through other life challenges as well. Through everything the movies demonstrate the intricate relationships. It's an absolute must see and a personal favorite of mine.

Mamma Mia! (2008)

I love this movie for a number of reasons, but it made this list because of the portrayal of Donna (Meryl Streep). She's a devoted mother to her daughter Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), but her past is about to bite her back. When her daughter takes action to find her father for her wedding, the chaos ensues! Add in great music and it's a win-win experience.

Sally Field portrays Karen McCann, a mother who has just lost her daughter through tragic and horrific circumstances. This all-star cast also includes Ed Harris as Mack McCann and Kiefer Sutherland as the evil perpetrator Robert Dobb. I remember watching this when I was younger, it terrified me! However, if I remember correctly, it has an amazing ending. I'm sure if I watched it again today, that I would still have to remind myself "it's just a movie - it's just a movie".


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