Sunday, May 11, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.6

The Laws of Gods and Men

This way by far my least favorite episode of the season. The only thing that I did like was Tyrion and Daenerys, the rest could go take a flying leap for all I cared. It seemed like such a slow episode - I actually thought while watching it - "really?". The season started out so strong and the first couple of episodes were stellar. Too bad they couldn't keep that momentum going. Basically, Stannis Baratheon went to Bravos to get some money to fund his quest for the iron throne. While Theron Greyjoys sister raided to try to rescue him, but he was so brainwashed the mission was a failure. She leaves proclaiming that her brother is dead. Meanwhile, his captor - crazy man - tells him he has a special mission.  These are my two least story boards, both I consider useless fillers and the strategic use of naked women and sex proved to me the lack of writing ability for this episode.

Queens Rule

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Daenerys is upon her throne in Meereen; there was a great scene with her Drago Dragon taking a sheep from a herder. When the herder came to Meereen to present his problem to his Queen, she justly said that since the goats were his livelihood, that she would pay him three times what the goats her dragons consumed, were worth. She's doing a great job as queen - and is further proven so when a son of one of the men she crucified came to her requesting for his burial rights. She was so drained after that encounter, however she had a couple hundred more to see. Who ever said being queen is easy?

Tyrion on Trial

It's been highly anticipated and now it's begun. It was dreadful watching all the manipulators giving testimony against Tyrion. It's further proof that you can take anything and when taken out of context can be manipulated to what they want it to be. They were all obviously against Tyrion and all pointed their finger at him as Joffrey's killer. Through this torture of his father leading the trial, his sister actually accusing him, and all the people that have testified - Tywin calls for a break.  During the break Jaime tries to talk their father into letting Tyrion live. I vaguely remember this from the books. Tywin then tells Jaime that he plans on sending Tyrion to The Wall... Jaime has just enough time to inform Tyrion of the plans before court is back in session. I couldn't help feel that this is all a huge set-up. Tywin and Cersei knew that they could tell Jaime this and he would tell his brother - convincing Tyrion to confess to being guilty to receive the sentence to The Wall... however, if I remember right - it doesn't happen this way. The knife that is twisted into Tyrion is when Shae takes the stand and completely shits all over him. BUT - as we all know Dinklage who portrays Tyrion is absolutely an amazing actor and he never fails. When he's had enough of Shae's lies - he interjects and delivers a great speech - which of course was shocking - and that's where the episode ended. He basically said while he didn't kill his nephew, he's glad that it happened and that if he could he would happily kill everyone partaking in the farce of a trial. 

Next Episode: Mockingbird