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When one psychopath is killed off of the show, enter stage right a new psychotic sociopath to take over the evil villain role! Plus, we FINALLY find out what's been going on with Beth! While I don't think this is my favorite episode of the season, it was still very well done and is going to lead up to some crazy scenarios. The new crazy pants on scene is Atlanta Police Department's officer Dawn Learner. She seems like she's struggling to keep things together and she herself is weak (that's why she's always manipulating those she's trying to control by telling them they are week, if she doesn't screw with their head she'll have an uprising and she's not a good enough of a leader to deal with this). If you couldn't tell, I detest Learner along with what she's trying to do. While it would seem understandable, trying to keep order and keeping "the greater good", she's delusional and if you are trying to hold onto those morals, you can't compromise them by letting your deputies rape those that you are trying to protect.

Slabtown opens with Beth's awakening into a hospital room, the clock is ticking and she goes to the window to view a desolated Atlanta. She's also introduced to Doctor Edwards, who seems to be a nice enough fellow. He has a much kinder approach with Beth. Learner is harsh and doesn't hesitate to strike out at Beth (a couple times actually). Where the doctor manipulates in a different way, there is one point where he instructs Beth to give a patient a certain medication, which he ends up dying from. Come to find out, the man was another doctor and Dr. Edwards told Beth to give him a medication to kill him (because he doesn't want to lose his leverage). Now we know he isn't as nice as he seems and Beth totally has his number now.

I think that Beth is a favorite of the Doctors, as evident when the very creepy Gordon tries to "claim" Beth, and the good doctor sort of asserts himself. Beth also becomes like a little assistant to the doctors, she helps him with a traumatic amputation (as seen above). Meanwhile, the very creepy and predator officer Gordon - let's just say he gets his in the end! The amputee was another prisoner that had tried to escape and in her attempt was bitten (so they had to take off the infected area). When she takes her own life, she turns, and it couldn't have been planned better and in the favor of Beth and Noah (Tyler James Williams).

Noah is another prisoner at this hospital, who's "working off what he owes" and together they escape; which, by the way, if it wasn't for Beth they wouldn't have made it! And when he left Beth to make his way through the Walkers to escape while she was caught by the cops, I was pissed. But, Beth's face said another thing - it was an accomplished mission in her eyes. Now, she's a force to be reckoned with and at the end, when she's calling out everyone that thought they had a hold on her, she went to start taking care of business (she had scissors in her hand, going toward Dr. Edwards) when a familiar person was being wheeled in - CAROL!! Now, this place is going to be RUINED - like Rick said - they don't know who they're messing with.

So, where are we now? At the end of Four Walls and a Roof, there is still a mystery of who is with Daryl. The rumors are that it's Noah. That while tracking the car they were following, they discover the hospital and Carol is hit and taken. Daryl comes across Noah and they head back to the church for back-up. This makes TOTAL sense now and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing all this go down. Officer Dawn Learner is so psychotic about saving people, it's kind of ironic that she's saving a bad ass (Carol) who destroyed Terminus, she'll destroy this place too. Carol and Beth together will be interesting too - when we reemerge, who is Daryl going to run to?
What are your predictions?

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