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This is the last "build-up" episode before the mid-season finale next week, we get to see all of our favorite characters, especially Rick - I know a lot of people will be thrilled that he's back on the screen. While I absolutely love this season, I think this episode had the most scenes that I didn't prefer. Not that they weren't great in their own right, I was more pissed I think at certain characters or developments. I don't know if I'm the only one that feels this way but, this season Tyreese has really gotten on my nerves. I use to think he was this power-house kick-ass vital ally, now I just think he's a whole huge pile of psychological mess.

Carol's still unconscious...

When Rick was going through the plans to rescue Beth and Carol, it sounded great and it was getting pumped up. Then, Tyreese had to open his big mouth of spouting stupidity! What surprised me even more was that Daryl agreed with Tyreese. Maybe they're tired of killing people - but, I would have thought after their dealings with the Termites, they wouldn't be so trusting of the Grady Hospital cops. I'm just saying - if Noah told them everything, then why are they messing around with these people? THEN - because Tyreese unleashed his un-apocalyptic word spasms and now he has endangered his sister. Why would she trust this guy, because his name is Bob? I thought Sasha was wiser and stronger tan that. But, it just shows us that no matter how mad-ass we think the characters are, they're still fallible...

Eugene comes-to at the end of the episode...

What I loved about this episode, of course the return of Rick - but, not the Ricktatorship that we all love. He did a great job of voicing his ideas while letting the rest of the group voice their opinions as well. However, I think the only reason he went with Tyreese's plan was because Daryl pussed out. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Daryl fan!! I was surprised Daryl was so pro-life this episode but it could be too because he's thinking more of Carol and Beth - and the anti-hero babble of if I save these lives, then maybe Carol's and Beth's can be saved as well. But, I MUST say - the scene with Daryl in the very gross skin-melting walker yard was very intense - let's put it this way, I'm hoarse from screaming!

Now, Sasha's knocked unconscious...

The other scenes included Glenn heading off with Tara and Rosita, they found more water and creatively went fishing. Maggie stayed behind with the unconscious Eugene and the ridiculous Abraham. I loved her in this episode, just wish she'd care about where her sister was but, she was a hard-ass and I love that side of Maggie. While Beth fought for Carol's life at Grady. There was a touching scene that was full of feels when Beth just wanted to let Carol know she was there - I felt like it's setting us up for Beth's end though. My question is, Dawn gave Beth the key for the medicine cabinet and told her that she didn't even trust the doctor with it. Then, when she was asking the doctor what medicine to give Carol, he figured out she had the key and warned Beth about Dawn... so, does Dawn want Beth as an ally (which is what I'm leaning toward) OR is she setting Beth up? Not to mention Father Gabriel and his 'escape', he's another one that's having too many psychological problems.


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