Sunday, November 9, 2014


Self Help

If you read the comics, this episode wasn't a big shocker. Nonetheless, AMC still does an excellent job integrating their unique script with the comics making it greatly enjoyable for our viewing pleasures. It was a slower episode but, it's one of those episodes that's needed to keep the story progression moving forward with the timelines and so forth. We get to see Abraham's back story, this side adventure of their group, and for those of you that haven't read the comics (you might have already guessed it before) but, there was a stinger at the end of the episode.

Glenn & Maggie getting a clue about Eugene...

What I liked about this episode was watching the group dynamics. I never really liked Abraham in the comics and while I think the actor portraying him does a fabulous job and nothing against him, I still don't particularly care for Abraham. I think tactfully, he's a great guy to have in your group (if he can get his head together). I think one of my problems with him is that he's so incredibly alpha, he has way too much testosterone or something. I get it, he thinks he's fighting for what's right blah blah blah - but, I think the worst decision he's made was to split from Rick and the group and I've hated him ever since.

So much for their wheels...

The bits from the comics to the screen, Abraham and Rosita's dynamics finally show and how Eugene likes to watch. There was a great scene where Tara totally busts Eugene and they have a nice chat, I like that they're becoming friends. I'm also glad that Eugene finally let the cat-out-of-the-bag too! I hope now they'll return to Rick and regroup! I really liked Tara in this episode, she's growing on me. I liked how they showed how to boil water (that was pretty cool). I also liked seeing Maggie & Glenn's intimate moment. It still frustrates the hell out of me that Maggie doesn't think or talk about her sister more.

When Abraham first meets Eugene...

Great scenes this week included a traumatic bus crash and the group fighting their way out of the surrounding walkers. When they find the Fire Truck and Eugene actually kills the most Walkers in this episode utilizing the trucks hose. What I don't understand, in the comics Abraham's family were raped by the group they were with and Abraham kills them - so, why does his family run away from him and are scared of him? Because he brutally beat them to death? I just don't get it, I do get that everyone's different. I just know if I knew the men in my group not only raped me but my young children, I would have brutally beaten them too! Whatever.

What will Abraham do without a mission...

My number one question after watching this episode: is Eugene alive!??! The other questions we are left with are who's with Daryl and I'm really looking forward to seeing next weeks episode with Daryl and Carol (which I'm pretty sure it's Noah with Daryl). I'm really looking forward to seeing Carol and Beth whoop some ass at this Hell Hospital that they're in too. What I hate - is that the mid-season finale will be here before we know it - boo!

Sneak Peek - Consumed


This episode I survived, I was Tara. Who were you, did you survive?