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I've read and heard on a couple different sites where people are complaining that there isn't enough RICK GRIMES in the episodes. So, those people should be happy that they got a little eye candy with a flashback scene (very brief) in the beginning of the episode when Rick send Carol away. There were a lot of flashbacks in the episode too of Carol, what she did before the prison attack, her and Tyreese burying the girls bodies, and Carol after she destroyed Terminus. There was also a lot of reflections between Daryl and Carol, life before the zombie apocalypse and life now, how different they are - great scenes. I really loved their interactions this episode!

Carol & Daryl following Hospital car reflecting ~

Everyone was also trying to say that in the previews, the body Daryl puts into the fire was Beth - wrong. When their car runs out of gas Carol says she knows a place about three blocks away. When they get there it is a temporary housing place that her and Sophia had stayed in very briefly when they were trying to escape her abusive husband. However, pre-apocalypse Carol couldn't feel she could survive on her own and went running back to her husband. While they are there they hear a noise and go to investigate, this is when they come across a mother and child Walker (in a room). Carol goes to take care of them but Daryl stops her saying "You don't have to." It was evident in this episode how much he cares for her. When it's his watch, he takes care of the Walkers and burns their body, putting the body in the fire.

It was great seeing Carol and Daryl working together, they have a relationship that I enjoy watching, they don't have to talk to communicate and work well together. Although, they did talk a lot, which I loved. When they're making their way through a building again, there were two little scenes when you see someone is following and watching them - "Hunt or be hunted" Yikes! When they make their way into a place where they take a little rest to restock and talk more, they keep mentioning and comparing their lives from before to after and Daryl is all about starting over. I can't say how much I just love their relationship and I LOVED Daryl's take on the "Rich Prick's Painting" in the room, Carol comments "You don't know me" to which Daryl replies "Yup, you keep tellin' your self that" LOVE IT! When they're exiting the room they are greeted by a disgruntle Noah, who takes their weapons and leaves them to fend off some Walkers. Carol was going to shoot him and Daryl stops her.

While Daryl and Carol had been looking at the Atlanta landscape (in complete destruction) Daryl spotted the van hanging off of a bridge with the white hospital crosses on it and he believes it's a lead. For me, knowing that the van was going to fall off the bridge I was dreading it and when it was happening I was literally screaming "are you bleeping crazy!" They survived and some of the walkers even fell on top of the van after it crashed below. They're pretty beaten up though but, they're the definition of survivors, so they keep pushing forward. When they're making their way through another building (Carol mentions they're only a few blocks away from Grady Memorial Hospital) they run back into Noah. He messes up big time and a book shelf lands on him, trapping him there while a walker is pressing to get through the door it had been blocking. There is a fantastic and tense scene between Daryl and Carol. She wants them to save Noah and Daryl says no because he already saved him once and he stole their weapons... He lights his cigarette he found and starts to walk away. When the Walker gets through the door and lands on top of the shelf - you think it's going to rip into Noah, Carol is there and goes to help him when Daryl's bow zings into the walker's head.  One of the guests on Talking Dead had a better perspective, Daryl was helping Carol to believe that there is more to this life, that it's worth living because before they had talked and she had mentioned and seemed disapointed that they weren't saving people anymore - he wants her to believe that they have something to live for.

Once they help Noah, he's flipping out how the people from the hospital are going to find them. This is when Daryl asks and Noah reveals that Beth helped him escape. Carol see's a car pull up and they go to escape when Carol is hit by the car and taken. Daryl goes to run after Carol and Noah stops him, Daryl asks "What's it going to take" and Noah explains how they have a lot of people and weapons. Daryl says so do they. Daryl and Noah make their way back through the city and trucks out of there. The last scene of Noah and Daryl driving, you can just see how much this is killing Daryl... Beth was taken and now Carol too!

Say It Isn't So - Only 2 Episodes Left!!

Overall, this was another great episode. I think I've mentioned a couple times how much I love Daryl and Carol. It actually hurt to see her get hit and to see how upset it made Daryl. This has all been leading up to the mid-season finale. A lot of people have been harping on AMC, the writers, producers and whomever else, about the timelines of this season so far. But, I think they've been doing a phenomenal job. They are the best with story development. I think it they went the route that most people were expecting - once, it would be expected and therefore boring and second, if you've been a fan of the show then you know it's not their style. They are way above any other program out there with their delivery and mastering their crafts. We're all spellbound and continue to be with this series.

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